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Chapter 596: 596
Chapter 596 Hello, I’m Your Father

Lu Boyan had heard few babies crying over the past 30 years .

But at this moment, he heard the babies of him and Su Jian’an crying .

For a few seconds, Lu Boyan felt like he was shrouded in something . The rhythm of his heartbeat was faster than ever as if his heart was going to jump out of his chest .

After a while, Lu Boyan realized that he was in a state of euphoria .

He had once wondered why others would describe it as “like a ray of sun brightening my life . ”

At that moment, he finally knew how it felt .

The babies were more than two new lives .

They were created by him and Su Jian’an with love . They were related by blood with him and Su Jian’an . He thought that the babies’ arrival in this world had filled in the missing part of his life . He realized that his life would be complete from then on .

He was Tang Yulan’s only son, Su Jian’an’s husband, the president of Lu Enterprises, and the two babies’ father from that moment on .

He would bring up the two kids with Su Jian’an as his father had done until the day they could take care of themselves .

Lu Boyan bent over and kissed Su Jian’an’s sweaty forehead, then he slowly stood up .

Two nurses walked over, each holding an infant with a smile . “The baby boy was born five minutes earlier than the girl, so he’s her elder brother . Mr . Lu, you may hold them in your arms . ”

Lu Boyan was at a loss for the first time when he gazed at the two babies .

They were too tiny and only a little bit bigger than his palm . Their skin was red, and they looked so tender and delicate that he didn’t dare to touch them at will .

The nurse looked at Lu Boyan . She realized for the first time that the man, who was a legend, was also flesh and blood . He was as excited as most fathers when he saw the infants, although he was more reserved .

“Mr . Lu, take it easy . ” The nurse encouraged him with a smile . “Hold the baby the way I do . ”

It occurred to Lu Boyan that he had learned from ‘The Book For Expectant Fathers’ how he should hold an infant . He had especially read that chapter for several times .

He thought that he had a good memory . At that moment, however, it took him a long time to recall the procedures, only after which did he dare to take the baby in his arms .

The little thing looked dirty with blood all over her body . Her small fist was lifted to her mouth while her eyes were closed . Her faint breathing was barely audible .

“Mr . Lu, it’s your daughter that you’re holding . ” Another nurse walked over and said with a smile, “Here’s her elder brother . ”

The baby boy was heavier, not as delicate as his sister . He was quiet, with eyes closed, and he looked a bit like Lu Boyan .

Lu Boyan motioned for the nurse to give him the baby boy . The nurse hesitated . “Mr . Lu, you may need to hand his sister to Xiao Zhang first, don’t you?”

“It doesn’t matter . I can do it . ” Lu Boyan was in a rare good mood . He stretched out his other arm and took the baby boy .

The infant boy moved his little arms in Lu Boyan’s embrace as if he had felt him . He slowly opened his eyes and looked at Lu Boyan .

“His eyes are so beautiful!” The nurse couldn’t help exclaiming in excitement . “I’ve never seen a baby with such good-looking eyes!”

Perhaps the infant boy heard the praise, or he knew that he was in his father’s arms . He kicked his legs and grinned at Lu Boyan .

In an instant, Lu Boyan felt overwhelmed with joy as if his heart had been filled up with warmth and flowers .

He raised the corner of his lips and greeted the little guy with a smile, “Hello, I’m your father . ”

It seemed that the little thing could understand Lu Boyan’s words . The boy fixed his dark eyes on him as he raised his little hand with a smile .

Lu Boyan, who had always looked solemn, beamed with an expression of gentle affection, no longer looking like the unapproachable president of Lu Enterprises .

The nurse found that Lu Boyan didn’t want to part from his two babies who weren’t supposed to stay with him for too long . So she said cautiously, “Mr . Lu, we need to bathe your babies first . You may take care of Mrs . Lu . ”

The nurse’s words diverted Lu Boyan’s attention away from his babies . He handed them to her and said, “Be careful . ”

Lu Boyan smiled as he saw the nurses leave with the babies in their arms . Then he noticed the scene on the other side of the green curtain—

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He saw the blood . There was blood everywhere .

There was blood all over the operating table and also on Su Jian’an’s belly, and on the doctor’s gloves .

Lu Boyan had seen extensive blood twice over the past 30 years .

The first time was when his father had a car accident .

It was the second time—the blood he saw was all from Su Jian’an .

The pungent odor of blood suddenly rushed into Lu Boyan’s nose . He felt dizzy while his heart ached sharply as if it had been hit by a hammer .

He then realized why Su Jian’an didn’t want him to accompany her in labor—he would never forget the scene .

