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Chapter 591: 591
Chapter 591 Boss Lu, There’s Something Wrong with You (1)

Xiao Yunyun was too naive, so Shen Yuechuan had to guard for her in person .

As soon as he arrived at the company, Shen Yuechuan dialed a number on his phone . “Help me to get the information about a person . ”

“Why do you always investigate on others these days?” The person on the other end of the phone was surprised, but more of his words were teasing, “Are you addicted to investigating on people?”

“Cut the crap,” Shen Yuechuan ordered, “He is in the internal cardiac surgery department of the Eighth People’s Hospital, a deputy chief physician surnamed Xu . ”

“It’s just a piece of cake!” the man promised confidently . “You can check your email in 15 minutes . ”

Shen Yuechuan put down the phone . After less than fifteen minutes, the computer notified him about a new email . He clicked it and saw the detailed information about Dr . Xu .

Dr . Xu’s full name was Xu Fan, a native of City A, who was born in a scholarly family . He was guaranteed to enter an Ivy League College . After graduation, he returned home and was invited to work as a heart cardiac surgery practitioner of the Eighth People’s Hospital . He published several SCI theses at a young age and was recognized as a genius in the medical field .

From college to the stage of a doctor’s degree, Xu Fan had three girlfriends . They all dated with him for about two years, but they ended up breaking up in the end .

The first girlfriend cheated on him and betrayed him . So he was the one who proposed breaking up . The second girlfriend proposed breaking up with him because he was going abroad . The third one broke up peacefully because of their improper personalities .

At that time, when Shen Yuechuan had heard that Xu Fan was unmarried in his thirties, Shen Yuechuan had once guessed that there was something wrong with him .

However, according to the investigation report, Xu Fan’s character and medical ethics were very good and reliable . Moreover, in the past two years, Xu Fan had been attending the blind dates arranged by his family .

That was to say, even if Shen Yuechuan filtered his information personally, he could not pick out any stain from Xu Fan . And Xu Fan was indeed a nice young man .

It seemed that he could rest assured and leave the task of taking care of Xiao Yunyun to such a person .

Shen Yuechuan knocked on the table twice with his fingers and logged out of the mailbox .

For a moment, Shen Yuechuan suddenly felt as if his heart was somehow empty . He stared at the computer screen for a long time, and in the end, he just smiled bitterly .

Even if Xu Fan’s character was not good enough, what could he do?

He simply was in no proper position to intervene in Xiao Yunyun’s choice .

What Shen Yuechuan did not know was that when he looked through Dr . Xu, Dr . Xu was also staring at Xiao Yunyun’s information .

Compared with Shen Yuechuan who had to find someone else to investigate, the way Dr . Xu used to get Xiao Yunyun’s information was much simpler—he just needed to get the intern’s information from a colleague in the hospital .

Although the information on the intern’s data was not very detailed, it was all that Dr . Xu needed to know .

It was said on the information that Xiao Yunyun had been living in Australia before last year . According to some awarding records, Xiao Yunyun had been an excellent student since childhood, and her ability in the extracurricular events was also very good . Because of her excellent grades in college and her good foundation in Chinese, she had been chosen as an exchange student to study medical science at University A .

Xiao Yunyun should be that kind of girl who was not only the beloved one in the professor’s eyes but also a popular girl in the classmate’s group .

Dr . Xu couldn’t help feeling a little distressed . Xiao Yunyun was so young, and she had already made a name for herself . There should be many people chasing after her . Since she was able to live in such a good apartment in such a good location, her family’s situation should also be very good .

There should be no problem for him to fall for an outstanding intern .

The key issue was – he might not be able to get this intern girl .

Dr . Xu touched his forehead and sighed .

Life was really unpredictable .

Shen Yuechuan investigated Dr . Xu because of Xiao Yunyun . Dr . Xu wanted to understand Xiao Yunyun, so he did not miss a single piece of information on her data—this was like a strange biological chain .

