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Chapter 579: 579
Chapter 579 He’s Not Childish, But Adorable

After reading the news, Xiao Yunyun cooked the vegetable dumplings that were rolling in the pot . She picked them up, put them on the plate, and then warmed a glass of milk . The breakfast was just so simple .

At ten past eight, Xiao Yunyun carried her bag downstairs and went to the subway station .

Her apartment was not far away from the subway station; hence it only took her less than five minutes to walk there . She wore her headphones . On the way, she had already decided on the things she had to do after arriving at the hospital .

As for Shen Yuechuan, she tried to prevent herself from thinking about him .

Now that she knew that it’s impossible for them to be with each other, it was useless to think about him .

But she didn’t know about the Memory Charms, and it was impossible for her to put it down so quickly .

So, she tried her best to prevent herself from thinking about him; but when she could not help thinking about him, she would not quarrel with herself, which was obviously the best and wisest choice .

After adjusting her attitude, Xiao Yunyun was the previous Xiao Yunyun, and her life had also returned to its original state .

Of course, occasionally, she would be absent-minded and think of Shen Yuechuan, and occasionally she would have the urge to shed tears, all of which were inevitable .

However, life should be sour, sweet, bitter, and spicy . She didn’t mind occasionally tasting the bitter taste, and just regarded it as the condiment of life!

Time flew by . In the blink of an eye, half a month had passed .

In the past half month, Su Jian’an had been counting the days, not only because her due date of delivery was getting closer, but also because she was expecting Shen Yuechuan to confess his love to Xiao Yunyun .

However, after waiting for half a month, she found that nothing happened to them!

Su Jian’an felt that she couldn’t stand it at all!

However, this was the personal affair of Shen Yuechuan and Xiao Yunyun after all . It was not appropriate for her to intervene in it openly . What’s more, if she wanted to ask Xiao Yunyun to come to her house, she needed to come up with a reason that could not be refused .

After waiting for half a month, Su Jian’an finally found a reason—

Su Yicheng and Luo Xiaoxi came back from their honeymoon .

Su Jian’an briefly told Luo Xiaoxi the situation and discussed it with her, following which Luo Xiaoxi called Xiao Yunyun .

“Yunyun, it’s me . ” Luo Xiaoxi’s voice was light and natural as if she was still enjoying her honeymoon . “Have you got off work yet?”

“Cousin-in-law?!” When she suddenly received a phone call from Luo Xiaoxi, Xiao Yunyun was so surprised that she almost jumped up . “I just got off work, are you and my cousin back now?”

“Yes, our flight was in the morning . ” Luo Xiaoxi began to seduce the little white rabbit . “I’m at Jian’an’s house and I have brought something for you . Since you are off work, how about coming to us?”

“Okay!” Xiao Yunyun jumped into Luo Xiaoxi’s trap without any defense . “I’ll come now!”

“Okay, we’ll be waiting for you . ” Luo Xiaoxi hung up the phone and showed a “victory” gesture to Su Jian’an . “Yunyun said she’s coming here now . ”

“Little girl . ” Su Jian’an leaned on the sofa helplessly . “I called her a few days ago . She either meant that she was very tired and didn’t want to move these days, or clearly told me that she was studying for the exam . In short, she didn’t let me invite her here . ”

“You are the one who cares about her and Shen Yuechuan the most . Now that she and Shen Yuechuan are in trouble, she will certainly hide from you . ” Luo Xiaoxi sat down beside Su Jian’an and touched Su Jian’an’s belly . She suddenly said with a sigh, “Your due date is only ten days away . The time passes by really fast!”

Su Jian’an felt the same thing .

She still remembered that after she had just married Lu Boyan, she felt that she was dreaming when she opened her eyes every morning and looked at the house that was registered under Lu Boyan’s name .

But now, she could see Lu Boyan directly when she opened her eyes, and she didn’t know when she had gotten used to living with Lu Boyan .

In a few days, their child would come to this world .

If it was two years ago, Su Jian’an would have never dared to think about it .

Therefore, as the inspirational sentence said, you are only responsible for being excellent, and as for other things, time and destiny will say .

Su Jian’an could not help slightly raising her lips . She looked up at Luo Xiaoxi and asked, “What about you? What’s the plan of you along with my brother?”

Luo Xiaoxi avoided Su Jian’an’s gaze and coughed in a low voice . “The plan?”

Su Jian’an knew Luo Xiaoxi well . She glanced at her and knew that she was avoiding this topic . She did not hesitate to reveal her . “Don’t pretend to be stupid, you know what I’m talking about!”

Luo Xiaoxi was forced to look up at the ceiling . “I have discussed about it with your brother . Let nature take its course!”

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“Let nature take its course?”

Su Jian’an was silent for two seconds and smiled . “I understand . ”

If she remembered correctly, Su Yicheng wanted a child . But it was almost impossible for Luo Xiaoxi to have a child as soon as she got married .

Su Yicheng chose to let nature take its course, which was a good choice for both him and Luo Xiaoxi .

However, it was obvious that Luo Xiaoxi did not really understand Su Yicheng’s so-called “let nature take its course” .

For people like Lu Boyan and Su Yicheng, the so-called “let nature take its course” was often controlled by them .

That was to say, if they wanted things to develop in a certain direction, they could make things naturally develop in that direction, and there would be no artificial traces at all .

After all, Luo Xiaoxi was still too young .

