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Chapter 590: 590

Xiao Yunyun obviously knew that it was very dangerous .

But when she saw Shen Yuechuan, her brain instantly crashed leaving her without any sense of safety!

She unnaturally moved her hand that was grasped by Shen Yuechuan . Shen Yuechuan also seemed to feel that it was not proper, so he loosened his hand and broke the silence . “Don’t do this in the future . In case of an accident, it will be irreparable . ”

“It is a small probability event to meet with a faulty elevator . I shouldn’t be so ‘lucky’ . ” Xiao Yunyun shrugged her shoulders, pretending to not care about that and changed the topic . “It’s so late . What are you doing in the hospital?”

“I’m here to visit your cousin . ” Shen Yuechuan pretended to feel distressed and sighed . “I couldn’t afford the time to visit her during the day, so I have to come here now . ”

“What a coincidence! I am also here to see my cousin! But—” Xiao Yunyun pointed at the door . “I’m going back now . ”

Shen Yuechuan tentatively asked, “Maybe I can send you back . ”

“Well, no, thanks . ” Xiao Yunyun pretended to be flattered and waved her hand hurriedly . “It only takes 30 minutes for me by taxi to go back . I won’t bother you then! Go up and see my cousin . It’s not convenient to see her when it’s too late . ”

Shen Yuechuan felt indescribably disappointed and upset .

But in the end, he slowly hid something in the depths of his eyes that had not yet been noticed by Xiao Yunyun . He nodded and said, “Be careful on the way back . ”

Xiao Yunyun smiled at Shen Yuechuan and stepped out gracefully .

As soon as she got out of the maternity building, Xiao Yunyun let out a long sigh of relief . But she still couldn’t steady her crazy heartbeat .

She suddenly started running as fast as she could .

No one knew when the lights in the hospital’s garden lit up and the whole garden was covered with warm yellow light . Xiao Yunyun grabbed her backpack and passed through these lights at an extremely fast speed . She didn’t stop until she had run out of the hospital .

Xiao Yunyun got a chest congestion as if it was going to explode because running too fast and stopped too abruptly . She covered her chest and gasped hard . She could not help doubting that she would suffocate .

Why would it be like this?

During this period of time, she was either working or studying . In addition to eight hours of sleep, she had planned a tight schedule and got herself busy in the remaining 16 hours, which made her too tired to think of Shen Yuechuan .

She thought that she had forgotten Shen Yuechuan .

But why was her heart still beating so fast when she saw Shen Yuechuan again? Why was she still keen on the temperature of his palm when he held her hand?

Xiao Yunyun realized that maybe unfortunately, she hadn’t really forgotten Shen Yuechuan in all this time .

“Isn’t being busy the best way to forget a person? Why didn’t it work?

“Is it because I’m not busy enough?”

Xiao Yunyun was feeling bad when her mobile phone suddenly rang . It was Doctor Xu .

Doctor Xu was a very famous cardiac surgeon in the world . What was even rarer was that he had an outstanding appearance . There were many female doctors and nurses in the hospital who fell in love with him openly and secretly . Xiao Yunyun also admired his achievements .

As a matter of fact, Shen Yuechuan had even guessed that there might be something wrong with Doctor Xu, for he was so outstanding yet still unmarried .

Xiao Yunyun felt that Shen Yuechuan might have been jealous of Dr . Xu .

Thinking about all that, Xiao Yunyun answered the phone . “Doctor Xu?” Her tone was full of surprises .

It was already time to get off work . Normally, a great doctor like Doctor Xu would not contact her .

“Yunyun, it’s me,” Dr . Xu said in a low voice . “There has been an emergency in the department and I need someone to come back to help me . I contacted several other interns and they all said that they were busy . You…”

“Oh, I’m okay!” Xiao Yunyun immediately responded, “I’m now in Yinshan Road . If I’m not going to be stuck in traffic then I’ll be able to arrive at the hospital in about 30 minutes . ”

“Okay . ” Dr . Xu breathed a sigh of relief . “Then come here as soon as possible . ”

Xiao Yunyun hung up the phone and an available taxi happened to come over . She waved her hand and stopped it . “Sir, go to the Eighth People’s Hospital . I’m in a hurry . Please drive faster . ”

The car soon stopped in front of the hospital . Xiao Yunyun went to the cafe next to the hospital and bought two cups of coffee . While carrying them, she went straight to the cardiac surgery department .

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Dr . Xu walked out of the office and happened to meet Xiao Yunyun who was coming out of the elevator . He called her and said, “Yunyun, put the things down and follow me to the ward downstairs . ”

The interns’ office was next to them . Xiao Yunyun hung her bag up in the office, took a cup of coffee from the paper bag and handed it to Dr . Xu . “Here’s a cup of matcha latte . I’ve bought two cups . ”

“I just needed it . ” Dr . Xu took it and wore a smile on his tired face . “Thank you . ”

“You’re welcome . ” Xiao Yunyun’s smile was bright, which easily reminded people of the sunshine during summer . “Let’s go downstairs to the ward . ”

After a busy night, Dr . Liang and others came to the hospital . Xiao Yunyun and Doctor Xu turned over their duties and got off work .

After walking out of the hospital, Xiao Yunyun stretched herself and found that she had been busy all night . For quite some time, her waist and back had been stiff and her head was as heavy as lead .

She would sleep until it was dark!

