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Chapter 587: 587
Chapter 587 Su Jian’an Is About to Give Birth (2)

After thinking for a long time, she couldn’t think of a satisfactory name, but Lu Boyan said, “Maybe the little fellow can think of a good name by himself after being born?”

Although there was no basis for this statement, it wasn’t completely meaningless .

Su Jian’an simply stopped thinking about it . She spread her hands and said, “Then we can wait till their birth, and then you can think about it slowly . ”

It was clear from her tone that she did not intend to get involved in this matter . Lu Boyan could not help but look at her . “What about you?”

“I am responsible for bringing them to this world!” Su Jian’an said seriously, “I am responsible for the physical work, so the brain work is handed over to you . It’s a fair arrangement, isn’t it? Besides, this kind of work is not difficult for you at all!”

“…” Lu Boyan was chocked by this roundabout praise and had nothing to say .

At dinner time, Tang Yulan called . Su Jian’an took the initiative to say to her, “Mom, I’ll go to the hospital tomorrow to prepare for the delivery . ”

Tang Yulan called because of this matter and Su Jian’an had expected it . She was worried that Tang Yulan didn’t know how to mention it to her, so she took the initiative to tell her .

Tang Yulan was surprised but more gratified . She said, “Jian’an, when you arrive at the hospital, don’t think too much about anything . Boyan and I will accompany you . ”

Su Jian’an pursed her lips . “Okay! I know . ”

“Then you should eat first . ” Tang Yulan’s words were full of joy . “I’ll call the hospital first and arrange everything . ”

Su Jian’an responded with an “okay” and put down the phone . When she looked up, she was met with Lu Boyan’s smiling eyes .

She was confused . “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing . ” Lu Boyan pushed a bowl of soup to Su Jian’an and carefully said, “Be careful, it’s hot . ”

After the meal, the two of them went back to the room . Lu Boyan said, “Aunt Liu has packed your clothes . Do you have any other stuff to bring along?”

Su Jian’an walked around the room and when she returned to Lu Boyan, there were a few things in her hand . She handed them all to him . “Help me put these in the suitcase too . ”

Lu Boyan looked at them . One of them was the iPad Su Jian’an used to surf the Internet . It was okay if she wanted to take it to the hospital . There was also a book about how to raise a child written by a famous child-raising expert in China . She had read much of it, so it was understandable that she wanted to take it to the hospital to read .

However, what about the two strange English fiction novels with mysterious covers and the horror-filled titles?

Su Jian’an liked to read this genre of novels . Lu Boyan had always known but was it really appropriate to read this type of a novel at such a time?

Lu Boyan raised the two newly minted books which had not even been opened yet . “Are you sure you want to bring these?”

“Of course!” Su Jian’an nodded with certainty . “Those are new books which can’t be bought here . The former classmates specially sent them to me from the United States . Don’t waste it!”

In the end, Su Jian’an looked as if there was no reason for him to refuse her . Lu Boyan did not have the heart to refute her and helped her put her things into a suitcase with a complicated expression .

Only then did Su Jian’an notice that Lu Boyan seemed to have some concerns . She asked with doubts, “What are you worried about?”

“It’s about prenatal education,” Lu Boyan replied .

Su Jian’an pondered for a moment and understood what Lu Boyan meant . “Are you worried that the baby will grow up to be like me?”

Lu Boyan was indeed worried that the little guys’ tastes would be as unique as Su Jian’an’s when they grew up . But when he looked at Su Jian’an, his eyes still became gentle bit by bit . Finally, he compromised and said, “Forget it, just like you… there is nothing bad about it . ”

Su Jian’an pursed her lips and a smile that was tinged with happiness spread from the corner of her mouth to her cheeks and seeped into her beautiful peach blossom eyes .

If the baby in her belly was a daughter then Su Jian’an would try to not let her daughter be like her when she grew up .

It was because only Lu Boyan in the whole world had married her . If their daughter grew up to be a second version of Su Jian’an, where would she find a second Lu Boyan?

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The next day was the weekend with perfect sunshine .

At ten o’clock sharp, Uncle Qian started the car . Lu Boyan and Su Jian’an set off from home to the hospital .

Uncle Qian had been a chauffeur in the Lu Family for many years . This was the happiest time of his life . Along the way, he kept saying, “It’s so good . Next time I drive you, there will be two children in the family!”

Aunt Liu, who was going to the hospital to take care of Su Jian’an, also smiled and echoed, “Yes, I have waited for this day for so many years . In the future, the family will be livelier, and the old lady will also be very happy!”

Su Jian’an leaned on Lu Boyan’s arms and listened to the conversation between Uncle Qian and Aunt Liu . She couldn’t help but look up and met Lu Boyan’s soft eyes . She smiled at him, and a smile also spread across Lu Boyan’s face .

Everyone was looking forward to the arrival of the two little guys .

At 10:40, the car was parked in front of the hospital . The hospital director and the head of obstetrics and gynecology personally received them and took Lu Boyan and Su Jian’an all the way to the delivery room .

In contrast to other departments, the hospital’s obstetrics and gynecology department, and the postnatal care center were independent . They were integrated in a separate white European-style building . Looking from afar, Su Jian’an somewhat couldn’t believe it was a hospital’s department .