“Mr . Lu, stop looking at it . ” Dr . Han finished stitching and cut the thread . “It’s a good thing you only saw me stitch . You would be even more disgusted if you saw the surgical procedures . However, it’s always like this when mothers choose cesarean section . They have to suffer it . ”

That was why people usually said: mothers were the greatest in the world .

Not only because they gave birth to us, but because they managed to endure so much pain in order to bring us into the world . They were brave .

Lu Boyan soon forgot the joy of the babies’ arrival . He walked to Su Jian’an—she was too tired to wake up .

Lu Boyan held Su Jian’an’s hand again and asked, “When will my wife regain consciousness?”

“In about two hours . Or maybe later than that . ” Dr . Han motioned for Lu Boyan to rest assured . “Mrs . Lu is fine now . She just needs sleep . Let’s send her back to the suite . ”

Lu Boyan took Su Jian’an out with several nurses . They found that Tang Yulan and Su Yicheng were still waiting outside the operating room .

The doctors and nurses were very surprised . Usually, those who waited to see the puerpera were her own family while others were simply eager to visit the infants .

Therefore, Dr . Han didn’t think it was strange that Su Yicheng was waiting outside the operating room . But he didn’t expect that Tang Yulan was also there .

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As an old lady who had been looking forward to seeing her grandchildren for years, she was supposed to stay with the two infants . However, she cared about Su Jian’an so much that she had been waiting outside the delivery room to see her .

Su Yicheng and Tang Yulan walked over as soon as they saw the door to the delivery room open . They both looked at Su Jian’an first .

Due to excessive blood loss, Su Jian’an looked pale . She was lifeless with her wet black hair stuck to her forehead .

Su Yicheng asked anxiously, “How is Jian’an?”

Tang Yulan also stopped Dr . Han and asked the same question at the same time as Su Yicheng did .

“Old Madam, Mr . Su, don’t worry . ” Dr . Han smiled . “Both the mother and the babies are safe . We’re going to send Mrs . Lu back to the suite . She needs to have a rest . You may go to visit the babies first . ”

Tang Yulan and Su Yicheng had seen the infants when the nurses took them out of the delivery room . Both were worried about Su Jian’an, so they asked Luo Xiaoxi to watch the nurses bathing the babies while they stayed behind to wait for Su Jian’an .

After making sure that Su Jian’an was fine, Tang Yulan finally beamed with joy . Then she asked the nurse to take her to the two infants .

Lu Boyan didn’t expect that Su Yicheng would send Su Jian’an back to the suite on the top floor with him instead of going to visit the babies .

They put Su Jian’an to bed, but she was still asleep . Lu Boyan and Su Yicheng asked a nurse to take care of her and then went to the balcony of the living room .

Only then did Lu Boyan find that it was afternoon . He didn’t pay attention to the time at all when he was in the delivery room .

Su Yicheng looked at Lu Boyan . “You don’t look well . What’s the matter?”

When they took Su Jian’an out of the delivery room, Su Yicheng had noticed Lu Boyan’s serious expression . It seemed that he was agonizing over something instead of being immersed in the joy of becoming a father .

Lu Boyan also noticed his serious face in the door glass—he looked strained with lips compressed—he was overwhelmed with remorse instead of happiness .

After a while, Lu Boyan said, “Dr . Han told us that both Jian’an and the babies are safe . Why did you say that?”

Su Yicheng said, “I can tell from your look that there’s something wrong . ”

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“Do you have any cigarettes?” Lu Boyan suddenly asked .

Su Yicheng had always been in the habit of smoking, so he quickly handed a pack of cigarettes and his lighter to Lu Boyan .

Lu Boyan lit a cigarette and exhaled after a few puffs . He said, “I decide not to have any more babies . ”

“Why?” Su Yicheng was confused . “You can absolutely have another baby . ”

Lu Boyan frowned as he shook his head . “Jian’an paid a high price . Just now I saw the operating table and found that it was covered with her blood . ”

Su Yicheng finally figured out why Lu Boyan didn’t look well . He thought for a moment and said,

“Jian’an knows about the whole process of the operation, you know . She knew what she’s going to go through the first day she found that she was pregnant, but she didn’t flinch from it . It meant that she was willing to pay the price .

“It’s up to you whether to have more babies or not . I have no right to interfere in it .

“But as Jian’an’s brother, I must tell you that you don’t have to blame yourself for it . This is how we all come into the world . ”

Lu Boyan finally didn’t look grave anymore . He stubbed out the cigarette and said, “Go and see the babies . It will take a long time before Jian’an wakes up . I will accompany her after taking in some fresh air . ”

Su Yicheng nodded and left the suite .

Lu Boyan stood on the balcony . The summer wind came and soon blew away the tobacco odor from him .

He walked back into the suite and gargled with mouthwash before returning to the bedroom .

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