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As Han Li walked farther away, the sounds of the dispute between Wang Dapang and Zhang Changgui were getting less noisy. He didn’t care anymore for the two.

Thinking back to Jin Dongbao’s flabbergasted expression, Han Li couldn’t help but laugh. At this moment, his heart had felt carefree as compared to the depressed self that just left the Valley of the God’s Hand.

Walking through the forest and farther away from the match, Han Li finally arrived at a nearby stream.

Han Li tilted his head to look at the overhead sun and then back at the flowing water in the stream.

As he bent down, the moment he plunged his hands into the cold river, a painful scream came out from somewhere nearby.

Han Li was astounded that there was another person in such a desolate place like this.

Following the shout, he walked on until he saw a disciple wearing an inner sect uniform spasming on the ground with all four limbs constantly shaking.

Han Li saw at a glance that this disciple had an acute, lethal illness. If it wasn’t treated,  he would lose his life.

He stepped forward and then knelt near the disciple, pulling out a purple sandalwood case. He pulled out a clean silver needle and pricked him right in an acupuncture point on the back.

He quickly pricked the acupuncture points on the disciple’s back, flipped him over and pricked the acupuncture points on his chest.

By turning him over, his face was revealed. Han Li sucked in a large breath of air. This person that was close to death was the person at the cliff who exhibited prestigious power… this was “Senior Disciple Li.”

Han Li stared blankly for a moment.

Senior Disciple Li had just dominated his opponent a moment ago, and he looked like an invincible being. But his face was now marred by a grim look, distorted by a great amount of pain.  He frothed at the corner of his mouth and it was obvious he was no longer in his right mind.

Han Li regained his composure, and muttered to himself before throwing himself to the task. He moved used his hand like flowing water as he rapidly pricked Senior Disciple Li with ten needles. After the last needle, Han Li wiped beads of sweat off of his forehead and let out a large sigh. This intensive acupuncture emergency treatment was truly draining.

Senior Disciple Li, whose back was pricked full of thin silver needles, began to recover and wake up.

“You are…” he spoke with great effort but he did not have enough energy to say even a word more.

“I am from the Valley of the God’s Hand. You must not speak. First, I will help you recover your physical power, and I can also slow down this illness. The illness you have is very strange, and it is very possible only Doctor Mo can save you now. Unfortunately, he is not on the mountain at the moment,” Han Li said as he checked Senior Disciple Li’s pulse. As he did, his brows furrowed.

“Medicine… is…” Senior Disciple Li looked anxious and his lips trembled. He tried to lift up his arm but couldn’t do so.

“You have medicine for this illness?” Han Li immediately understood.

“Yes…” Senior Disciple Li relaxed and dropped his head.

Han Li tried to be as polite as possible as he rummaged around in Senior Disciple Li’s pockets. He found many items of no value until he finally pulled out a small bottle. It must have been important as it was sealed tightly. It must have been the thing that Senior Disciple Li needed.

He turned the bottle around in his hands and looked down at Senior Disciple Li’s face who had an excited look on it and tried to wink.

Han Li opened the bottle. Surprisingly no smell of a herbal medicines came out. Instead, a strong fishy smell hit him right in the face.

Han Li sniffed it and his expression turned ugly. He carefully took out a pink pill from the bottle, which looked quite nice but emitted a terrible stench.

Han Li’s expression returned to it’s previous serenity as he asked, “Is this really the pill you need?”

Senior Disciple Li was speechless.

“Extracting Essence Pill uses a small amount of fragrant thoroughwort, scorpion tail blossom, Century Blue Ant Egg, and twenty three rare seeds to refine it. The medicine is pink on the exterior and has a bizarre fishy smell. After taking it, the body will overcome its limits. It is also thought to promote lifespan, no?

Han Li looked at Senior Disciple Li coldly and spoke as if his knowledge was unquestionable.

Senior Disciple Li, upon hearing Han Li, paled and his face became frantic.

“If you consume this, after a period of time you will need to eat the pill again. Each time you do, you will go through vicious cramping and agony. However, if you don’t eat it, your body will be paralyzed. In reality, every time you take this pill you are slowly cutting away your life. The first time you eat it, you will immediately lose roughly ten years of your life. Your body will burn out all of it’s energy at an accelerated pace and you will certainly die much faster.”

“Were you trying to hide the fact that you’ve been taking this kind of medicine?”  Han Li asked.

Hearing this, Senior Disciple Li’s face was covered in despair, but his eyes displayed amazement at Han Li’s knowledge.

“Are you shocked that I recognize this kind of rare pill?

“It’s actually very simple. I’ve consumed this pill once too.”

Han Li nonchalantly uttered this alarming sentence and Senior Disciple Li’s face was shocked, but then turned skeptical.

“I ate this medicine in a different way though. I took the pill and split it into ten pieces, using them one at a time. Taking the pill in small doses reduces the side effects to almost nothing. However, I had a deep impression of this pill because of its strong stench. Until now, I believed no one apart from me had taken the medicine before, nor would they even if they knew of its existence. But now I unexpectedly find it on you.”

After saying this, he looked down at Senior Disciple Li and felt both admiration and pity for him.

Senior Disciple Li didn’t wish to see Han Li’s gaze any longer so he closed his eyes, and only his chest moved with his breathing. After hearing this explanation, his mind was in total chaos.

“You have already taken this medicine for several years. If you stop eating it now, I can try to find Doctor Mo to help you and he will have medicine to help you. Although you won’t be able to get all of your life expectancy back, you can live for another twenty to thirty years. This will be at the cost of your body functions, your martial arts. If you instead continue to take this pill, you will continue to suffer flare ups. You will at most live for five to six more years, though your martial arts will continue to develop at a monstrous pace. Since you decided to eat this pill in the first place, you must be a resolute person.

“Make a decision.”

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