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Chapter 546: 546
Chapter 546 I’d Like to See How My Rival in Love Gets Defeated

Su Jianan still wanted to keep Xiao Yunyun there, but Xiao Yunyun ran faster than a rabbit and got on Uncle Qian’s car within a blink of an eye .

Su Jianan gave up and turned to ask Lu Boyan, “What on earth is Yuechuan thinking? Why didn’t he explain to Yunyun?”

“Yunyun is enraged, and she won’t listen even if Yuechuan explains . ” Lu Boyan smiled mysteriously . “Don’t worry, Yuechuan has his own arrangements . ”

Su Jianan’s eyes lit up . “What arrangements does he have? Can I know about it?”

“Of course . ” Lu Boyan raised his eyebrows . “But I don’t know about his plans . ”

The little flame of excitement on Su Jianan’s face was extinguished with a “poof” sound . “… You must have said it on purpose . ”

Lu Boyan did do it on purpose .

He knew Su Jianan too well . Only by acting like this could he fool Su Jianan .

Lu Boyan took the opportunity to change the subject . “I have something to tell you after dinner . ”

Su Jianan didn’t know what kind of joke Lu Boyan would play . She suppressed her curiosity and casually answered with an “oh” and continued to fight with the soup in the bowl .

After dinner, Lu Boyan went back to the room and changed into his home clothes . When he went downstairs, Su Jianan was watching Television in the living room with a small fruit plate in front of her . Most of the fruits on the plate were her favorite strawberries .

Lu Boyan sat down by Su Jianan’s side, peeled the leaves off, and moved it towards her mouth .

Su Jianan took a bite of half of the strawberry and looked up at Lu Boyan . “What do you want to tell me?”

Lu Boyan took a tissue and wiped the water from the corner of Su Jianan’s lips . “It has something to do with Xia Mili . ”

Su Jianan calmly ate the remaining half of the strawberry in Lu Boyan’s hand, and then slowly said, “I’m very interested in it, go ahead!”

Lu Boyan smiled helplessly and told Su Jianan everything, “No matter what you have heard at school, there is actually nothing going on between Xia Mili and me . ”

Su Jianan nodded, “I can guess that! If there is anything between you two, how could Xia Mili marry that American?”

Lu Boyan felt slightly relieved and continued to say, “We have never contacted each other since I returned to China . ”

“I believe that too . ” Su Jianan changed the subject . “But there is a problem—since you haven’t contacted each other for so many years, why has Xia Mili come to you recently?”

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“What I want to tell you is this thing . ” Lu Boyan pressed his temple . “Xia Mili is working in the MR Group, which has been negotiating cooperation with our company recently . Xia Mili is the representative sent by the America head office of the MR Group . ”

Su Jianan tilted her head to one side and thought for a moment . “Hubby, I have a relatively dark guess . ”

Lu Boyan raised his eyebrows and said, “Tell me about it . ”

“It was likely that Xia Mili asked to be the negotiation representative for the company . ” Su Jianan said, pursing her lips . “Her goal is to return to the country and get close to you . ”

Lu Boyan smiled as expected . “What you said is not impossible . So, I give you the right to make the decision . ”

Su Jianan was stunned and asked, confused about his remark, “What decision?”

“You can decide whether we should cooperate with the Group or not . ” Lu Boyan reached out his hand and took Su Jianan into his arms . “If you don’t want me to have any more contact with Xia Mili, I will refuse them tomorrow . ”

When she was at school, Su Jianan had seen a photo of Xia Mili in the graduation memory booklet in the library .

She was full of youth, charm, confidence and ambition .

Just like Luo Xiaoxi had said, such a woman could get anything she desired .

If Su Jianan regarded Xia Mili as a rival in love, Xia Mili’s level would not be lower than that of Han Ruoxi, a superstar at the Diva level .

However, at this moment, Su Jianan did not feel any sense of crisis .

Perhaps it was because she believed in herself, and she had even more faith in Lu Boyan .

Thinking about it, Su Jianan shook her head, and her expression was that of refusal, “I don’t want to make this decision . ”

“You don’t need to consider too much . ” Lu Boyan said lightly, “If we don’t cooperate with the European Group, it will be just losing one contract . ”

Although Su Jianan did not know much about business, she would not be cheated by Lu Boyan so easily .

If they didn’t cooperate with the European Group, it would be far more than just losing one contract . It concluded not only the interests of two companies, but also the welfare of two company’s employees .

Su Jianan took a strawberry, peeled off the leaf and put it entirely into her mouth . “I don’t like rivals in love . However, I like to see rivals fail . If we can cooperate with the MR Group and benefit the development of Lu Enterprises, you can sign it . If Xia Mili doesn’t give up on you, she should find a chance to approach you . When she is rejected by you, her expression must be worth noting . I think I’m a little excited . ”

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Squinting his eyes, Lu Boyan stared at Su Jianan . “You really don’t mind?”

“Of course I do . But—” A beautiful curve formed between Su Jianan’s brows . “When I think you’re going to turn her down, then I guess I shouldn’t mind that much . ”

She hadn’t been so generous to the extent that she didn’t mind a woman getting close to her husband .

But if she knew that Lu Boyan would refuse that woman, it seemed that there was no need to worry too much .

Lu Boyan was not too surprised by Su Jianan’s answer, but he still asked, “Why do you trust me so much?”

“No reason . I’m just willing to believe in you so much . ” Su Jianan had a willful look on her face . “You don’t want me to?”

