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Chapter 597: 597
Chapter 597 Lu Xiyu and Lu Xiangyi (1)

The room was thoroughly disinfected, and all the bedding was brand new . Atop the white nightstand was a delicate glass vase, in which there was a bouquet of fresh white roses .

It was much more comfortable than regular hospital rooms .

Lu Boyan walked over, pulled up a chair, and sat by the bed, without taking his eyes off Su Jian’an for a second .

Su Jian’an was still asleep while the nutrient solution kept flowing into her body through the infusion tube and the syringe needle .

Lu Boyan held Su Jian’an’s other hand . It was still very cold because of excessive blood loss .

He unconsciously wrapped her hand in his palms . He simply sat by the bed in silence, waiting for her to wake up .

It didn’t mean that he cared nothing about their two newborn kids .

It was just that Su Jian’an needed his company more .

Tang Yulan, Su Yicheng, and Luo Xiaoxi were all staying with the infants, while he was the only one by Su Jian’an’s side .

Su Jian’an had just been taken out of the operating room . He didn’t want her to wake up and find no one beside her .

At least he was the one who would accompany her .

Su Jian’an woke up earlier than Dr . Han had expected .

After sleeping for less than an hour, she slowly opened her eyes . In a daze, she saw Lu Boyan’s face and the infusion bottle that kept dripping .

Lu Boyan immediately noticed that . He held her hand and said in an anxious voice, “Jian’an?”

Su Jian’an sight gradually became clearer . She found that Lu Boyan was frowning like an old man who was enmeshed in worries .

She forced out a smile as she touched Lu Boyan’s face with her pale, cold fingers . “It’s all over . Why do you still look so worried?”

Lu Boyan was sure that Su Jian’an had regained her consciousness . He held her hand more tightly instead of letting it go .

He bowed his head and gently kissed her lips with sincerity . “Honey, you have suffered a lot . ”

Su Jian’an smiled as if nothing had happened .

Because of the cut in her belly, she didn’t dare to move . She looked around the room and asked, “Where are the babies? How long have I slept?”

“Less than an hour . ”

Lu Boyan was about to tell Su Jian’an that the babies were taken to a bath . However, the door was opened before he could utter a word . Luo Xiaoxi rushed in and said,

“The babies are coming back . Auntie Tang and Yicheng will soon bring them here! They received a lot of check-ups after the bath . Now there is one left . It’s called Ap…”

“Apgar . ” Su Jian’an said, “It’s an abbreviation of activity, pulse, grimace, appearance, and respiration . ”

“Yes, you said it . The test needs the blood from their heels . ” Luo Xiaoxi’s beautiful face contorted as she said, “They were just born . It’s so cruel to draw blood from babies, so I left the place . ”

Luo Xiaoxi obviously wasn’t the only one who couldn’t accept it . Lu Boyan also frowned at the end of her words .

Su Jian’an noticed their frightened faces . She said, “It’s a routine check that every neonate needs . ”

“I know, it will do good to the babies and their safety—that’s what the nurse said!” Luo Xiaoxi looked at Su Jian’an and said with excitement, “The nurse said that the two little things were good-looking when she drew blood! The baby girl kept her eyes closed . Her elder brother fell asleep when he got bathed . He looked so cool!”

“The baby girl and her elder brother?” Su Jian’an wondered .

Su Jian’an stared at Lu Boyan in disbelief, both surprised and unhappy .

She had once said that she would like to have a baby boy and a baby girl . She didn’t expect that her dream had come true!

She thought that Lu Boyan should have told her about it as soon as she became conscious!

Lu Boyan touched Su Jian’an’s head apologetically . “Sorry . I was too worried about you to talk about our babies just now . ”

Su Jian’an tried to get up by pressing her palms against the bed . Lu Boyan stopped her and said, “The doctor said that you’re not supposed to move around today . ”

“I want to see my babies . ” Su Jian’an sounded excited .

She still felt tired when she woke up .

However, at that moment, she could even carry her two babies at the same time, let alone getting out of bed to visit them!

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“I’ll carry them here . ” Lu Boyan tucked Su Jian’an in . “Wait a minute . Stay in bed . ”

As soon as Lu Boyan left the ward, Luo Xiaoxi walked to the bed and bent down, beaming at Su Jian’an . “You have suffered a lot . ”

“No big deal . ” Su Jian’an grinned . “By the way, who do the babies look like?”

“The baby girl is still sleeping . I can’t tell . ” Luo Xiaoxi smiled . “But her elder brother looks like your husband Boss Lu! He’s a carbon copy of his father . He nabbed the beauty genes from Lu Family . ”

Su Jian’an gave her a brighter smile . At that moment, the door was opened . Lu Boyan and Su Yicheng entered the bedroom, each holding a baby in their arms . Tang Yulan followed them, beaming with joy .

Lu Boyan and Su Yicheng placed the infants on the bed and made them lie next to each other beside Su Jian’an .

Su Jian’an gazed at the two little babies in surprise and disbelief .

