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It was yet another day.

Recently, Lin Fan had been enjoying his life comfortably.

Wu Huan Yue's journey on 'The New Voice' had come to an end. Without any issues, she became the winner. That night, Lin Fan was among the stands to witness the historic moment.

The fortune reading that Lin Fan did for Wu Huan Yue back then was accurate. She indeed had a gift for singing.

After becoming the champion, Wang Ming Yang's team had already started to prepare for Wu Huan Yue's imminent singing career; from her outfits to make-up. With the kind of money that Wang Ming Yang had, it was easy to initiate Wu Huan Yue's career but she had to work hard in order to secure a bright future.

Another morning.

Lin Fan lay there in boredom as he sipped on his tea and read the news on his phone. Then, he looked at the time. It was going to be 9 am soon. He had to leave for the Martial Arts Association.

There were only two days to go to the annual show and Lin Fan had suggested that the kids relax so that they wouldn't be so nervous about the show. Although they listened to Lin Fan's words and made some changes to their behavior, they still trained from 7 am to 7 pm daily.

Lin Fan looked at the people in his shop and said, "There will be a joint performance in two days' time. Those kids I've been training are performing too. You guys should come and show your support."

Fraud Tian replied as he was smoking, "Sure, no problem."

Fraud Tian was pretty interested in the joint performance show and even if Lin Fan didn't ask for their support, he had wanted to go and have a look. He specialized in Ba Gua Zhang and naturally, he wanted to see how Lin Fan had taught the kids.

The phone rang and it was a call from Jiang Fei.

Lin Fan smiled as he picked up the phone and said, "Elder Jiang, what's up?"

Jiang Fei was a little surprised that Lin Fan was in a good mood, so he asked, "Master Lin, do you know what happened?"

"What happened?" Lin Fan asked. Then, he smiled and said, "Wait for me to come to the classroom and we can discuss from there."

"No, Master Lin…" Jiang Fei was a little speechless; he didn't know how to go about breaking the news to him.

"Just say whatever you want to say, why are you stuttering?" Lin Fan asked.

Jiang Fei sighed and said, "The Martial Arts Association looked through the kids' documents and disallowed them to participate in the joint performance."

Lin Fan was shocked and speechless for a moment. Then, he said with rage, "Oh, I'll be there shortly."

"I'll wait for you at the entrance..." Jiang Fei hadn't finished his sentence but Lin Fan had already hung up.

In the shop.

Fraud Tian and the rest felt that Lin Fan looked a little unusual and upset as if something bad had happened.

Fraud Tian asked, "What's wrong?"

Lin Fan waved his hands and went out to retrieve his car.

On the way there, Lin Fan was furious. It was too much for him to tolerate.

At the Martial Arts Association.

Wang Yun Jie had already been re-appointed his role.

In the conference room.

Vice-President Guo said, "The programme for the joint performance has already been reported and approved. Please remember the sequence of the show and do not let any problems occur."

Wang Yun Jie smiled and said, "Don't worry, I assure you that nothing will go wrong."

The Chairman of Da Cheng Quan said, "Is it really a good idea to remove Ba Gua Zhang from the show?"

Although he had something against Lin Fan, the kids had worked extremely hard under his leadership. Now, they've been removed from the show without any official reason. If they were to know about it, they'd definitely be heartbroken. The Chairman of Tactical Tai Chi, Wang De Sheng sat there without saying much, he just shook his head. He felt that the situation had gone overboard.

"What's so bad about that?" Wang Yun Jie asked. "There is a change in the audience for the show and the leaders of Shanghai will be there to watch, along with some VIPs. Do you think it'd be good to let these disabled kids perform? If something were to happen, who is going to be responsible for it? You?"

Ding De shook his head and said, "Even if that's the case, this is a little uncalled for. You should know the temper of Lin Fan. If he finds out about this, I wonder what he'll do this time."

Upon hearing Lin Fan's name, Wang Yun Jie got angry and said, "What do you mean by his temper? So do you think we should let him have his way? Even if he's unhappy with the change, he has to accept it anyway."

Although Wang Yun Jie put it that way, he played a large part in how the situation turned out. After all, Lin Fan had offended him. He was in charge of part of the name list for the show. Furthermore, he had brought the issue up to Vice-President Guo on several occasions, emphasizing the importance of the joint performance.

Vice-President Guo was a little nervous and he didn't want to take the risk. In the end, he decided to remove Ba Gua Zhang from the show. Now that he had reported everything and gotten approval for it, even if Lin Fan was extremely upset, he couldn't change anything."

"Alright, I will speak to him about this. Let's talk about the upcoming events within the association," Vice-President Guo said.

At the entrance of the Martial Arts Association, a sports car came to a sudden halt. Jiang Fei went forward.

"Master Lin, stay calm. You have to stay calm," Jiang Fei was afraid that Lin Fan would cause trouble again.

Lin Fan said angrily, "Elder Jiang, tell me then. What is going on? Why can't they perform?"

Jiang Fei patted Lin Fan on his shoulder and said, "The reason why there is a change is that the leaders from Shanghai will be there to watch the show and Vice-President Guo was afraid that there would be a problem, so…"

Lin Fan just laughed bitterly and said, "What a joke. What problem could possibly occur? What right do they have to say that these kids will mess it up and that they won't mess it up themselves?"

Jiang Fei empathized with how Lin Fan felt but he said, "I know that, but now that the name list has been approved and finalized, it's pointless to be angry. The association didn't inform you because they were afraid that you'd be upset."

"Haha," Lin Fan laughed bitterly and said, "Is it because they're unhappy with me for what I did? And now they're taking revenge on me?"

Jiang Fei got a little anxious and said, "No, it isn't like that. Master Lin, don't overthink things. It really isn't like that."

Lin Fan didn't say much and went towards the association's building.

Jiang Fei chased after him and kept trying to calm Lin Fan down.

But Lin Fan wasn't in the mood to listen to such things. They were a bunch of f*ckers who wanted to bully people.

In the classroom.

Lin Fan tried to fake a smile and entered the room.

"Instructor Lin…"

Zhang Tao and his friends were red and their foreheads were sweaty.

Lin Fan smiled and said, "Yeah, continue to work hard. There are two more days to go. But you must remember not to overexert yourselves."

They replied, "Instructor Lin, don't worry, we know that."

Lin Fan nodded and said, "Alright, continue working hard. I'll be back in a moment."

Then, he left the room.

Lin Fan pointed at the kids in the classroom and said angrily, "Are Guo Zhen and his board members all idiots? Don't they have eyes to see this? These kids wake up at 6 am every day and practice till 7 or 8 pm in the evening. And they're still afraid of something bad happening? Why not talk about Wang Yun Jie and his trainees? They only start practicing from 9 or 10 am and end at 4 or 5 pm. Won't they have problems then?"

Jiang Fei was unhappy with the decision made by the association too, but he was helpless. Then, he said, "Master Lin, I know these things but…"

Lin Fan immediately waved his hands and said, "Alright, let's not talk about it anymore. I want to take a look and see what kind of rubbish they have to say."

Jiang Fei looked at Lin Fan as he walked away; he knew that something big was about to happen again.

Why didn't Vice-President Guo think through his actions?

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