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Chapter 603: 603
Chapter 603 Selling Su Yicheng For The Gift


Li’l Xiyu didn’t cry much but when he cried, it was shocking .

Lu Boyan obviously did not expect this . He looked at Su Jian’an with a complicated expression . “Should I pretend that I didn’t hear it?”

Su Jian’an’s face was full of suspicion . “Can you?”

Right then, Xiyu seemed to have realized that he was despised by his father and his crying became louder . Lu Boyan looked at him, frowned, and said frustratedly, “… I can’t . ”

Su Jian’an couldn’t help laughing out loud . Well, it was not common to see Lu Boyan helplessly accept his fate .

She pushed Lu Boyan . “Well, go and see why Xiyu is crying . ”

Lu Boyan went around to pick up Xiyu . However, the little guy stopped crying at once and just looked at Lu Boyan pitifully with tearful eyes .

Lu Boyan was ready to teach the little guy a lesson but when he saw him lying in his arms, his heart suddenly softened and he couldn’t remember how to settle the problem at all . He touched the Xiyu’s face whose redness had already faded . “Are you hungry?”

Li’l Xi Yu glared at him and said, “Oh . ”

Lu Boyan thought the little guy had admitted to it . Then he handed him over to Su Jian’an to go see his daughter .

Not knowing whether Little Xiangyi had noticed Lu Boyan or she was about to naturally wake up . She slowly opened her eyes and looked around with curiosity . In the end, her eyes fixed on Lu Boyan .

Lu Boyan stretched out his hand and acted like he was going to hug her . She mumbled “Uh-huh” with her small clenched fist and looked at Lu Boyan with her dark and bright eyes as if she was looking forward to it .

Lu Boyan smiled and picked up Xiangyi . He first fed her water with a milk bottle and then changed her diaper .

Over the past few years, because he had been too busy, Lu Boyan handed over all the trivial things to his subordinates . He was only responsible for the large projects and important cooperation . If he could save time with money then he would never choose to spend too much time .

Things like feeding water to his daughter and changing diapers didn’t take a lot of time, but if it was before he married Su Jian’an then he would definitely have told the people around him that such things could be handed over to the nanny .

Only now did he find out that this sort of thing could naturally be handed over to the nanny .

However, he didn’t want to leave it to others at all .

They were his son and daughter, the continuation of his and Su Jian’an’s lives . As long as it was their business, no matter how big or small, he was willing to do it himself .

He hoped that he could take care of these two little ones till they grew up .

After changing into diapers, Xiangyi was completely awake . She was waving and stamping her feet and hands in Lu Boyan’s arms, full of energy .

Lu Boyan kissed her tender little face . “Baby, are you hungry?”

Of course, the little girl couldn’t understand Lu Boyan’s words . She just made a sound of “hmph” in a crying tone, which sounded a little aggrieved .

“Don’t cry . ” Lu Boyan coaxed his daughter softly . “I’ll take you to see your mother, okay?”

Little Xiangyi looked at Lu Boyan eagerly, as if she was really waiting for him to carry her to find Su Jian’an .

Lu Boyan couldn’t help smiling . When he looked up, he saw the sun shining through the glass window into the room .

Since then, there were two extra rays of sunshine in his life .

After the two little ones finished their feeding, Lu Boyan placed them side by side with Su Jian’an . Su Jian’an touched Xiangyi’s face and the little girl seemed to feel something . She looked up at Su Jian’an and smiled at her .

In an instant, Su Jian’an felt like a flower was blooming at the bottom of her heart . Her hand rested on Xiangyi’s face . “It’s amazing . I feel that her smile is worth everything . ”

Lu Boyan had already experienced this kind of feeling . He asked Su Jian’an, “How do you feel? Does the wound hurt?”

“A little bit, but it’s okay,” Su Jian’an said lightly . “Don’t worry . It’s like being bitten by an ant . It’s light enough to be ignored . ”

Lu Boyan’s hand went across Xiyu and Xiangyi and placed by Su Jian’an’s pillow . He lowered his head to kiss Su Jian’an’s lips .

This time, the two little ones were very obedient . They didn’t cry or make any noise as if they knew that they couldn’t interrupt their father .

In the end, Lu Boyan got up and saw the shallow smile on Su Jian’an’s face . The two little ones were lying beside her, looking extremely cute .

It was great that more than half of his world was all here .

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Not long after, Tang Yulan, Su Yunjin, and Luo Xiaoxi along with her husband came together .

As soon as Tang Yulan put down her things, she excitedly came over to see the two little ones . She liked them very much even though she had looked at them many times . Although they didn’t give her any response, she felt happy just by looking at them .

Su Yunjin also walked over . She took out two delicate boxes from her bag and put them down . “Jian’an, this is a meeting gift for the babies . ” Then she took out two red envelopes . “This is the pocket money that aunt is giving to them when they grow up . ”


Su Jian’an wanted to push the red envelope back but Su Yunjin held her hand .

Su Yunjin said with a smile, “There must be a lot of people coming here today . You have to get used to accepting the red envelopes in advance . You can refuse others but I am the grandmin-law of the children . You can’t refuse the red envelopes that I give to them . ”

Su Jian’an turned around and asked Lu Boyan, “Are there a lot of people coming today?”

The media reported widely about Lu Boyan becoming a father . Lu Boyan had received countless text messages yesterday, and some of the senders had a better relationship with him . Early in the morning, they said that they would come to see Su Jian’an and the two little ones together today .

