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The giant was immediately struck by a burst of excruciating spiritual pain, as if several sharp spikes were being driven straight into his brain.

He let loose a cry of agony and alarm as he threw his hands over his head, and the protective spiritual light around his body faded as he plummeted out of the sky.

Right at this moment, the two giant mountains came crashing down toward the armored giant's head with devastating might.

Grey light and invisible sword Qi surged violently, forming a massive net that encompassed the armored giant from all sides.

"Help me!"

As a Body Integration Stage devilish lord, the armored giant was quickly able to recover from the agony inflicted by Han Li's Spiritstun Thorn, and as soon as he returned to his senses, his face immediately paled as he let loose a desperate cry of help.

A burst of buzzing rang out from his suit of red armor, and it swelled drastically in size amid a flash of bright crimson light. At the same time, three crimson fiery pythons, each of which was several hundred feet in length, emerged from the suit of armor to protect him.

This suit of armor was a life-saving treasure that the giant constantly wore, and in this dire situation, it had activated of its own accord to protect its wearer.

Han Li's heart stirred slightly upon hearing the giant's cry for help, but he didn't falter even for a single instant as he swept both sleeves through the air, releasing 72 small azure swords that surged forth in a frenzy. The 72 swords then split up into hundreds of streaks of azure sword Qi, then converged to form a giant azure sword that was over 100 feet in length.

In the face of the wave of grey light, the three fiery pythons were instantly vanquished as if they had encountered the bane of their existences, immediately following which countless swords threads unleashed a ferocious assault on the giant suit of red armor.

Countless explosions rang out in rapid succession, and the suit of armor was immediately pushed to the verge of falling apart.

Han Li pointed a finger toward the giant sword before him and uttered a single word. "Slash!"

At the same time, he swept a hand down from above, and a silver shadow shot forth from within his sleeve.

The giant sword crashed downward with devastating might and incredible speed, and before it had even reached the armored giant, he was already struck by a bone-chilling sensation of impending doom.

He felt as if his entire body had been plunged into a glacial pit, and in his desperation, he attempted to flee the scene as a ball of crimson flames.

However, right at this moment, a silver ruler suddenly emerged out of thin air without any warning, then immediately transformed into a long silver snake that wound itself tightly around the giant's waist, preventing him from being able to escape.

The crimson flames around the armored giant's body instantly swelled up with greater intensity, but the silver snake was completely unfazed and only wound its body tighter around the giant.

A look of shock and horror appeared on the giant's face, and he tried to unleash some other abilities, but it was already too late.

The giant silver sword descended with unstoppable might, instantly tearing through the protective spiritual light around the giant's body.

Immediately thereafter, it transformed into a massive azure vortex that encompassed an area of around an acre in size.

The armored giant was situated right at the center of the vortex, and he only had a chance to let loose a bloodcurdling cry before his body and Nascent Soul were both shredded into nothingness.

Almost at the exact same moment, two bursts of formidable fluctuations erupted from within the devilish Qi, and two streaks of light, one golden and one silver, shot forth directly toward Han Li.

As such, Han Li didn't even get a chance to savor his victory against that Body Integration Stage devilish lord before he was forced to turn his attention to these two oncoming streaks of light.

The two streaks of light were traveling at an incredible speed, and after just a few flashes, they stopped around 1,000 feet away from Han Li. The golden and silver light then faded to reveal a silver-robed middle-aged man, and a middle-aged beauty in a pink palatial dress.

Both of them were appraising Han Li with fury and incredulity in their eyes.

They were none other than the Yin Yang Twin Devils, who had joined the devilish army just a few days ago. Tie Long had somehow managed to convince them that Han Li was the one who had killed Lord Li's trio, so they agreed to participate in this attack against Heavenlean City.

The two devilish lords had intentionally concealed themselves within the devilish sea, and their plan was naturally to get the other devilish lords to distract Han Li and the others before they lashed out with a series of surprise attacks.

However, never did they think that Han Li would be able to kill one of the devilish lords before they even had a chance to intervene. This alarming turn of events naturally filled them with shock and fury.

After sweeping his spiritual sense toward this pair of devilish lords, Han Li's brows also furrowed slightly. These two were both mid-Body Integration Stage beings, so this could prove to be a rather troublesome battle.

