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Standing still, Han Li watched Li Feiyu’s back grow more and more distant.

Just now, he had made an appointment for tomorrow for Li Feiyu to pick up the medicine. He gave Han Li a farewell and left, saying he still needed to nurse himself.

Han LI never investigated why Li Feiyu was taking the medicine. Han Li knew, even if he asked, he would not be able to change the situation.

It seemed that, in the end, “Senior Disciple Li” showed chose glory over life, and he would suffer the consequences of his decision. Only in the deepest despair and desperation would someone truly want to kill themselves. If his secret got leaked out, he would experience ridicule beyond measure.

Li Feiyu was grateful for Han Li’s discretion, that he did not question the origin of the Extracting Essence Pill. Even though Li Feiyu didn’t express this gratitude, Han Li knew that he considered himself indebted.

Han Li began to prepare to uphold his end of the bargain. As promised, not only would he keep his silence, he would return back to the Valley of the God’s Hand and prepare medicine.

His reasoning was simple. Since Li Feiyu was not completely evil, shown by his hesitation when threatening Han Li, by doing this he was guaranteed to get a big favor in return. In the future, if Han Li ever needed his help, his pride would not allow him to refuse.

Li Feiyu’s martial arts would be a formidable asset, and they were constantly improving. Even if after a few years, Han Li didn’t request his help, he would likely seek Han Li out himself in order to repay the debt. This was a world in which helping others would ultimately help yourself. Even though Li Feiyu might not necessarily be a good person, at the very least he had his own morals.

Han Li reviewed the events that just transpired from the beginning to the end, then went back to the Valley of the God’s Hand.

Han Li was very relaxed and calm as he returned to the inside of the valley. He needed to get started on making Li Feiyu’s medicine. Making this sort of pain alleviating pill was not at all hard because within the valley were many fields that held the necessary ingredients.

Han Li was busy until the late afternoon. By that time, he had enough medicine for Li Feiyu to use for an entire year. The reason why he didn’t make any more was so that year after year, Li Feiyu would have to come back, constantly reminded of his debt to Han Li.

Once it turned evening, Han Li suddenly slumped in a chair in the room in front of the door. He raised his head, looked up into the pitch black sky, and stared at the bright and shining moon.

Han Li reminisced about home and his loved ones.

It has already been four years since he left home. Day after day, his mind was utterly consumed with cultivating and the chant, which never gave him any time to think about his family. Not once did he have a chance to visit his family; he was only allowed to send the silver he earned back home. Other than this, the only link he had with the outside world was a letter that his uncle would send him every year. The contents were very shallow, as hardly anything beyond generic statements about his family’s well-being was mentioned. He found out that, back home, his elder brother had gotten married and his second brother had gotten engaged to a woman he would be happily married to in a year. He felt a little pride in his heart as he knew that all of these changes took place only because his family now had his money. But his heart ached as he noticed that the tone of the letters began to slowly change, becoming more and more formal. They became so polite, it was like they were treating him as a stranger.  This kind of feeling terrified Han Li, and he had no idea what he could do. After a while, he didn’t know why, but this ache began to dull with time. The images of close family members in his heads gradually, slowly became indistinct and fuzzy.

Now that he finally had a chance to sit and think about his cherished memories with his loved ones and the comfort of his home, he finally gained a measure of peace. It was hard for him to accept that he was drifting away from his family, but thinking of them made him feel comfortable, almost satisfied. He slowly began to appreciate this feeling.

Han Li finally released the knot of worry in his stomach and used a finger to caress the good luck talisman around his neck.

In the past, caressing this good luck charm put him in a relaxed, serene mood. But something… something was terribly wrong. As he caressed it, his mind suddenly became restless and disturbed.

Han Li began to feel indescribably depressed and was unable to control his moodiness.  His felt the condition of his body abruptly plummet, as his Qi and blood began to roil.  Unknown energies erupted throughout his body and stirred violently.

“Fire Deviation” suddenly struck Han Li. He struggled to stand up and forced himself to calm down. Right now, Doctor Mo wasn’t here to save him, and only he could help himself.

Han Li was bewildered that Fire Deviation would strike him so suddenly, now of all times. Although it seemed absurd to try to diagnose himself rather than do something,  the only way to stop this sudden attack was to first pinpoint the cause.

Han Li lifted his head and frantically looked around for something, anything, nearby which could have triggered this reaction.

He tried to lift his hand to his chin in a thinking stance, but his elbow touched some sort of bulging item, and his gaze immediately zeroed in on it.

“Small Leather Bag”. “Good Luck Charm”. These names flashed through his mind.

“Don’t tell me this caused the problem?” Han Li was unconvinced, but he had no time to  hesitate,  His body was getting worse and and at any moment it might become too late.

Han Li resolutely reached up, grabbed the bag, tore it off of his neck, and cast it away as far as he could.

“Damn! Wrong! My heart and mind are still in turmoil, and my Qi and blood roil even more violently.”

Han Li, with difficulty, tried to force down the raging energy within him. With bloodshot eyes, he stared at the small leather bag and desperately wished to find the source of this terrible pain.

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