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Chapter 578: 578

“It’s not a big deal,” Qin Han deliberately made an understatement . “It’s almost the same as what happened at Brother Yicheng’s wedding . A few hooligans found her good-looking and tried to do something evil to her . That’s all . ”

“Some hooligans wanted to do something evil to Xiao Yunyun?”

Shen Yuechuan’s eyes were filled with a piercing chill . “Who?”

“The son of an upstart who is high-profile these days,” Qin Han said . “If I remember correctly, that rascal is called Gao Guang . He’s been trying to get a foot in our circle, but unfortunately, he’s too arrogant . We’ve always treated him as an idiot, and none of us want to be friends with him . After that, he found a bunch of dudes who were willing to follow and flatter him . He’s been recently hanging around at the backdoor of MiTime Bar . He’s way out of line . But he’s too arrogant, and the manager of the bar doesn’t dare to get involved in his matters . ”

The chill in Shen Yuechuan’s eyes gradually penetrated into this voice . “How did Yunyun meet Gao Guang?”

Qin Han thought for a moment, but he didn’t tell the truth . “I don’t know what was wrong with her, but she suddenly ran to the back door and ruined Gao Guang’s plan . ”

Shen Yuechuan did not care whether Xiao Yunyun had broken others’ plan or not, and asked in a low voice, “What happened later?”

“Then, I saved the beauty . ” Qin Han snorted proudly . “Once I showed up, Gao Guang and his men were scared out of their wits! By the way, if you had rushed out to save Xiao Yunyun, Gao Guang might not let her go . Gao Guang doesn’t know you at all!”

Qin Han was mocking Shen Yuechuan in a roundabout way .

He also knew that he was very childish, but as long as he could infuriate Shen Yuechuan, he did not mind being a childish man for a few minutes .

Qin Han did not expect that Shen Yuechuan was not as irritable as he was in rumors . He could even smile lightly . “It’s still early for someone like Gao Guang to get to know me . ”

What Shen Yuechuan meant was that the creatures at the bottom of the food chain must climb up step by step . Not everyone could be Lu Boyan, who could instantly become the upstart in the financial world, stand at the top of the food chain, look down on the entire capital world and fight with the top experts in that world .

The implied meaning was that Qin Han could not hold a candle to him .

Qin Han did not expect that he would have suffered a setback . He was so angry that the corner of his mouth was trembling . “Shen Yuechuan, you win! Let’s just wait and see!”

After that, the angry Young Master Qin was about to leave .

“Come back . ” Shen Yuechuan stopped Qin Han . “Did you tell Yunyun what happened yesterday?”

“Didn’t you say that I could not let her know that it was you who asked her to go to the bar? I didn’t tell her! You seem to be… Are you afraid that Yunyun will know?!” Qin Han narrowed his eyes and stared at Shen Yuechuan . “There’s something strange between you and Xiao Yunyun . It must be because of this!”

After that, Qin Han laughed in a strange way, and he was almost about to say that he had already known Shen Yuechuan’s secret!

Shen Yuechuan was not threatened at all, and said with a sneer, “To tell you the truth, I let the girl get out of the car halfway yesterday, and nothing happened between her and me . But Yunyun personally watched me take the girl away, and she must think that the girl is my new girlfriend . If you tell Xiao Yunyun about that, you’re helping me to solve the misunderstanding between Yunyun and me . At that time, Yunyun and I will not be in this strange state anymore . Are you sure you want to threaten me with this?”

This was the second time for Qin Han to suffer a setback . Although he did not want to admit it, Shen Yuechuan was right .

He couldn’t help but think that once the misunderstanding between Shen Yuechuan and Xiao Yunyun was solved, would they quickly live a peaceful life?

In this way, he had no chance to be with Xiao Yunyun at all!

After weighing the pros and cons, Qin Han found that he was more willing to give up on Shen Yuechuan’s secret .

Shen Yuechuan chose to deceive Xiao Yunyun deliberately . Qin Han could ignore whether Shen Yuechuan did it because he didn’t like Xiao Yunyun, or because he was crazy, and he needed to only grasp this opportunity .

Thinking about this, Qin Han smiled and said, “Then I won’t let her go . ”

Shen Yuechuan turned around and did not look at Qin Han’s triumphant smile . He asked, “On the day Yicheng got married, how did you know what Zhong Lue did to Yunyun?”

At the time of the incident, in addition to the three people concerned including Shen Yuechuan, Xiao Yunyun, and Zhong Lue, there was only one waiter in the hotel .

In order to protect Xiao Yunyun, Shen Yuechuan had deliberately warned that there was absolutely no need for a fifth person to know about this matter .

Then, how did Qin Han know about it?

“You blocked the news, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t have access to it . ” A confident smile appeared on Qin Han’s handsome face . “Young man! I have a wide network of people!”

Shen Yuechuan ignored Qin Han’s self-praise . He stared at him for a moment and suddenly asked, “Do you really like Yunyun?”

“Can this kind of thing be false?” Qin Han didn’t understand . “If I hadn’t really fallen in love with Yunyun, would I have to miss her every day and night? So, are you trying to threaten me next?”

Qin Han could even imagine what Shen Yuechuan was going to say .

“Kid, if you dare to covet my woman, I wanna tell you that you’ll be beaten up”

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However, the next thing was beyond Qin Han’s expectation, Shen Yuechuan just gave him a meaningful look .

For the first time, Qin Han saw Shen Yuechuan, who was frivolous and unruly, wear such a profound and incomprehensible look . He could not help but be stunned . Before he could understand his countenance, Shen Yuechuan had already got in the car and left .

