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Outside the stadium.

Lin Fan heaved a sigh of relief. After speaking so much, his throat felt a little dry.

Wang Ming Yang laughed and said, "That was impressive."

"Do you have water? I'm dying of thirst," Lin Fan asked. Wang Ming Yang shook his head and said, "Nope."

Lin Fan sighed and said, "You're still here? Quickly go buy a bottle of water for me. I wonder who it was that I spoke up for earlier…"

Wang Ming Yang mumbled, "Wasn't it for your girl…"

"What?" Lin Fan asked.

"Nothing," Wang Ming Yang said.

Lin Dan waved his hands and said, "Then why are you still here? I'm really going to die of thirst!"

The next day, the Internet went crazy. The previous night saw Wu Huan Yue eliminating Wang Yu Chen and successfully getting through to the next round. But that wasn't the main headline on the news; it was what had happened live that created the uproar.

Even the reputable newspapers had started reporting about it and this attracted the attention of a lot of people.

'12 out of 24 contestants qualified on 'The New Voice' and an argument broke out between Ying Jin and the audience.'

'Ying Jin was stunned speechless by a youngster.'

'Ying Jin actually asked the composer of 'Sky' whether he knew how to tell if a song is good.'

'Ying Jin reported to ill and might end up leaving 'The New Voice'.'

'The uncovering of Ying Jin's identity.'

'The uncovering of Master Lin's identity.'

At the train station and bus station.

Everyone was holding onto their phones and looking intently at the news. Majority of the people weren't interested in 'The New Voice' but they just loved to read these kinds of news. This time, 'The New Voice' had made breaking news and it definitely attracted the attention of a lot of readers.

On a certain forum.

A video that had been edited was posted.

The video was only slightly over ten minutes and it showed the whole conversation between Lin Fan and Ying Jin. It was extremely intense and the netizens found it really entertaining.

"Feels so good. I've hated Ying Jin for a long time and I didn't expect someone of that caliber to go head to head with Ying Jin."

"My mom asked me why I kneeled down while watching this video and I could only say that the content of this video shocked me that much."

"Ying Jin doesn't even have the right to be that arrogant. Now that she's facing an outsider, let's see how she handles the situation next."

"Judging from the video, this fella must be a pro at being a prick. His words were sarcastic and malicious."

"F*cking awesome. I can't describe it any other way."

"Haha, I'm laughing so hard as I look at Ying Jin's face. I'm speechless."

"6666… Besides '6', I have nothing else to say."

The production team of 'The New Voice'.

"It's out, the viewership statistic is out," said a woman who was looking at the paper she was holding and everyone was shocked.

"How many people?"

"Yeah! Tell us quickly! How many?"

"Ugh, this is making me anxious."

A middle-aged man snatched the paper over and looked at it. Then, his eyes widened as he couldn't believe what he had seen.

"Wang, how many were there? Please say something."

He was stunned as he forcefully swallowed his saliva and said, "The TV viewership rate was 7.352%."


Everyone went crazy.

"What?! How much was it?"


"D*mn! That was crazy. This is literally our highest so far. How are we going to exceed this viewership rate in future?"

"I think it'll be extremely difficult. The show yesterday was a special one."

"Well done, we have broken the highest ever viewership rate in history!"

Wang's face turned red. "It's not over yet. The Internet broadcasting rate just came out too."

"We are ready. We won't be stunned again."

"Wang, you were saying…?"

Wang replied, "70 million."

Everyone was dumbfounded at the number. "How could it be? Our weekly rates are like 300-400 million at most. Just one episode and we've hit 70 million views? That's too insane."

"Yesterday's happenings have probably drawn the attention of many people. Many of them must've heard about it from their friends and family too. This number must be real."

"That's insane, that's really insane."

On Weibo.

Ying Jin was being flamed like crazy on her Weibo.

She reported an illness to withdraw from 'The New Voice' and the people in the comments section were all celebrating her demise.

"Mentor Ying Jin, you can't judge a book based on its cover."

"Does your face hurt from all this smacking? I believe it should be hurting pretty badly."

"Mentor Ying Jin, 'The New Voice' can't do without you. I can't watch it anymore without you. I love to see you get smacked right in the face."

"He already said it. If you were to sing 'Sky', you'd be disgracing the song. No, I mean, the song would be disgracing you."

"Mentor Ying Jin, let me break it down for you. Master Lin is really a fortune-teller and he sells scallion pancakes too. You're right, he won't have a bright future. He limits his customers to ten people daily and there are re-sellers fighting over his pancakes. A single ticket could fetch up to several thousand dollars. It's probably more expensive than the tickets to watch your show, right?"

"I wanna break it down further too. One wouldn't have a bright future from selling scallion pancakes. It's even limited to just ten per day. But every day, people would rush over to his shop and queue up for the pancakes. Maybe Mentor Ying Jin was 'right' after all."

"To the ones above, that's enough. If you continue, Mentor Ying Jin will definitely be infuriated."

In a certain hotel.

Ying Jin was throwing a tantrum in her room and the room had become extremely messy. She had smashed whatever that could be smashed. As she saw the comments on Weibo, she became even angrier.

She had been in the industry for so long, but she had never received such treatment before. Furthermore, it was going to leave a mark on her career.

In a certain house.

Autumn Sword Fish Killer woke up slightly earlier since he had slept earlier the previous night. He quickly switched on his laptop and searched up 'The New Voice' on Baidu.

Wang Yu Chen was defeated. Wu Huan Yue advanced.

Wang Yu Chen said, "Recently, my form hasn't been good. I've been flamed a lot on my Weibo, which has affected me."

Autumn Sword Fish Killer was laughing at what he was reading. The only person who is able to fend off an attack from my army of trolls is that f*cking Master Lin.

"Hmm, interesting. A member of the audience fought with Ying Jin and he actually won. Let's see where he's from." Autumn Sword Fish Killer played the video, then looked at the mirror while rubbing his fat and round stomach. It looked like it was time for a 'workout'.

In the mirror, Autumn Sword Fish Killer unzipped his pants and pulled his underwear aside, each time he thought of looking at his pen*s, he could only look at the mirror as his fat and big stomach completely covered his view from above.

"Hey, you gotta wake up," Autumn Sword Fish Killer patted his pen*s and asked it to wake up.

Then, Autumn Sword Fish Killer's face changed as he turned to look at the screen.

"It's him. How could it be him?!"

"Wu Huan Yue, you sang really well…"

"Thank you, Master Lin. I understand that."

Autumn Sword Fish Killer was dumbfounded and angry. How could it be…?

Autumn Sword Fish Killer yanked his own hair as if he was going to explode.

"Ah… I'll f*ck your mother…" Autumn Sword Fish Killer had gone crazy. He took the alarm clock beside him and smashed it on the laptop. There was a loud noise and the screen turned black.

Then, Autumn Sword Fish Killer recovered from his rage and he suddenly cried, "My laptop…"

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