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Chapter 594: 594
Chapter 594 She is Your Wife, You will Make the Decision

Forty-five minutes ago, in the Orchid Gardens .

After hanging up Lu Boyan’s call, Tang Yulan quickly changed into her shoes and ran out .

After getting in the car, she suddenly remembered that she should inform Su Yicheng .

When Lu Boyan called her just now, he almost couldn’t speak clearly, so he couldn’t remember it .

Thinking of this, Tang Yulan dialed Su Yicheng’s number .

Su Yicheng had been very calm since he was a child . Thanks to his character, even if he had lost his mother in his twenties, he still developed his own career and took good care of his only sister .

Tang Yulan thought that Su Yicheng could at least keep calm when she heard that Su Jian’an was going to deliver .

But it turned out that Tang Yulan not only overestimated Lu Boyan, but also overestimated Su Yicheng .

After receiving the call, Su Yicheng was completely stunned . It took him a long time to find his voice back . “Isn’t the expected delivery date tomorrow? How could it be in advance?”

“The expected delivery period was originally estimated, and the accuracy rate is not high…”

Before Tang Yulan could finish her words, she was interrupted by Su Yicheng . “Auntie, is the change of estimated date of delivery dangerous to Jian’an?”

If it weren’t for the genuine worry in Su Yicheng’s tone, Tang Yulan would think that she had misheard his words . She laughed and replied, “Of course not! Don’t worry, one day earlier than the due date is not a premature delivery . ”

“Then what should I do now?” Su Yicheng’s tone was impassive . He really did not know whether Su Jian’an was going to deliver safely and he had no clue on what he should do .

Luo Xiaoxi could not stand it anymore and grabbed Su Yicheng’s mobile phone . “Aunt Tang, I am Xiaoxi . ”

“Xiaoxi,” Tang Yulan couldn’t help but ask, “Is Yicheng… all right?”

“He’s okay . ” Luo Xiaoxi said, “The good news is too sudden . He can’t digest it for a while, and his IQ has temporarily fallen off . Auntie, we’ll go to the hospital right away . ”

The topic finally returned to the right track . Tang Yulan breathed a sigh of relief and said, “I called to ask you to go to the hospital . When Yicheng asked me that question, I was misled by him . ”

Luo Xiaoxi laughed, and Tang Yulan too couldn’t help laughing . “I am on my way to the hospital . You and Yicheng should also hurry up . ”

“Okay,” Luo Xiaoxi answered, “Auntie, then I’ll hang up first . ”

When Luo Xiaoxi put down her mobile phone, Su Yicheng’s mind was still blank .

After his mother passed away, he understood that Jian’an was his only kin in the world . No matter how he was, he should take good care of Su Jian’an .

In the end, he did live up to his promise .

But now, Su Jian’an was going to have a baby and was about to be a mother . He had no idea what to do as an elder brother .

Luo Xiaoxi reached out her hand and waved it in front of Su Yicheng . “Let’s go!”

Lu Boyan did not realize what was going on . “Who left?” he asked .

“…” Luo Xiaoxi threw an idiotic look to Su Yicheng . “I mean we should go to the hospital!”

Su Yicheng: “…”

Luo Xiaoxi closed her eyes and explained patiently, “Jian’an is going to deliver and you can do nothing about it . So what we need to do now is to go to the hospital and accompany Jian’an outside the delivery room . Mr . Su Yicheng, do you understand my words?”

Su Yicheng thought about it and felt that Luo Xiaoxi’s words were very reasonable . His frowning eyebrows finally relaxed, and he kissed Luo Xiaoxi’s lips hard . Then turned around and rushed into the cloakroom to get changed .

Luo Xiaoxi looked at Su Yicheng’s back and shook her head . She felt that her decision to not have a baby for the time being was absolutely correct .

After 45 minutes, Tang Yulan and Su Yicheng arrived at the hospital almost at the same time .

Luo Xiaoxi greeted Tang Yulan and quickly found that Tang Yulan’s shoes were different . After thinking for a while, she said, “Auntie, I didn’t expect you to be so fashionable . ”

Tang Yulan discovered that she wore different shoes and smiled . “I can’t take care of it . Let’s go . Don’t waste time . ”

The three people rushed to the door of the delivery room as fast as they could . After asking, they came to know that Su Jian’an had been inside the room for a long time, and Lu Boyan was there to accompany her .

Only the husbands were allowed to accompany their wives in the delivery room, so they couldn’t go in . Tang Yulan had to ask the nurse to tell Lu Boyan that they had arrived .

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Lu Boyan quickly came out from the delivery room, which was beyond their expectation .

They almost subconsciously went to Lu Boyan . Su Yicheng, who was in front of the way, asked, “How is Jian’an?”

Lu Boyan told them about the situation, and the long corridor was suddenly shrouded in silence .

They all knew that the delivery process was painful, but Lu Boyan’s eyebrows were wrinkled too hard . They couldn’t imagine how much pain Su Jian’an was suffering in the ward .

Lu Boyan’s eyes swept across everyone . “I want Jian’an to have the operation,” he said in a deep voice .

After that, Lu Boyan’s eyes stopped on Su Yicheng .

Su Yicheng was Su Jian’an’s elder brother . When he made this decision, he should ask for Su Yicheng’s opinion .