Not long after, the doorbell rang . Aunt Liu went out to open the door . When she came back, she was followed by Xiao Yunyun who was jumping in joy .

“Cousin-in-law!” Xiao Yunyun rushed in excitedly and looked at Luo Xiaoxi carefully . “Hmm,” she said, “I can see only one word on your face!”

Luo Xiaoxi looked as if her interest had been intrigued . “Which word?”

“Happiness!” Xiao Yunyun took Luo Xiaoxi’s hand and said, “On a serious note, how was your honeymoon with my cousin?”

“I feel very happy . Haven’t you already see it?” As she said, Luo Xiaoxi took out a delicate and beautiful bag . “I brought you some facial masks and skin care products, which are most suitable for you at this age!”

Xiao Yunyun touched her face and took the bag: “Thank you, Cousin-in-law . ”

“Not at all . You should have white and tender skin at your age! In this way, Yuechuan can’t look away from you!” Luo Xiaoxi naturally mentioned Shen Yuechuan, and Su Jian’an quietly paid attention to Xiao Yunyun’s reaction .

Before coming, Xiao Yunyun had been mentally prepared . She knew that mentioning Shen Yuechuan was inevitable, so she had long made herself ready .

Thanks to being ready, when Luo Xiaoxi mentioned Shen Yuechuan without warning, Xiao Yunyun could still be calm .

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Thinking about it, Xiao Yunyun twitched the corner of her mouth with an indifferent look . “I am not doing this to attract Shen Yuechuan’s attention!”

“Oh . ” Su Jian’an looked interested . “Then who’s attention are you going to attract?”

“My own!” Xiao Yunyun said solemnly, “Cousin, I have recently found out that a person has to accept oneself before making other people like you . If you don’t believe me, you can think about it . If this person can’t appreciate herself, how can the people around her see her shining points?”

Su Jian’an nodded in agreement . “You do make a lot of sense . But, don’t you really want to attract Yuechuan’s attention?”

“I want to know the answer, too!” Luo Xiaoxi also looked at Xiao Yunyun, and her eyes were full of doubts .

Under the glare of two pairs of eyes, Xiao Yunyun wore a serious look . “Cousin, Cousin-in-law, I have something to tell you!”

“Go ahead . ” Su Jian’an and Luo Xiaoxi were both listening carefully .

Xiao Yunyun pursed her lips and thought for a while . Then she said slowly, “I don’t think I like Shen Yuechuan . ”

Luo Xiaoxi was stunned .

Su Jian’an’s reaction was more obvious, and she directly stared at Xiao . “What?”

It was not surprising that Su Jian’an was so astounded . After all, not long ago, Xiao Yunyun had admitted in front of her that she liked Shen Yuechuan . But in less than a month, Xiao Yunyun denied what she had said, and made a completely opposite statement .

“Cousin…” Xiao Yunyun timidly looked at Su Jian’an and said in a very low voice, “I think I made a mistake before . ”

Su Jian’an still couldn’t understand . “Why do you have such a feeling?”

“Actually, the feelings I have for Shen Yuechuan is just trust and reliance . ” Xiao Yunyun explained it slowly . “Although the first time I met him, Shen Yuechuan tied me to the chair, which made me have a very bad impression of him . But Shen Yuechuan was basically helping me later on . ”

“He helped me get back my stolen cell phone . Also, I once participated in an unexpectedly failed operation, and when the family members were making trouble in our hospital, it was Shen Yuechuan who helped me out . And on the island, at the wedding of my cousin…

“These things changed my attitude towards Shen Yuechuan, and it also made me start to trust and rely on him . Maybe it’s because I never liked anyone before, I regarded my trust and reliance on Shen Yuechuan as affection . But in fact, this is not the kind of love between men and women, but a little girl’s worship of a strong man!”

Su Jian’an was even more confused . “How can you be sure that your feelings are not love but worship?”

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“It’s very simple!” Xiao Yunyun smiled naughtily, with a stressless look . “As long as you meet another handsome guy, you will know whether you like the man!”

Su Jian’an almost spat out blood . “Who did you meet again?”

“Don’t tell me it’s Qin Han . ” Luo Xiaoxi stared at Xiao Yunyun . “I’ve heard that you’ve been very close to Qin Han in the past few days . I’m still wondering if a toy boy like Qin Han is your cup of tea . ”

“I don’t know . ” Xiao Yunyun looked like an anthomaniac woman . “However, this can’t deny that Qin Han is handsome! He looks like those popular Korean idols! Cousin-in-law, what do you think?”

Luo Xiaoxi said angrily, “I think Qin Han is still a child!”

“No!” Xiao Yunyun emphasized . “He is one year older than me!”

Even when she had admitted that she liked Shen Yuechuan, Xiao Yunyun had never defended for Shen Yuechuan so seriously .

Su Jian’an was a little uncertain at the moment, and she and Luo Xiaoxi looked at each other . Both of them were worried about the same thing: Could Xiao Yunyun really like Qin Han?

Xiao Yunyun was still looking like an anthomaniac woman .

She held her hands together before her chest with a longing look . “I think I don’t mind staying with Qin Han . You may think that he is immature, but I think he is very adorable!”

Su Jian’an had a feeling that something bad was going to happen . She asked, “And what else?”

“And…” Xiao Yunyun made a sensational statement . “After getting to know him, I suddenly feel that I don’t like Shen Yuechuan!”

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