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Chapter 577: 577
Chapter 577 Come on, Xiao Yunyun (2)

Xiao Yunyun fully refreshed herself, while Shen Yuechuan was also looking for a way to keep himself alive .

Two days later, the doctor who was once in charge of Jiang Ye’s treatment came to City A . Shen Yuechuan and Su Yunjin went to the airport to pick up the man personally .

Shen Yuechuan did not tell Su Yunjin that he had invited the doctor to City A . But during this time, Su Yunjin had been keeping in touch with the old professor, and she soon learned about it .

After that, Su Yunjin contacted Shen Yuechuan, indicating that she hoped to pick up the doctor from the airport with Shen Yuechuan .

Shen Yuechuan was no longer as enthusiastic and polite as he had been when he first met Su Yunjin . On the contrary, knowing that Su Yunjin was his biological mother, he clearly felt that there was a kind of stiff distance between them, which made them feel that they were simultaneously strange and familiar . They were in an awkward situation .

Shen Yuechuan did not intend to agree to Su Yunjin’s request, but before he could say no, Su Yunjin had said, “He was the one who had accompanied me and your father during your father’s last days . After so many years, I want to see him . ”

In the end, Shen Yuechuan sent the information about the professor’s flight to Su Yunjin .

After leaving the cafe shop that day, Shen Yuechuan never saw Su Yunjin again . Meeting her at the airport today, Shen Yuechuan had to admit that he couldn’t behave naturally .

For him, Su Yunjin was more of a stranger than a relative . He couldn’t push Su Yunjin aside without any hesitation, but he couldn’t convince himself to get close to her, either .

Shen Yuechuan believed that he was socially active and also sociable . He could deal with all kinds of complicated relationships .

However, given the circumstances, he really did not know how to face Su Yunjin . Perhaps it was because Su Yunjin’s age and experience were better than Shen Yuechuan’s, Su Yunjin looked quite calm . She naturally greeted Shen Yuechuan and asked, “How is it going?”

This was not a good question . But Su Yunjin was afraid that being too familiar with Shen Yuechuan would frighten him, and being too unfamiliar with him would also hurt Shen Yuechuan . So she had to choose a casual question .

Shen Yuechuan also gave a normal reply . “Not bad . ”

Su Yunjin nodded, and there was a hint of expectation in her eyes . “Let’s have dinner together later . I heard from your brother-in-law that you like the restaurant on Huashan Road the most . I’ve already made a reservation . ”

Before Shen Yuechuan could reply, someone yelled Su Yunjin’s English name at the exit .


Su Yunjin subconsciously followed the sound and saw the doctor who was once in charge of Jiang Ye’s treatment .

There was a sign of aging on the doctor, but Su Yunjin would never forget the time when she had pinned all her hopes on him .

Even though in the end, the doctor still failed to save Jiang Ye’s life .

While thinking, Su Yunjin had already greeted the old professor with tears in her eyes . “Long time no see . ”

The old professor gave Su Yunjin a polite hug and said, “It’s been more than 20 years . I’m already a white-haired man, but Fay, you’re still as beautiful as you used to be . ”

Su Yunjin smiled and wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes . She introduced Shen Yuechuan to the old professor . “This is—”

She was suddenly at a loss for words .

“What’s the relationship between us?

“My son? I’m afraid Shen Yuechuan would dislike it .

“However, Shen Yuechuan is indeed my son . How else can I introduce him?

“We’re mother and son, but how did we end up like this?”

The old professor was very sensitive . He noticed Su Yunjin’s embarrassment and immediately asked, “He must be the little boy you gave birth to at that time, right? Time flies . He has already grown into a handsome young man!”

With this, the professor then held out his hand to Shen Yuechuan . “In the future, you can call me Henry . Young man, it’s a pleasure to meet you . Oh, no . Actually, we’re old friends . I knew you when you were born . ”

The atmosphere was suddenly relaxing, and Shen Yuechuan held the old professor’s hand . “Hello, I am Shen Yuechuan . ”

With a complicated smile in Henry’s eyes, he said with emotion, “Do you know that you really look like your father? When I saw you from afar, I even felt that you were your father when he was young . ”

Shen Yuechuan smiled and changed the topic . “Professor Henry, your luggage will be sent to the hotel by the staff at the airport . ”

“Okay, thank you . ” No one could say no when a man, who was knowledgeable but low-key and modest, smiled . Henry looked at Shen Yuechuan with a bright smile and said, “Let’s have dinner together . I need to tell you something . ”

Shen Yuechuan looked at Su Yunjin and didn’t expect to see a touch of careful hope in the latter’s eyes .

Su Yunjin… Except for the time when Jiang Ye fell ill, the rest of her life should be rich and well-off, and she had enough ability to dominate her own life .

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She should have never had an urgent hope for or pleaded for anything .

But at this moment, she hid her expectation carefully . In order to not pressurize Shen Yuechuan, she just looked at him with hope and waited for his nodding .

Shen Yuechuan subconsciously looked away .

He didn’t want to admit that his heart was actually melted .

But in the end, Shen Yuechuan still agreed .

During the dinner, Henry didn’t say anything important but told Shen Yuechuan to improve his mood . According to Henry, in the past many years, there had been significant progress in medical science and technology . He wouldn’t take the same disastrous road as his father, and his chances of recovery were higher .

Shen Yuechuan was very certain that Henry was just talking nonsense . His real purpose was to let him interact with Su Yunjin more .

Su Xuanxuan also seized the opportunity . She ordered a lot of dishes that suited Shen Yuechuan’s taste . After the dishes were served, she put a piece of beef brisket in the bowl of Shen Yuechuan . “Try it . It is the specialty dish here . ”

Shen Yuechuan stared at the beef brisket in the bowl and did not speak . Neither did he move his chopsticks .

