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Chapter 548: 548
Chapter 548 Then We Can Start from Shen Yuechuan

On the surface, Kang Ruicheng’s purpose was obvious .

He just wanted to pry a crack between Lu Boyan and Su Jianan so that he could take advantage of it .

However, Kang Ruicheng was not that kind of traditional fool . He must know that the relationship between Lu Boyan and Su Jianan wouldn’t be destroyed so easily .

In this case, why did he send Su Jianan these photos?

Or was there anyone else involved in sharing these photos?

There was no clue and no evidence . Just by guessing, Shen Yuechuan could not figure it out . He did not want to think about it; hence he shut off the computer with a click, and picked up the mobile phone that was lying idle .

He unlocked the screen lock of the mobile phone, and the first thing that came into view were several commonly used software .

One among them was a communication app .

Shen Yuechuan clicked on the green icon, and his fingers kept scrolling down the chats until he finally saw Xiao Yunyun’s profile picture in the chat list .

Whenever they met, he and Xiao Yunyun were a couple of happy, naughty lovers; but in private, they didn’t have much contact . The chat record could be seen from the beginning to the end in less than a minute .

Despite that, Shen Yuechuan still repeatedly read the chat history between Xiao Yunyun and him for more than ten times .

Speaking of this, he found that his favor for Xiao Yunyun had directly affected his interactions with this communication software .

Since Su Jianan was pregnant, work became a second priority to Lu Boyan, and a lot of work naturally fell on Shen Yuechuan’s head .

Shen Yuechuan barely had any leisure time for himself, which spanned almost only one or two hours before going to bed .

During this period, a lot of messages would flood into his mobile phone . The girls, who sent the messages, had selfies in which they were well-dressed as their profile pictures .

“It’s been a while . I miss you so much . Do you have time to come out and relax?”

“Hi! How are you doing recently? I’m at XX Bar . Come and play with me . ”

Shen Yuechuan had seen such messages in the past . On the premise that he was in a good mood, Shen Yuechuan would choose a random person and happily go on a date .

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However, one day, he lost interest in these things; hence he directly skipped the messages, went to the contact book to find Xiao Yunyun, and changed various ways to harass Xiao Yunyun .

Xiao Yunyun’s reply to him was very simple . She either said that she was watching a play or that she was reading the file, and then she would ask him, “what’s the matter?”

Shen Yuechuan could almost see Xiao Yunyun’s subtext in the dialog box—Don’t disturb me if you have nothing to do!

The more she behaved like this, the more interested Shen Yuechuan became . He replied, “Nothing . I just want to see you . ”

Xiao Yunyun often sent him emoticons which were rolling the eyes, and then there would be no message from her .

The strange thing was that, Shen Yuechuan actually felt that Xiao Yunyun had a unique personality .

If the girl could be so indifferent to a handsome man like him, wouldn’t it be more difficult for her to talk to those men who were not as good-looking as him? .

Thinking of this, Shen Yuechuan was not only happy, but also reassured .

Then, he withdrew from the call interface with Xiao Yunyun and returned to the contact list . He deleted all the girls who had perfect selfies as their profile pictures .

As a result, there were only friends and colleagues left in his contact list . Every night, he could no longer receive any message asking him out to relax .

However, Shen Yuechuan felt that this was the state he wanted .

He had work to deal with during his working time and had a girl to love during his spare time . He didn’t have to waste his time on cigarettes and wine, but he still felt full in his heart . This was what a fucking life should be like!

No wonder after marrying Su Jianan, even if they were separated in two rooms, Lu Boyan still tried to go home as early as possible every day .

Shen Yuechuan took the phone back to the room and threw himself on the bed . Looking at the empty other half of the bed, he suddenly thought of Xiao Yunyun lying here and smiling at him .

Xiao Yunyun’s eyebrows and eyes were very beautiful . In the hospital, even if she covered most of her face with a mask, as long as one looked at her curved eyebrows, one could still clearly sense that she was a beautiful woman .

If she took off her mask and gently bent her lips and eyebrows at him, she would be even more beautiful!

That was right . There was no need for anything more . As long as Xiao Yunyun smiled, Shen Yuechuan’s world could become very beautiful .

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He was planning a confession that Xiao Yunyun would never forget for the rest of her life . After he abducts her into his home, everything would be achieved .

However, before that, he had to change the medicine on his hand .

While thinking, Shen Yuechuan got up, and almost at the moment when his feet touched the ground, a feeling of dizziness hit his head . He couldn’t hold back for a couple of seconds and fell back to the bed . His brain became blank without control . He suddenly couldn’t remember anything or do anything .

But that feeling of dizziness was like a gust of wind . It came and left faster . After a few seconds, everything slowly returned to normal .

If it weren’t for the slight discomfort in his head, Shen Yuechuan almost suspected that the dizziness he had felt was just his illusion .

If he had remembered correctly, was it the fifth or the sixth time?

What was worse, Shen Yuechuan found that each time he felt uncomfortable, the interval between them was shorter than the last time .

In other words, the frequency got higher and higher .

Shen Yuechuan patted his head in annoyance .

The thing he was planning was related to his lifelong happiness, so it was impossible for him to make any mistakes at that time .

Perhaps, his body heard Shen Yuechuan’s voice as everything went to normal . So, Shen Yuechuan slowly forgot about it . After taking a bath, Shen Yuechuan sat in front of the computer to write his confession plan .

