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The news became more and more viral on the internet. Lin Fan had become quite a famous person, but he was famous for the wrong reasons. However, he still had a fair amount of fame nonetheless. He was experiencing the side effects of fame and there were a large number of people flaming him online. However, he didn't let it bother him. He completely ignored what they were saying about him.

*Ring Ring*

A call came.

Wang Ming Yang asked, "Brother, what's going on online?"

Lin Fan: "Who knows? They just have nothing better to do. Don't worry about it. I'll just lay low for now."

Wang Ming Yang said cheerily, "Your attitude is way too positive. Those netizens are putting you in such a bad light, but you're not the least bit troubled."

Lin Fan replied, "What's there to be troubled about? Even if I was troubled, it wouldn't stop them. It's better to just keep a calm mind."

"Alright, alright. You're way too awesome." Wang Ming Yang had nothing else to say. He gave in to Lin Fan.

Yan Shu Ren had been paying close attention to any news regarding Lin Fan. When he found out about this matter, he was even more worried than Lin Fan.

The scallion pancakes were poisoned?

Who the heck thought of that idea?

Although he never asked about it, he had unwavering faith in Young Fan. He knew Young Fan would never do something like that.

"Young Fan, don't be too upset. Those reporters are despicable. This has to be a completely made up story," Yan Shu Ren was sure that Lin Fan would be upset and troubled. He decided to make a phone call first, and then take leave from work to console Lin Fan. Anybody put in Lin Fan's situation would have been unhappy.

Lin Fan was stunned. Then, he chuckled, "Why would I be upset? Let's talk later. I just downloaded a game on my phone and I'm prone in the grass now. The game is finishing soon. I'll talk to you when it ends."

Yan Shu Ren was dumbfounded, "A game? What the...alright, alright, finish your game first."

He never thought that Young Fan would still be in the mood to play games even then. Lin Fan was crazy.

After that, Lin Fan received several more calls. He was getting pissed. He had already prone in the grass for a long time, ready to strike his opponents. However, another call came. He rejected the call instantly, but when he opened the game again, his character had already died. His teammate raged at him and Lin Fan exited the game. This game was damaging to his mental health.

"Is Lin Fan around?"

A voice came from outside.

Lin Fan raised his head and looked outside. He didn't recognize the person. "That's me, and you are?"

Xiao Li was a little emotional. At the same time, he was also excited, "Nice to meet you. I'm Li Bing, an experimental technician from the Food and Drug Administration. You can just call me Xiao Li. "

Fraud Tian looked up.

The Wu Tian He father and daughter duo was approaching them as well.

"Huh? What's going on?" Lin Fan was confused. What did an experimental technician from the Food and Drug Administration want with him? Something was wrong.

Li Bing scanned the shop. It seemed very normal. The scallion pancake cart was old and shabby, much like those on the streets. How could such delicious scallion pancakes be produced from such a shabby cart? He had no idea, nor did he want to find out. He came to make the delivery so that he could have another taste of those delicious scallion pancakes. Of course, it could only happen if Little Boss agreed to make them.

Li Bing brought out a sheet of paper, "The test results are out. There are no issues. I'm here to deliver the report to you."

Lin Fan was delighted, "Well, thank you very much. I've troubled you to make this journey just to deliver it."

"That's my job. I'm a public servant and I work to serve the people. We didn't expect this matter to have gotten so much attention and even appear on the internet. It must have caused you much inconvenience. I'm very sorry. These reporters often ignore the truth just to get an interesting headline. It's really despicable," Li Bing passed the report to Lin Fan, but he wasn't planning to leave just yet. He hadn't gotten what he came for yet.

"Thank you!" Lin Fan thanked him once more, then looked at the report. He didn't understand most of what was written, but he did understand one word."


Li Bing still didn't want to leave. He waved his hand, "Don't mention it. It's really not a problem."

Then, he realized that Lin Fan hadn't brought up anything about scallion pancakes. He felt that he should give Lin Fan a slight reminder and express his own opinion a little so Lin Fan would understand.

"The test required a small piece of the scallion pancake. Afterward, I was hungry, so I ate the remaining. I have to tell you; when I finished eating that scallion pancake, I felt like I was floating in the sky. I don't know how to describe it, but it was absolutely delicious. It was too d*mn delicious," Li Bing praised Lin Fan. He felt that it should have been blunt enough to hint at Lin Fan. If he still didn't get to eat, then it would be a shame and he would be very upset.

Fraud Tian was smoking his cigarette. He glanced over at Li Bing, "He endured the blazing hot sun and brought the report here. Why not let him have a scallion pancake?"

He could tell that this guy wanted to eat the scallion pancake really badly. And he was so shy about it too. How could Tian not see through him? However, the kid's pancakes really did have some kind of drug-like properties. Whoever ate it once would get addicted to it for a lifetime.

At that moment, Li Bing's face turned a little red. He looked at Fraud Tian fervently. He was so grateful that he wanted to give Fraud Tian some kind of gift.

Lin Fan really couldn't tell at first, but after Li Bing talked about his scallion pancakes, he understood. It seemed this guy wasn't leaving because he wanted to eat some scallion pancakes.

"You want to eat?" Lin Fan laughed and asked.

Li Bing was slightly embarrassed, but he nodded his head, "Mmhmm."

Lin Fan took out his phone and chuckled, "Sure, no problem, but I have to take a video first. You know that this matter has caused me to be flamed online, right? You gotta be my witness and defend me."

Li Bing was delighted, "Alright, no problem. That is part of my duty."

He started recording. Li Bing took out his employment ID and started talking to the camera.

Perfect. This was perfect. Li Bing was very convincing. In order to get the scallion pancakes, he was putting his best effort. Thankfully, he had a good speech teacher in the past and he had learned many good phrases. His testimony would put Lin Fan in such a good light that people wouldn't doubt him anymore.

After saving the video, Lin Fan came to the front of his stall. "I'll make you a few extra portions. It must've been troublesome to come all the way here."

That'll teach those internet trolls a lesson! They even dared to say that my scallion pancakes are poisoned. How ridiculous!

Finally, Li Bing received three servings of scallion pancakes. It was as if he had received a treasure. He stood there ecstatically and took his first bite. His face instantly lit up with delight.

"Delicious! This is really too delicious! I've hit the jackpot this time!" Li Bing let out an unbelievable expression.

The passing townsfolk all shook their heads when they saw this scene. The news had already broken out that the scallion pancakes were poisoned, yet there was still someone recklessly eating the pancakes. He must've been crazy!

Li Bing was extremely satisfied. As he left, his face was beaming with pleasure.

Lin Fan watched as Li Bing walked away and burst into laughter.

If Li Bing wanted to eat it again in future, he would have to queue forever. What was he so happy about?

It was time to settle the matter with the internet trolls. They had gone as far as to attack his Weibo. That's so inhumane!

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