It was only then that Su Yunjin realized how abrupt her action was . She quickly said, “Aren’t you used to others’ picking up dishes for you? I…”

Before Su Yunjin finished her words, Shen Yuechuan had picked up the beef brisket, put it into his mouth and tasted it carefully . Then he nodded and said, “It tastes good . ”

Su Yunjin smiled with relief, like a child who finally did something right . She said with a little joy, “If you like it, eat more!”

Henry couldn’t understand the Mandarin language, but judging from Shen Yuechuan’s and Su Yunjin’s expressions, he knew that the atmosphere during the dinner was going to be very good .

Everything went as Henry had expected . After the meal, although Shen Yuechuan was still unfamiliar with Su Yunjin, at least, they didn’t interact with each other in a stiff manner .

The three of them left the hotel soon after the meal . Henry said in a seemingly casual tone, “It’s getting late and it’s not safe for a lady to be alone . Yuechuan, would you please send your mother home?”

Shen Yuechuan didn’t reply and smiled . He reached out his hand and stopped a taxi . As he gestured to let Henry get on the taxi, he said, “You can have some rest in City A for a few days . If you need any help, I can ask someone to accompany you . ”

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“We’ll talk about it later, and this city won’t run away . ” Henry waved his hand . “Tomorrow, I’ll bring all the materials to the hospital and continue my research . If possible, I hope you can arrange a car for me . Also, I need a few excellent neurology experts to be my assistants . ”

“I will arrange all your necessities for you . ” Shen Yuechuan opened the door of the taxi for Henry . “See you next time . ”

Henry got into the car and smiled at Shen Yuechuan . “See you next time . ”

When the taxi left, only Su Yunjin and Shen Yuechuan were left in front of the brightly lit hotel .

Su Yunjin looked at Shen Yuechuan, and she was still very helpless and careful, as if Shen Yuechuan was a time bomb which she wanted to approach, but did not dare to, fearing the start of the countdown .

Shen Yuechuan didn’t intend to continue this stalemate . He broke the silence and said, “I’ll send you back . ”

Su Yunjin was surprised for a moment, but she quickly responded . “Alright . ”

She agreed very quickly, not being as polite as she used to be .

In the past, she just wanted to prevent Shen Yuechuan from hating her . But now, she wanted to strive for the time being to get along with Shen Yuechuan .

She had been absent from Shen Yuechuan’s life for more than 20 years . Wasting time was a sin .

In order to pick up Henry, Shen Yuechuan drove a black Land Rover today and stopped it at the roadside . Looking from afar—the car, as its name implied, was overbearing and imposing . It was actually not improper for such a frivolous person as Shen Yuechuan to drive the car .

It wasn’t the evening rush hour, so there was no heavy traffic on the roads . Shen Yuechuan was also an experienced driver, and he could drive the car on the roads with ease . Therefore, he had time to be lost in thought .

The act of him sending Su Yunjin back could be explained by the fact that he wanted to fulfill the task assigned by Henry, or that he did it just out of courtesy .

But what about his actions in the restaurant just now?

Was it just because he didn’t want to be impolite when he ate the beef brisket that Su Yunjin had put into his bowl?

Although he didn’t want to admit it, it was true that he didn’t want to see Su Yunjin being so careful around him, and especially, he didn’t want to let her down .

Su Yunjin should be graceful and dignified . She should always be living an elegant and confident life .

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It’s true . Even if Shen Yuechuan was not willing to recognize Su Yunjin as his biological mother, he hoped that Su Yunjin could live a good life .

However, this shouldn’t be the case . Wasn’t he supposed to be indifferent to Su Yunjin’s feelings? Why would he care about her feelings?

When it came to something that he could not figure out, Shen Yuechuan chose to let go of it and no longer thought about it .

It took less than fifteen minutes to drive from the restaurant to the hotel where Su Yunjin stayed . Shen Yuechuan played some soft music . Although he had nothing to talk to Su Yunjin, they were not embarrassed all the way .

Fifteen minutes later, he stopped the black Land Rover in front of the hotel . A hotel staff came up and opened the car door for Su Yunjin . Shen Yuechuan thought about it and decided to get off the car to send Su Yunjin off .

“Yuechuan, today… Thank you . ” Su Yunjin said politely in a cautious manner .

“No . ” Shen Yuechuan was not enthusiastic, and his tone was faint . “You go upstairs . I’ll go back first . ”

After that, Shen Yuechuan turned around and was about to get on the car . Almost at the same time, Qin Han’s voice came from the entrance of the hotel . “Special Assistant Shen!”

Shen Yuechuan followed the voice and saw Qin Han walking over in high spirits . When he saw Su Yunjin, he greeted her familiarly . “Aunt Su!”

Su Yunjin nodded with a smile . Seeing that Qin Han seemed to have something to say to Shen Yuechuan, she said, “You talk, I’ll leave first . ”

“Okay . ” Qin Han put his hand on Shen Yuechuan’s shoulder and waved at Su Yunjin . “Goodbye, Aunt Su!”

After watching Su Yunjin enter the hotel, Shen Yuechuan was about to break free of Qin Han’s hand . “Young Master Qin, we haven’t been so familiar to each other that we can put our arms around each other’s back . ”

“Indeed . ” Qin Han replied with a fake smile . “However, there’s something I have to tell you secretly . It has something to do with Yunyun . ”

Shen Yuechuan almost broke free from Qin Han’s hand . But when he heard this, he put his hand down and squinted at Qin Han . “What’s wrong with her?”

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