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When Han Li saw this, he smirked. Without using any treasures, he simply flapped his wings, shooting away in a crystalline line. As he traveled, he blurred out of sight.

The large bald man in his firebird form opened his mouth without another thought and spat out a wave of purple flames, enveloping everything thirty meters in front of him.

If Han Li Han Li were in the nearby area, he would’ve been caught by the flames.

But largely against the large man’s expectations, Han Li’s target hadn’t been the large man from the start. In a flash of white light, he appeared next to the huge two-headed bird.

Despite the huge bird’s size, it was amazingly quick.

So as soon as Han Li appeared, the bird suddenly raised its wyrm head and spat a beam of icy light.

But before the light even struck his body, the nearby air crackled. Various chunks of ice began to slowly form.

The ice beam was incredibly cold, on par with Han Li’s original Celestial Ice Flames, capable of freezing the air itself. In a blur, it quickly arrived before him.

Astonishment glinted from Han Li’s eyes, but with a simple wave of his sleeve, he released a mist of grey light to meet the attack.

When the icy light entered it, it seemed to freeze.

In that moment of delay, rainbow light flashed from Han Li’s sleeve and a palm of pure-white jade appeared.

He waved his hand out, summoning the brief appearance of five sinister skulls. Then, a rainbow flame flared up from his palm in a grand display.

Having cultivated the Hundred Meridian Refinement Mantra for so many years, Han Li was able to fully employ it with ease. He could bring forth the complete might of the Divine Essensefused Mountain and the Unbreakable Cinque Devils, and when combined with the strength of his body, their might increased several-fold, granting him strength an entire grade above his cultivation.

With a light ring, the beam of icy light broke through the Divine Essensefused Light and struck his white jade palm.

However, the rainbow flames simply began to revolve and the beam of light was immediately absorbed into it without resistance.

When the huge bird saw this, it raised its tiger head without any hesitation and released a transparent soundwave straight towards Han Li.


Han Li coldly snorted and golden light brightly shined from his body, wrapping himself with light before the soundwave struck.

A muffled rumbling sounded out and the golden light clashed against the sound wave, resulting in a chain of explosions.

However, Han Li paid no mind to these explosions. After several flashes, he broke through the soundwave and arrived in front of the huge bird with his fists raised.

But the huge bird was fierce and turned its body. With huge talons glinting with cold light, it swiped its claw through the air.

The sound of torn space loudly ripped, seemingly enveloping Han Li in the strike.

His expression sank and his fists flickered, one with grey light and the other with rainbow flames, as he blocked the attack.

Two huge booms shook the air.

The huge bird suddenly let out a piercing scream, but before the huge claw could close around Han Li, it disintegrated inch by inch underneath flashes of radiant light, even turning into a cloud of blood.

Afterwards, he blurred forward into the blood mist.

A vicious gaze appeared in the eyes of the two-headed bird. With no regard for its destroyed claw, it extended its two heads and widely opened its mouths to bite down on Han Li.

A fishy scent pervaded the air.

When the other Chi Rong beings finally realized what was happening, they released a barrage of attacks in furious surprise.

A wave of purple flames and countless fireballs shot forward, fusing together halfway to create a three-hundred-meter wide sea of scarlet flame.

The flame birds stirred and each entered the sea, vanishing inside it.

The sea of flames roiled and gathered into a huge wave over thirty meters tall, directly rushing towards Han Li.

However, Han Li wasn’t about to give them the opportunity to perform a pincer attack. With his hands already raised, a golden three-headed six-armed picture appeared on his back. Two golden arms from the image on his back blurred suddenly before vanishing.

Meanwhile, two golden lights flashed near the bird, summoning two huge golden arms out of the air, each revealing a hand that was three-meters-wide and shimmering with golden light. They fiercely pounded down as they appeared.

With two huge thuds, the bird was caught off guard and was firmly smashed by both of the fists. The bird strumbled from the impact, unable to keep its balance.

Han Li then raised one of his hands against the oncoming wave of fire.

A huge black mountain suddenly appeared and spun in the air, creating a lofty barrier to meet up the oncoming fire wave.

The nearby air shook. The flame and grey light rolled against each other, finding themselves both at a deadlock.

The Divine Essensefused Light was able to turn any of the five elements into nothing, but even that had its limits. Against the flames of the many Chi Rong beings, it was only enough to block it.

However, that wasn’t his objective to begin with.

He saw a golden opportunity and shook his shoulders, causing the remaining four arms of the picture on his back to vanish in the blink.