Qin Han just looked at Shen Yuechuan driving farther and farther with a sinking heart .

Shen Yuechuan’s gaze just now seemed like he was handing over something very important to him . He appeared to be carrying a glorious and arduous mission on his back .

If Shen Yuechuan wanted to hand over Xiao Yunyun to him, Qin Han found that he was not very happy but puzzled .

Qin Han’s intuition told him that there was something more to it from which he was kept in the dark .

After a long time, Qin Han learned the truth from Xiao Yunyun . Then when he recalled this moment, Qin Han realized that compared to Shen Yuechuan, his love for Xiao Yunyun was insignificant .

At the same time, Shen Yuechuan was driving his car very far away . His destination was neither his company nor his apartment . Instead, it was MiTime Bar .

Shen Yuechuan had always been a VVIP in the manager’s mind . When he heard that Shen Yuechuan was coming, the manager immediately came out of the office .

Seeing Shen Yuechuan from afar, the manager raised his hand and greeted, “Mr . Shen!”

Shen Yuechuan came over with a gloomy face . “Is Gao Guang here?”

“Gao Guang?”

The manager had an impression of this person .

During this time, Gao Guang often came to the bar . He spent not much money, but he was quite high-profile . He was indeed a rich man . But compared with Shen Yuechuan and Qin Han, Gao Guang greatly lacked taste and quality . At first glance, it was impossible for Gao to integrate himself into the circle of Shen Yuechuan and Qin Han .

Therefore, the fact that Shen Yuechuan came to Gao Guang as soon as he arrived, made the manager very puzzled . “Mr . Shen, why… Do you want to see Gao Guang?”

Shen Yuechuan didn’t want to talk nonsense . “Is he here? Don’t let me ask for the third time . ”

“Yes . ” the manager said hesitantly, “he’s at the back door of the bar with a few friends . ”

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Judging from the manager’s tone, Shen Yuechuan knew what Gao Guang and his so-called friends were doing at the back door of the bar . Shen Yuechuan took out his mobile phone and dialed the police’s number . “This is MiTime Bar, No . 1688 on the Kangqiao Road . It’s suspected that there are some people gathering and indulging in sexual behaviors at the back door . ”

After that, Shen Yuechuan hung up the phone, waited for a few minutes, and walked slowly to the back door of the bar .

Soon, a siren pierced through the fire door . Shen Yuechuan pushed the door open and went out, only to see Gao Guang and several young men and women being taken to the police car .

He raised the corner of his mouth and dialed a reporter’s number…

The manager was very confused about Shen Yuechuan’s behavior . He tentatively asked, “Mr . Shen, this Gao Guang… Did he offend you?”

“Yes, he offended me . ” Shen Yuechuan looked at the manager and ordered coldly, “In the future, as long as he is at the back door, you just call the police and report it to the media . ”

“Well…” Although Gao Guang was just the son of a nouveau riche, as long as he was a customer of the bar, the manager could not offend him .

“If someone wants to see you, you can say it’s what I mean . ” Shen Yuechuan said calmly, “Tell them to come to me . ”

With Shen Yuechuan’s words, it was equivalent to having an amulet . The manager nodded . “Mr . Shen, I know what to do . ”

Shen Yuechuan did not say anything more . After going through the long and dark alley, he drove the car back to the apartment .

One night passed in the blink of an eye .

The next day, at Xiao Yunyun’s apartment .

Having learned her lesson after being late yesterday, Xiao Yunyun jumped up from the bed as soon as the alarm clock rang today, and she hurried to the bathroom to wash .

After that, it was only 7:30 am . It was too early to go to the hospital, but she didn’t have enough time to have another sleep .

However, she had enough time to make breakfast .

In terms of cooking, Xiao Yunyun could at most boil the dumplings . While waiting, she habitually took out her mobile phone to watch the news .

Originally, she had planned to see the news related to medicine . However, the hottest news on the news website’s front page aroused her interest—

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The son of a “rich family” had been arrested for gathering people at the back door of the bar and engaging in sexual behaviors .

“Wow, it’s so eye-opening!”

Xiao Yunyun clicked and read the whole story . The report sarcastically described the bad behavior of the son from the rich family . The reporter explained why the “rich family” was enclosed in double quotation marks . Because the initiator of the incident could only be regarded as a nouveau riche’s son, instead of the son of a “rich family”!

The journalist used many sarcastic words and it seemed that he was not worried at all about offending anyone . Xiao Yunyun admired this person .

At the end of the page, Xiao Yunyun saw a photo with mosaics on it .

Although she couldn’t see the face, she recognized him at a glance . The person who had been caught was Gao Guang, who had planned to plot against her yesterday . Moreover, Gao Guang had been caught at the back door of MiTime Bar .

In addition, the reporter also revealed that Gao Guang’s family tried to contact someone or bribe the related law enforcement officers to wipe away this stain in Gao Guang’s life .

However, the Gao family’s wish was not fulfilled . Gao Guang and his followers were still detained and charged with a fine . This matter was well known to all, and even spread widely on the Internet .

The Gao Family tried to eliminate the voices on the Internet, but the Gao Family was no match for tens of thousands of netizens . Gao Guang’s name and identity were quickly revealed, and he was condemned by countless netizens for all kinds of bad deeds .

For some time, the name “Gao Guang” became a synonym of shame . Gao Guang, along with the entire Gao family, were disgraced .

“Well done!”

Xiao Yunyun gave a thumbs-up at the end of the report .

She deeply felt that such a scumbag as Gao Guang should have been caught a long time ago!

However, what she didn’t know was that it was Shen Yuechuan who added fuel to the fire that helped in ruining Gao Guang’s reputation .

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