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Cloud Street.

In the shop.

Lin Fan sat there leisurely as he used his phone. Then, he started to laugh.

Autumn Sword Fish Killer: "You lied to me again! Just you wait." x100 times

The matter infuriated Autumn Sword Fish Killer a lot. He was such a smart person, but he had been tricked by this fraud so many times. He was extremely angry.

Wu You Lan was wearing really fashionable clothing and she looked gorgeous. Her eyes looked at Lin Fan with curiosity.

"Master Lin, you were really awesome last night," Wu You Lan said.

Lin Fan waved his hands and said, "Nah, it was just so-so. It wasn't that awesome."

Although he acted so humbly, he was really happy in his heart. He hadn't expected himself to be that good.

Chen Xin Yi and Luo Dan, who were shooting a movie, also sent a message to him.


Regarding last night's incident, most people would definitely be unable to tolerate it. Besides, Ying Jin was so famous and she had a strong backing. An average person wouldn't dare to mess with her. But why should Lin Fan be afraid? It was just a song. He shouldn't have to be afraid of her sending someone to hack him to death. Even if she did so, he would've been able to use his abilities to destroy them all and send them to the police station. Of course, he was just thinking about this in his mind. In the current society, who would dare to be so crazy?

But recently, things seemed a little shaky. He was getting too much attention for his doings. The reporters would definitely come flooding to his door again. But he wasn't afraid. He hadn't even done anything bad or detrimental and there was no reason for him to be scared.

"Master Lin, you were too d*mn good yesterday. I didn't expect to be neighbors with such a famous person like you." The owners of the surrounding shops came over to chat at Lin Fan's shop.

Lin Fan smiled and said, "No, you're flattering me. I just spoke my mind."

"Hey, Master Lin is the only famous person in Cloud Street. Ever since Master Lin arrived, our customer flow has increased quite a lot."

As for the increase in the number of customers, it was all expected. There was already a large number of loyal customers of the fortune-telling shop and there were even more fans of the scallion pancakes. When the people who came to queue didn't get chosen, they would go to the shops nearby to shop.

The surrounding shop owners weren't really close to Lin Fan but they were very polite and courteous to him. After all, Lin Fan helped to bring in customers for them.

At that moment, a group of people came in. The fortune-telling sessions were about to begin.

"Master Lin, we shan't disturb you anymore," the shop owners said.

Lin Fan nodded and said, "Alright, we can talk another day."

Wu You Lan was standing outside, giving out number tags. She had taken over Fraud Tian's position. Those men who were queuing up were all in a good mood after seeing such a pretty girl at the shop.

"How clever. Master Lin actually employed a new person who is so pretty!"

"Yeah, this is called being up to date with the trends."

"It used to be an old man. What good could he have brought?"

Fraud Tian just sat there and listened to the discussions that were going on. He cleared his throat to signal that he had heard what the people said. He was a little hurt. He had never thought that he would have been so easily replaced.

The ten lucky people who got chosen were naturally ecstatic.

The first person was a middle-aged lady.

"In future, all fortune-telling sessions will be conducted by him," Lin Fan said.

The lady was stunned when she heard it and said, "Master Lin, you won't be reading fortunes anymore?"

The middle-aged lady was a little worried to let a stranger read her fortune. She trusted Master Lin a lot, which was why she was always there to queue. She only trusted Master Lin.

Lin Fan smiled and said, "I'm not stopping. I'm just saying that he'll take the usual cases."

The lady looked at Wu Tian He suspiciously. Based on his looks, he looked like a pretty credible fortune-teller, but because the fortune-teller had changed, she felt a little uneasy.

All the people who managed to get a number tag started to talk as they waited outside the door.

"Master Lin, we're here solely for you. We don't trust anyone else!"

Lin Fan knew that something like that would happen but with the great reputation of Wu Tian He, it was quite easy to convince these people.

"Could all of you please settle down? He is my disciple, please do not be suspicious or doubtful. He is Wu Tian He. You can look him up on Baidu and if you have any questions, you can look for me," Lin Fan said as he smiled. He didn't want to waste so much time and effort to convince them. After all, it was easier for them to just look him up on the Internet.

Wu Tian He was very well-known in Lianzhou and in terms of Metaphysics, it could be said that he was the best in the nation, apart from Lin Fan himself.

Also, Baidu had a lot of rumors about the legendary Wu Tian He which seemed unbelievable.

At that moment, even those who didn't get chosen started to look up the Internet on their phones. In an instant, they managed to find articles about Wu Tian He.

Wu Tian He. President of the Metaphysics Society. The best Metaphysician in the country. One of the World's Big 8 Metaphysicians.

Besides all these introductory articles, there were a lot of unbelievable stories.

'Multi-billionaire waited outside Wu Tian He's door overnight just to beg him to read his fortune.'

'A session of fortune-telling inspired an average teenager to become a wealthy man.'

'The wealthy people of Lianzhou agreed to pay large amounts of money just for him to read their fortunes.'

There were so many stories of him; the entire Baidu search results were filled with them.

The townsfolk were all stunned.

That was just too unbelievable.

They cried out in surprise.

"This old man is actually the President of the Metaphysics Society? It can't be fake, can it?"

"No, I checked it. He looks exactly the same as the person in the pictures."

"One of the World's Big 8 Metaphysicians. That sounds amazing!"

"Are these articles real or fake?"

"I don't know, man."

Lin Fan knew that the crowd was extremely doubtful, but at least he had managed to surprise all of them. After all, Wu Tian He had a great reputation. He wasn't just anyone.

"If you have any queries, you can ask me," Lin Fan said.

They were extremely surprised that such an old man actually managed to receive the recognition of Master Lin.

"Master Wu, I read online that a wealthy man actually camped outside your door for a night just for you to read his fortune, was that true?" A person asked.

Wu Tian He nodded and said, "It's true, perhaps all of you wouldn't know this wealthy man but your households should have at least one good that he manufactured."


The townsfolk were stunned, they hadn't expected it to be true.

"Master Wu, you taught an ordinary man to become a wealthy man?" A teenager asked.

Wu Tian He didn't bother to hide the truth. After all, it wasn't something embarrassing. "Yes, that happened before, but it wasn't that exaggerated. I just told him which path to follow, that's all."

In Lin Fan's heart, he just laughed. Things were looking better and Wu Tian He still had his powers and abilities. It wouldn't be difficult for him to take charge of the shop.

"Everyone, you can relax. He is a great master too. If you're still not convinced, you can continue to ask questions so that you won't be doubtful anymore. Otherwise, you can start with the fortune-telling," Lin Fan said.

The sooner Lin Fan could push Wu Tian He to take over fully, the sooner he could relax.

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