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Chapter 588: 588
A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master LuChapter 588 - Su Jian'an Is About to Give Birth (3)

Chapter 588 Su Jian’an Is About to Give Birth (3)

Around this time last year, Lu Enterprises had suddenly gotten into a mess .

From then on, Lu Boyan had always been very busy .

Su Jian’an felt she had not walked so leisurely with Lu Boyan in a long time .

On the path, the tall plane trees were planted along the way to the end of the path . The tree canopy was like an opened green oil-paper umbrella, hanging high above the road . Several rays of sunlight were seen from between the branches and leaves, leaving pieces of golden sunshine on the ground .

It was obviously a summer day, but the heat was being miraculously removed by the wind blowing through the plane trees . Moreover, the wind carried a trace of coolness, which made people feel refreshed and cool .

Su Jian’an held Lu Boyan’s hand and wantonly enjoyed the rare leisure time .

When they were about to return to the hospital, Su Jian’an suddenly noticed that a black business car had been following them for a long time .

She pulled Lu Boyan’s cuff . “Did you notice that?”

“Yeah,” Lu Boyan said calmly, “they started following us twenty minutes ago . ”

Su Jian’an was a little worried . “Who is it? Will it have any effect on us?”

“They should be reporters working for some magazine . ” Lu Boyan gave Su Jian’an a reassuring look . “Before they release the magazine, Yuechuan will read the articles first . If there is something wrong, Yuechuan won’t allow their publishing . ”

Seeing Lu Boyan’s reassuring look, Su Jian’an suddenly realized that Lu Boyan depended on Shen Yuechuan to a certain extent .

Perhaps it was because Shen Yuechuan knew him and also his bottom line, so Shen Yuechuan could help him deal with many trivial things properly, so that he could devote himself to work .

While thinking, Su Jian’an walked in front of Lu Boyan and turned to face him . “If someone else takes over Yuechuan’s position, do you think he will be better than Yuechuan?”

Lu Boyan did not even consider it for half a second . “It would take him a few years . ”

Su Jian’an pursed her lips and suddenly thought of an unreasonable question, “Then, what about Yuechuan and I… who is more important to you?”

Lu Boyan glanced at Su Jian’an and seemed to be a little surprised . After a while, he said, “I can’t live without you, and the company can’t live without Yuechuan . Are you sure that I have to give you an answer?”

“You don’t have to . ” Su Jian’an tilted her head and smiled . “I was just kidding . ”

After that, Su Jian’an continued to step back . The sun frequently shone on her body, making her smile more beautiful and brighter .

Lu Boyan had no choice but to hold Su Jian’an’s hand and say, “Don’t walk like this, or you will trip . ”

Su Jian’an took another big step back, and she smiled like a willful child . “You’re holding my hand, so I’m not afraid!”

The two of them reached a crossing . After a turn, the hospital was not far ahead .

Su Jian’an kept walking backwards . When she turned the corner, she didn’t notice that she was very close to the road . Lu Boyan was about to remind her when an SUV suddenly came from behind her and swiftly drove past the border line between the road and the sidewalk .

Su Jian’an just felt that there was something getting closer . Before she had time to look back, a unique hot wind brought by the cars in the summer had surrounded her . She realized the danger and subconsciously walked back to the sidewalk .

Lu Boyan had long noticed that something was off about that menacing car . He instantly pulled back Su Jian’an, who was on the edge of danger, and Su Jian’an ended in his arms .

“What’s wrong?” Like a frightened animal, Su Jian’an looked up at Lu Boyan uneasily .

Lu Boyan held Su Jian’an in his arms while fiercely staring at the car that moved close to them .

The numbers on the black Land Rover’s license had a tinge of arrogance .

If he remembered correctly, that vehicle belonged to someone he knew .

The Land Rover slowed down shortly after driving past Su Jian’an . The window beside the back seat was slowly rolled down . Kang Ruicheng poked his head out and waved at Lu Boyan from afar . He seemed to be greeting his old friend .

“Sure enough, it’s him . ”

Lu Boyan instantly looked gloomy .

If his eyes could magically cast ice like in the mythologic stories of Northern Europe, Kang Ruicheng’s car would have been turned into a block of ice by then .