Under the same night sky, Su Yunjin, who was in a hotel tens of kilometers away, could not be as calm as Shen Yuechuan .

Twenty years ago, after she abandoned Shen Yuechuan on the side of the road, Su Yunjin had been addicted to smoking .

On that hot evening, she had abandoned Shen Yuechuan on the roadside with her own hands . In many later nights, she would dream that Shen Yuechuan, who was a few months old, suddenly reached out his hand and grabbed her wrist firmly, as if he was silently begging her not to ditch him on the road . Otherwise, he would hate her for a lifetime .

Every time she thought like that, Su Yunjin would wake up from the dream . The feeling of regret and panic was like a hand full of thorns grasping her heart, and she could only ease it with smoking .

Later, she married Xiao Yunyun’s father . With the discouragement of her husband, coupled with the facts from Xiao Yunyun, who majored in medicine and always advocated the harm caused by smoking to human body by her ear, she slowly stopped smoking .

But today, after she left the cafe and came back home, she had already taken a small half bag .

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Unfortunately, this time, even the cigarettes could not relieve her anxiety and nervousness .

She could not let Xiao Yunyun and Shen Yuechuan be together . Since she could not stop Xiao Yunyun, she had to start with Shen Yuechuan .

Anyway, she would tell Shen Yuechuan the truth sooner or later . If Shen Yuechuan really liked Xiao Yunyun, she believed that Shen Yuechuan would know what to do .

That night, Su Yunjin didn’t sleep at all .

The next day .

In the midsummer, the dawn came early . Shen Yuechuan woke up half an hour earlier than usual . He got up to freshen up and went straight to the company .

Today, Xia Mili was coming to negotiate with Lu Enterprises on behalf of the MR Group . Whether Lu Enterprises could cooperate with the Group depended on the outcome of today .

In other words, it would be up to Su Jianan’s decision .

At 8:50 a . m . , Lu Boyan arrived at the company . Shen Yuechuan saw him through the French windows of the office . He came out with several documents and followed Lu Boyan into the office .

As soon as the door of the office was closed, Shen Yuechuan asked, “What did Jianan say?”

Lu Boyan glanced at Shen Yuechuan . “What did Jianan say?”

“Stop pretending . If you want to cooperate with the MR Group, you must go back and ask Jianan,” Shen Yuechuan urged, “Come on, how did Jianan answer you? I have to prepare a plan according to the answer of the president’s wife!”

“She asked me to make the decision . ” Lu Boyan pressed his temple . “What do you think?”

Shen Yuechuan clamped the document with one hand and thought for a moment . “She asked you to make a decision, which means she trusts you . In this case, I don’t think it’s necessary for you to deliberately avoid contacting Xia Mili, otherwise it will make you look guilty . Another reason is that it is good for our development to work with the MR Group . The staff all hopes that this contract can be signed . ”

Lu Boyan raised his wrist to look at the time, “Have the people from MR arrived yet?”

“They are very sincere,” Shen Yuechuan said, “They have been waiting in the No . 1 conference room for five minutes . I’ve told Daisy to take care of them in the conference room . ”

Lu Boyan lowered his eyes and nobody knew what was in his mind . His fingers on the armrest of the office chair moved a little, and then he stood up, “Let’s go to the meeting . ”

At the meeting, Lu Boyan and Xia Mili discussed a few conditions in detail . His attitude was tough, and it was obvious that he would not make any concessions . However, his words and deeds were very gentlemanly and polite . Whether the people in MR or the employees of Lu Enterprises who attended the meeting, no one had any disagreement with him .

Even Xia Mili, a long-sleeved negotiation expert, had to show admiration for Lu Boyan . At the end of the meeting, she helplessly unfolded her hands and said, “Boss Lu, this is the biggest concession we can make, what do you think…?”

Later, Lu Boyan’s nodding and shaking his head decided the fates of two companies .

All the people held their breath and focused their eyes on Lu Boyan .

Lu Boyan pondered for a few seconds and said, “Let’s sign the contract . ”

The people of the European Group breathed a sigh of relief . Xia Mili signed the contract first and said, “Our president will set out from the United States immediately and arrive in City A early tomorrow morning . The signing ceremony…?”

“We will be in charge of that . ” Shen Yuechuan browsed the letters of intent . After confirming that there were no discrepancies, he handed it to Lu Boyan to get his signature on it and dealt with Xia Mili . “Anyway, we can be considered as the host . As the host’s duty, we will prepare the signing ceremony . ”

Everyone in the room understood that Shen Yuechuan’s “landlord” was far more than superficial . His real meaning was that in this cooperation, Lu Enterprises was the one who has a voice . As for the things following, it was mainly based on Lu Enterprises’s opinion .

Xia Mili naturally understood the hidden meaning behind Shen Yuechuan’s words, and she smiled calmly . “I’m glad to cooperate with you . ”

Shen Yuechuan smiled politely . “I hope so . ”

Once the intention of signing the contract was confirmed, the meeting officially ended . Lu Boyan was the first to leave . Xia Mili caught up with him and stopped him in the corridor, “Steven!”

Lu Boyan stopped and turned back, “Let’s talk in my office . ”

His voice was gentle, and his face was not as cold as before . There was a hint of delight in Xia Mili’s heart . She nodded and followed Lu Boyan into the office .

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