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As soon as these ancient runes appeared, the black lotus flowers in the air instantly transformed into a black light barrier. Upon striking the black light barrier, the Extreme Essencefused Mountain was immediately struck by a burst of equivalent force acting in the opposite direction, and it was instantly repelled.

As for the arcs of golden lightning and azure swords, they were met by the exact same number of black bolts of lightning and flying swords that erupted from the light barrier in retaliation. The two clashed amid a string of resounding booms, and all of the attacks completely nullified one another.

The light barrier possessed a mirror-like ability to replicate and repel attacks! This was truly a treasure that defied the natural order!

Han Li was quite stunned to see this, but he was still unconvinced that a treasure could truly be this powerful. As such, he immediately made a hand seal before stomping his foot viciously down onto the black mountain again.

A burst of azure light erupted out of his foot and was injected into the Extreme Essencefused Mountain. The mountain immediately descended amid the sound of howling winds and rumbling thunder, and several giant silver runes lit up on the surface of the mountain as it released a vast expanse of grey light.

The grey light then manifested into countless grey threads of light that rained down from above in a torrential downpour.

As for the other azure mountain, that also came crashing down from above with even greater ferocity than last time at Han Li's behest.

However, the devilish beauty was completely unfazed and merely expelled another mouthful of pure devilish Qi toward the giant purple cauldron.

A resounding rumbling boom rang out, and the same scene unfolded again.

Not only were the two mountains completely repelled, the grey threads were also vanquished by the black threads of light that shot forth from the black light barrier.

It seemed that this protective barrier formed by the giant cauldron down below really was able to replicate and reflect all attacks. A grim look appeared on Han Li's face upon seeing this.

Right at this moment, the silver-robed man also sprang into action.

He pointed a finger at the rainbow pagoda hovering before him, and the giant pagoda rose up into the heavens as a thick pillar of light, vanishing from sight in the blink of an eye.

However, Han Li suddenly seemed to have sensed something, and he immediately looked up into the sky.

A ball of rainbow light had appeared high above him, and it didn't appear to be very large, but as it slowly descended, it instantly encompassed the entire heavens.

Han Li's heart jolted upon seeing this, and he immediately drew the two giant mountains back into his body. Immediately thereafter, he flew away as a streak of azure light.

He didn't know exactly what this rainbow light was, but he certainly wanted nothing to do with it.

A cold smile appeared on the devilish beauty's face. "It's too late for you to try and get away now!"

As soon as her voice trailed off, she changed to another hand seal, and the black rune hovering above the massive cauldron was also switched as a burst of enormous suction force erupted out of the cauldron.

As a result, Han Li was stopped cold in his tracks, and found himself unable to get away.

His expression changed slightly as he let loose a low cry, and golden light flashed as a projection with three heads and six arms emerged behind him.

The projection waved its six arms through the air violently, releasing an astonishing aura that allowed Han Li to struggle free from the suction force erupting from down below.

Spiritual light flashed from Han Li's body again as he tried to flee the scene again, but right at this moment, an earth-shattering boom erupted from the ball of rainbow light up above.

A gargantuan tower that was over 100,000 feet tall then descended out of the ball of light, and despite Han Li's incredible speed, he found himself unable to evade the gigantic structure. Dazzling light flashed all around him, and he was suddenly transported to another space.

There was no heaven nor earth; everything around him was just a boundless expanse of dazzling rainbow light.

Han Li had experienced something similar to this not long ago, and a wry smile appeared on his face.

"This is another Xumi treasure! Looks like I'm in quite a bit of trouble this time," Han Li murmured to himself before suddenly sensing something, and he cast his gaze toward a certain direction.

In the next instant, rainbow light flashed in the distance, and a series of giant black devilish beasts began to stalk silently toward him.

There were tens of thousands of these devilish beasts approaching him, and Han Li's pupils contracted as he immediately swept a sleeve through the air to release his 72 small azure swords again.

The swords instantly transformed into hundreds of streaks of azure sword Qi that began to revolve around him.

Outside the giant rainbow pagoda, a hint of elation appeared on the middle-aged man's face after capturing Han Li, and he waved a hand toward the massive pagoda, upon which it instantly shrank down to only just over 100 feet in size.

