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Han Li felt greatly depressed. Under ordinary circumstances, he could use his abilities to escape the net in an instant.

But as he was hidden, he couldn't blink out of the net in fear that his aura would be revealed.

In that moment of hesitation, he found himself in the restriction.

Han Li twitched his eye and could only helplessly remain in place. His mind pondered about the information he acquired.

The Chi Rong Race should be one of the seventy-two branches of the Flying Spirit Tribe. It was unknown how they acquired information that the three Tian Peng beings had Woodbud Flowers in their possession, but this resulted in an ambush on their return path. The Chi Rong Race dared to do this because the Tian Peng Race’s lord perished, so they were rendered helpless.

In that case, wouldn’t his original plan be fruitless? Could it be that he would have to give up on the Tian Peng Race and find another gathering spot for the Flying Spirit Tribe?

That wouldn’t do! After all, the Tian Peng Race had very little differences with humans in appearance apart from their wings. He didn’t know if there were other branches of the Flying Spirit Tribe that would appear as similar. For example, the Chi Rong Race appeared too fiendish and would be difficult for him to infiltrate.

As these thoughts quickly flickered through his mind, he watched the ongoing battle between the Tian Peng beings and Chi Rong beings.

Deafening thunder rumbled as countless silver bolts of lightning snaked through a roaring sea of flames. The three silver birds seemed to have turned into lightning itself. They didn’t use beak or talons and appeared majestic, but as they were surrounded with so much flame, they found themselves at a disadvantage.

Not only were the flame birds completely enveloped in fire, but when silver lightning occasionally struck their bodies, fire would flash and their injuries would instantly heal as if they had undying bodies. Furthermore, lightning flashed from the silver birds as they were wrapped in flames. They appeared uninjured, but their light was gradually growing dimmer.

As the battle went on, a scarlet pearl appeared in the air above them at an unknown time. It emitted a red mist of light that enveloped an area of a hundred meters.

In the battle, a fire bird that was several times larger than the other let out a strange laugh, “Feng Xiao, you may be a similar grade to me, but with my Fire Dragon Pearl, you aren’t a match for me.”

A cold snort sounded and a silver bird suddenly swiped its talons, cutting five white streaks through the air. They traveled quickly and fiercely sliced at the pearl above them.

Boom. The surface of the Fire Dragon Pearl glowed with red light and easily brushed off the attack.

“Hehe, Brother Feng Xiao, don’t think that luck will save you. The Fire Dragon Pearl has restrictions placed by our race’s elders. A single high-grade flying spirit master can’t hope to harm it.” The huge bird wildly laughed and flapped his wings several times, producing waves of flame.

In the next moment, three silver birds were about to streak outside the range of the Fire Dragon Pearl, but the pearl closely pursued them like a parasite. Because the silver birds were distracted, they received even more injuries and the lightning on their bodies began to weaken.

When they saw this, the fire birds launched attacks with even greater fervor.

The three silver birds could only strenuously block the sea of flames.

When the bald man saw this, he sneered and only let out a clear shriek.

The huge two-headed bird finally took action.

It unfolded its wings and its two heads released a gloomy cry. Its huge body blurred and turned into a rainbow mist, directly wrapping around the three silver birds in the sea of flames.

When the silver birds saw this, they were frantic. One of them sternly shouted, “Quickly use lightning movements to dodge! We cannot directly withstand the Chi Hou Bird!

As soon as that was said, the three silver birds frantically turned into three silver arcs of lightning, shooting out from the sea of flames. They instantly received several strikes in their escape.

But as soon as they left the sea of flames, they vanished in a blur.

When the rainbow light swept past the air, the light faded to reveal the two-headed bird once more. Its two heads began to repeatedly look around it.

The Fire Dragon Pearl in the air spun in place as if it lost trace of the three silver birds.

The fire birds were startled when they saw this. The largest of the birds withdrew his wings and turned back to human form amidst the roiling flames.

He was the bald man named Tian Ming.

He looked in the direction the three silver lightning bolts escaped and sneered, “Don’t think that you’ll be able to hide using the power of lightning. Apart from my Fire Dragon Pearl, I’ve also brought spirit sensitive wasps. I’ve already given them a crystal core from your race for them to track. Regardless of your skill in lightning evasion, you won’t be able to escape them.” With that said, the bald man spat out a red gourd.