However, Su Jian’an had just gone through the operation and needed to breastfeed the two little ones . She probably didn’t have the energy to deal with so many people .

Lu Boyan sat down by the bed and motioned Su Jian’an to rest assured . “You don’t have to go out . Yicheng and I will be outside . If the babies wake up, we will take them out and let the others have a look . But if they are unlucky then they will wait until the babies are one month old . ”

Su Jian’an thought for a moment . “If Mrs . Pang and her friends come, let them in . ”

Lu Boyan replied, “Okay . ”

Right at the time, a nurse pushed the door open and came in saying that she would give Su Jian’an an infusion .

Su Jian’an cooperated and pushed out her hand . The thin needle was quickly inserted into her blood vessels and drops of the potion flowed into her body .

Dr . Han walked in . She asked Su Jian’an a few questions . In the end, she said, “Mrs . Lu, you can try to get out of bed and walk around . ”

Lu Boyan frowned . “Is the wound on her body alright?”

“Just be careful not to get hurt . ” Dr . Han thought for a moment and said, “It’s good for Mrs . Lu to walk for a while . ”

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Su Jian’an saw that Lu Boyan’s brows were still furrowed . She smiled and said, “I just have a small cut on my lower abdomen . The rest of my body is still fine . Don’t worry, it’s okay . ”

Only then did Lu Boyan help Su Jian’an get out of bed and help her carry the infusion bottle .

From yesterday till today, no matter how comfortable the bed was, Su Jian’an was tired of it . She got out of bed and stretched her hands and feet . After going to the bathroom, she felt much better when she came back .

Dr . Han asked Su Jian’an a few more questions and she answered them truthfully one by one . After listening to her, Dr . Han nodded and turned to look at Tang Yulan . “Old Madam, Mrs . Lu can eat now . ”

“Now?” Tang Yulan was as excited as if she had heard some great news . God knew how many supplements she had prepared for Su Jian’an and she had been waiting for Dr . Han’s words .

“Yes . ” Dr . Han nodded affirmatively . “Be careful during the first month but you don’t have to be too careful . Drink some water first and then you can eat something light . ”

Tang Yulan immediately went out to make a phone call and asked Aunt Liu if the soup was ready . If it was done then it should be sent to the hospital as soon as possible .

Lu Boyan poured a glass of warm water for Su Jian’an . When he handed it to her, he still did not forget to remind her to be careful .

Su Jian’an did not dare to drink too fast . She slowly drank half a glass of water . As soon as she put down the glass, Luo Xiaoxi came over mysteriously and took out two small boxes from her bag . “This is a gift from your brother and me for Xiangyi and Xiyu . Do you want to open it?”

Su Jian’an opened it with curiosity . There were two small white gold ankle bands . The workmanship was not very exquisite but the design was very unique and the patterns and carvings seemed to have a unique meaning .

Su Jian’an took out the ankle band and looked at it carefully . The more she looked at it, the more beautiful she felt it was . She asked Luo Xiaoxi with interest, “Where did you get it?”

“A very old town in Europe . I forgot the name . When I was on my honeymoon with your brother, I drove by the place by accident,” Luo Xiaoxi said . “The town was very quiet and the scenery was very good . Very few tourists know of that place . ”

“I heard that people in the town had lived there for a lifetime and few people left . Almost no one had any serious diseases . I inquired about it and it was said that the people in the town wore this kind of ankle band since childhood but they didn’t sell it to people who weren’t from the town . ”

People in such a small town were usually very simple and they wouldn’t sell it when they said they didn’t want to, so Su Jian’an was a little surprised . “How did you get it?”

Luo Xiaoxi looked up at the ceiling . “I made up a more touching story . It was a young girl who was in charge of selling these things . I asked your brother to sell his appearance and then I got them!”

Su Jian’an was even more surprised and asked, “You are willing to let my brother trade his appearance?”

“I don’t have to be unwilling to share it . ” Luo Xiaoxi kept a straight face and said, “Anyway, your brother’s lust is inexhaustible . ”

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This statement was really… fresh and refined .

Su Jian’an put the ankle band on the feet of the two children and did not forget to tell them, “Your auntie got these in exchange for your uncle . You have to be obedient and grow up properly after you put it on . ”

After wearing the ankle band, unexpectedly, they looked even better . Su Jian’an silently thought that it was worth it for Luo Xiaoxi to sell her brother .

Right at that moment, Su Yicheng, who had traded his beauty for the ankle rings, came over and handed Su Jian’an a bank card .

Su Jian’an looked at Su Yicheng in confusion, which meant that she didn’t understand what Su Yicheng meant .

Su Yicheng said, “I saved some money for the baby on the card . The password is their birthdays . ”

Su Jian’an asked uncertainly, “Brother, do you have to do this?”

“Of course . ” Su Yicheng touched the faces of the two little guys . “They are my nephew and niece . I should give them everything, not to mention money . ”

“…” Su Jian’an didn’t know how to refute it .

At this moment, the doorbell rang and Lu Boyan went to the study and looked at the surveillance camera at the door . There were several people outside, including several of his friends and Tang Yulan’s friends from the Mahjong table .

Lu Boyan went back to the room and called Tang Yulan, “Mom, Auntie Lin is here . Let’s go out for a while . ”

Tang Yulan went out to open the door as Lu Boyan and Su Yicheng walked behind with the little ones in their arms . Before leaving the room, Lu Boyan looked back at Luo Xiaoxi .

Luo Xiaoxi waved her hand . “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of Jian’an . ”

Only then did Lu Boyan go out with his daughter in his arms, feeling assured .

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