Xiao Yunyun reached out to stop a taxi . At this time, one BMW760 stopped in front of her . The window beside the driver’s seat slowly rolled down, revealing Doctor Xu’s young and handsome face .

“Get in the car . I’ll give you a ride,” Doctor Xu said . “It’s the morning rush hour . Let others who need it more take the taxis . ”

“But, we’re not going in the same direction . ” Xiao Yunyun was a little embarrassed . “If you drive me home and then go back then you’ll have to take a long detour . It will delay your rest, won’t it?”

“If everything goes well then I will sleep all day today . So, it doesn’t matter . ” Doctor Xu got out of the car and opened the door for Xiao Yunyun . “As for the direction, it will be okay if I have breakfast . I’ll treat you . ”

Xiao Yunyun widened her eyes . “Doctor Xu, you don’t need to bother treating me to breakfast . ”

Although they worked in the same department in the same hospital, and could be regarded as colleagues, Doctor Xu was a great person after all . He was also a revered god in Xiao Yunyun’s mind .

If a mortal had breakfast with their God, wouldn’t she violate some Law of Heaven?

Doctor Xu couldn’t help but smile .

He had long heard that in this group of interns, Xiao Yunyun was the most straightforward one, but her straightforwardness could definitely be acceptable . He finally realized it today .

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Doctor Xu smiled and thought for a moment . “You also treated me to coffee last night . Just consider it as me paying you back . ”

“Oh, no . ” Xiao Yunyun waved her hand . “That was used to show my reverence to you . ”

Doctor Xu frowned in amusement and said, “Am I so old in your mind?” Seeing Xiao Yunyun being confused, he explained, “Usually, people show their reverence to the old . ”

“The old?” Xiao Yunyun was stunned . “No, I often heard Xiaoxiao say that they would show their reverence to you . ” Xiaoxiao was an intern who began working in the hospital at the same time as her .

If it was a joke, the word could indeed also be used for the seniors, but Doctor Xu did not explain it to Xiao Yunyun and only gave her a meaningful look .

Xiao Yunyun coughed and said in a serious but indifferent way, “Doctor Xu, if the word can only be used for the old, then the ones who think you are old is not me, but Xiaoxiao and the others . ”

“But they haven’t said that I’m old in front of me . ” Doctor Xu looked serious, and said, “You did, which makes me very sad . ”

Xiao Yunyun looked embarrassed . “Doctor Xu…”

“Your apology is too powerless . I don’t accept it . What should I do?” Dr . Xu thought for a moment . “You have to treat me to breakfast . ”

Xiao Yunyun thought that she really made Doctor Xu frustrated and nodded with a face full of willingness . “Okay!”

In the end, after breakfast, it was Doctor Xu who went to pay the bill . Xiao Yunyun looked very embarrassed . Doctor Xu sighed helplessly . “Silly girl, I was just kidding with you . ”

“Let’s go . ” Doctor Xu took out the car keys and said, “I’ll send you back . ”

The place where they had breakfast was not very far from Xiao Yunyun’s apartment . In less than fifteen minutes, Doctor Xu stopped his car under her apartment . Xiao Yunyun thanked Doctor Xu politely and got off .

After Doctor Xu drove away, Xiao Yunyun walked towards the door of the apartment . Just as she was about to swipe the card, she suddenly heard a familiar voice, “Silly girl!”

Following the sound, she saw that Shen Yuechuan’s black Land Rover was parked on the road and he was getting out of it .

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Xiao Yunyun’s mind went blank for a few seconds before she came back to her senses . “Why are you here?”

“You left it in the hospital yesterday . ” Shen Yuechuan shook the iPad in his hand . “Jian’an asked me to bring it back to you . Yesterday, I thought that you might have fallen asleep, so I decided to send it back to you this morning . I didn’t expect to see your gossip . ”

Shen Yuechuan asked seriously, “Why did the one surnamed Xu send you back so early in the morning?”

Xiao Yunyun subconsciously wanted to tell him the whole story, but on second thought, she believed she had no reason to answer Shen Yuechuan’s questions .

“What does it have to do with you?” Xiao Yunyun did not answer but retorted bluntly .

“Even if it has nothing to do with me, I still have to take care of you . ” Shen Yuechuan said, “You are a little girl who has just grown up . How can you be an opponent of that old man? Just say it, is he going after you?”

Xiao Yunyun thought about it and did not deny it . “So what?”

Shen Yuechuan suddenly looked serious . After a moment, he said, “Although the man surnamed Xu is not very good, he is still better than a kid such as Qin Han . He can even give you advice in professional matters . For you, he is a good choice . ”

Xiao Yunyun said, “Yuck! I went back to work last night . Doctor Xu just sent me back this morning! Can’t you think of something meaningful other than love?”

Shen Yuechuan tut-tutted and shook his head . “You still think too simply of men . ”

No matter how gentlemanly a man is, if he was not interested in a girl, why would he send her home for no reason? Just like him in the past, if it were not because he liked Xiao Yunyun, then he would definitely ask the driver to send her home, but he had done it in person .

Xiao Yunyun did not believe that Doctor Xu took a fancy to her . She grabbed the iPad from Shen Yuechuan’s hand . “Just because men like you are too complicated, I must stay away from you!”

After that, she ran upstairs with the iPad in her arms .

Shen Yuechuan looked at Xiao Yunyun’s back and sighed helplessly .

“How could she still be so naive after such a long time?”

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