He had already guessed that there were other devilish lords hiding within the devilish sea upon hearing the armored giant's plea for help, but it was naturally still a surprise to see that there were two devilish lords lurking in the shadows.

"To think that you were able to kill Lord Yan in just a single exchange; it seems that there really is a very good chance that Lord Li and the others fell by your hands as well. With your abilities, I'm sure you're quite a renowned figure in the human race; do you dare to tell us your name?" the middle-aged man said as his eyes narrowed slightly.

Han Li's heart stirred slightly upon hearing this, but his expression remained unchanged. "Lord Li? Who's that? Are you two mistaking me for someone else? As for my name, I'll disclose that to you when I send you two on your way."

"Hehe, it's been many, many years since anyone has dared to speak to the two of us like this. There's no use denying your involvement in the deaths of Lord Li and the others; we're going to capture you, and use that Infernal Soul Refinement Technique to make you spit out the truth. Senior Martial Brother, bring out the treasure that the Sacred Ancestor bestowed upon us," the middle-aged beauty said with a cold look in her eyes.

She then opened her mouth to expel a miniature purple cauldron that was enveloped by black Qi. Initially, it was only several inches in size, but it quickly swelled to around 10 feet, and there were countless shimmering black runes on its surface.

The middle-aged man flipped a hand over upon seeing this to produce a glittering and translucent miniature pagoda that was radiating rainbow spiritual light.

Han Li was quite wary of the fact that these two had asked about Lord Li's trio, but he certainly wasn't going to fear a pair of mid-Body Integration Stage devilish lords, even though the treasures that they had released seemed to be quite extraordinary.

His expression darkened slightly as he raised both of his hands, hurling his two extreme mountains through the air.

He then made a hand seal before pointing a finger at each of the mountains, and they both swelled to over 10,000 feet tall before crashing down toward the two devilish lords with devastating might.

Grey light and invisible sword Qi surged out of the undersides of the mountains once again, and the entire heavens quaked in the face of the two mountains' tremendous power.

However, Han Li knew that these attacks alone wouldn't be enough to take down the two devilish lords, and he immediately made a grabbing motion, upon which a short silver ruler appeared in his grasp.

He flicked his wrist, and two ruler projections shot forth before vanishing into thin air in a flash.

In the next instant, the two ruler projections reappeared behind the two devilish lords before sweeping viciously toward the backs of their heads.

At the same time, a thunderclap erupted behind Han Li, and he also disappeared into thin air as an arc of silver lightning.

"Hmph, you think such a clumsy surprise attack can harm us?" the devilish beauty harrumphed coldly as she completely ignored the oncoming ruler projection and pointed a finger at the giant cauldron before her.

A rumbling boom erupted from the cauldron, and the black runes on its surface surged forth in a frenzy before converging to form an enormous rune right above the cauldron.

A burst of peerless suction power then erupted out of the cauldron amid a loud ringing sound, and the two ruler projections that were hurtling toward the pair of devilish lords from behind were instantly sucked into the giant purple cauldron as two streaks of silver light.

As for the two massive mountains that were crashing down from above, the devilish beauty switched to another hand seal, and the giant rune above the cauldron blurred before taking on a different form.

The suction force being released by the cauldron was instantly reversed as a result, and the barrier of countless black lotus flowers was conjured up to keep the two massive mountains at bay, stopping them cold in their tracks.

Right at this moment, a loud thunderclap rang out, and Han Li abruptly appeared above the black mountain amid a flash of silver lightning, then immediately stomped a foot viciously onto the summit of the mountain.

An earth-shattering boom rang out, and the weight of the black mountain increased by severalfold, causing the barrier of black lotus flowers down below to tremor violently.

At the same time, Han Li rubbed his hands together before thrusting them downward, sending a dozen or so thick bolts of golden lightning crashing down from above.

Concealed within these bolts of golden lightning were several tens of barely visible azure swords, and the devilish beauty was quite stunned by the ferocity of Han Li's attacks.

However, she wasn't panicked in the slightest, and a cold smile appeared on her face as she switched hand seals once again, then opened her mouth to expel a cloud of pure black devilish Qi toward the giant cauldron.

After absorbing this black Qi, a string of resounding booms rang out within the cauldron, and a few more ancient runes emerged amid a flash of black light.

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