As it spun in the air, the gourd’s mouth opened and suddenly released several yellow wasps. Each of them were several inches long and glimmered with light.

The large man uttered a bewildering cry and he pointed in the direction that the silver birds escaped.

Suddenly, the three wasps buzzed as they flew off.

The large man wildly laughed and waved his arm behind him.

The other Chi Rong firebirds stretched their wings and closely followed each of the wasps.

As for the huge two-headed bird, it slowly flew in their direction.

In that moment, the large man’s sinister smile froze.

The wasps began to fly in a circle and converged on an area nearby. They continued to fly in a circle.

Could the wasps have found a Tian Peng being?

The Chi Rong beings were all confused.

However, the bald man was decisive and immediately reacted. He shouted, “Attack!”

But before the firebirds could charge forward, a man’s voice sighed from the location that the wasps were circling.

Grey light brightly shined and a spiritual light swept through the nearby space, enveloping the wasps and having them disappear.

In their alarm, the firebirds instantly opened their mouths and launched pillars of flame.

They only saw grey light flash in response. The fire pillars melted away in contact with the grey light and vanished.

It was then that the firebirds were greatly frightened. They suddenly stopped their charge forward and looked with bewilderment as an unfamiliar man slowly appeared from the grey light.

The man was azure robed and had a common face. A pair of white wings appeared from his back. He seemed like a member of the Flying Spirit Tribe, but he wasn’t among the three Tian Peng beings from before.

“Who is your esteemed self?” In the bald man’s fright, he sternly shouted and emitted an astonishing presence from his body.

“Who am I? You can’t tell?” Han Li replied with a smile.

Although his face was calm, he was cursing in his heart.

The foreign beings then exchanged a glance. He suddenly appeared before them and the wasps had tracked him down. How could he not be a Tian Peng being?

Han Li inwardly pondered, faintly sensing that this most likely had to do with the Tian Peng feather he forged with his Thunderstorm Wings.

Fortunately, at the same time he emerged, he had his Thunderstorm Wings change color and form into an exact copy of the Tian Peng being’s wings. The disguise was flawless.

“A Tian Peng being?” The bald man looked at Han Li’s white wings with a hateful expression.

Han Li silently smiled.

“Regardless of how you’ve come here, since you’ve come across us, your only choice is death. Kill him.” The bald man commanded.

The surrounding firebirds flocked around him and waved their wings, releasing a dozen claw streaks mixed with burning flames towards Han Li.

At that moment, the Fire Dragon Pearl flashed and appeared a hundred meters above Han Li’s head.

A barrier of red light surrounded him.

Han Li’s brow stirred but he still hadn’t taken action. He simply waved a black palm and grey mist surged around him. When the claw streaks and flame entered the mist, they froze and soon, the mist slowly dissolved the attacks in flashes of light.

Meanwhile, thunder rang from Han Li’s wings and his body blurred. He disappeared in a flash of golden lightning. A moment later, he appeared above the red pearl in the sky and stretched forward, taking the pearl into his hand.

The Fire Dragon Pearl boomed. Not only did a fire-red barrier appear, but a ten-meter-long scarlet python appeared in the air. It fiercely bit down on Han Li’s arm with fangs.

A large bang sounded!

Golden flight flashed from his arm to reveal thin golden scales on his skin. No matter how fiercely the fire python bit down, it wasn’t able to pierce his skin.

He grabbed the pearl and exerted strength in his hand. A faint golden figure appeared from his back and let out a brittle sound.

Not only did the Fire Dragon Pearl’s surface forcibly crack, but the pearl’s body crumbled underneath Han Li’s immense strength.

After he rubbed his two hands together, the crystal dust scattered in the wind.

Han Li easily dealt with each of their attacks in the blink of an eye, and he destroyed the Fire Dragon Pearl with brute strength alone just as quickly.

All of the Chi Rong beings were dumbstruck by this display.

“You actually destroyed a treasure of our race!” the bald man was equivalently dumbstruck, but he was soon thrown into a rage when he recalled the consequences of the pearl’s destruction.

He let out a shriek and his body blurred, turning back into a huge bird as he fiercely shot towards Han Li. As for the huge two-headed bird, it turned into a mist of light as it moved to wrap around him.

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