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Wu Tian He looked at Master Lin eagerly, hoping that he could help to save his daughter.

He knew that Master Lin was considering it. It was a special scenario. It wasn't just a simple change of fate; it required the usage of his birth chart to suppress and change hers. If his birth chart wasn't stable enough, his life would be affected by hers.

Finally, Lin Fan started to talk.

"You should know that this isn't a simple matter." Lin Fan said.

Wu Tian He nodded and said, "Master Lin, I know it's not simple."

Lin Fan replied, "Your daughter's birth chart is extremely unfavorable. This is even more difficult than changing someone's fortune."

"I know all these. It's really difficult." Wu Tian He nodded and tried his luck again, hoping that it would convince Lin Fan.

"Furthermore, I am not related to you in any way. You understand that, right?" Lin Fan was in a dilemma but he was trying to devise a plan to tempt Wu Tian He into doing something.

Wu Tian He sighed, nodded and remained silent. He knew it was an outrageous request to ask someone that's unrelated to you to help you resolve such a difficult situation.

Meanwhile, Wu You Lan looked really depressed. She finally knew the reason why her dad had come to Shanghai. Her birth chart stated that she would lead a difficult life in the second half of her life. Actually, she thought of just creating wonderful memories before committing suicide during the second half of her life. But she was afraid of death and she couldn't bear to leave this world.

Fraud Tian finally understood what was going on. He looked at the beautiful lady and felt sorry for her for having such a sad fate. Wu You Lan hadn't met Lin Fan before, she had only scolded him once on Weibo before as she had thought that Lin Fan was an arrogant person.

But she finally understood his powers. If not, her father wouldn't have been so polite to him, not to mention seek his help. "Dad, this is my fate. Forget it. Let's not make things difficult for Master Lin." Wu You Lan said.

Lin Fan had wanted to continue with his 'show' but was interrupted by Wu You Lan. Then, he looked at her and said, "I told you to remain silent and stand at the door. Please do not say anything."

Wu Tian He looked at his daughter and said, "Listen to the Master."

Wu You Lan had just settled down and wasn't being emotional anymore but upon hearing that, she just sulked and sat there.

"Master, I am willing to use my entire fortune in exchange for happiness in the next half of my daughter's life." Wu Tian He said seriously.

Lin Fan waved his arms and said, "Why would I want your money and assets? This isn't something that can be easily resolved by money. You should understand that."

Wu Tian He was a little embarrassed and he said, "I understand that."

In his mind, he knew that it was a hopeless situation. Master Lin had already spoken; how could he still not understand what he was saying? He had studied Metaphysics for his whole life and he had attained so much but was still helpless when it came to trying to save his daughter. In the end, everything that he had learned was useless.

How sorrowful and miserable!

Then, Wu Tian He lit up when he heard the following words from Master Lin.

Master Lin took a sip of his tea and spoke slowly, "But after all, the heavens are still good. She's still so young and she still has so much ahead of her. How could they make her pay for the sins that were committed by the previous generations? Don't you agree?" Wu Tian He nodded repeatedly and said, "Yes, yes, they shouldn't hold her responsible for those sins." 

Lin Fan then asked, "Would it be a problem for you to live in Shanghai?"


"Would it be a problem for you to work here for me?" Lin Fan asked.

"No problem," Wu Tian He shook his head and said.

Lin Fan was satisfied with his answers. Then, he asked, "9 to 5 daily with no breaks. No problem, right?"

"No problem. Regardless of what you say, it's fine with me." Upon hearing so many questions, Wu Tian He wanted to stand up and kick Lin Fan in the ass.

"No pay, no insurance, no welfare benefits and whatever a typical employee has, you won't have it. You really have no problem with that?" Lin Fan asked again to confirm. It was such a good deal for Lin Fan.

Wu Tian He had real abilities and if he was to take over Lin Fan to read fortunes, that would be awesome. In future, he would be able to rest whenever he wanted unless he ran into something that needed to be resolved urgently.

Wu Tian He anxiously said, "Master Lin, I really have no problem with all of that. Thank you so much."

Master Lin just wanted to give Wu Tian He hope; as long as Master Lin could help to change his daughter's life, he would agree to anything that Master Lin requested.

Lin Fan looked towards Wu You Lan and said, "You can speak now. Just like your dad, you have to work in the shop and help me to pour tea and sweep the floor. You shouldn't have any problem either, right?"

Wu Tian He didn't even wait for his daughter to reply, he immediately replied on her behalf, "Master Lin, no problem. No problem at all."

"This has to be answered by your daughter." Lin Fan said.

Wu You Lan stood outside the door and she didn't know what to say. She looked at her father's expression and saw the glimmer of hope in his eyes. At the same time, she also wanted to change her fate so that she could enjoy her life. "I have no problem with that." Wu You Lan replied.

Fraud Tian was extremely happy. In future, the shop wouldn't be so boring anymore. If he were to tell this to others, they would all be envious of him for having such company in a small shop like this.

He was excited to have such a pretty colleague. Furthermore, the best fortune-teller in Lian Zhou, Wu Tian He would also be his colleague. His reputation and status would definitely be on the rise.

This kid didn't lie to me after all. Life is definitely better working for him!

Lin Fan was in a good mood as he was about to enjoy his life in future. He wouldn't be so busy anymore.

Then, he said, "It's settled then. You can go back to Lian Zhou to pack up first before coming here in 3 days' time."

Wu Tian He stood up and bowed to Lin Fan out of respect. "Master Lin, thank you so much. I, Wu Tian He, mean what I say and I won't go back on my words."

Lin Fan just nodded his head. All of a sudden, something happened unexpectedly.

"The second task has been completed."

"Encyclopedic Points +20".

How awesome! He could finally start on the third task since the second one had been completed.

'To become a renown fortune-teller, Master Lin.' That task wasn't that difficult after all.

It looked like the last thing he had to do was to obtain Wu Tian He's trust and admiration. Wu Tian He was the best fortune-teller in Lian Zhou, the best in Metaphysics. It was a great achievement to be recognized by someone like him. Lin Fan was ecstatic and Wu Tian He saw his expressions.

Lin Fan had to hold his happiness in and wave goodbye to Wu Tian He and his daughter.

"You should go back to Lian Zhou and return soon."

Wu Tian He wasn't any less excited than Lin Fan. He nodded and left with his daughter. After they had left, Lin Fan lied down on a bench and was looking forward to the next task.

"How awesome. Next time when I go out, I can boast to people around me." Fraud Tian said excitedly.

Lin Fan smiled and then his expression suddenly changed. He thought of how stupid the Encyclopedia was as it liked to expand on the specialties of people around him. If it had something to do with Fraud Tian again, he would be able to do anything to change it.

"Fraud, you…"

When Lin Fan wanted to ask Fraud Tian to go take a break outside, the Encyclopedia flipped to the third page. The second page was flipped with a tremendous amount of force; as if it was signifying that the second task had been done and dusted.

"Unlocking the third page of knowledge. For it is..."

Lin Fan was dumbfounded when he heard the familiar voice of the Encyclopedia.

'For it is' again… Can't it use any other vocabulary?

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