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Chapter 595: 595
Chapter 595 A Little Boy, And A Little Girl

Lu Boyan had never seen such a weak Su Jian’an .

Her face was as pale as a piece of paper that had just been made . When it came to activities that basically did not require much effort like speaking, it was like a difficult challenge to her .

Just in this short moment, Lu Boyan made a decision .

He held Su Jian’an’s hand and said, “I’ll stay here with you . ”

Su Jian’an thought that she was in too much pain, so she heard it wrong . She looked at Lu Boyan doubtfully .

Lu Boyan repeated, “Jian’an, I won’t leave . ”

Su Jian’an forced out a smile, and said with a slight breath, “Idiot, the cesarean section is an operation, and you are not allowed to stay here . ” At least in other hospitals, it was like this .

“This is a hospital belonging to Lu Enterprises, and whether the C-section can be accompanied is up to my decision . ” Lu Boyan wiped the sweat on Su Jian’an’s forehead . “Don’t talk, you need to preserve your strength . ”

Lu Boyan wanted to accompany her during the cesarean section, so Su Jian’an was in no mood to care about her strength .

The reason why she accepted the cesarean section was in order to ensure the safety of her and the two little guys . There was also another reason, which was that the cesarean section did not allow companion .

She was very clear about the process of natural birth and the cesarean section . Such a scene was like the transformation of life . Even she, who had taken the scalpel, felt that it was beyond the acceptable range .

Not to mention Lu Boyan, who had never seen such a situation .

“No, you go out . ” Su Jian’an tried to get rid of Lu Boyan’s hand . “I will lose my feeling below the waist . I’ll lie here like an experimental mouse . Don’t look, it’s too ugly . ”

Lu Boyan easily found a solution . “Have I told you that I like small white mice the most among all the creatures?”

Su Jian’an pretended to be unhappy . “Don’t you like me most?”

Lu Boyan raised his eyebrows . “The person I like the most is you . The little white mouse is you, and the person is also you . I have no reason to leave . ”

“…” Su Jian’an didn’t think of playing tricks on herself, so she was speechless .

Finally, Su Jian’an could only put on a solemn attitude: “Boyan, believe me, you should go out and wait . ”

Lu Boyan did not reject her directly . “Why?”

“You’re not a doctor . You can’t stand the scene of a surgery,” Su Jian’an said slowly, “After the first anatomy class, I couldn’t eat anything for a few days, and I used to vomit when drinking water . What you see later is more real than what I saw in the anatomy class . So—you shouldn’t stay here . ”

“But I can’t leave you alone at this time . ” Lu Boyan sat down . “Dr . Han has already talked to me, you don’t need to repeat . ”

Su Jian’an knew that she couldn’t persuade Lu Boyan, so she called Dr . Han over, hoping that Lu Boyan could listen to Dr . Han .

Dr . Han just shrugged and said, “Mrs . Lu, I’m afraid that nobody can achieve what you can’t do in front of Mr Lu . ”

The last hope was also shattered . Su Jian’an deliberately threatened Lu Boyan . “You will definitely regret it . ”

Lu Boyan was not scared at all . “I will be more regretful if I go out at the moment . ”


Su Jian’an tried to coax Lu Boyan out with honey-tongue tactics, but before she could say anything, Lu Boyan’s kiss fell on her lips .

Lu Boyan kissed her with some strength, and the doctors and nurses next to him pretended that they didn’t see anything . Su Jian’an suddenly forgot what she was going to say .

After a while, Lu Boyan slowly left Su Jian’an’s lips and said, “Mom and Yicheng are waiting for you outside, I’ll stay here with you—this is my final decision . ”

In other words, it was useless for Su Jian’an to say anything .

Of course, Lu Boyan knew that the scene he was going to see might bring him an unprecedented visual shock .

However, in less than an hour, Su Jian’an would give birth to their children and become a mother, and he would also become a father from then on .

For him, such a moment had a special meaning .

What’s more, this hour might be the most helpless moment in Su Jian’an’s life .

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He did not want to hide outside the delivery room and wait for everything to be over just because he was afraid . He did not want to wait for Su Jian’an to be sent out by a group of strange doctors and nurses . He also did not want their children to not be with their parents when they came to this world .

Su Jian’an looked at Lu Boyan, and her tone softened helplessly . “If you are affected in the future, don’t blame me . ”

“Of course not,” Lu Boyan said, “You just have to be responsible for me . ”

Su Jian’an was speechless . “…”

The atmosphere in the operating room seemed to become light all of a sudden . When the nurse came over, she finally felt relieved and said, “Mrs . Lu, we need to make some preparations before the operation . ”

Su Jian’an probably knew what the nurse needed to do, so she nodded and held Lu Boyan’s hand . “Don’t look . ”

Lu Boyan knew what Su Jian’an was worried about . He looked at her and said, “Don’t worry . You’re here . I’m not interested in other things . ”

Su Jian’an smiled and felt that the sudden pain seemed to be less intense .

She did not say it, but at this moment, she was grateful to Lu Boyan from the bottom of her heart .

She knew the process of cesarean and that she basically would have no uncomfortable feeling during the process . But this was the first time that she had been in the hands of others in the surgical bed . She used to be the one standing beside the operating table .