Su Jian’an noticed that there was something wrong with Lu Boyan . Just as she was about to look back, Lu Boyan suddenly grabbed the back of her head and held her steadily in his arms . “Don’t look back . ”

Su Jian’an had a strong feeling . “It’s Kang Ruicheng, isn’t it?”

Lu Boyan held Su Jian’an tighter . “Don’t be afraid, I’m here . ”

“Okay . ” Su Jian’an nodded and hid in Lu Boyan’s arms .

She wasn’t afraid . She was just worried .

During this period, Kang Ruicheng seemed to have disappeared without a trace, so that she almost forgot about this dangerous person .

“Why did Kang Ruicheng suddenly appear now?

“Moreover, he just drove like that on purpose, didn’t he?”

Su Jian’an was still thinking while Kang Ruicheng’s car had already left .

Only then did Lu Boyan let go of Su Jian’an and looked at her up and down . He knew that she wasn’t injured, but he still asked with concern, “Are you hurt?”

Su Jian’an shook her head . “No . ” She hesitated and asked, “Is Kang Ruicheng coming for us?”

“… It may just be a coincidence,” Lu Boyan said .

Su Jian’an felt puzzled and also a little curious . “Why are you so sure?”

Lu Boyan said after a while, “Xu Youning was also in the car . ”

If Kang Ruicheng was going specially after Su Jian’an, he wouldn’t have been with Xu Youning .

Su Jian’an fell into silence .

If there was anything that still concerned her at this time, it would be Xu Youning .

Kang Ruicheng was such a cruel man . How could Xu Youning live well with him?

If Xu Youning could stand the violent Kang Ruicheng, it could only mean that she had been greatly affected by the death of Granny Xu and remained blinded by hatred .

Su Jian’an was not afraid of being Xu Youning’s enemy .

What she feared was Xu Youning’s reaction, if she ever discovered that she had been living in a well-organized lie and conspiracy, and that she had always believed in the wrong things…

If it came to pass, the damage Xu Youning would suffer would definitely be just as strong as the blow brought by the death of Granny Xu .

“Jian’an?” Lu Boyan called her, bringing her thoughts back to reality .

Su Jian’an looked up at Lu Boyan . “How did Youning look?”

“I can’t tell,” Lu Boyan said, “I could only vaguely see her sitting in the back seat . ”

“She’s an adult, so she should be taking good care of herself . ” Su Jian’an smiled bitterly . “What I want to know is whether she said anything when Kang Ruicheng ordered the driver to veer close to me…”

Lu Boyan grabbed Su Jian’an’s shoulder as if to force her to face reality . “Jian’an, she’s no longer the Xu Youning you knew . ”

What Lu Boyan really meant was that Su Jian’an no longer had to think about it . Xu Youning might not have reacted at all to Kang Ruicheng’s intention to hurt her .

However, Su Jian’an obviously hoped that Xu Youning would not be able to bear it .

All in all, it was because Su Jian’an had always believed that Xu Youning was kind .

However, the one Su Jian’an used to know was not the real Xu Youning . At that time, Xu Youning had always been acting, and she had even fooled Mu Sijue .

Su Jian’an had always listened to Lu Boyan’s words . She only doubted when it came to Xu Youning .

After thinking for a while, Su Jian’an changed the topic . “How’s Sijue recently?”

“As usual,” Lu Boyan said, “He’ll be visiting City A in a few days . ”

Su Jian’an thought for a moment and asked, “Has he forgotten Youning?”

“How could it be so easy?” Lu Boyan held Su Jian’an’s hand . “Let’s go back . ”

Su Jian’an replied with a “Yeah”, then she held Lu Boyan’s hand and followed him .

She might be selfish, but she hoped that Mu Sijue still remembered Xu Youning .

If that was the case, if Xu Youning was willing to come back, then it would still be possible for them to be together .

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When Lu Boyan and Su Jian’an returned to the hospital, Kang Ruicheng’s car stopped at a certain junction .

It was Xu Youning who forced the driver to stop the car .

