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Chapter 83: The Flame War Emperor

At home .

Lin Fan lied down on his sofa and he was feeling extremely happy .

Look at the house compared to the old one, this one's more suitable for a human to live in . There's a sofa, a TV, and a personal bathroom .

What the hell did I live in before? Just a few square meters and it didn't even have a toilet . It's space only sufficed for a few steps . I didn't even have enough space to do his own things .

He was finally able to turn his life around and he was slowly feeling the power of a petit bourgeois . On the TV, the host was reading a piece of news .

"China's top MMA artist, Han Lu, had a tough fight with the master of the Ba Gua Zhang, Master Lei Lei…"

Meanwhile, Lin Fan was studying the encyclopedia .

Host: Lin Fan

Occupation: Scallion pancake master, Fortune-teller, Master of Ba Gua Zhang

Mission: To become a renown Master Lin (Incomplete)

Reward: Encyclopedic Points +20

Current Encyclopedic Points: 67

He was shocked at what was written on the third page of the encyclopedia . How could he explain such knowledge to others? Furthermore, even if he did try to explain, only a

handful of people would understand him .

Weibo .

Lin Fan realized that there was something wrong with Weibo . The number of people that were discussing the Han Lu & Lei Lei fight was increasing at a rapid rate .

Orange Crop: "This Han Lu is too amazing, he KO-ed Lei Lei in just 11 seconds . "

The Poor with no Privilege: "This guy is too d*mn arrogant . Lei Lei has already said on his Weibo that he had no intention of harming the other party's life . Hence, he didn't use his inner power . If he had used it, he would definitely have thrashed Han Lu . "

Cabbage CC: "Stop with your blind talk, Han Lu is an awesome fighter who's beaten so many people . These people are no match for him . "

His Weibo suddenly became a discussion page for these people . Lin Fan was curious as to what was happening . Then, he did a search and saw a video . After which, he could only think of one thing . It was too cruel and violent . Han Lu KO-ed Lei Lei so quickly and easily . If he was the one who was fighting Han Lu, he would definitely be slaughtered too .

At first, when he had read the article, he had still been full of confidence . The third page of Encyclopedic knowledge was Ba Gua Zhang . He thought that he could probably beat Han Lu with ease . However, after watching the video, he didn't even think of fighting Han Lu anymore . The punches would land directly onto his body and it would be extremely painful . It would probably be better to not do anything about it .

Then, Lin Fan sent out a Weibo message to update his followers . He said, "Actually, I'm also a master of Ba Gua Zhang . "

In just a short moment, there was a reply .

Ximen Novice: "Master, you should stick to fortune-telling . We shouldn't be involved with such barbaric people . "

Uncertain Fate: "Stop bragging . I admire you so much, Master Lin . Master, I recently went to my friend's salon to perm my hair and he colored my hair green . Is he telling me something by doing that?"

"666… Your friend must be a true friend that's expressing his love for you . "

Lin Fan felt really helpless from looking at these comments . The third task was to become a renown Master Lin . How would he go about doing that?

Forget it . he thought that he shouldn't be worrying about things like this . Everything will be alright in the end . He wanted to just forget about fighting with others as he was afraid of pain .

Just when Lin Fan wanted to switch off his phone to sleep, Autumn Sword Fish Killer made a sudden appearance .

Autumn Sword Fish Killer: "You're a master of Ba Gua Zhang? How shameless . "

Autumn Sword Fish Killer: "Just one punch from Han Lu is sufficient to break your face . "

"Everyone, prepare your melon seeds and water to watch the fight started by the reappearance of the Flame War Emperor . "

"The Flame War Emperor with limitless saliva, who could destroy him? This fight will surely excite the ignorant commoners . "

Autumn Sword Fish Killer, "Sigh, forget it . Let life be as beautiful as summer flowers and death like autumn leaves . I did not lose to you, I just lost to harsh reality . "

"666… The Chief of Internet Trolls loves to write idioms when an argument breaks out . Not everyone can have such a stinky attitude . "

"The Flame War Emperor has an undeserved reputation . We should all clap to compliment him instead . "

Autumn Sword Fish Killer had become well-known on Lin Fan's Weibo . He had already been arguing with Lin Fan since the time when he only had less than 100 followers . Each battle was ruthless and unforgiving .

