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Chapter 586: 586
Chapter 586 Su Jian’an Is About to Give Birth (1)

With Su Yunjin’s consent, Xiao Yunyun began preparing for the postgraduate entrance exam with her whole heart .

In preparation for the exam, as well as the work in the hospital, Xiao Yunyun was so busy that she almost had no time for herself . When she needed to work overtime, she even wished that one more day could be added up to 48 hours .

After a few days like this, Su Jian’an and Luo Xiaoxi soon found out that they couldn’t find Xiao Yunyun even if they called . When they sent messages to her, it always took Xiao Yunyun a long time to reply and sometimes it even took a whole day before she replied .

“Something’s wrong . ” Luo Xiaoxi thoughtfully looked at the chat box with Xiao Yunyun on WeChat . “We’ve also taken the postgraduate entrance exam but we were not so busy! She doesn’t even have time to send me an emoji?”

Su Jian’an thought about it and said meaningfully, “Maybe… Maybe she wants to be so busy . ”

Sometimes, being busy all the time was the best way to escape from some things .

Luo Xiaoxi had not used this method, so she did not understand Su Jian’an’s meaning . She raised her eyebrows and asked, “In that case, Yunyun has a tendency to torture herself?”

Su Jian’an, “…” Yunyun was wronged…

Luo Xiaoxi waved her hand . “Let’s not talk about that silly girl . Let’s talk about you . Are you going to the hospital for delivery soon?”

As a matter of fact, Su Jian’an was only five days away from delivering the baby . All the people in the Lu Family were highly nervous and they were like fully armed soldiers, waiting for the horn to sound and rush to the battlefield .

Su Jian’an was the only one who was not concerned . However, the closer the delivery date was, the more relaxed she became . Not only did she show no signs of nervousness on her face, but she also looked like she had nothing to do with it .

In addition, Su Jian’an also felt that she didn’t need to go to the hospital to wait for the delivery . She shook her head and said to Luo Xiaoxi, “I don’t want to go to the hospital in advance . ”

Her worst memories took place in the hospital .

Her mother had left her in the hospital forever . During the period of time after she was forced to divorce Lu Boyan, she had spent almost every day in the hospital .

And she had almost lost her two children in the hospital .

Although the hospital was not at fault, after so many things happened, Su Jian’an really could not develop a good impression of the hospital .

“You don’t want to go?” Luo Xiaoxi thought for a moment and what she said hit the key issue . “Does Boss Lu agree?”

“Eh…” Su Jian’an touched the tip of her nose . “Based on how nervous he is right now, I think… he probably won’t agree . ”

Luo Xiaoxi uttered an “Oh” . Then, she had an expression of “I understand” . “You haven’t discussed this matter yet, have you?”

After saying this, Luo Xiaoxi looked at the time . Believing that Lu Boyan should be almost home, she picked up her bag to leave . “Then you take your time to discuss, I’ll leave first!”

Su Jian’an couldn’t stop Luo Xiaoxi even if she wanted to . She could only watch her fly away .

“She’s not at all reliable!”

She wanted Luo Xiaoxi to stay and help her persuade Lu Boyan!

Facts had proven that Luo Xiaoxi was more and more farsighted . Not long after she left, Lu Boyan’s car arrived at the gate of the house .

In the past half month, unless there was a social engagement that could not be put off, Lu Boyan always went home early . Even if there was a job that had not been handled properly, then he would bring it home .

Everyone in the company knew Su Jian’an’s expected delivery date was imminent . They all expressed their understanding of Lu Boyan and gave Shen Yuechuan a sympathetic look at the same time .

It should be noted that Lu Boyan could go to work on time was all due to Shen Yuechuan working overtime .

Su Jian’an expected Lu Boyan to tell her about going to the hospital . So, she ran to the door to help Lu Boyan take the slippers, but it was inconvenient for her to do so with her pregnancy . Lu Boyan held her and softly said, “I’ll do it . ”

Su Jian’an did not force him . She straightened her back and smiled at Lu Boyan . “Are you thirsty? Do you want something to drink? I just saw a way to make fruit tea on the Internet . The taste should be very good . Do you want to have a try?”

Lu Boyan changed into his slippers and stood up . His eyes were filled with love, “Don’t enter the kitchen . It can be dangerous . ”

Su Jian’an wanted to say something, but before she could open her mouth, Lu Boyan interrupted her .

“Come with me . I have something to discuss with you . ”

Lu Boyan’s voice was gentle, but there was an undeniable force in his voice . Su Jian’an followed him obediently .

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The two of them went to the sofa in the living room .

Lu Boyan naturally sat down but found that Su Jian’an was still standing in front of him . He frowned and was about to ask what happened when she rushed to him and said, “I don’t want to go!”

This sentence came without any head or heels . Others might not know what Su Jian’an was talking about but Lu Boyan understood at once .

Lu Boyan folded his long legs lazily and fell onto the sofa in a very relaxed gesture . He looked at Su Jian’an with a sly look and said, “You know what I want to tell you . ”

“Of course I know!” Su Jian’an emphasized each word one by one . “My answer is that I don’t want to go!”

Lu Boyan raised his brows unsurprisingly . “You just helped with bringing my slippers and you wanted to make me fruit tea . Are you trying to bribe me?”