Su Yicheng hesitated for half a second and looked at Lu Boyan solemnly and calmly . “When I persuaded her to marry you, I had already handed her over to you . Jian’an is your wife . It’s up to you to decide whether Jian’an will have the cesarean section . ”

“Yes, Boyan, you can make the decision . ” Tang Yulan said, “It really hurts to deliver naturally, and it’s relatively safe to have a cesarean section . It’s up to you . ”

Lu Boyan nodded and turned back to the delivery room .

Su Jian’an’s uterus had only opened up three fingers, but she was sweating from head to toe due to the pain .

Upon seeing Lu Boyan’s return, Su Jian’an could no longer hold it . She clutched at his hand with all her might . Her fingernails dug deeply into his palm, forming noticeable trails in the palm .

Lu Boyan knew Su Jian’an was unconscious and did not care about the pain . He put his hand on Su Jian’an’s forehead and said, “I have discussed with your brother and decided to let you have the operation . ”

Su Jian’an was in so much pain that she felt weak . She wanted to say something, but tears ran down before her words .

Lu Boyan wiped away the tears at the corner of Su Jian’an’s eyes . “The surgery will be fast . Don’t be afraid . I’ll be with you . ”

Su Jian’an really couldn’t stand this kind of pain . In addition, Dr . Han said that she was in accordance with the conditions of the cesarean section, so she could only choose to compromise .

Lu Boyan turned to look at Dr . Han and said, “Let her have the surgery . ”

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Dr . Han asked the nurses to get the equipment ready, and the anesthetic physician also began to prepare . She walked to Lu Boyan and said, “Mr . Lu, I need to talk to you alone . ”

Lu Boyan thought that there was something wrong with Su Jian’an, so he followed Dr . Han to the corner of the operating room .

Dr . Han stood still and looked at Lu Boyan’s eyes . She found that Lu Boyan’s look was frightening . She was stunned and even needed courage to open her mouth . “Mr . Lu, now it seems that Mrs . Lu’s surgery will go well . ”

Lu Boyan’s face softened a little . “What do you want to say to me?”

“I want to tell you that Mrs . Lu may ask you to go out, which means that she won’t allow you to accompany her . ” Dr . Han looked in the direction of Su Jian’an . “I suggest that you listen to Mrs . Lu’s advice . ”

“If I haven’t remembered it wrong, even if it’s a C-section, our hospital allows the husband to be there,” Lu Boyan said, “you need to tell me the reason . ”

“In the case with absolute certainty that the disinfection is completely done, we do allow the husband to accompany, and it is true that some wives ask the husbands to be there . ” Dr . Han said, “But Mrs . Lu is a medical examiner, so she must know very well about the process of the C-section . Then she must be clear that the scene of the operation is beyond ordinary people’s tolerance . For the sake of you, she may not agree with you to be there . In addition, our doctor does not recommend the husband to accompany during the cesarean . ”

When most of the doctors went to work, they spent most of their time in the operating room . They had long been accustomed to all kinds of bloody scenes .

However, for ordinary people, not to mention the bloody scene of surgery, even a slightly bloody picture would be too much for them .

As a result, most hospitals did not allow the husbands to accompany during the C-section . This hospital allowed it just because it cost everyone a lot of hospitalization expenses . Of course, at the last minute, the doctors would patiently persuade the women and husbands not to let the men stay inside .

When encountering those who insisted on accompanying the pregnant woman, all doctors needed to do was to take out a few pictures of the operation, and they could successfully stop their intention .

Of course, Dr . Han did not dare to scare Lu Boyan with the photos . In addition, Su Jian’an’s professional background made her choose to talk to Lu Boyan patiently .

Lu Boyan’s attention was all on Dr . Han’s last sentence, “You don’t recommend accompanying during the delivery . ”

“Yes,” Dr . Han said, “because the scene of surgery is relatively… um… bloody . We are worried that it will leave a psychological shadow in your mind and affect your life in the future . ”

“What about my wife?” Lu Boyan suddenly asked, “how would Jian’an feel during the operation?”

Dr . Han was a little surprised . Generally speaking, when it came to this point, if he had seen the photo the husband who loved his wife deeply would begin to give up and solemnly say that his lover would be left for them to look after and ask them to ensure the safety of his wife and the fetus .

Under the huge visual impact, almost no one remembered to ask what would happen to the pregnant woman during the surgery or whether she would be scared or painful .

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But Lu Boyan asked .

She didn’t know whether it was because the man’s psychological endurance was too strong or because no matter when, he always took Su Jian’an seriously . What he first considered was always Su Jian’an’s feelings .

For the first time, Dr . Han really envied a woman and said, “The cesarean section is done with only partly anesthesia, but the women won’t feel pain . According to the reactions of most pregnant women, only when the children’s heads separate from their mother’s bodies, they will feel a little pain . You can rest assured that we will not only ensure the safety of the fetus but also greatly relieve Mrs . Lu’s pain . ”

Lu Boyan still looked solemn .

Dr . Han added, “As far as accompanying during the delivery is concerned, you can discuss it with Mrs . Lu . ”

At this time, the anesthetic physician, the equipment nurse, and the surgical assistants were all ready . They were waiting for Dr . Han to announce the start of the operation .

Lu Boyan went back to the bedside of the operation . Su Jian’an was in so much pain that she couldn’t even open her eyes, and her breathing was so weak as if it would stop at any time .

However, even in this state, Su Jian’an still felt Lu Boyan . She slowly opened her eyes and looked at him weakly . “Why are you still here?”

The cesarean section was an operation, and it was not allowed to be accompanied .

Shouldn’t Lu Boyan go out?

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