The person standing at the top of the chain was Xiao Yunyun .

However, Xiao Yunyun was not relaxed either .

She suddenly ran into Shen Yuechuan last night, and her heart surged for it for a long time . Finally, if she didn’t go to work overtime in the hospital, she couldn’t have guaranteed that she could peacefully spend the night .

But now it seemed that though she successfully survived from the night, she couldn’t escape from the morning .

When Shen Yuechuan mistook Dr . Xu for chasing after her, he didn’t seem to react drastically . He was just seriously evaluating Dr . Xu .

Although this was a reasonable reaction, Xiao Yunyun was still disappointed .

For Shen Yuechuan, as long as she was with a good person, it wouldn’t matter whom she was with, right?

Xiao Yunyun slid down, and her whole body dipped into the water of the bathtub .

What was she thinking about? Shen Yuechuan was her brother . She could be with anyone except for Shen Yuechuan .

When she almost suffocated herself, Xiao Yunyun came out of the water like a fish . Then she stood up, put on a bath towel and went back to the room to sleep, but she failed to fall asleep as fast as she had imagined .

After closing her eyes, her mind was full of Shen Yuechuan .

After a while, it was Shen Yuechuan’s smile .

After a while, it was filled with his face calling her little girl .

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Then, she saw Shen Yuechuan looking at her intently . She was captivated by his bright eyes and would never return to the reality .

In the end, Xiao Yunyun felt her head heavy and her whole body uncomfortable . She didn’t even know how she fell asleep .

Around two o’clock in the afternoon, Xiao Yunyun woke up feeling hungry, but she was willful and didn’t want to order takeout . There was only an apple left in the refrigerator .

She washed the apple and called Su Jian’an while eating . “Cousin, I’m not at work today . ”

Su Jian’an was very surprised . “You are still an intern . How dare you drop off work?”

“No . ” Xiao Yunyun opened the wardrobe and chose among a row of clothes of different colors . In the end, she took out a white T-shirt and jeans . “I finished today’s work last night!”

“… So?” Su Jian’an asked .

“So—is Aunt Liu going to send you something to eat later?” Xiao Yunyun softly smiled a few times, ” Ask your cook to make something for me . I don’t want to eat takeout…”

“It’s still not too late to call back now,” Su Jian’an said . “Get ready and come over . ”

When Xiao Yunyun arrived at the hospital, she happened to meet Aunt Liu who came to deliver food . She couldn’t wait to help Aunt Liu carry the meal box together to the ward, and she didn’t have time to say hello to Su Jian’an before she started to eat in the restaurant .

Su Jian’an just ate some fresh fruit . Seeing Xiao Yunyun eating like a wolf, she couldn’t help asking, “You haven’t eaten anything since you slept?”

“Yes . ” Xiao Yunyun did not raise her head . “I am starving to death!”

Su Jian’an put down the red and plump cherry, and looked at Xiao Yunyun with a calm expression . “You clearly got off work yesterday, why did you run back to work overtime again?”

“The department was in urgent need of manpower . ” Xiao Yunyun looked innocent . “The others are either busy at home or with their boyfriends . The superior physician, who is single, called me to work until this morning . ”

Su Jian’an gave Xiao Yunyun a sympathetic look .

Xiao Yunyun didn’t care about it . She drank the last mouthful of soup and wiped her mouth with a tissue . She naturally said, “By the way, Shen Yuechuan sent me the iPad . ”

“Hmm,” Su Jian’an said . “He’s so positive?”

Xiao Yunyun was stunned and stopped herself from thinking too much about Su Jian’an’s words, and explained: “He must just have the time . ”

Su Jian’an did not say yes or no, and kept an eye on Xiao Yunyun quietly .

Xiao Yunyun did not seem to be affected by Shen Yuechuan at all . Just like what she said, she misunderstood her feelings for Shen Yuechuan . It was not love . Instead, it was just a kind of dependence on her brother .

