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"Unlocking the third page of knowledge. For it's the third page of knowledge, a specialty of someone near the host will be chosen."

"Tian Han Ming worships the host greatly. Hence, the sub-class of Chinese martial arts will be unlocked: Ba Gua Zhang"

"Task: As usual, become the famous Master Lin."

"Reward: Encyclopedic points +20 and the ability to unlock the fourth page of knowledge"

"Note: Since it is a small class of knowledge, there is no need to be involved in the profession."

Lin Fan was speechless. Fraud Tian was a little nervous when he realized that Lin Fan looked like he wanted to slaughter him.

"What do you want?" Fraud Tian asked weakly as he felt something was wrong. Lin Fan just lowered his head helplessly. He wondered why he had to meet someone like Fraud Tian. The first two missions already had something to do with him and it was already unbearable.

"Tell me honestly, besides Ba Gua Zhang, what else do you know?" Lin Fan asked sternly as it involved his future.

Fraud Tian took a while to process his question. He just smiled and said, "You scared me. I thought you wanted to do something to me but you actually just wanted to ask this question. Besides Ba Gua Zhang, I am good at cooking too."

"Wait, just tell me what careers have you been in before." Lin Fan asked anxiously.

"Oh, then that's a long list. I've been a locksmith for half a year, a road cleaner for a year, a chef for two months, promoter, a masseuse..." Fraud Tian went on to list more than ten different careers.

Lin Fan almost fainted when he heard the list of careers. It was really unbearable. If the fourth mission also had something to do with Fraud Tian, wouldn't he be finished?

Lin Fan had the urge to beat the sh*t out of Fraud Tian but he decided not to.

A sub-classification of martial arts, Ba Gua Zhang. What the hell am I supposed to do with that?

In order to become a renown Master, he had to really make it to the fighting arena or even start a clan of martial artists.

It didn't seem too difficult to master Ba Gua Zhang, which was a sub-classification of martial arts. But in such an era, the ability was practically useless.

Then, Lin Fan looked at his Encyclopedic Points and realized that he already had 67 points. Not bad, but he had to continue working hard.

Forget it, Ba Gua Zhang was not too bad. It allowed him become a martial arts expert in such a short time. In future, he wouldn't have to be afraid of the gangsters anymore. If the previous incident was to happen again, he could at least fight for himself.


He closed the shop and went home.

On the Shanghai culinary delicacy discussion page.

An active user of the forum wrote an article about Lin Fan's pancakes. '

'The world's best scallion pancakes. You'll never know what you've been missing out on unless you try them personally.'

Egg Tosser: "That scared me. I thought this was written by some unreputable person."

Ultimate Killer: "What a joke. How can a scallion pancake be so delicious? How much did the vendor pay the management team for this advertisement?"

Cool Man: "We're on Earth and we're not playing a role-playing game. We don't have magical ingredients here. But I'll give you credit for that expression."

Sleepy Fool: "I didn't expect the management team to have tasted them personally. These scallion pancakes are indeed delicious and it can't be easily described. You'll remember the taste for life. I've only eaten them once and I haven't been chosen ever since."

Ultimate Killer: "Sleepy Fool, I'll give you a dollar for you to shut up."

Sleepy Fool replied, "Ultimate Killer, you haven't tried them yourself. You think it's bullsh*t. Look at the pictures. It's the magic of Master Lin's scallion pancakes, everyone had the same reactions after eating them."

Another picture surfaced. It was an aerial view of the extremely long queue outside the shop, it was simply unbelievable.

"Did you see that? Master Lin only sells ten scallion pancakes daily and it's by balloting but there are so many people that want to eat the scallion pancakes," Sleepy Fool replied.

Horizon's Immortal Soul: "Is that even real? How could they be so delicious? I live pretty near the shop. Looks like I'll have to try my luck tomorrow."

Sleepy Fool replied to Horizon's Immortal Soul: "Of course it's real. Good luck to you. I haven't been able to eat them for seven days in a row. I've saved up some money to buy them from the resellers.


"Hey, didn't expect the management team to recommend Master Lin's scallion pancakes. His scallion pancakes have nothing but compliments. It's heaven on earth indeed."

Lin Fan didn't know that his scallion pancakes had created such a mess in the Shanghai culinary delicacy forums. His reputation looked to be improving again.

If Lin Fan knew about it, he probably wouldn't know whether to laugh or cry about it. The scallion pancake business was just a side business.

At the underground carpark. After Lin Fan parked his car, he hummed happily and walked towards the lift.

Then, a series of honks could be heard which alerted Lin Fan. He quickly jumped backward. Then, a black car went past his face.

"Are you crazy? Are you rushing off to reincarnation?" Lin Fan scolded.

It was an underground carpark and that driver still drove so quickly. The car didn't even stop. It just made a turn and parked. Lin Fan was extremely unhappy at the driver's arrogance.

Then, he walked over to the car and slammed on the car boot.

"What's up?" three muscular men came out of the car. They were at least 1.8m tall and they were wearing black short-sleeved t-shirts, which revealed their gigantic muscles. They looked terrifying.

"Why did you drive so quickly in an underground carpark like this? Do you know that you almost hit me?" Lin Fan asked.

The bald man arrogantly replied, "Aren't you standing here without a problem? Get lost."

Lin Fan furrowed his brows unhappily and said, "How could you still be so arrogant?"

"B*stard, you must be asking for trouble." The bald man raised his hand as if he wanted to slap Lin Fan. Then, Lin Fan felt like his body was conditioned to have quick reflexes. He raised his hand as quick as a bolt of lightning and immediately slapped the man's face.


The man collapsed onto the ground. The left side of his face was swollen. Lin Fan was shocked at how powerful he had become.

The other two men went ahead as well but Lin Fan felt like he had gotten some superpowers. With two slaps, the two men collapsed onto the ground as well. Lin Fan was in disbelief. In the past, his hands had no strength at all but they had become so powerful now.

Lin Fan was feeling a little more courageous. Now that he was an expert, why should he be afraid? Ba Gua Zhang seemed to be really powerful. However, he didn't know if he was as good as Fraud Tian.

The three men fearfully apologized, "Sorry, sorry."

Lin Fan told them off, "You better drive more carefully next time. You're fortunate that it was me today. If it was someone else, you might not even survive.

"Yes, yes. We will definitely drive carefully in future."

Lin Fan didn't bother to argue with these three men. He was more interested in the sub-classification of the Encyclopedia.

It seemed that he had unintentionally become powerful.

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