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The small beast raised his frow in fright and he hastily replied, “We don’t dare to do such a thing. Lords, please personally inspect the year of the spirit flowers.”

Meanwhile, the huge gold-furred ape turned his palm and white light flashed in front of him. He summoned two jade boxes full of Woodbud Flowers and offered them to the Tian Peng beings with both arms.

The younger Tian Peng man skeptically received the two jade boxes and opened them.

Suddenly, sparkling golden light lit up in front of him and a medicinal scent filled the air.

The three Tian Peng beings were startled, but they were soon overjoyed.

The Tian Peng woman took one of the flowers and closely examined it. She excitedly said, “They truly are Woodbud Flowers over a thousand years old. Their qualities are first class.”

“That’s right,” the older man’s smile faded and he said, “You rarely hand over such high quality flowers. Tell about the other materials you are lacking.”

The four demon beasts felt relief when they heard this and gave them an explanation.

They then took out their other pieces of tribute and presented them for examination.

The younger man began to check through the tribute, “Hm, the Golden Marrow Crystal Insects and the Golden Coral Sand are somewhat lacking, and there is only half the amount of Azure Light Wood...”

“Good enough,” the older man nodded, “There aren’t many lacking materials. The additional Woodbud Flowers made up for your shortfalls. As a result of this tribute, we will bestow medicine pills for your slave markings. Next time we come, the more Woodbud Flowers, the better.” Then, he shook his sleeve and released four azure jade bottles to each of the four demons.

The four demons received the small bottles and repeatedly uttered their thanks.

Once the three Tian Peng beings put away their tribute, they immediately left the small beast’s cave residence.

The four demons respectfully saw them out the gate. Once they saw the three Tian Peng beings fly off as birds, they returned to the cave residence with relief and proceeded with their discussion.

The demons were completely unaware of the small golden beetle that was crouched in the corner of the room. It was still as death.

Meanwhile, Han Li remained hidden as he followed the three large birds. His eyes wandered without end.

Han Li had seen everything that happened inside the cave residence, including the tribute that was collected. He was certain they were planning their return to a meeting spot for their Tian Peng Race.

What he currently wanted to do was follow the three Tian Peng beings and find a safe route back to the Heavenly Origin Continent.

After all, in such a large sea, who knew what dangers laid hidden. Han Li didn’t wish to run into the domain of an immensely strong existence.

Furthermore, those from the Flying Spirit Tribe appeared similar to humans. If he could find out a place where the Tian Peng Race gathered, he could use his abilities to blend in and exchange information, materials, and medicines with them.

Perhaps this foreign race had many rare treasures like Gold Marrow Crystal Insects.

After all, the Flying Spirit Tribe were different from humans and had items that were priceless to humans but were ordinary to the Flying Spirit Tribe, and vice-versa.

With that in mind, Han Li’s thoughts grew excited and continued to tail the three Tian Peng Beings.

With Han Li’s abilities, the three weren’t able to escape the range of his spiritual sense and he could keep watch on them.

As a result, the three birds and a single cultivator swiftly flew from the side of a peninsula and through the nearby ocean. After flying for two months, Han Li eventually saw a black line on the horizon.

They’ve finally arrived on the shore of the Tian Yuan Continent.

At that moment, the three Tian Peng beings flew onto land.

Close to the shore, there were fields of uneven hills.

Han Li didn’t dare to slow down and lose them. He increased his speed and closed half the distance between them.

But then, something suddenly changed in front of them.

In front of the three Tian Peng beings was a huge two-headed bird and seven other winged foreign beings.

As soon as they appeared, they immediately surrounded the three Tian Peng beings as if they meant them harm.

Han Li was alarmed, but he didn’t stop. Soon, he found himself only half a kilometer away before he ceased flight.

The huge two-headed bird appeared frightening. It was thirty-meters tall, and of its two heads, one was a wyrm’s while the other was a tiger’s, but the rainbow feathers covering its body were gorgeous. As for the eight winged beings, they also appeared quite frightening. Not only were their wings larger than the Tian Peng Beings, but their scarlet wings seemed to be lit on fire.

In the blink of an eye, the three Tian Peng beings returned to their human forms and wore solemn expressions.

The older Tian Peng man harshly shouted at a large man in the group surrounding them, “Tian Ming, what is the meaning of this? This land is in the Tian Peng Race’s control. Why did your Chi Rong Race appear here and block our way? Could it be you don’t fear punishment of the ten laws?”

