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Chapter 589: 589

Kang Ruicheng closed the window, lit a cigarette and placed it in his mouth . After a while, he said, “It would be abnormal if she didn’t care about Su Jian’an . ”

After interacting for so many years, Kang Ruicheng knew her all too well .

Xu Youning had been trained to be as swift and strong as a demon . When she really made a move, she was fast and accurate .

However, Xu Youning was never heartless .

She had clearly seen countless bloody and dark scenes, but she still couldn’t let go of her family and friends .

So, as strong as she was, she almost collapsed when her only family member passed away . Similarly, she would never hurt Su Jian’an, because she had always regarded Su Jian’an as her friend .

However, once she hated someone, Xu Youning would turn into another person .

Once facing the one she hated, Xu Youning’s blood would instantly grow cold . She would take revenge at all costs . Just like in the past, in order to bring justice to her parents, she didn’t hesitate to accept the cruel training that went beyond her limit .

Xu Youning had two kinds of completely different personalities . She could be either extremely gentle or extremely cruel . What she looked like depended on what you meant to her .

This was also the reason why Kang Ruicheng tried his best to make Xu Youning hate Mu Sijue .

Kang Ruicheng knew very well that she would only sever the love she had for Mu Sijue if she regarded him as an enemy . That way she would willingly return and help him deal with Mu Sijue .

It seemed that everything was under his control after that .

Thinking of this, Kang Ruicheng took out the cigarette of his mouth and smiled .

He liked the feeling of having complete control .

The driver didn’t quite understand Kang Ruicheng’s logic, but he didn’t dare to ask, so he changed his question, “Brother Cheng, shall we go back?”

Kang Ruicheng replied with a “Yeah” in a low voice . The black Land Rover’s engine was started once again; they drove toward the old area of City A .

At this time, Xu Youning was on her way back, walking along the sidewalk .

Going to see Su Jian’an was an excuse . She just wanted to get off the car and take a fresh breath .

She had lurked around Kang Ruicheng during this time, carefully keeping herself in the dark . She had been nervous 24 hours of a day, and she was already on the verge of collapse .

What made her feel desperate was that she didn’t know when such days would end .

She didn’t know when she could tell Mu Sijue the truth .

It didn’t take long for Xu Youning to arrive at the hospital’s gate .

She hesitated for a long time, not daring to enter .

As Kang Ruicheng said, Su Jian’an would never have any accidents as long as Lu Boyan was with her; she could only secretly have a look at Su Jian’an when she went in .

This way… It seemed that it would only make her feel even more upset .

Come to think of it, Su Jian’an was waiting for the delivery at the hospital . If she remembered correctly, she was almost due .

Su Jian’an’s pregnancy was a big deal for Lu Boyan and his friends .

“Would Mu Sijue come to City A?”

However, what could she do if he did? Nothing would change, and she still couldn’t tell Mu Sijue the truth .

Seeing Mu Sijue would only make her feel more distressed .

Thinking of this, Xu Youning stopped a taxi and got in .

“Miss, where are we going?” The driver looked back at Xu Youning and asked .

Xu Youning thought for a moment and said, “Let’s go downtown . Any place in that area will do…”

She had just discovered that City A was quite big, but there was no place for her once she left Kang Ruicheng’s territory . If she didn’t want to be alone, she could only mingle in the crowd at the center of the city .

In the same city, just like Xu Youning, Shen Yuechuan was also unhappy .

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Su Jian’an was about to give birth to her baby, which meant that Lu Boyan didn’t have much time for work .

In other words, Shen Yuechuan needed to work as the acting president while under the name of Special Assistant . He would be much busier than he had ever been before .

Being busy was also good for Shen Yuechuan . At least, he wouldn’t have much time to miss Xiao Yunyun . When he returned home, he fell asleep as soon as he lay down . He didn’t have extra energy to experience the feeling of being disappointed in love .

The bad thing was that he had to be careful when he went to the hospital in the future . In case that the Director spilled the beans one day, he would have to cope with Lu Boyan’s interrogation .

Life was indeed tough .

On Monday, when it was time to get off work, Lu Boyan handed over the rest of the work to Shen Yuechuan, saying that he was going to the hospital .

Shen Yuechuan had long been mentally prepared, so he was calm . “Okay,” he said, “I’ll go there later . ”

Lu Boyan frowned, as if he were asking Shen Yuechuan what Su Jian’an had to do with him .

Shen Yuechuan shrugged and seemed to take it for granted . “You know, Jian’an is my cousin . She’s at the hospital waiting for the delivery, so I should pay her a visit . I don’t have time during the day, so I can only go there at night . ”

Lu Boyan pondered for a moment . Without saying anything, he took a step and was about to leave .

Shen Yuechuan noticed that there was something wrong with Lu Boyan’s look and suddenly realized something . He stopped Lu Boyan and said, “Wait a minute!”

Lu Boyan turned around and looked at Shen Yuechuan expressionlessly . “Is there anything else?”

“It’s about our family . ” Shen Yuechuan wore a happy smile on his handsome face . “Jian’an is my cousin, so you are my cousin-in-law . What about calling me cousin from here on?”

“Get out of here!”

Lu Boyan directly ignored Shen Yuechuan and walked towards the special elevator .