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“Cousin,” Xiao Yunyun suddenly asked, “How many days are left before your due date?”

Su Jian’an thought for a moment . “Three days or four days . ”

“You don’t seem nervous at all, it’s a little magical . ” Xiao Yunyun ate a piece of honeydew melon .

“Well, I’m not nervous . ” Su Jian’an smiled . “Your cousin-in-law is more nervous . ”

Xiao Yunyun could not help complaining, “Because my cousin-in-law is nervous about you! Can’t you stop saying this? I was tortured by the patients last night, and I don’t want you and my brother-in-law to torture me again!”

Su Jian’an burst into laughter and leaned on the sofa . She looked outside and sighed . “I really want to go out for a walk . ”

Xiao Yunyun took a step back, “I can’t promise to go out with you!” While speaking, she had already made a defensive posture .

Su Jian’an asked in surprise, “Why are you so scared?”

“You, along with the two little guys in your belly, equal the bigger half of the world of cousin-in-law . ” Xiao Yunyun’s face was full of horror . “I’ll be crazy to take more than half of Lu Boyan’s world away . In case something happens, I can’t pay back even if I hit my head against the wall for a hundred times . ”

Su Jian’an originally wanted to incite Xiao Yunyun to go out with her, but it was obviously impossible for Xiao Yunyun to agree when she looked like this, so she had to give up .

Not long after, the sun began to set, and Lu Boyan also came back from the company . Xiao Yunyun smiled and greeted him .

Lu Boyan was a little surprised . He looked at his watch and asked, “Are you off work?”

“Yes, I got off work this morning . ” Xiao Yunyun stood up and stretched . “Cousin-in-law, now that you’re back, I won’t be the third wheel . I’ll leave . ”

Xiao Yunyun left like a gust of wind, leaving only Lu Boyan and Su Jian’an in the living room .

Su Jian’an felt that something was wrong . She pulled Lu Boyan’s hand and looked at his watch, and the pointer pointed to 5:15 .

She looked up at Lu Boyan doubtfully . “Yunyun’s timetable is abnormal, and your schedule is even more abnormal—how did you get off work so early?”

Lu Boyan said, “I went to a meeting in a partner’s company this afternoon and came back directly after the meeting . ”

Su Jian’an smiled and said, “Does it count as skipping work?”

“Strictly speaking, that’s right . ” Lu Boyan hid his insufferably arrogant look between his eyebrows . “However, who do you think can control me?”

In Lu Enterprises, without doubt, no one could control Lu Boyan .

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The problem was that he was not in the company now .

Su Jian’an smiled, looking innocent and harmless . “I think I can . ”

“As Mrs . Lu, of course, you can . ” Lu Boyan easily threw the problem back to Su Jian’an . “But, how do you want to handle me, huh?”

Having been married to Lu Boyan for so long, Su Jian’an had not learned all of his tricks, but she had already mastered half of them .

Su Jian’an tilted her head, and there was a lot of inexplicable meaning in her smile . “You will know in a while . ”

Lu Boyan narrowed his eyes and said, “You’ve become naughty . ”

Before Su Jian’an could say anything, Lu Boyan had lowered his head and kissed her on her lips .


Su Jian’an was caught off guard . She could only make a vague sound and inadvertently opened her teeth .

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Lu Boyan recklessly deepened the kiss and took Su Jian’an’s taste as much as he could .

The setting sun shone through the window and the rays quietly sprinkled by the feet of Su Jian’an and Lu Boyan . It stretched the shadows of the two people, and the room was silent for a while . It was so quiet that it made people feel at ease .

Su Jian’an’s arms unconsciously wrapped around Lu Boyan’s waist . Perhaps because she was too close to Lu Boyan, her nose was full of Lu Boyan’s smell, along with the sweetness in the air…

Su Jian’an felt at ease

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