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The turn of events happened too quickly and he couldn't do anything about it. Autumn Sword Fish Killer was really miserable and unlucky. A moment ago, he had transferred the money to the media representative. The next moment, that f*cking Lin Fan was proven innocent.

Moreover, that f*cking media representative wouldn't return his money. Who would understand this kind of pain? Probably only someone who had personally experienced it would understand.

Lin Fan passed the test report to Wu You Lan and asked her to go to the advertising agency next door to make a plastic cover for it, then stick it to his door.

He unlocked his phone.

He took a look at the media platforms which were trying to ruin his reputation.

Shanghai Entertainment Newsflash.

Shanghai Fashion News platform.

3 Stars Entertainment Newsflash.

With a quick look, he found at least 10. However, these media platforms weren't very well known. Even so, they each had their own Weibo accounts.

Lin Fan sent a Weibo post.

"To the media platforms I've tagged, please delete your articles with false information and also make an apology. Thank you for your cooperation. Otherwise, there will be consequences."

The truth had come out and the netizens fell in love with the lovable Master Lin again.

"Support Master Lin! These media platforms only know how to make blind reports."

"Respect...Master Lin is too great. Of course, I'm not being sarcastic. Surely no one will dare to trouble Master Lin about this issue anymore."

"Sigh, somehow I suddenly feel sorry for the Flame War Emperor."

"Well, it is a miserable case."

In the office of Shanghai Entertainment Newsflash.

"That scallion pancake seller tagged us on his Weibo post, asking us to remove our article and apologize to him. Do you think he's retarded?"

"Haha, he must really be retarded. Doesn't he know that we are media people?"

"Just ignore him. If we didn't report any fake news, how would we capture the public's attention?"

"Leave this matter alone. We have a new piece of news now. Hurry up and do up a draft. The title is 'Young girl sells her body for money'."

"Chief-editor, didn't this young girl do it to save her father?"

"Are you stupid? Which headline do you think can attract more attention?" scolded the chief-editor.

"Right, right. You're right, chief-editor. I'll get it done right now."

Li Jie was Shanghai Entertainment Newsflash's chief-editor. His job was mainly to come up with the most head-turning headlines for their articles in order to capture the attention of the netizens.

As for reporting the truth, that was just stupidity to him.

He went back to his office. He opened his Weibo and went to Master Lin's page. He instantly burst out into laughter.

Cooperation? He must be joking!

He sent a direct message.

"Our platform doesn't remove our articles once they are posted. And we definitely will not apologize."

Shanghai Fashion News Platform didn't care much about discussions on Weibo. Hence, they completely ignored Lin Fan's post.

3-Stars Entertainment Newsflash was not a small media platform. Naturally, they ignored Lin Fan's post as well.

After selling his scallion pancakes in the morning, Lin Fan headed to the association to practice with the kids. The performance was getting closer and closer and the kids were working harder and harder. They woke up at 6 in the morning to start practicing and they practiced until 8 at night when the lights went off before going back to sleep.

At the association.

"Good morning, Master Li," two of the association members saw him from afar and glanced left and right. When they saw no one was around, they called out to him.

Lin Fan chuckled, "It's almost 10. I'm late."

He understood why they had to look around first. They were afraid of being seen. Lin Fan had a bad reputation within the association. Even though normal members didn't dislike him, the committee members hated him very much. Even Vice-President Guo would start scolding Lin Fan at dinner parties when he got a little drunk.

After Lin Fan walked away in the other direction, one of them asked, "Brother Chen, isn't he a dangerous person in the association? If the committee members see us greeting him, we would be in trouble."

Brother Chen replied, "What trouble? No one saw it. All these changes to the association were only brought about thanks to Master Lin. The old facilities are being replaced by new ones. If it wasn't for Master Lin, this place wouldn't even look like a martial arts association anymore. I don't care what they say. I respect Master Lin. Even at such a young age, he is a great person."

"That is true…"

The recent changes to the association were indeed quite drastic. The committee's offices were all renovated. Everything that shouldn't have been there was all removed, leaving nothing for the reporters, who would occasionally check on them, to talk about.

Vice-president Guo and the rest of them were just afraid of Lin Fan and they didn't want the matter to persist any longer.

When he was almost in the training room, he bumped into Wang Yun Jie.

Wang Yun Jie was full of hatred for Lin Fan. After a glimpse of Lin Fan, he snorted.

Lin Fan laughed, "Hey, isn't this the suspended Chairman Wang?"

Wang Yun Jie had initially not wanted to talk trash with Lin Fan, but when he heard this, he was furious. He barked ferociously, "Don't be too complacent. What goes around, comes around. You'll regret this!"

Lin Fan laugh scornfully, "What's there to regret? I'm a righteous man. I don't do any immoral deeds and I won't get any bad karma. No time to talk, I have to go and see them."

As he watched Lin Fan's back view, Wang Yun Jie laughed coldly.

Practice? Hmph, practice while you can. You'll come crying to me soon.

In the Vice-President's office.

Wang Yun Jie knocked on the door and entered. Although he had been suspended, his status within the association remained unchanged.

"I saw that fella earlier today. He was full of arrogance. Let's see how long he can keep laughing," Wang Yun Jie had a pretty good relationship with Vice-President Guo and they chatted with each other often.

Vice-President Guo frowned, "Tension has been high lately. Don't find any more trouble with him, or else things could get complicated. It would become really troublesome."

"Relax, Brother Guo. I know what I'm doing," said Wang Yun Jie.

Vice-President Guo nodded, "Even though you're suspended, for now, you have to keep training them well. I don't want any surprises on the day of the performance."

Wang Yun Jie laughed, "Relax, Brother Guo! You don't need to worry when I'm responsible. This performance will surely be loved by the leaders."

"That's good then…"

At night.

Lin Fan only left the association at 5. Seeing how the children were working so hard, he couldn't bear to leave early even if he wanted to.

Back at home.

He opened his Weibo and checked on the situation regarding the media. When he saw what had happened, he was furious.

It would have been fine if they hadn't seen the post, but they even dared to taunt him.

They won't remove the articles?

They won't apologize?

They just want to take advantage of this scallion pancake selling fortune-teller?


Well done!

You're good!

Then I'll take on your challenge! You think I'm scared of you?

These people only know how to take advantage of honest people like me…

Of course, even if he was more powerful, he couldn't overcome those media platforms alone. He had to seek external aid.

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