The elevator descended slowly and stopped on the first floor . Lu Boyan walked out of the company . The driver had already driven the car over; he asked him, “Boss Lu, are we going to the hospital?”

“Yes . ”

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On the way, Lu Boyan used his laptop to deal with a few emails, and soon he arrived at the hospital .

Two days ago, when Su Jian’an went to the hospital to wait for the delivery, he had also packed up his things and taken the hospital as his home .

He had promised Su Jian’an that he would not let her stay in the hospital alone .

In the hospital, the independent Gynecology and Obstetrics building stood under the sunset, beautiful and magnificent . Lu Boyan went straight in and took the elevator to the top floor .

Pushing open the door of the suite, Lu Boyan found Xiao Yunyun sitting on the sofa in the living room and peeling some fruits . He was surprised; Xiao Yunyun immediately noticed him and waved the fruit knife at him . “Cousin-in-law!”

Lu Boyan suppressed the surprise on his face and entered the suite . He asked Xiao Yunyun, “Are you off work?”

“Yes!” The smile on Xiao Yunyun’s face was particularly brilliant . “I don’t have to work overtime today . So I’m here now . ”

Lu Boyan took off his suit jacket and left it on the hanger in the room . He washed his hands and tentatively asked Xiao Yunyun, “Have you prepared for the postgraduate entrance exam?”

“I’m getting ready . ” Xiao Yunyun shrugged her shoulders lightly . “In fact, I am sure I can pass the exam! But I don’t want to fight without preparing, so I have been studying . ”

After that, Xiao Yunyun finished the peeling . She neatly cut the apple into four pieces and removed the seeds . She handed them to Lu Boyan . “Cousin-in-law, how about eating some?”

Lu Boyan looked at the apple, and there was no trace of the cuts made by the knife . He smiled and said, “You’re good at cutting . ”

“I’m a cardiac surgeon . I can even cut a person’s heart with a knife, let alone an apple!” Xiao Yunyun chuckled . There seemed to be sunlight in her bright smile . “Oh, I forgot . This is for my cousin!”

“Let me take them . ” Lu Boyan picked up the small fruit plate on the tea table and placed the apple pieces on it . Then, he took it into the room .

Su Jian’an was leaning against the bed while she watched a movie . When she saw Lu Boyan coming in, she put down the tablet computer and said, “I’ve been hearing you talk with Yunyun . What did you say?”

“What we said is not the point . ” Lu Boyan put down the fruit plate . “Yuechuan will arrive later . ”

Su Jian’an was stunned for a moment and then she reacted . She widened her eyes and asked, “What should we do?”

Lu Boyan said, “You can’t stop Yuechuan from coming here, and you can’t tell Yunyun to leave in advance, either . It seems too deliberate . ”

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“So, do you want them to meet?” Su Jian’an lowered her voice and looked out of the door with concern . “Yunyun has been in a good state these days . I don’t want her mood to be affected . ”

“But she still has to stay in City A for some time . It’s impossible for her to stay away from Yuechuan,” Lu Boyan said, “We don’t have to intervene . If they really meet, they can handle it . ”

“That’s the only way . ” Su Jian’an sat up and put a piece of apple in her mouth with a small fork . She frowned and said without warning, “I want to eat cherries . ”

After the pregnancy, Su Jian’an’s taste was as unpredictable as the weather in June . Lu Boyan had long gotten used to it . He rolled up his sleeves and said, “There are some cherries outside . I’ll wash some for you . ”

Lu Boyan washed the cherries and went back to the room . Just then, the hospital’s restaurant brought dinner, including four dishes, one soup of vegetables and meat . It was enough for three people to eat .

Su Jian’an didn’t have a good appetite . After eating a bit, she put down the bowl and chopsticks and slowly drank the soup .

Not long after, Xiao Yunyun also said that she was full . She offered to wash the dishes, then she picked up the bag and said, “I’ll be going now . ”

Su Jian’an asked, “Aren’t you going to stay for a little longer?”

“I want to, but my principle is not to be a third wheel! I’m leaving . ”

After that, Xiao Yunyun ran out of the suite like a gust of wind, and the elevator happened to stop on that very floor . She rushed in and pressed the button of the first floor .

In fact, it was still early . She could only study if she left for home now . She didn’t have the motivation to study that day . “How about going to the supermarket to buy something to eat?”

Before Xiao Yunyun could come up with an answer, there was a “Ding—”, and the elevator door slowly opened .

Xiao Yunyun was about to step out when a familiar figure appeared in front of her .

The man was tall and handsome, with a casual and elegant style even in the formal business suit . Although he always looked like a frivolous person, he could still attract a group of girls and make people feel that he was reliable . Who else could be such a kind of person except for Shen Yuechuan?

Xiao Yunyun was stunned . She looked at Shen Yuechuan in a daze, completely forgetting to get out of the elevator .

It wasn’t until the elevator door automatically and slowly closed that Xiao Yunyun suddenly reacted and hurriedly said “Ah”, as she was about to use her hand to stop the elevator door .

“So stupid!” Shen Yuechuan pressed the button to open the elevator outside the door . After the door was opened, he directly dragged Xiao Yunyun out and looked at her with a frown . “Don’t you know that it’s dangerous to stop the elevator door with your hands?”

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