She had ordered the driver once, but without Kang Ruicheng’s permission, the driver did not pay much mind to her words . She gave the driver’s seat a strong kick, making the driver lose control . The car rushed out of the road and was forced to stop .

Kang Ruicheng growled unhappily, “A Ning, enough!”

“I should be the one asking if you’re crazy!” Xu Youning stared at Kang Ruicheng with red eyes . “Just now, the car almost ran into Jian’an!”

“You also said it, almost . ” Kang Ruicheng didn’t take it seriously at all and sneered . “Besides, didn’t you see Lu Boyan? It’s not so easy to hurt Su Jian’an under his nose . ”

“If there’s a chance, would you really run her over?” Xu Youning shook her head . “We made an agreement that I would help you deal with Mu Sijue as long as you don’t hurt Jian’an!”

Kang Ruicheng looked at Xu Youning with a dangerous look . “A Ning, you are too excited . I just happened to see them and wanted to scare Lu Boyan . You don’t have to do this . Or… did you think about someone when you saw Lu Boyan and Su Jian’an?”

Xu Youning sneered and said, “Who are you referring to? Mu Sijue?”

Before Kang Ruicheng answered, Xu Youning had added coldly, “Even if I don’t see Jian’an or Lu Boyan, I would always think about him . He’s the one who killed my grandmother . How can I forget him?”

Kang Ruicheng raised his lips and wore a satisfactory smile . “A Ning, do you know how charming you are when you look like this?”

Xu Youning opened the door . Before she got out of the car, Kang Ruicheng had already noticed her movements and asked in a low voice, “Where are you going?”

“I’m worried . I’ll go to the hospital to see Jian’an,” Xu Youning said, “It’s easier to sneak into the hospital than into the Lu family’s villa . ”

Without waiting for Kang Ruicheng’s reply, Xu Youning opened the door, jumped out of the car and walked away without looking back .

The driver looked at Xu Youning’s back through the rearview mirror and asked Kang Ruicheng doubtfully, “Brother Cheng, is it normal that A Ning cares so much about that woman?”

Kang Ruicheng closed the window, lit a cigarette and placed it in his mouth . After a while, he said, “It would be abnormal if she didn’t care about Su Jian’an . ”

After interacting for so many years, Kang Ruicheng knew her all too well .

Xu Youning had been trained to be as swift and strong as a demon . When she really made a move, she was fast and accurate .

However, Xu Youning was never heartless .

She had clearly seen countless bloody and dark scenes, but she still couldn’t let go of her family and friends .

So, as strong as she was, she almost collapsed when her only family member passed away . Similarly, she would never hurt Su Jian’an, because she had always regarded Su Jian’an as her friend .

However, once she hated someone, Xu Youning would turn into another person .

Once facing the one she hated, Xu Youning’s blood would instantly grow cold . She would take revenge at all costs . Just like in the past, in order to bring justice to her parents, she didn’t hesitate to accept the cruel training that went beyond her limit .

Xu Youning had two kinds of completely different personalities . She could be either extremely gentle or extremely cruel . What she looked like depended on what you meant to her .

This was also the reason why Kang Ruicheng tried his best to make Xu Youning hate Mu Sijue .

Kang Ruicheng knew very well that she would only sever the love she had for Mu Sijue if she regarded him as an enemy . That way she would willingly return and help him deal with Mu Sijue .

It seemed that everything was under his control after that .

Thinking of this, Kang Ruicheng took out the cigarette of his mouth and smiled .

He liked the feeling of having complete control .

The driver didn’t quite understand Kang Ruicheng’s logic, but he didn’t dare to ask, so he changed his question, “Brother Cheng, shall we go back?”

Kang Ruicheng replied with a “Yeah” in a low voice . The black Land Rover’s engine was started once again; they drove toward the old area of City A .

At this time, Xu Youning was on her way back, walking along the sidewalk .

Going to see Su Jian’an was an excuse . She just wanted to get off the car and take a fresh breath .

She had lurked around Kang Ruicheng during this time, carefully keeping herself in the dark . She had been nervous 24 hours of a day, and she was already on the verge of collapse .

What made her feel desperate was that she didn’t know when such days would end .

She didn’t know when she could tell Mu Sijue the truth .

