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A thunderous roar rang out as a giant beast that was over 10,000 feet in length emerged from the pillar of light. It had the head of a goat, the body of a bear, a pair of bat wings, and its entire body was covered in long green fur.

"That's an Aura Integration Beast!"

Not only were the human cultivators who were unaware of the existence of this beast extremely alarmed by this sight, Tie Long was also stunned to see this giant beast, which was releasing a formidable aura.

As soon as the giant beast emerged, it caught sight of the fleeing white-robed cultivators, and a ferocious light flashed through its eyes as it opened its mouth to expel a burst of yellow light.

The yellow light swept up all of the white-robed cultivators, and they exploded into clumps of blood and flesh before being devoured by the beast.

The nearby human cultivators were petrified to see this, and they all fled in different directions in a blind panic.

The giant let loose a low roar, and a giant yellow paw suddenly swept viciously toward the fleeing cultivators in a certain direction.

Gusts of howling yellow winds were instantly swept up, and over 100 cultivators were instantly torn into shreds.

The giant beast then swept another one of its paws toward another direction, and several tens of cultivators were instantly slain in that direction as well.

An urgent look appeared on Master Azure Dragon's face upon seeing this, and he yelled, "What are you waiting for, Fairy Lin?!"

He had clearly coupled a certain powerful ability with his voice, and not only was it audible across the entire battlefield, many low-grade devilish beasts instantly passed out, unable to even remain standing in the face of his resounding roar.

Fairy Lin Luan's expression instantly darkened upon hearing this, and she let loose a delicate cry as the three gourds she was controlling exploded in quick succession, releasing three giant hornets, each of which was several tens of feet in size. These were hornet monarchs, and they were blasting forth three different types of flames toward Fei Ya.

The flames released by the hornet monarchs were clearly extremely powerful, and even Fei Ya had no choice but to retreat and evade.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Fairy Lin Luan flapped her wings, and she abruptly vanished as a ball of flames.

In the next instant, she re-emerged in the air over 1,000 feet away from Fei Ya, then quickly made a hand seal before extending a finger toward her own glabella.

Several runes flashed, and a small and slightly blurry crimson talisman appeared.

She let loose a delicate cry as white light flashed from her finger, and a pillar of white light formed by a burst of pure spiritual power instantly shot forth into the talisman.

In the next instant, just as the giant beast in Heavenlean City was about to go on a violent killing spree, it suddenly let loose an agonized roar, and another crimson talisman appeared on its massive goat head.

Aside from the size disparity, this talisman was completely identical in appearance to the one on Fairy Lin Luan's glabella.

"Hurry up and come out of the city!"

Just as the giant beast was rolling writhing in agony, Fairy Lin Luan's frosty voice sounded within its mind, and as soon as her voice trailed off, the intense agony in its spiritual sense abruptly disappeared.

The giant beast slowly rose to its feet with a bewildered expression, and it seemed to possess some level of intelligence.

Fairy Lin Luan's cold harrumph sounded once again in its mind, and it shuddered before immediately spreading its wings, then flew out of the city toward the battlefield beyond the city wall.

At this point, Tie Long had unleashed a ferocious barrage of attacks to gain a slight upper hand over Master Azure Dragon, but a hint of fear welled up in his heart as he sensed the enormous aura rapidly approaching him from the distance.

Even though the Aura Integration Beast only ranked last among the four great beasts and couldn't compare with a true spirit being, these beasts were born at the root of all baleful Qi in their respective realms, and all of them possessed several incredibly powerful abilities that would allow them to take on several Body Integration Stage beings at once.

Even though Tie Long was a devilish lord at the pinnacle of the late-Body Integration Stage, he certainly wasn't confident in his ability to take on both Master Azure Dragon and the Aura Integration Beast together.

How did these human cultivators manage to tame one of the four great beasts? Are we going to have to retreat? Wait, if the humans had such a powerful trump card up their sleeve, why didn't they release it before this?

After quickly assessing the situation, Tie Long quickly realized that there was something suspicious going on.

His body swayed as he swelled to 300 feet in size, then swept both of his giant hands through the air, unleashing countless massive claw projections that combined with his giant hammers to completely suppress the azure dragon. At the same time, he swept his spiritual sense toward the oncoming giant beast.

Tie Long only dared to multitask like this as his powers were far beyond those of Master Azure Dragon. If he had been battling someone more evenly matched with him, then there was no way he would've dared to do this.

With his fearsome late-Body Integration Stage spiritual sense, he was naturally able to assess the Aura Integration Beast right away, and just as he had suspected, its aura was fluctuating quite drastically, indicating that it was carrying some severe injuries.

As such, there was still a good chance that they would be able to secure victory.

With that in mind, Tie Long immediately made a decision, and he suddenly let loose a long cry. The cry sounded like a cross between the roar of a tiger and a dragon, and it was clearly audible to everyone within a radius of 50 kilometers.

Deep within the devilish sea, an armored high-grade devilish being's eyes lit up upon hearing this cry. "Hehe, looks like it's our turn to join the battle."

There was a devilish army that numbered in the thousands standing behind him, and most of them were All-encompassing Devilish Cavaliers, while a small proportion of them were Jialun War Devils.

In contrast with the devilish beings that were currently attacking the city, these devilish beings all gave off a bone-chilling aura and had grey Qi revolving around their bodies, indicating that they were using some kind of special cultivation art.

These devilish beings were seated in mid-air in a cross-legged manner, and they all rose to their feet upon hearing the words of the armored devilish general. They then either got onto their steeds or drew their weapons, but they did so in a completely silent wraith-like manner.

"Begin devilfication!" the devilish general instructed in a solemn voice.

Peculiar expressions appeared on the faces of the devilish beings upon hearing this, but none of them opposed the order as they pulled out a purple pill each before swallowing them.

In the next instant, pained expressions began to appear on their faces, as did crimson patterns that quickly spread to the rest of their bodies.

As these crimson patterns emerged, the devilish beings' auras swelled drastically, even though they all still seemed to be in great pain.

The grey Qi revolving around their bodies expanded and began to writhe like a series of giant pythons.

Meanwhile, outside the devilish sea, Tie Long had unleashed several types of secret techniques at once and released seven or eight treasures to unleash a barrage of ferocious attacks on Master Azure Dragon.

Master Azure Dragon was able to just barely keep the attacks at bay, but his azure dragon body was riddled with wounds, and it seemed that he wouldn't be able to last much longer.

Right at this moment, Tie Long's expression suddenly changed, and he abruptly ceased in his attacks before retreating to several hundred feet away, then cast his gaze toward a certain direction with a peculiar look in his eyes.

Master Azure Dragon was naturally very relieved to be afforded this opportunity for respite, but a thought then suddenly occurred to him, and he immediately reverted back to his human form amid a flash of azure light.

His face was very pale, and there were seven holes on his chest that were bleeding profusely. However, he completely disregarded his own injuries as he turned back toward Heavenlean City.

There in the distance, howling yellow winds were sweeping over the city wall, and both the human and devilish armies were struggling to maintain their formations in the face of these gale-force winds.

Those who were at the forefront of the two armies plummeted straight out of the sky, and it was unclear whether they were still alive.

The yellow wind receded, and the gargantuan Aura Integration Beast emerged. It was around 20,000 to 30,000 feet in size, and encompassed virtually the entire heavens.

Both the human and devilish beings drew sharp breaths as they appraised the colossal beast in a fearful manner.

Fairy Lin Luan immediately injected more magic power into the crimson talisman on her glabella, and yelled, "Aura Integration Beast, kill these devilish beings and I'll set you free after this battle!"

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