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Chapter 547: 547
Chapter 547 Not All Unrequited Stubbornness Could Lead to a Good Result

Su Yunjin was stunned . After a while, she let out a long sigh .

How could she forget? Xiao Yunyun was not the kind of person who would compromise easily .

Five years ago, when she was selecting her major, Xiao Yunyun said to her calmly and firmly that she wanted to apply for medical school .

Su Yunjin’s first reaction was to oppose it .

She had worked hard with her husband in Australia for many years and finally had established their own business . Xiao Yunyun was their only daughter . How could she let her study medicine?

She should have studied business and returned to the company for internship after graduation . Then she should have naturally taken over the company .

How could she be a doctor? How could she have such an idea?

Su Yunjin used all kinds of methods to stop her, through persuading and forcing her . Su Yunjin even made her relationship with Xiao Yunyun stiff…

Even so, Su Yunjin could not stop Xiao Yunyun, and Xiao Yunyun finally got enrolled in the medical school .

Five years ago, Su Yunjin couldn’t change Xiao Yunyun’s major .

Today, she probably couldn’t change Xiao Yunyun’s mind either .

“Yunyun,” Su Yunjin’s voice sounded helpless, “This time, Mom really did it for your good . There is nothing wrong with Yuechuan, but he is just not the right guy for you . If you stay with him, you will get hurt . ”

“Mom, you think too much . ” Xiao Yunyun pursed her lips and shook her head . “It seems that I can’t be with Shen Yuechuan so easily . When we are really together, it won’t be too late for you to think whether I’ll get hurt . ”

Su Yunjin: “… So, are you sure you don’t want to have a try with Qin Han?”

“…” Xiao Yunyun said slowly and firmly, “There are only two possibilities between Shen Yuechuan and me . One is that we are together, the other is that I let him go . Before either of these possibilities happen, Qin Han and I can only be friends . ”

It would be really mean to look at the food in the pot while you already had some in your bowl . Xiao Yunyun would not do such a thing .

Su Yunjin was familiar with Xiao Yunyun’s character .

Five years ago, when she was determined to study medicine, Xiao Yunyun had also conveyed her message in the similar way, “Mom, I want to be a doctor . I don’t want any social status or a million annual salary . I want to save people’s lives . ”

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Because of her persistence, five years later, Xiao Yunyun became an intern at the hospital .

However, there wouldn’t be a good result between her and Shen Yuechuan because of her stubbornness .

Su Yunjin asked with the last glimmer of hope, “Yunyun, if I tell you that you’ll suffer a lot of pain if you choose to be with Yuechuan, will you back down?”

Questioning was essentially just a question . In reality, Su Yunjin had almost guessed the answer .

Sure enough, Xiao Yunyun said without hesitation, “No!” She still looked immature, but at this moment, there was an extreme firmness at the bottom of her eyes that didn’t match her innocence .

It was as if this answer came from the depths of her soul .

Su Yunjin was not surprised by Xiao Yunyun’s answer .

Five years ago, Su Yunjin had also warned Xiao Yunyun that it could be very tough in medical academy . There were endless researches and experiments . While others were enjoying entertainment, she might only be able to accompany her own mouse . Five days of this kind of life may not be a problem, but once studying medicine, this kind of life would last for five years .

At that time, Xiao Yunyun’s had reacted the same way as she was reacting now, with a kind of firmness that newborn calves had when tigers confronted them: “I am not afraid!”

She also said that being a doctor was her dream .

Five years ago, for the sake of her dream, Xiao Yunyun was willing to give everything .

Five years later, in order to be with Shen Yuechuan, she probably did not mind getting hurt either .

However, Su Yunjin did not want her tragedy to repeat on Xiao Yunyun .

Su Yunjin nodded her head and replied, “I see . ”

Xiao Yunyun remembered Su Yunjin’s means of stopping her from learning medicine . She asked with a lingering fear, “If I could be with Shen Yuechuan, would you be against us all the time, mom?”

Su Yunjin did not look directly at Xiao Yunyun’s expectant eyes and answered lightly, “I’ll answer you when you really have a chance with Yuechuan . I’ll go back to the hotel first . ”

Xiao Yunyun looked at Su Yunjin’s back blankly . She felt that Su Yunjin’s last sentence was not that simple, but it seemed like there was nothing unusual in it when she analyzed the words one by one .

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Xiao Yunyun couldn’t think of a reason, so she simply stopped thinking about it and got up to leave the cafe .

Out of the cafe was the most prosperous part of the city . The light was dazzling in every place where one’s eyes could reach, and the magnificent buildings on both sides were reflected in the river . It appeared as if that they wanted to build another equally prosperous city in the river .

The wind from the river caressed Xiao Yunyun’s face . She walked along the side of the river, without a destination in mind .

Just as she was about to find a place to sit down, a colleague from the hospital called, “Yunyun, do you want to come over and have hot pot together? Dr . Xu and Dr . Liang are both here!”

“Okay . ” Xiao Yunyun needed to find something to distract herself, as such she promised without hesitation . “Where are you?”

The girl on the phone said the address . Xiao Yunyun hired a taxi and went straight to the hot pot restaurant .