They were in the same baby clothes, wrapped in soft towels, looking smaller than she had imagined .

They had become infants in her belly, and they had finally come into the world . They would address her as mother and Lu Boyan as father, and gradually grow up into adults like them .

They were related to Lu Boyan and her by blood .

Su Jian’an had wondered how to be a mother . At that moment, however, she knew that she wouldn’t be bothered by it anymore .

The moment she saw them for the first time, she knew that she would have to always take care of them regardless of the winds and rains in life . She wanted them to grow up leisurely into sensible people and to witness the good side of the world .

She thought that she should do it because she was their mother .

“Jian’an . ” Luo Xiaoxi looked at Su Jian’an and asked with a mysterious tone, “Can you tell who is the older brother and who is the younger sister?”

The baby boy was asleep . He looked like his younger sister as they both closed their eyes . The two infants were small in size, lying quietly beside Su Jian’an, which made it difficult to tell who was the older one .

However, without even looking at them, Su Jian’an pointed at the little one closer to her and said, “This is the baby girl, and the other is her elder brother . ”

Luo Xiaoxi had wanted to make Su Jian’an stumped but didn’t expect that she would guess right . Luo Xiaoxi was surprised that she could recognize them at first glance, for she hadn’t seen her babies!

“It’s amazing,” Luo Xiaoxi said in admiration . She asked with a curious look, “Jian’an, how did you do that?”

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Su Jian’an smiled . “It’s telepathy! You’ll understand when you become a mother!”

Luo Xiaoxi nodded and said, “Then I don’t think I’ll understand it soon . ”

Su Jian’an touched the baby girl’s tiny face . The baby girl suddenly stretched out her delicate hands . It looked like she was about to cry as if she was annoyed about being disturbed .

Then, she slowly opened her eyes .

Her eyes with double-fold eyelids looked like Su Jian’an’s, dark and bright, filled with unique innocence that belonged to children .

If when her eyes were closed, she was like a quiet little princess, then she looked like an angel that had strayed into the mortal world when she opened her eyes .

If one took a closer look at her, they will find that her tiny face, delicate nose, and exquisite eyebrows all looked like Su Jian’an’s . The more she looked at the baby girl, the more surprised she felt .

Su Jian’an found that she couldn’t take her eyes off the baby girl as she gazed at her . It wasn’t because her eyes were beautiful, but because the little one was also gazing at her as if she knew that she was her mother . She felt close to the baby .

Su Jian’an turned her head and kissed the baby’s cheek . Instead of showing annoyance, the baby girl raised her hand to touch Su Jian’an’s face for a while before she put it down .

It softened Su Jian’an’s heart . She smiled, feeling overwhelmed with a sense of happiness .

Luo Xiaoxi was moved . “I also want to have a daughter…”

Su Jian’an looked up at Luo Xiaoxi with a smile . She motioned for her to tell Su Yicheng about it—He was the only one who could help her no matter if she wanted a daughter or a son .

Luo Xiaoxi looked away, pretending that she noticed nothing .

Tang Yulan walked over and gazed at the two babies next to Su Jian’an, with eyes full of love . “The most important thing now is naming them . We haven’t thought of any names for the babies yet . ”

“Mom, didn’t you think of one?” Su Jian’an said, “Xinyi . ”

“Lu Xinyi?” Tang Yulan thought for a moment and shook her head . “In my days, the name might have been good, but it’s too common now . I don’t want to give my lovely granddaughter such an ordinary name . ”

Therefore, they had to rethink the names for both the baby boy and the baby girl .

Su Jian’an winked at Lu Boyan as she drew her covers .

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They had reached an agreement: she would be in charge of the physical labor—to bring their babies into the world; Lu Boyan should do the mental work—to name them .

Lu Boyan raised his eyebrow . “Do I have to name them both?”

“I’ll help you . ” Su Jian’an pondered for a while . “In fact, ‘Xinyi’ sounds good, but it may be a duplicate of others . Let’s change ‘Xin’ to ‘Xiang’ and call her Lu Xiangyi . What do you think?”

As the poem goes, “Dan zhuang nong mo zong xiang yi” . It meant “in plain or gorgeous dress, she looks her best” . Xiangyi was a wonderful name for a girl .

Luo Xiaoxi raised her hand . “Although it’s none of my business, I still want to say that I agree with it . ”

Su Jian’an asked Tang Yulan, “Mom, what’s your opinion?”

“That’s good . ” Tang Yulan couldn’t help nodding as she thought about the name . “It’s nice . ”

“Yes!” Su Jian’an looked at Lu Boyan with pride and said in a provocative tone, “Now the rest is up to you . ”

Lu Boyan squatted down . He looked at the baby boy next to Xiangyi while caressing his face . A few moments later, he said,

“What about ‘Xiyu’? ‘Xi’ means ‘west’, and ‘yu’ means ‘meet’ . ”

Lu Xiyu .

Although others didn’t know whether the name had any special meaning, they all thought that it was a nice name .

They all concurred with the name . Su Jian’an was the only one lost in her memories as she whispered the name in her heart…

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