But when she thought about it carefully, this warm, clean, and sacred place seemed more suitable for welcoming new lives than the cold hospital department .

Su Jian’an’s delivery room was on the top floor . There were two bedrooms and a living room with an area of more than 100 square meters . It was spacious and bright . The balcony of the room could not only offer a sight of the hospital’s garden, but also was suitable for overlooking the night view at the center of the city .

The decoration of the suite was already very good . After Tang Yulan specially decorated it, this place did not look like a hospital room at all . Instead, it looked more like a small home . The decorations were also very similar to the apartment that Su Jian’an used to live in .

Tang Yulan had been waiting for Su Jian’an in the suite for a long time . When Su Jian’an arrived, she led her to look around and finally asked, “Jian’an, how do you feel?”

“I like it very much . ” Su Jian’an smiled . “Mom, thank you . ”

“You don’t have to be so polite to me . ” Tang Yulan smiled and said, “Not only do I want you to stay here, but my grandchildren will also stay here for a few days . You feeling comfortable is more important than anything else!”

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The director had seen many wealthy mother and daughter-in-law, but it was rare to see the rich be so harmonious and happy . The smile on his face was no longer as professional as before . He said gently, “Boss Lu, Mrs . Lu, we’ll go and do our work first . Please contact us at any time if you have any requirements . ”

After Tang Yulan sent off the director and head of gynecology, there were only a few people from the Lu’s family left in the ward .

Su Jian’an opened the suitcase . Before she began unpacking the luggage, Tang Yulan came over and stopped her . “Boyan is here, let him do the work! Let’s have a walk in the garden . ”

Aunt Liu who was standing on the side couldn’t help smiling . “If someone else saw the scene, they might think that Jian’an is your biological daughter!”

Lu Boyan had long known that his position in Tang Yulan’s heart was not as good as Su Jian’an’s, so he was not too surprised . He asked Aunt Liu to follow Su Jian’an and Tang Yulan downstairs, in case they needed something . As for the luggage, he could arrange it by himself .

Tang Yulan would come here for a full-body physical checkup every half a year . Occasionally, she would visit her friends if they felt uncomfortable, so she was very familiar with the hospital’s environment . The moment she got out of the elevator, she naturally took Su Jian’an to the garden .

Considering Su Jian’an’s inconvenience, Tang Yulan paced very slowly but it did not stop her from sighing . “Time flies so quickly . Last year, at this time, you suddenly wanted to break up with Boyan and it scared me . Fortunately, you only made a fuss . Otherwise, I don’t know how I would explain it to your mom . ”

“Mom, don’t worry . ” Su Jian’an took Tang Yulan’s hand . “No matter what happens in the future, I will face it with Boyan, and we will never separate again . ”

Tang Yulan nodded with relief . “By the way, have you thought of the name for the male baby?”

“No, I’ve not found a satisfying one . ” Su Jian’an suddenly remembered something and asked with great interest, “Mom, who come up with the name ‘Boyan”?”

“I picked it,” Tang Yulan said with a sense of accomplishment . “At that time, when I was pregnant with Boyan, I flipped through “Poems Classics” out of boredom and saw a line; ‘Various flowers, Boyan picked them up’ . Although these two words did not have any substantial meaning, my father and I both felt that it was particularly beautiful . So, Boyan was named Boyan . ”

After that, Tang Yulan suddenly sighed with emotion . “By the way, when the two little guys are born, I have to visit your mom and Boyan’s father to tell them . They… should be reassured . ”

“Mom, we are all right now . ” Su Jian’an said, “Dad and my Mom should have not worried about us in a long time . ”

Tang Yulan nodded and walked with Su Jian’an for a while . It was already noon when she called Lu Boyan and asked him to take them for dinner .

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There was a Chinese restaurant in the hospital and there were also several good restaurants near the hospital . Lu Boyan asked Su Jian’an and Tang Yulan what they wanted to eat, and Tang Yulan gave Su Jian’an the right to make the choice .

Recently, Su Jian’an had a bad appetite . After thinking for a long time, she couldn’t decide what to eat so she gave Lu Boyan a pleading look .

Lu Boyan caressed Su Jian’an’s head . “How’s that tea restaurant nearby? Mom likes to drink their soup . You like the specialties there . Perfect . ”

It sounded like a good choice, but Su Jian’an noticed that Lu Boyan had forgotten about himself . She couldn’t help asking, “What about you?”

Lu Boyan raised his eyebrows . “Will you think about me?”

Su Jian’an was stunned and turned to look at Tang Yulan’s expression, which was already holding back laughter . She shook her head with Tang Yulan and said, “No . ”

Lu Boyan raised his eyebrows, still looking unsurprised at all . “Let’s go, to the tea restaurant . ”

While taking the car, Lu Boyan called the assistant and asked him to contact the restaurant to book a table .

After the three of them finished eating, it was almost two o’clock in the afternoon . Tang Yulan had been busy throughout the whole morning and was already tired . Lu Boyan arranged Uncle Qian to send Tang Yulan back, while he and Su Jian’an walked back to the hospital .

In the afternoon of summer, under the prosperous phoenix tree, Lu Boyan and Su Jian’an’s shadows were stretched by the sun . Their smiles were dyed with the sunshine from the cracks among the branches and leaves, and their postures were particularly relaxed .

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