Meanwhile, the huge bird’s surroundings blinked as four huge golden arms stretched into existence.

The four arms tore through space as they reached forward, each arm strangely twisting until they held both of the bird’s necks in a stranglehold.

It was then that the huge bird sobered from being pounded by the two fists. It was greatly frightened by the sudden development and attempted to shake free with its huge bodies, attempting to flap its wings, but its giant body was still unable to budge in the slightest.

The two fists that pounded the bird earlier had unknowingly grabbed a hold of one of the bird’s wings some time ago, forcing it still.

The huge bird was struck with terror. Before it could use any other abilities to escape, the four arms holding its two necks exerted an immense force.

As mighty and brutish the huge bird’s body may be, against this huge force, the neck broke like wet paper and separated the heads from the body entirely.

Han Li then relaxed his incantation gesture, causing the golden figure on his back to vanish alongside with the four golden arms that had appeared.

Soon after, the headless bird and the heads began to fall through the air.

With a raised brow, he flicked his sleeve, releasing three silver fireballs to strike the body and the heads.

With several crackles, the silver flames roiled and the body turned to ash. The flames then condensed together in a bird and returned to Han Li.

“Run!” The bald man’s voice shouted, aghast. When the bald man saw Han Li killed the huge bird which was equivalent in strength to himself, he quickly recovered from his rage.

With the sound of tearing air, nine fire birds shot out from the sea of flames towards the sky.

Having realized that they wouldn’t prove Han Li’s match and that they were chasing after the other Tian Peng beings to begin with, the large man prepared to withdraw.

“Tian Ming, isn’t it too late to run?”

High in the sky, the voice of the older Tian Peng man sounded. Afterwards, silver lightning flashed and three large silver birds suddenly appeared. Having remained hidden this entire time, the Tian Peng beings finally took action, resulting in a grand ambush.

Countless arcs of lightning were released, instantly creating a huge net of lightning.

The bald man’s firebird form let out a long screech. With him at the center, the fire birds suddenly condensed into a single firebird over a hundred meters tall.

With purple flames wrapping around the giant firebird, it unfolded its wings and charged through the lightning net.

The three huge birds were startled and didn’t dare to block the way.

The purple firebird’s flames surged quickly. And with several blurs, it pierced flew past the Devil Trapping Net and appeared three hundred meters away.

Such a fast speed was shocking.

When Han Li saw this, a light glinted from his eye as he floated in place. He had no intention of pursuing it.

The three silver birds hesitated for a moment and didn’t pursue it either. They simply returned to human form in a silver flash and boom of thunder.

The older Tian Peng man looked at Han Li, who single-handedly repelled the Chi Rong beings. Not daring to slight him, he quickly saluted him from a distance and asked, “Many thanks for your help! We wouldn’t have escaped calamity otherwise. However, your face is unfamiliar, Brother. Could it be you’re a clansman that have remained in secluded cultivation in the sea?”

After some thought, Han Li calmly answered, “Even I don’t truly understand if I am a Tian Peng being. My background is a bit peculiar as I’ve cultivated overseas until now. This is the first time I’ve come back to the Feng Yuan Continent. But from our appearance, we seem to be of the same race. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have helped you repel the Chi Rong beings.”

The older Tian Peng man named Feng Xiao smiled and said, “Hehe, there is no need for you to be so puzzled. You should be a clan descendant that was overlooked. In terms of appearance and aura, you are a Tian Peng being without a doubt! Furthermore, from your dense aura, you should be a direct descendant of our race. Otherwise, those spirit wasps wouldn’t have sought out.”

The dainty Tian Peng woman had a flash of understanding and said, “Brother’s abilities must’ve come from overseas. They quite different from ours.”

The younger man grinned and said, “Regardless of everything else, your Tian Peng aura is genuine. If not for our aura, we couldn't tell ourselves apart from the other branches that share our appearance.”

When Han Li heard this, he felt relief. It seemed that refining the Kun Peng feather would aid him in concealing his identity. He hadn’t taken action in vain. He then said, “Since you all are sure, it should be correct. But from what that Chi Rong man said, the Tian Rong Clan’s circumstances aren’t very good.”

Feng Xiao sullenly said, “That’s hard to say. It could just be provoking taunts, or something did happen to our clan. Even as we are comparatively weaker among the seventy-two branches of the Flying Spirit Tribe, they wouldn’t dare to brazenly plunder our goods.”

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