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"This fella really is really trying to raise hell! It's no longer an argument anymore, it's a direct insult!"

"It seems like he's just talking blindly."

"I am absolutely in awe of this man and nobody else."

"'The New Voice' is such a nice show, I haven't watched it in vain. If this wasn't a live broadcast, this would probably be edited out."

"Yeah, this flame war has brought so many viewers to 'The New Voice'. The production team must be rejoicing."

Wang Ming Yang wore his shoes as he felt that the situation didn't require him anymore. The way that Lin Fan was flaming Ying Jin was literally unmatchable.

Ying Jin's face was totally black as she breathed heavily. Then, she pointed her middle finger at Lin Fan and said, "If you said all that to me outside of the stadium, I would definitely have taught you a lesson about manners."

Lin Fan replied, "Mentor Ying Jin, previously, I said that you knew how to use the law to protect yourself but now I have to take back my words. This is a public show and it's even a live broadcast. You're being so rude to me and you're even threatening me, but I'll the bigger man here. I'll choose not to bother about it, but if a child is currently watching this show, your actions would definitely have taught him the wrong values. This is a bad influence on the children. If you feel that I have humiliated you, you can send me your lawyer's letter. I will definitely cooperate with you, but now, please watch your image and be a polite person before you even think about teaching me a lesson."


The entire audience was stunned. This fella must be crazy. His wordplay and attitude are top-notch indeed.

Ying Jin's face couldn't get any blacker, but Lin Fan continued to speak, "Let's get back on track. Mentor Ying Jin, you asked me if I know how to identify a good song and I really don't know how to answer to that, but I'll put it this way. Unless you can also write a song like 'Sky', you don't have the rights to question me about this."

Ying Jin was extremely furious and she replied, "I have no rights?! What about you?!"

Lin Fan blinked and said bluntly, "I have the rights."

Ying Jin was infuriated. She laughed coldly and said, "You have the rights?"

Lin Fan replied, "Mentor Ying Jin, although you're older than me, I have to say this. Even though you've gotten some form of achievement before, you can't judge a person based on his or her looks. Otherwise, you'll definitely be at a disadvantage."

Ying Jin was so angry that she wanted to kill Lin Fan. She hated people who called her old and especially since this person was already stepping on her toes.

Everyone in the crowd and comments section, along with the organizers and judges, was stunned speechless.

They hadn't expected things to end up like this.

Ying Jin glared at Lin Fan and said, "I didn't expect I'd be this stupid to argue with a crazy person until now. Every single word you said was boastful and fake. This place is a hall of music & songs but I have wasted so much time on an outsider like you."

Lin Fan shook his head and said, "Mentor Ying Jin, you don't say. I didn't expect it as well. For a renowned person in the music industry like you to judge someone based on his looks, it is indeed disappointing."

Then, Lin Fan looked at Wu Huan Yue who was still on the stage.

"Wu Huan Yue, you sang really well, but you mustn't get arrogant."

Wu Huan Yue was already in shock as she witnessed what was happening. Then, she replied to Master Lin and said, "Thank you, Master Lin. I understand that."

Initially, the crowd had been a little noisy but after hearing what she said, it became silent.

The screen full of comments had become empty too. After a few seconds of silence, chaos resumed.

Mentor Qi Ming opened his mouth in shock.

Zuo Teng Fei was so astonished that he shot up from his seat.

Zhou Hai Tao sat motionlessly as if he hadn't heard her properly.

On the other hand, Ying Jin looked more shocked than before. It had already been a complicated issue, but it just became even more complicated.

Mentor Qi Ming immediately said, "Wu Huan Yue, this man is Master Lin? The composer of the song, 'Sky'"?

Wu Huan Yue nodded and said, "Yes."

Mentor Qi Ming covered his mouth and looked extremely shocked. This matter had become serious. At the same time, he looked at Ying Jin with a pitiful look.

She had flamed him so much earlier but now it seemed like she was going to get smacked right in the face. Perhaps this would even leave a mark on Ying Jin's career.

In the comments section.


"It's too much, it's really too much. He is the reincarnation of a God. I didn't expect reality to hurt this much."

"He's just too good at this."

"I'm afraid Ying Jin's face is gonna become really swollen after this hit."

"Terrifying. Simply terrifying. Who would have guessed that this man was the composer of 'Sky'?"

"It's just too unbelievable. His hidden identity has dealt a deadly blow, we just reached the climax of 'The New Voice'."

The on-screen comments filled the screen and it was even crazier than before.

At the same time, the number of viewers kept rising and it became the highest viewership ever for 'The New Voice'. Perhaps only the grand finals could compete with this number of viewers.

The host, Yi Ming, just stood there awkwardly. The whole situation had gone out of control. He was really clueless as to how he would resolve this even though he was an extremely experienced host who had saved a lot of unexpected 'emergency situations' before. He could only stand there helplessly.

Zuo Teng Fei had really wanted to befriend Master Lin, but with the current situation, he couldn't even greet him properly.

If Master Lin hadn't had a conflict with Ying Jin, he would've gone forward to speak to Master Lin, but now, he couldn't do that anymore.

Ying Jin was a vengeful person and if she were to become close to Master Lin, Ying Jin might hold a grudge against her.

On the other hand, Mentor Qi Ming couldn't be bothered at all. Others were afraid of Ying Jin, but not him. He immediately applauded and praised him, "A talented youngster indeed. That sentence about not judging someone based on his or her looks was absolutely spot on."

Lin Fan just smiled and said, "Mentor Qi Ming, you're flattering me. It's actually time for everyone to enjoy good music and watch the contestants perform but my conflict with Ying Jin has wasted everyone's time. I'm so sorry about that."

After saying that sentence, Lin Fan turned around and left the place. Wang Ming Yang followed him closely.

Everybody knew what was going to happen. Wu Huan Yue was definitely going to go through to the next round.

As Lin Fan walked out of the door, he turned back and said, "Ying Jin, you're a judge yourself. Although we had a conflict earlier, I really hope you can judge the competition fairly."

After he said that, he quickly fled the place, leaving a mess behind.

No bright future?


Unappreciative of good music?

Lawyer's letter?

Now, I'll let you handle the awkward situation on your own. I stabbed you once more just before I left to make things even more difficult for you. Anyway, I'm not even in the music industry. I'll see how you're going to deal with me.

At that moment, Ying Jin stood up from the judges' panel. She was about to collapse in anger. She had wanted to make everyone emotional and then plan a nice escape for herself but this fella had made things so difficult for her. She was in a dilemma. At the same time, she really felt like killing someone.

Meanwhile, the crowd just stared at Ying Jin. The cameraman pointed his camera steadily at Ying Jin. Perhaps he could write a long Facebook post about this later.

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