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The next day.

At 10 o'clock.

In the office building of Shanghai Entertainment Newsflash's Headquarters.

"Chief-editor Li, an express mail for you!" An employee shouted while holding a parcel.

Li Jie was just checking the draft article. He hadn't ordered any parcels recently. He took a glance and realized that it looked like a magazine or something.

"Open it. If it's hate mail, then throw it away."

As Shanghai Entertainment Newsflash's chief-editor, he occasionally received some hate mail, but it didn't bother him at all. Anyone in this line of work had to get used to it quickly. He didn't even bother to read through the hate mail anymore. If he read through each one, his day would have been really depressing.

The parcel was opened.

The employee looked at the contents and was stunned, "Chief-editor, this is a legal letter. Somebody is suing us!"

Li Jie still wasn't bothered, "Put it there. People these days think that a legal letter can do anything. Wait till I get summoned to the court of justice, then let me know."

Nowadays, there are many tactics used to scare people. One such tactic is to send a legal letter. If someone did not know how these things worked, they would really be scared. However, the chief-editor had seen this situation many times before. He knew that if there was no court summon, it was all fake.

As the employee read through the letter, his initially carefree expression slowly changed. He was shocked, "Chief-editor, something's wrong…"

Li Jie furrowed his brows, "What is it? Making so much noise...don't you know that this is a workplace?"

The employee shook his head, "Chief-editor, it's really bad. The accuser is from the Eastern Han Group."

Suddenly, Li Jie stopped what he was doing. With a face of astonishment, he snatched over the legal letter and scanned through it.

"How could it be?" Li Jie was dumbfounded. He knew about Eastern Han Group. It was a well-known group in Shanghai. Even his Shanghai Entertainment Newsflash would occasionally report news related to them. However, they would only report the truth when it came to the Eastern Han Group because they dared not provoke them. But now, the Eastern Han Group has sent them a legal letter. How could it be?

After reading it's content, Li Jie was lost for words. He never thought that it would be related to that scallion pancake seller. How did a scallion pancake seller have relations with the Eastern Han Group? Moreover, they must've regarded him highly, to send a legal letter so quickly.

Thinking about the Eastern Han Group's terrifying power, and it's formidable law advisory team, Li Jie shuddered in fear.

"Quick! Remove that article and send out an apology note immediately!" Li Jie didn't think twice. This situation scared him. If the Eastern Han Group was seriously against him, even if he had the entire Shanghai Entertainment Newsflash behind him, he wouldn't win. He was out of options.

Li Jie scurried anxiously, but then he suddenly realized that his subordinates were all just staring blankly at him. "What are you looking at? Hurry up and work! Do you want to be sued and go bankrupt?"

They all knew how the Eastern Han Group worked. They would not stop until their enemies were completely crushed.

The editors were all frightened. They started getting busy. Although they didn't understand the whole situation, they could see from the chief-editors face that the situation was urgent.

At that moment, not only Shanghai Entertainment Newsflash's chief-editor was being scared by a legal letter.

Shanghai Fashion News Platform's chief-editor had received a legal letter as well. Initially, he too had thought little of the letter, but when he read the content, he was flabbergasted.

Remove. Apologize. It had to be a heartfelt apology.

Three-stars Entertainment Newsflash's chief-editor was a beautiful lady. At that moment, she was scared to tears. It was a serious issue. And it was not just any serious issue.

They could only pray for mercy.

Sometimes, a legal letter isn't threatening at all. Afterall, it's just a piece of paper. However, sometimes, you have to see who the accuser is.

Eastern Han Group?

What the heck? How could a scallion pancake seller have relations with Eastern Han Group? This must be a joke!

At that moment, several media groups in Shanghai started getting busy. They stopped everything else that they were doing. To them, the most important thing was to remove the articles and apologize.

Over ten media groups made their moves simultaneously, causing a stir on the internet.

"God d*mn, did they see a ghost or something? These shitty media groups are writing apologies?"

"Wow...who is this scallion pancake seller? He's awesome! To make that bullshit-spewing Three-Stars Entertainment Newsflash apologize is like making the sun rise from the West."

"LMAO. What stimulated these editors? Why do I smell some kind of sucking up in these apologies."


"^Agreed x2"

Apology note: "Shanghai Entertainment Newsflash and all its employees would like to offer our sincere apologies to Master Lin. Due to negligence in our work and misunderstanding of the situation, we have made an untrue report and tainted Master Lin's reputation. After much reflection, we truly understand our mistake and deeply regret it. Shanghai Entertainment Newsflash expresses to you our deepest apologies and we only hope that Master Lin may forgive us…"

These media groups posted different versions of apology notes, but all with the same point - to apologize to Master Lin. It was evident in their tone and choice of words that these professional and experienced media people were all frightened.

Just what happened to these media groups that made them cower like this? They were like a bunch of frightened kids.

How terrifying.

Lin Fan's Weibo exploded.

"Master Lin is too great! All those media groups have apologized. How awesome!"

"These media platforms are all known for making blind reports. They would even call a white object black. Toying with the people and doing anything to catch their attention. Even the government hasn't done anything to them. They've simply been allowed to do as they like."

"If there's one man I respect, it's Master Lin. However, I'd like to know what Master Lin really did to make these guys apologize."

"Haha. Every day, when I look at Master Lin's Weibo, there's something new to see."

"Hey, where has the Flame War Emperor gone? I don't even see a shadow of him."

At Cloud Street.

Master Lin was laying there, leisurely holding a teacup in his hands. It was a carefree day for him. He had seen the situation on Weibo. He was delighted for a moment and didn't dwell on it. However, since they had apologized, he felt that he should be benevolent and reply to them.

"If you know your mistakes and are willing to change, it's never too late. Children, if you are naughty again, the next time won't be so easy."

As soon as the post was sent, the media people replied instantly. They were all terrified.

Shanghai Entertainment Newsflash: "Thank you, Master Lin! We will definitely report the truth in future!"

Three-Stars Entertainment Newsflash: "We will bear Master Lin's teachings in mind. We'll never commit this mistake again."

Lin Fan took a glance but didn't reply. He left it at that.

A call came.

Lin Fan said, "I must really thank you for this time."

Wang Ming Yang replied, "Why all this formality? We're brothers! If you had asked earlier, I would've taken care of them long ago."

Lin Fan chuckled, "If they didn't insult me like that, I wouldn't have had to call you. Honestly though, I called you so late last night. Just how did they receive those lawyers' letters so early in the morning?"

Wang Ming Yang laughed, "You must not know how many lawyers I have. Your request wasn't a problem at all. I got people to deliver the letters straight to their doorsteps. After they saw the name 'Eastern Han Group', they were scared shitless."

"Awesome…" Lin Fan was in awe. This guy was a pro.

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