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He opened his Weibo.

Autumn Sword Fish Killer was working diligently. The whole comment section on Weibo was filled with Autumn Fish Sword Killer's comments. It was as if he wouldn't be content until Lin Fan was shamed.

Autumn Sword Fish Killer: "Scum! He's the scum of humankind! To do something so despicable. Do you know how much harm you've caused by putting poison in your scallion pancakes? You're ruining our nation and causing its downfall! The people who buy your scallion pancakes daily are all young people. They're young and are contributing to our society, but look what you've done. They haven't even had children yet and you've tainted their genes. Their children might become disfigured, handicapped or worse yet, they might not even be able to have children because of you. If that happens, do you know how many families it will destroy? If they divorce because of this, their elders won't be able to take the emotional pain and will pass away from illness on their beds! You're a murderer!"

"There might even be some of their children who would supposedly be geniuses and make scientific breakthroughs, but because they've eaten your scallion pancakes, they wouldn't be geniuses anymore. The home for the mentally challenged will have another child with a bleak future ahead. Do you know what you've done? I, Autumn Sword Fish Killer may not have any special talents, but I won't allow you to cause any more harm! I'll expose you and let everyone know you have an evil heart. You're a criminal of this nation..."

"Touch your heart. Doesn't it hurt?"

In a certain house.

Autumn Sword Fish Killer was exhilarated. His phantom-like hands glided across the keyboard as he typed this. When he was done, he felt as if he was moved by his own words. Although he didn't have any special skills, he had always been a righteous person. Against a lawless person like Lin Fan, he did not care if the masses didn't understand him. He had to expose this scum for his evil ways.

Autumn Sword Fish Killer laughed as he saw the comments. He was gratified. His hard work hadn't gone to waste.

"Respect...the Flame War Emperor has touched my heart."

"The Flame War Emperor is indeed the Flame War Emperor. I've read this post ten times. It's impacted me greatly."

"I never thought that there would still be someone like the Flame War Emperor in today's society. We are so fortunate to have him."

"A scallion pancake can cause such a drastic butterfly effect. Only a genius like the Flame War Emperor could figure it out."

Autumn Sword Fish Killer giggled to himself as he replied to each of the comments. He felt like he had finally been acknowledged. He weighed 150 kg and his whole body was full of fats. He would get judged whenever he stepped outside, but now, he could say proudly that he had been acknowledged before.

"Thank you, everyone, for your support."

"There's no need to thank us. Even as I'm typing this, I've been moved by your words."

"Although today's society may not be much, we have to trust in the future. There aren't many people like Autumn Sword Fish Killer, but there are still some."

It was the first time Autumn Sword Fish Killer received approval from the masses. He felt proud and full of confidence.

Then, without hesitation, he continued to look for similar content on Baidu before copying a slightly modified version of his post onto Baidu.

As long as the Fraud was still alive, the war couldn't end. Autumn Sword felt the burden on his shoulders increase again as if the whole of humankind's future depended on him.

At the same time, Autumn Sword Fish Killer also contacted a media personnel. He wanted to use a sum of money to spread the piece of news.

Autumn Sword Fish Killer: "If it's $10,000 then it's $10,000, but I want it to be uploaded right now.

Veteran media personnel: "Okay, no problem. Transfer the money then."

Autumn Sword Fish Killer: "Alright."

This $10,000 was Autumn Sword Fish Killer's hard earned money. It was earned through hard work and it wasn't easy. Even though he was the leader of his troops, he wasn't wealthy at all. However, in order to expose this fraud, he was willing to risk everything.


A notification from the bank appeared on his phone. As he saw the amount deducted, Autumn Sword Fish Killer felt a little heartache.

When Lin Fan saw the Weibo comments, he did not know what to reply.

This Autumn Sword Fish Killer did not just have a problem with his bodyweight. Even his brain was abnormal.

With a glance through his Weibo, he saw that Autumn Sword Fish Killer had sent at least a thousand comments.

Among all these comments, he received a total of at least 20,000 likes. That was indeed quite impressive.

Lin Fan took a photo of the test report, then added the video he had just recorded and a line of words, then uploaded it.

"Who would have thought that even the experimental technician would be bowled over by my scallion pancakes."

There were many people who paid close attention to Lin Fan's Weibo. Especially after this matter had gotten so viral, Lin Fan was high on the trending list the whole time.

Lin Fan posted the Weibo message and instantly received many comments from the netizens.

"Damn, what a quick turn of events. This is a report from the Food and Drug Administration. There's no problem then!"

"Where are those people who were doubting Master Lin just a moment ago? Take a good, hard look at this!"

"Bunch of idiots, believing whatever people say. The test report is out. What else do you have to say?"

"Everyone look at the video! That experimental technician called Li Bing was bowled over by the scallion pancakes."

"Do you guys think this is all an act?"

"Are you stupid? Can't you see that he's holding his ID? Just take a look at the Shanghai Food and Drug Administration's website and you'll know if it's real. You're really stupid."

In the video.

Li Bing stood in front of the camera, visibly excited, "Greetings, everyone. I'm Li Bing, an experimental technician from the Shanghai Food and Drug Administration. Master Lin's scallion pancakes completely meet all of our requirements and contain no added drugs. At first, I didn't know how good the scallion pancakes tasted. After the testing, I ate the remaining pancake. It was absolutely scrumptious. Nothing can compare to it. Everyone knows how tiring the work of an experimental technician is, to have to face those machines and equipment all day, but after eating those scallion pancakes, I felt rejuvenated and full of energy. I managed to complete three day's worth of work within a day. These scallion pancakes are really amazing. I'm going to put my reputation as an experimental technician from the Shanghai Food and Drug Administration on the line and guarantee everyone that these scallion pancakes are perfectly fine."

Autumn Sword Fish Killer found another relevant article. He felt it was pretty good and decided to post it. Maybe those netizens would praise him again.

After making some slight modifications to the article, he was ready to post it. However, at that moment, Autumn Sword Fish Killer's expression suddenly changed. Something wasn't right about the comments on Weibo.

"Flame War Emperor eh? He's just been slapped in the face."

"Forget it, guys. It's been tough on the Flame War Emperor. He's been battling the whole night for nothing. This would be depressing for anyone in his position."

"Sigh, poor Flame War Emperor. He always ends up so tragic."

What's going on? What the heck is going on?

Autumn Sword Fish Killer was confused, but after he saw that report and video, his initially excited face turned pale.

A wretched scream rang out from Autumn Sword Fish Killer's mouth.

Autumn Sword Fish Killer: "Bro! Are you there?"

Veteran media personnel: "???"

Autumn Sword Fish Killer: "Big bro, can I get a refund? I don't want it uploaded anymore."

Veteran media personnel: "Sorry, but the news has already been uploaded. I can't give you a refund."

Autumn Sword Fish Killer: "Big bro, please give me the refund. I made a mistake, that's my wife's money. I can't lose it."

Veteran media personnel: "Goodbye :)"

He erupted instantly.

Autumn Sword Fish Killer screamed wretchedly, "F*ck your sister…"

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