He then turned to the devilish beauty, and said, "I've trapped him in the treasure, but it'll most likely take a long time for the restrictions in the treasure alone to capture him. You should go in and wait for an opportunity to ambush him while I control the restrictions from out here. That way, we'll be able to take him down as quickly as possible. Having said that, do be careful that you don't fall prey to him in there."

"Rest assured, Senior Martial Brother; with this cauldron to protect me, there's no way he'll even be able to touch me, so leave it to me," the devilish beauty chuckled in a nonchalant manner.

The cauldron immediately shrank down to its original size at her behest before being drawn into her body, and the middle-aged man nodded before sweeping a sleeve toward her.

A burst of rainbow light immediately surged forth to sweep up the devilish beauty, and she abruptly vanished into thin air.

The middle-aged man then immediately swept both sleeves through the air, releasing a wave of formation flags, formation plates, and other treasures, forming a formation that released bursts of white mist that inundated both him and the rainbow pagoda.

After that, he sat down with his legs crossed inside the formation to focus entirely on controlling the restriction within the pagoda treasure, paying no heed to how his devilish lord companions were currently faring in battle.

In the distance, the Body Integration Stage human cultivators had naturally noticed what had just happened, and they were initially elated before their hearts quickly sank.

They were naturally elated that Han Li had been able to kill a devilish lord so quickly, but they were then extremely alarmed to see two more mid-Body Integration Stage devilish lords emerge before capturing Han Li with that pagoda treasure.

Master Azure Dragon was holding his own against Tie Long, but he was struggling internally.

Just as Tie Long had said, with his current magic power, he was still unable to fully unleash this dragon transformation ability. He had only been able to forcibly use this ability through employing a secret technique, and he couldn't last long in this form.

He and Lin Luan had chosen to take on the two most powerful devilish lords, and they were hoping that Han Li and Fairy Silver Light would be able to take care of their opponents before lending them their assistance.

After all, he had heard that Han Li had once matched a late-Body Integration cultivator in battle before, so he had very high hopes for him.

However, now that Han Li had been trapped in that pagoda treasure, his hopes were naturally dashed, and as he cast his gaze toward the other two battles, his heart sank even further.

Lin Luan had held a slight upper hand not long ago, but Fie Ya had suddenly released 13 snowy white flying daggers, which instantly inflicted casualties on the fiery hornets that she was controlling, and she was now being forced onto the back foot.

Meanwhile, Fairy Silver Light was in an even worse situation. She had been surrounded by eight four-armed devilish apes that had been manifested from pink mist, and she was only just barely able to withstand the torrential barrage of attacks they were unleashing.

Master Azure Dragon became very concerned upon seeing this, and after quickly contemplating the situation, he suddenly unleashed an extremely ferocious wave of attacks, sacrificing a huge amount of magic power to force Tie Long into retreat.

Tie Long was rather taken aback by this, yet before he had a chance to react, Master Azure Dragon suddenly turned back to Heavenlean City, and roared, "Release that thing, now!"

As soon as the order was issued, a human cultivator on the city wall immediately sprang into action. He flipped a hand over to produce a golden and silver badge, then injected his spiritual power into the badge before waving it through the air a few times.

A pillar of golden and silver light erupted out of the badge, and it surged directly into the heavens, stretching for as far as the eyes could see.

Within the span of just a few breaths, nine more pillars of light that were identical to the first one emerged from a certain formation amid a resounding boom. Each pillar of light was as thick as a water tank, and there seemed to be countless runes swirling within them.

All of a sudden, a white-robed cultivator emerged atop each pillar of light. These nine cultivators were all holding small flags that were of the same color as the pillars of light while chanting something with solemn expressions.

A loud buzzing sound rang out from the nine pillars of light, and they began to rotate rapidly on the spot, expanding at a dramatic rate as they did so.

Within the span of just a few breaths, the pillars of light had become extremely massive, and they quickly converged to form a single gargantuan pillar of light, within which all types of runes were flashing violently with spiritual light.

Right at this moment, the white-robed cultivators let loose low cries in unison, then tossed their small flags toward the center of the pillar of light before fleeing the scene in a panicked manner.

As soon as the small flags vanished into the pillar of light, a rumbling boom akin to a thunderclap rang out, following which all of the runes condensed to form 81 formations on the surface of the pillar of light.

All of the formations were radiating scintillating light, and the pillar of light suddenly shattered amid an earth-shattering boom.

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