Lin Fan felt that the comments made by the Chief of Internet Trolls were weird and it looked as if he couldn't care any less . Lin Fan was hesitant but in the end, he sighed and just sent out a private message to him . "Autumn Sword, you're a good guy . Let me read your fortune for you . The nurse that's always been taking care of you is fated to be your wife . Please confess your love for her tonight at 9 pm sharp . Believe me, your life will be changed instantly . "

Autumn Sword Fish Killer was still lying on his bed in the ward as he stared blankly at the ceiling, thinking about the Meng Meng incident which left him heartbroken . When he saw the message, his eyes lit up . He knew that Master Lin really had powers but after all, he was Chief Autumn Sword . He had never done something that made him regret in his life . He would never back down to things like that . If he decided to roast someone forever, he wouldn't change his mind just because the person does something for him .

Autumn Sword just replied, "Get lost!"

Just these two words were enough to show Autumn Sword Fish Killer's attitude towards Lin Fan .

He looked at the time on his phone and it was 8:30 . Autumn Sword Fish Killer didn't bother about Weibo anymore . He opened up his Baidu search engine and looked for love confessions . After reading tons of such confessions, he was truly moved .

"Fraud, if my confession is a success today, I will flame you less in future . "

Autumn Sword Fish Killer had been well taken care of by a nurse in the hospital for the past few days . She was young, pretty and gentle . Her soft voice melted his heart whenever she spoke to him .

At 9 pm sharp .

The nurse helped Autumn Sword with his drip and smiled sweetly before leaving the room . When she left, Autumn Sword Fish Killer removed the needle .

Although he was unhappy with Master Lin, based on past observations, he really was a capable fortune-teller . From the looks of it, it looked like Master Lin really wanted to talk things over with him . Since he said that his life would be changed at 9 pm, he wanted to take the opportunity and not miss it .

As he thought of bedding with her in future, Autumn Sword was a little excited . He opened the door and walked to the aisle of the aisle of the wards . The bulky hospital attire did not stop him from what he had wanted to do .

"Jing Jing, stay there!" Autumn Sword Fish Killer shouted at the door .

Then, the quiet walkway became even quieter . Some of the nurses looked at him curiously .

Jing Jing turned and looked at Autumn Sword Fish Killer .

*clattering sounds*

Autumn Sword Fish Killer went down on one knee and said, "Jing Jing, if you were the sky, I'd be the wind . The weather may change but my love for you will never change . I love you, Jing Jing . Will you be my girlfriend?"

*sounds of people vomiting and screaming for help*

Upon hearing that, Jing Jing's face turned pale and she ran away without even looking back . Autumn Sword Fish Killer just stood there speechless, with his eyes and mouth opened wide . Then, he angrily went into his room and texted Lin Fan privately .

"F*ck your mum, Fraud . I, Autumn Sword Fish Killer will do nothing else but make life hell for you . "

Lin Fan was preparing to sleep and when he received the message, he replied instantly, "If you can regain the powers of being the unbeatable Flame War Emperor, I will be gladly waiting . "

Autumn Sword Fish Killer replied . "You're a f*cking dog, just you wait . I will lead my army and crumble your Weibo . "

Autumn Sword Fish Killer was filled with determination and rage . He simply couldn't tolerate it anymore .

But Lin Fan just laughed it off and thought that if he could help an aimless sheep like Autumn Sword to find his determination again, it would be worth it . If he didn't end up in hell, who else would? Regardless of whether he would end up in hell, he still had to sleep . Then, he switched off his phone and went to bed .

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