She was not as scared as an ordinary pregnant woman, but she was still a little nervous more or less .

But now, the only tension had disappeared, and it could not be denied that it was because of Lu Boyan .

Dr . Han must have told Lu Boyan that the scene of the operation was beyond ordinary people’s tolerance . But in the end, Lu Boyan still chose to stay with her—Even if it was just this, Su Jian’an felt that the pain she had suffered in the past few hours was worth it .

“Whoosh—” With a swish, a green curtain was pulled up, just in front of Su Jian’an’s chest, blocking her and Lu Boyan’s vision . The fully armed doctors and nurses were all on the other side of the curtain .

The assistant nurse told Dr . Han, “The operation is ready . ”

In order to ensure the operation’s safety and smoothness, Dr . Han examined carefully . After confirming that everything was right, she nodded and said, “The anesthetist can get ready . ”

“Mrs . Lu, are you ready?” The anesthetist said, “If you are ready, I will give you an anesthetic . ”

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Su Jian’an replied with a “Hum” and held Lu Boyan’s hand tightly . Then she felt a sudden slight sting in her waist, and before she had time to carefully feel the pain, she slowly lost consciousness below the waist .

After that, there were the sounds of the surgical instruments colliding with the tray, and the cold sound from metals, which didn’t sound soft or warm at all .

Su Jian’an closed her eyes and held Lu Boyan’s hand tightly .

She suddenly felt lucky that Lu Boyan chose to stay . Otherwise, she didn’t know if she would cry .

Lu Boyan noticed Su Jian’an’s movement and wrapped her hand with his . He comforted her softly, “Jian’an, don’t be afraid . I’m here . ”

“Mrs . Lu, relax . ” Dr . Han’s voice was calm . “The operation will end soon . Mr . Lu is here, and we are here too . Nothing will happen to you . ”

“Mm,” Su Jian’an mumbled in a low voice . In the end, she did not have the courage to open her eyes . She just closed them tightly and clutched Lu Boyan’s hand forcefully .

Lu Boyan looked at Su Jian’an, and his heart felt soft as if it had been soaked in warm water . Slight pain was accompanied with each heartbeat .

He looked forward to the children of him and Su Jian’an to come to this world . Similarly, he also hoped that everything would come to an end quickly so that Su Jian’an would no longer have to suffer this kind of torture .

Lu Boyan wrapped Su Jian’an’s hand in his palms, as if he was carefully protecting a treasure .

His palm was very warm, but it could not stop Su Jian’an’s palm from becoming cold .

Not long after, Su Jian’an’s breathing suddenly became weak and long . Lu Boyan called her, “Jian’an?”

“…” Su Jian’an did not respond .

Lu Boyan’s heart skipped a beat . He stood up all of a sudden and the guard nurse was startled by his movement .

Fortunately, the nurse’s reaction was fast enough . She hurriedly comforted, “Mr . Lu, Mrs . Lu is fine . She may have used up too much physical strength just now and is a little tired . Now she is asleep . ”

Lu Boyan’s face tensed up . “Is it the normal situation?”

He knew that the answer was yes, but under Lu Boyan’s gaze, the nurse still felt guilty when she nodded . “Yes, it’s normal . ”

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People who majored in medicine all believed in science .

But at this moment, the nurse couldn’t help praying in her heart that Su Jian’an’s surgery must be very, very smooth, and her physical recovery must be very good .

Otherwise, in case of an accident, even if it was not serious, the doctors and nurses who participated in this operation would not have a good result . Perhaps, they wouldn’t even be able to stay in City A .

Even if the nurse said that this situation was normal, Lu Boyan was still worried . He wrapped his hands tightly around Su Jian’an’s cold hand and stared at her all the time . He could even see her every breath .

Before long, Dr . Han told the nurse to get a towel ready and said that the head of the child had left the mother’s body .

Dr . Han thought that Lu Boyan would stand up to watch, so she specially took a look at him . However, maybe Lu Boyan didn’t heard her words or he was not interested in the little guy who had just stepped on the world . He didn’t even turn his head to take a look . His focus and sight had been on Su Jian’an all the time .

It was pretty good, though . Anyway, even if Lu Boyan looked in their direction, they had to stop him .

Otherwise, seeing that they had cut such a big scratch on Su Jian’an’s belly, Lu Boyan would never give them a good look in the future .

The first child soon separated from the mother . One nurse skillfully wrapped the child with a towel, and the other nurse recorded the exact birth time .

The following things went much smoother . The second child was quickly cut from the umbilical cord . The nurse came over with a towel and smiled . “Oh, this is a little princess . It’s so cute!”

“The little fellow who was picked up by Dr . Han first is a boy . As soon as he was born, he already has a younger sister . ”

Dr . Han breathed a sigh of relief, pressed the curtain and called Lu Boyan: “Mr . Lu, do you want to see the children? A little boy, and a little girl . ”

All of Lu Boyan’s attention was on Su Jian’an . Hearing Dr . Han’s words, he turned his head in bewilderment .

At this moment, the child’s loud cry resounded through the delivery room .

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