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It didn’t take long for Xu Youning to arrive at the hospital’s gate .

She hesitated for a long time, not daring to enter .

As Kang Ruicheng said, Su Jian’an would never have any accidents as long as Lu Boyan was with her; she could only secretly have a look at Su Jian’an when she went in .

This way… It seemed that it would only make her feel even more upset .

Come to think of it, Su Jian’an was waiting for the delivery at the hospital . If she remembered correctly, she was almost due .

Su Jian’an’s pregnancy was a big deal for Lu Boyan and his friends .

“Would Mu Sijue come to City A?”

However, what could she do if he did? Nothing would change, and she still couldn’t tell Mu Sijue the truth .

Seeing Mu Sijue would only make her feel more distressed .

Thinking of this, Xu Youning stopped a taxi and got in .

“Miss, where are we going?” The driver looked back at Xu Youning and asked .

Xu Youning thought for a moment and said, “Let’s go downtown . Any place in that area will do…”

She had just discovered that City A was quite big, but there was no place for her once she left Kang Ruicheng’s territory . If she didn’t want to be alone, she could only mingle in the crowd at the center of the city .

In the same city, just like Xu Youning, Shen Yuechuan was also unhappy .

Su Jian’an was about to give birth to her baby, which meant that Lu Boyan didn’t have much time for work .

In other words, Shen Yuechuan needed to work as the acting president while under the name of Special Assistant . He would be much busier than he had ever been before .

Being busy was also good for Shen Yuechuan . At least, he wouldn’t have much time to miss Xiao Yunyun . When he returned home, he fell asleep as soon as he lay down . He didn’t have extra energy to experience the feeling of being disappointed in love .

The bad thing was that he had to be careful when he went to the hospital in the future . In case that the Director spilled the beans one day, he would have to cope with Lu Boyan’s interrogation .

Life was indeed tough .

On Monday, when it was time to get off work, Lu Boyan handed over the rest of the work to Shen Yuechuan, saying that he was going to the hospital .

Shen Yuechuan had long been mentally prepared, so he was calm . “Okay,” he said, “I’ll go there later . ”

Lu Boyan frowned, as if he were asking Shen Yuechuan what Su Jian’an had to do with him .

Shen Yuechuan shrugged and seemed to take it for granted . “You know, Jian’an is my cousin . She’s at the hospital waiting for the delivery, so I should pay her a visit . I don’t have time during the day, so I can only go there at night . ”

Lu Boyan pondered for a moment . Without saying anything, he took a step and was about to leave .

Shen Yuechuan noticed that there was something wrong with Lu Boyan’s look and suddenly realized something . He stopped Lu Boyan and said, “Wait a minute!”

Lu Boyan turned around and looked at Shen Yuechuan expressionlessly . “Is there anything else?”

“It’s about our family . ” Shen Yuechuan wore a happy smile on his handsome face . “Jian’an is my cousin, so you are my cousin-in-law . What about calling me cousin from here on?”

“Get out of here!”

Lu Boyan directly ignored Shen Yuechuan and walked towards the special elevator .

The elevator descended slowly and stopped on the first floor . Lu Boyan walked out of the company . The driver had already driven the car over; he asked him, “Boss Lu, are we going to the hospital?”

“Yes . ”

On the way, Lu Boyan used his laptop to deal with a few emails, and soon he arrived at the hospital .

Two days ago, when Su Jian’an went to the hospital to wait for the delivery, he had also packed up his things and taken the hospital as his home .

He had promised Su Jian’an that he would not let her stay in the hospital alone .

In the hospital, the independent Gynecology and Obstetrics building stood under the sunset, beautiful and magnificent . Lu Boyan went straight in and took the elevator to the top floor .

Pushing open the door of the suite, Lu Boyan found Xiao Yunyun sitting on the sofa in the living room and peeling some fruits . He was surprised; Xiao Yunyun immediately noticed him and waved the fruit knife at him . “Cousin-in-law!”

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Lu Boyan suppressed the surprise on his face and entered the suite . He asked Xiao Yunyun, “Are you off work?”