Lu Boyan looked at Su Jianan’s smiling face, and his eyes appeared moistened, which became gentle each passing second . “I’m just glad . ”

He was glad that he had agreed to marry Su Jianan at the most crucial moment .

He was glad that they both never thought of giving up on this relationship which they had insisted on secretly for more than a decade when both he and Su Jianan didn’t express their feelings to each other .

This the reason why they were in such a situation today .

While lost in his thoughts, Lu Boyan’s eyes slowly focused on Su Jianan’s lips, and Su Jianan felt his gaze . She met Lu Boyan’s eyes softly, looked at him for a few seconds, and then closed her eyes immediately .

For the next second, Lu Boyan’s warm lips covered hers, bending with Su Jianan’s lips and tasting them .

Su Jianan grabbed Lu Boyan’s sleeves and catered to his kiss .

Her lips tasted was as sweet as ever . Lu Boyan soon was no longer satisfied with a simple kiss . He put his hands around Su Jianan’s waist and slowly took her into his arms . At the same time, he bit her lips, wanting to convey something .

After getting married for so long, Su Jianan had a tacit understanding with Lu Boyan .

She opened her mouth obediently and parted her teeth . Lu Boyan raised the corner of his mouth and deepened the kiss with satisfaction .

For a moment, there was only the sound of the Television in the living room, as well as the sound of Lu Boyan and Su Jianan’s intertwining breath, which was very shallow but also sweet .

Just when Su Jianan thought she would sink, footsteps came from the stairs . Lu Boyan released her before Aunt Liu came downstairs .

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After she was pregnant, the only change in Su Jianan was in her abdomen, and her face was still easily flushed as before . Lu Boyan had not done anything to her, but her cheeks had turned red, and her pink lips were glowing, which was an unspeakable temptation .

However, when she looked at Lu Boyan with a blank look on her face, she looked as if she had not realized what had happened .

The more she acted like this, the more Lu Boyan wanted to bully her .

But at the moment, the situation was special . Lu Boyan resisted all the temptation and touched her little belly . “It’ll be fine in a month . ”

Su Jianan blinked her eyes . “… Are you comforting me?”

Lu Boyan lifted his eyebrows and didn’t say anything . Su Jianan knew that he had tacitly agreed .

Su Jianan’s eyes widened in disbelief . “The one who is anxious is…”

Before Su Jianan could finish her words, Lu Boyan kissed Su Jianan’s lips and said, “I have a video conference at nine o’clock . I’m going upstairs . ”

Su Jianan could only watch Lu Boyan’s figure disappear by the staircase . Though feeling depressed, she could only continue watching lawsuit programs at last .

At this moment, like Su Jianan, Xiao Yunyun was also upset .

Xiao Yunyun had escaped from the Lu Family, but she was a victim of the injury caused by watching Lu Boyan and Su Jianan’s happiness .

Looking at Lu Boyan and Su Jianan who were happy with each other, she couldn’t help but think of herself and Shen Yuechuan .

Shen Yuechuan… it would be fine as long as he liked her as half of the way Lu Boyan liked Su Jianan . As for the other half, she was willing to fill it up with the love she had for Shen Yuechuan .

Xiao Yunyun had forgotten where she had seen it . When you liked a person, you were occasionally as proud as a peacock that was unwilling to show its feathers, while for the other times, you were low in the dust, still willing to bloom for him .

It was just talking about her . When she was in front of Shen Yuechuan, she subconsciously tried to maintain the so-called dignity and honor .

But when she turned around and couldn’t see him, she couldn’t wait to give everything in exchange of his love .

Xiao Yunyun kicked the guardrail on the riverside gloomily . The stainless steel railings made a “squeaky” sound, spreading from one end to the other . The stuffy sound seemed to last for half a century .

Other people gave Xiao Yunyun a puzzled look, but Xiao Yunyun ignored it . Right at this time, her cellphone rang .

The caller was Su Yunjin .

As soon as the phone was connected, Su Yunjin asked directly, “Yunyun, where are you now?”

“By the river,” Xiao Yunyun said, “it’s not far from the hotel where you live . What’s wrong?”

“Qin Han’s mother called and said that he has a good impression of you and is willing to have a deep understanding of you . ” Su Yunjin’s tone was a little heavy, “Yunyun, I want to talk to you . ”

Xiao Yunyun rushed to the cafe in the hotel . Su Yunjin had ordered the drinks and was waiting for her . She went over and sat down directly . “Mom, what do you want to say, just tell me directly . ”

Su Yunjin took a light sip of the coffee . After a while, she said slowly, “Yunyun, I still hope that you can have a try with Qin Han . ”

Xiao Yunyun pondered for a moment and nodded, “Okay!”

Su Yunjin was stunned for a moment, following which she was surprised and asked, “Are you really willing to?”

“Qin Han is handsome and has a good family background . His working ability is not as excellent as that of my cousin-in-law, but compared with his peers, he is already very great . ” Xiao Yunyun shrugged and smiled . “No girl would refuse to date with such a rich second generation with infinite potential . ”

Su Yunjin nodded her head in relief and said, “Then you…”

“Of course it won’t be a problem for me to date him . ” After a pause, Xiao Yunyun suddenly changed the subject . “However, I have a condition . ”

Su Yunjin thought that Xiao Yunyun wanted something, so she said without thinking, “Just say it . As long as it is something in the world, I am willing to give it to you!”

“Mom, I don’t need anything now . ” Xiao Yunyun stopped smiling and said word by word, “I just want to beg you . Can you talk about Qin Han and me after I forget about Shen Yuechuan?”

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