The restaurant was a buffet . The place was expensive, but the dishes were fresh and rich . Besides, they were very good in sanitation . Dr . Liang, who was a Virgo, said she chose this restaurant after several rounds of observation .

Xiao Yunyun was very diligent . She put down her bag and said that she was going to get food . She asked the others in the seats, “What do you want to eat? I’ll bring it together . ”

There were also several intern doctors who came together . They all stood up and said, “Yunyun, we’ll go with you . ” They let the doctors with high titles order whatever they wanted .

“Pig’s pectoral bow, cow’s and sheep’s stomach!” A senior internal doctor looked at Xiao Yunyun and the bunch of young interns and said, “I want these two things . If you take the wrong things, go back and take the anatomy test again!”

The other doctors followed suit and ordered something like “the cleanest place on pigs!” In the end, they threatened the interns that if they failed to get the right food, they would go back to take the structural courses again .

Xiao Yunyun and several other interns looked at each other, and their minds were all a mess . While they still remembered the weird names of the dishes, they rushed to the food area .

It was not easy to get back the pigs’ brain and cattle’s omasum that the superior physicians had asked for . When they ate, a group of interns were even tested—the superior physicians picked up fresh organs, letting Xiao Yunyun and others carefully observe them, and then judge whether these organs had any disease or not, and whether they were healthy .

One medical terminology after another came out of a bunch of interns’ mouths .

The people sat at nearby tables didn’t understand what kind of weird people they were . It was the first time that Xiao Yunyun had been so nervous having the hot pot .

But it was also because of this nervous tension that made Xiao Yunyun temporarily forget the troubles related to Shen Yuechuan .

After dinner, the senior doctors had a good time, while the group of interns were totally frustrated . Xiao Yunyun was the only one who still looked energetic with a smile on her face .

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“Look at Yunyun, who is relaxed and free . She has a solid theoretical basis!” Dr . Liang pointed to several other interns, “And then look at you . Since you are frustrated after such a few questions, I can’t expect you to pass the practice examination . ”

“…” Several interns bent over their heads because of her words .

Seeing this, Xiao Yunyun raised her hand weakly and said, “Doctor Liang, my spirit… it’s just because I slept for the whole day . ”

The awkward atmosphere was eased in an instant . Several senior doctors were stunned, and then they laughed out loud .

Dr . Liang’s face was no longer serious . He took out the car key and said, “Well, you are still young . It’s not too late to start working hard now . Go home . You have to go to work tomorrow . ”

The superior doctors drove back to their homes . Several interns walked to the bus station with their arms crossed .

“This hot pot time was torturing . ” One of the girls said, “Let’s not talk about the hospital . Yunyun, tell us about your gossip . ”

Xiao Yunyun was stunned: “What gossip do I have?”

“It has spread all over the hospital!” The girl said with a smile, “Last night, you were on the night shift, and a handsome guy accompanied you all night . The next day, the handsome guy also ordered tea and snacks for the people in your office from Moon Chasing House as breakfast!”

Xiao Yunyun’s hands unnaturally twisted together: “Oh, ah…”

“Don’t try to change the subject!” The girl patted Xiao Yunyun’s shoulder . “That handsome guy… is he your boyfriend?”

Xiao Yunyun hesitated, “He…”

“If he’s not your boyfriend, he must be chasing you!” Another girl smiled ambiguously . “So that’s the reason why when so many people were trying to please you in public, you turned a blind eye to them . It turned out that there was a handsome guy pursuing you . Compared with the handsome guy in the morning, it’s normal for you to ignore the interns in our hospital!”

“Hey, it’s not…” Halfway through the explanation, Xiao Yunyun suddenly lost the desire to explain clearly .

There was no way explain the ambiguous relationship between her and Shen Yuechuan clearly . It was obviously meaningless to explain it .

Besides, no matter if they misunderstood Shen Yuechuan as her pursuer or her boyfriend, it was a wonderful misunderstanding for her .

In this case, it was not a bad thing for them to keep misunderstanding like that .

At the time, an empty taxi drove towards them . Xiao Yunyun stopped it and said to her friends, “I’ll go back first . ”

“Bye-bye!” Others waved to Xiao Yunyun and said, “Go back and tell the hot guy who is pursuing you that we are willing to help him . There is only one condition—after he gets you, ask him to invite the interns from other departments for a tea at the Moon Chasing House!”

Xiao Yunyun smiled and did not say anything . Then she got on the car and gave the driver the address of her apartment .

She really wanted to tell Shen Yuechuan, but she didn’t even know what Shen Yuechuan was doing now!

The answer was that Shen Yuechuan was busy checking how Su Jianan had received those photos .

However, the answer he got after investigating for a whole day was not the one he wanted .

Since a long time had passed by, he had no way to find out who had taken those photos and who had sent them to Su Jianan .

However, it was also within his expectation that he could not find anything . In this way, he could almost be sure that Kang Ruicheng must have participated in the posting of the photos .

At present, in the whole City A, only Kang Ruicheng could quietly send something with destructive power to Su Jianan without being discovered by Lu Boyan .

He was depressed . Now that Kang Ruicheng didn’t bring down Su Enterprise as he had expected, what kind of trouble did he want to make?

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