“Yes!” The smile on Xiao Yunyun’s face was particularly brilliant . “I don’t have to work overtime today . So I’m here now . ”

Lu Boyan took off his suit jacket and left it on the hanger in the room . He washed his hands and tentatively asked Xiao Yunyun, “Have you prepared for the postgraduate entrance exam?”

“I’m getting ready . ” Xiao Yunyun shrugged her shoulders lightly . “In fact, I am sure I can pass the exam! But I don’t want to fight without preparing, so I have been studying . ”

After that, Xiao Yunyun finished the peeling . She neatly cut the apple into four pieces and removed the seeds . She handed them to Lu Boyan . “Cousin-in-law, how about eating some?”

Lu Boyan looked at the apple, and there was no trace of the cuts made by the knife . He smiled and said, “You’re good at cutting . ”

“I’m a cardiac surgeon . I can even cut a person’s heart with a knife, let alone an apple!” Xiao Yunyun chuckled . There seemed to be sunlight in her bright smile . “Oh, I forgot . This is for my cousin!”

“Let me take them . ” Lu Boyan picked up the small fruit plate on the tea table and placed the apple pieces on it . Then, he took it into the room .

Su Jian’an was leaning against the bed while she watched a movie . When she saw Lu Boyan coming in, she put down the tablet computer and said, “I’ve been hearing you talk with Yunyun . What did you say?”

“What we said is not the point . ” Lu Boyan put down the fruit plate . “Yuechuan will arrive later . ”

Su Jian’an was stunned for a moment and then she reacted . She widened her eyes and asked, “What should we do?”

Lu Boyan said, “You can’t stop Yuechuan from coming here, and you can’t tell Yunyun to leave in advance, either . It seems too deliberate . ”

“So, do you want them to meet?” Su Jian’an lowered her voice and looked out of the door with concern . “Yunyun has been in a good state these days . I don’t want her mood to be affected . ”

“But she still has to stay in City A for some time . It’s impossible for her to stay away from Yuechuan,” Lu Boyan said, “We don’t have to intervene . If they really meet, they can handle it . ”

“That’s the only way . ” Su Jian’an sat up and put a piece of apple in her mouth with a small fork . She frowned and said without warning, “I want to eat cherries . ”

After the pregnancy, Su Jian’an’s taste was as unpredictable as the weather in June . Lu Boyan had long gotten used to it . He rolled up his sleeves and said, “There are some cherries outside . I’ll wash some for you . ”

Lu Boyan washed the cherries and went back to the room . Just then, the hospital’s restaurant brought dinner, including four dishes, one soup of vegetables and meat . It was enough for three people to eat .

Su Jian’an didn’t have a good appetite . After eating a bit, she put down the bowl and chopsticks and slowly drank the soup .

Not long after, Xiao Yunyun also said that she was full . She offered to wash the dishes, then she picked up the bag and said, “I’ll be going now . ”

Su Jian’an asked, “Aren’t you going to stay for a little longer?”

“I want to, but my principle is not to be a third wheel! I’m leaving . ”

After that, Xiao Yunyun ran out of the suite like a gust of wind, and the elevator happened to stop on that very floor . She rushed in and pressed the button of the first floor .

In fact, it was still early . She could only study if she left for home now . She didn’t have the motivation to study that day . “How about going to the supermarket to buy something to eat?”

Before Xiao Yunyun could come up with an answer, there was a “Ding—”, and the elevator door slowly opened .

Xiao Yunyun was about to step out when a familiar figure appeared in front of her .

The man was tall and handsome, with a casual and elegant style even in the formal business suit . Although he always looked like a frivolous person, he could still attract a group of girls and make people feel that he was reliable . Who else could be such a kind of person except for Shen Yuechuan?

Xiao Yunyun was stunned . She looked at Shen Yuechuan in a daze, completely forgetting to get out of the elevator .

It wasn’t until the elevator door automatically and slowly closed that Xiao Yunyun suddenly reacted and hurriedly said “Ah”, as she was about to use her hand to stop the elevator door .

“So stupid!” Shen Yuechuan pressed the button to open the elevator outside the door . After the door was opened, he directly dragged Xiao Yunyun out and looked at her with a frown . “Don’t you know that it’s dangerous to stop the elevator door with your hands?”

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