The large man wore a red robe, was bald, and had a brawny stature.

The large man chuckled, “Hehe, what is there to fear from the ten laws? Obediently take out the items you have. If you pay allegiance to our Chi Rong Race, perhaps we’ll release you.”

The older man’s expression changed, but his expression soon returned to normal as he asked, “What items?”

The large bald man sinisterly said, “Brother Feng Xiao, doesn’t need to hide it. I’m talking about the Woodbud Flowers.”

The older man bluntly denied, “How could we carry something so rare? Tian Ming, could it be your mind is addled?”

The large man wildly laughed, “It doesn’t matter if you admit it. I’ll be searching for you regardless. Ah yes, I forgot to tell you. Your sacred lord carrying Kun Peng true blood was killed after he was surrounded by three Zheng Zheng Beasts that emerged from the depths. The Flying Spirit Tribe removed the Tian Peng Race as a branch.”

The three were astonished by this news.

The younger Tian Peng man doubtfully said, “Nonsense. The Sacred Kun Peng Lord would be able to escape even if he wasn’t a match. How could three Zheng Zheng Beasts stop him?”

The large bald man flapped his fiery wings and maliciously said, “Hehe, if it were only Zheng Zheng Beasts, they wouldn’t be able to block him, but if he was already injured before and his wings were crippled, he wouldn’t be able to escape.

The older Tian Peng Man remained calm and icily replied, “You think we’ll believe you just like that? Enough nonsense, even if Lord Tian Hua perished, don’t think that we’ll hand over our things.”

Light shined from his other two companions in preparation for a fight.

When the large bald man heard this, he snorted and an ominous glint shined from his eye.

The bald man was a mid Deity Transformation cultivator, and his companions were at early Deity Transformation stage. In addition with the huge two-headed bird, their fighting force was several times greater than the three Tian Peng beings. However, if the Tian Peng beings only focused on escaping, he wasn’t confident they could hold them down.

After all, the Chi Rong Race wasn’t renowned for their speed. If they faced similar grade beings, their prey would most likely escape. However, since the bald man already planned this ambush, he already had something in mind.

A sinister expression flashed on his face as the large man waved his hand.

The other Chi Rong beings flipped their hand and produced a short blue cylinder and pointed it behind them.

With several pops, balls of blue flames shot out.

“Not good! They’re Devil Trapping Cylinders! Go, quickly!” When the older Tian Peng man saw this, he cried out and unfolded his wings without another thought. Silver light burst from his body.

The other two quickly followed him, producing rolls of thunder.

However, it was too slow.

The surrounding balls of blue light suddenly erupted, turning in large blue nets that erupted in size.

In the blink of an eye, the nets fused together and sealed off a kilometer of space in a giant cage.

When the cage was complete, the three flashes of lightning were too slow and hadn’t been able to escape.

When the lightning faded, the three Tian Peng beings wore pale complexions.

When the bald man saw that they trapped the three Tian Peng beings, he happily said, “Although it is the lowest-grade Devil Trapping Net, it’s still enough to hold you down. Feng Xiao, do you truly believe you’ll be able to escape the net as we attack you from all sides.

It would be better to obediently surrender. If you don’t reply, don’t blame me for not trying.”

“Combine our strength and quickly break through the Devil Trapping Net!” The older man, Feng Xiao, expressionlessly commanded his two companions. Soon after, he pinched his hands together and raised them. Two dense bolts of lightning shot out and directly struck the huge blue net.

His younger companions immediately opened their mouths and released dense bolts of lightning to add to the attacks.

Suddenly, several eruptions sounded and a net of blue light fused with silver light, turning the Devil Trapping Net into a blur.

When the bald man saw this, he was thrown into a rage and he furiously shouted, “Attack! Don’t hold anything back!”

Soon after, he blurred through the air and turned into a ten-meter-large scarlet bird. He flapped his wings and immersed himself with flames as he dived to the three Tian Peng beings.

The other Chi Rong beings underwent a similar transformation and began their attack as flame birds.

As a result, the three Tian Peng beings weren’t able to continue their attacks on the Devil Trapping Net and they could only transform into large silver birds, spitting lightning as they confronted their enemy.

For a time, flames roiled and lightning wildly flashed. The nearby air was filled with burning heat and smoke.

Only the huge two-headed bird remained unmoving in place.

Han Li let out a soft sigh, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

At that moment, the Devil Trapping Net surrounded him as well.

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