Su Jian’an curled down the corners of her mouth unhappily . “In the end, I still failed…”

Lu Boyan’s lips could not help raising slightly . He patted the empty seat next to him and said, “Come here . ”

Su Jian’an did not move forward . Instead, she took a step back . “No! Unless you promise me that you won’t take me to the hospital ahead of time . ”

Lu Boyan helplessly got up and walked to Su Jian’an and held her hands . “Jian’an, for your safety and that of the baby’s, you need to go to the hospital in advance for delivery . ”

“But ninety-five percent of pregnant women in the world go to the hospital only when they are about to deliver!” Su Jian’an tried hard to pretend that she didn’t understand . “I am not a very special pregnant woman . Why should I go to the hospital in advance to have a baby? That is a waste of medical resources!”

“The hospital belongs to our family . It would not be a waste to use our own resources,” Lu Boyan said when there was a hint of doubt in his eyes . “However, that data of ‘ninety-five percent’, where did you get it? Is it authorized?”

“It isn’t an analyzed result from a professional agency!” Su Jian’an said righteously, “It’s my guess! Do you think it is authoritative?”

Like now, once Su Jian’an became nervous, she would play rogue with Lu Boyan .

Lu Boyan looked at her and laughed . “Jian’an, don’t act like that . ”

“What did I do?” Su Jian’an looked innocent and it was obvious that she wanted to continue playing rogue .

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Lu Boyan’s hand clenched into a fist and he placed it against his face . He looked at Su Jian’an and said, “I know why you don’t want to go to the hospital . Jian’an, I promise you that nothing bad will happen to you after you go to the hospital this time . You just need to stay there for a few days and wait for the birth of our children . Don’t be afraid, please?”

“…” Su Jian’an lowered her eyes and did not speak . It seemed that she was going to avoid the question .

“Jian’an,” Lu Boyan’s voice was as light as a spring breeze on his cheeks . “Don’t you believe me?”

Su Jian’an definitely believed Lu Boyan .

However, her trust in Lu Boyan could not eliminate her repulsion to the hospital, not to mention that this kind of repulsion was garnered over many years .

Su Jian’an bit her lips and looked up at Lu Boyan pitifully . “Honey, do I really have to go?”

Squinting his eyes, Lu Boyan said in a very firm tone, “Uh huh . ”

The pitiful look in Su Jian’an’s eyes disappeared in an instant . She was like a defeated little animal . Frustrated, as she shrugged down on her shoulders . She obviously had a belly full of dissatisfaction but she could not find an outlet .

Having been with Lu Boyan for so long, she had already known the way to test his bottom line . If he still did not give in when she looked as pathetic as she did just now, then maybe there really was no way to negotiate on the matter .

In other words, she had to go to the hospital in advance .

Seeing Su Jian’an like this, Lu Boyan wasn’t completely unmoved . But on this matter, he couldn’t let Su Jian’an be capricious .

Lu Boyan pressed Su Jian’an’s shoulder and asked her to sit down . After thinking for a moment, he said, “Su Jian’an, although the test results in the past few months are normal, don’t forget that you vomited very hard at the beginning . Your condition is not great . ”

“…” Su Jian’an pursed her lips and could not refute Lu Boyan’s words .

Lu Boyan held Su Jian’an’s hand and promised her calmly . “After you enter the hospital, I won’t let you stay there alone . So, you should be obedient and go there tomorrow, okay?”

Su Jian’an was a little moved . “Does Mom also think that I should go to the hospital in advance for the delivery?”

Lu Boyan raised his eyebrows . “She just called to ask me about it . ”

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For other things, Tang Yulan would directly discuss with Su Jian’an . The reason why she asked Lu Boyan this time was because she knew that Su Jian’an didn’t like hospitals and that she didn’t want to give Su Jian’an any pressure .

But it was exactly because of this that Su Jian’an felt even more pressure .

She looked at Lu Boyan with a face of despondency . “So I have to go to the hospital to wait for the delivery?”

Lu Boyan caressed Su Jian’an’s head like he was comforting an uneasy child . “Don’t be afraid . I’ll stay by your side till you leave the hospital . ”

Su Jian’an closed her eyes and summoned up the courage to go . “When will we go?”

“Tomorrow,” Lu Boyan said . “Tell Aunt Liu to pack up today and we will go there tomorrow . ”

“Do you have to hurry so much?” Su Jian’an held Lu Boyan’s waist and made the final struggle . “Can’t you wait for just one more day?”

“We will leave tomorrow morning at ten o’clock . There are still 15 hours left . ” Lu Boyan looked at ease . “So, we are not in a hurry at all . You don’t have to worry . ”

“…” Su Jian’an was completely defeated . She sighed and fell into Lu Boyan’s arms .

Lu Boyan hugged Su Jian’an helplessly and kissed the top of her head . “Come on . When you get out from the hospital, I will give you a reward . ”

The fact that she was going to stay in the hospital was so mortifying that Su Jian’an didn’t anticipate Lu Boyan’s reward at all . She coyly said, “Well, there is one more thing . We haven’t thought of a name for a boy . What if they are both boys?”

“No rush,” Lu Boyan said with a seemingly unhurried look on his face . “Perhaps we’ll be able to think of a good name when they’re born . ”

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