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Senior Disciple Li’s eyelids twitched and his mind flew into chaos as he tried to make a decision.

After a moment his two tightly closed eyes opened and he fiercely gazed at the pill in Han Li’s hand. Within his eyes was a fiery, zealous look.

Han Li silently put the pill in Senior Disciple Li’s mouth.  Watching him swallow the pill, he gently pulled out the needles from Senior Disciple Li’s body.

Just as the last of the needles left his body, the pill began to take effect. Senior Disciple Li’s face went from pale to abnormally red. His entire face flushed and his body began to writhe. His feet and arms twitched and he groaned.

Despite the embarrassment that Han Li had just subjected to him, he still clung onto his pride. Not wanting Han Li to hear his groans, he tried to lower his voice, but couldn’t help but scream at the intense pain.

His roaring became louder and louder, and his entire body began to tremble.  After a long while, his roaring began to die down until it finally stopped.

His face began to restore its original color and his body turned calm. It seemed like the most painful part had already passed.

Senior Disciple Li slowly straightened himself out.  He sat crossed legged and closed his eyes again, working on to harmonizing his breath. Han Li found a clean mountain stone, sat down next to Senior Disciple Li, and watched him regain his vigor.

After a moment, Senior Disciple Li suddenly opened both of his eyes.  He jumped up and pulled out his long sword. With a wave and blinding light, it stopped right at the edge of Han Li’s neck.

“Give me one reason not to kill you!” Senior Disciple Li’s eyes were cold and brimmed with hostility.

“I just now saved your life. Does this not count as a reason?” Han Li’s didn’t react. Only his eyebrows twitched, almost in irritation, but after that, his face was unreadable.

Senior Disciple Li seemed a little sluggish but within his eyes there was still fierceness as he glared at Han Li.

“I saved you before I knew who you were. It was obvious you had a secret to keep, so it would be only my fault you if you killed me to keep me from talking.  But I didn’t know you would act so quickly,” Han Li said with a strange tone of voice as he laughed.  He spoke with derision towards himself.

“Hah! Now by saving you, I brought trouble on to myself. But… as someone with medical expertise, how could I just let someone die without even trying to save him?” Han Li sighed.

When Senior Disciple Li heard this, he looked a bit ashamed. The blade on Han Li’s neck shifted away a bit but was still threateningly close.

Han Li sighed to himself inwardly and relaxed a little bit, then he continued in a calm voice.

“You don’t need to worry about me telling others your secret. You must know that I am not a talkative person. If you are not at ease, I can make a fierce vow. You must have seen I don’t really have any martial ability. If I violate my oath, you can easily kill me.”  Han Li cooly suggested.  

“Fine, swear it,” Senior Disciple Li said bluntly.

After this, Han Li’s heart truly calmed down. Although he had given Senior Disciple Li medical treatment, he had carefully made a judgment on what type of person he was. He figured he wasn’t one to kick his benefactor in the teeth. However, he kept in mind that he might really have been a truly vicious and ruthless person, one that would bite the hand that feeds them. In that case, he still had one trick to save his life.

Thoughtfully, he brought out a iron tube from the cuff of his sleeve.

 Here Han Li made his oath and only afterwards did Senior Disciple Li sheathe his blade in his scabbard.

Han Li gingerly touched his neck. It was covered in sticky blood, for the sword had cut him shallowly on the neck. Realizing how close he had been to death, he felt a chill run through his spine and he finally noticed that he was drenched in sweat.

“That was truly dangerous! How stupid was I? Such a stressful and fruitless task! This is what I get for trying to help!” Han Li fearfully and furiously thought.

“What did I even get out of this? I didn’t even get anything from this! I’ll never save anyone ever again unless I know the entire situation!” He carved this into his heart.

Han Li saved a man and was punished for it. Though he was quite mature and even cynical, for his age, he still had some simple and naive thoughts. He cast them all away.  

“Honored brother, you saved my life and promised to keep my secret. I, Li Feiyu, owe you a big favor. Unless I die, if you have any affairs that need my help, you can come to me for help. As long as it is something within my power, I will aid you.” Senior Disciple Li had already returned to his former glory.

“You say you can help me, but isn’t it you who is in a world of troubles right now?” Han Li laughed as he said this line.

“How did you know?” Li Feiyu asked blankly, and a look of astonishment appeared on his face.

“Isn’t it obvious? You may not be a very high ranking disciple, but many elders and Hall leaders are fond of you. More than anyone else, don’t you have countless responsibilities?” It seemed that Han Li clearly hit the nail in the head.

Li Feiyu’s face became gloomy and he didn’t speak for a while.

“Unexpectedly, I think that I can actually help you. Consuming the Extracting Essence Pill causes a lot of pain and I can help you alleviate it somewhat.”

“Really?” Li Feiyu said a bit excitedly. His depression immediately gave way to joy. Clearly, the pain from this Extracting Essence Pill was no laughing matter.

“I do not say things without meaning them,” Han Li stated as he glanced at Li Feiyu. Of course, he had some type of prescription to alleviate this pain. This was because, in the past, he had researched a particularly powerful prescription to help Zhang Tie.

“This is very good! Very good!” Li Feiyu said as he rubbed both of his hands together and impatiently looked at Han Li.

“You seem to be very excited, but right now I don’t have this medicine on me. I’ll have to return to the Valley of the God’s Hand to go and pick it up.”

Hearing this, Li Feiyu was a bit embarrassed. Not long ago, he had just threatened to kill Han Li and was now asking for his help.

“Tomorrow at noon, come to the Valley of the God’s Hand entrance and wait for me. I will deliver this medicine to you. Right now, Doctor Mo is not present and I cannot allow any outsiders into the Valley,” Han Li slowly stated.

“Okay, I will be there on time. Truly, thank you, little brother,” Li Feiyu hurriedly responded as if he was afraid Han Li might change his mind.

“My name is Han Li and I am Doctor Mo’s only personal disciple. Call me Junior Han.”

Han Li, hearing “little brother”, felt uncomfortable, almost disgusted. He responded by giving his own name to avoid that sickening title.

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