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  Volume III Chapter 90 Who’s Fond of Who? (Part 1) Bajiao heard the sound and looked at her intently, stretched and yawned, before moving to extend its claws to her hand that was on her chest. The flurry movements of the little fellow had helped calm her heart. She took a deep sigh to relax. She decided to forget the incident for the time being and went back to see Sang Nuan.   She returned to Sang Shang, the young apprentice took her to the log cabin closest to the two-story building. The door was half open and the room was furnished in a simple but elegant style.  A carved screen sep arated the inner chamber and outside the screen were tables and chairs. Su Su went over the screen and saw that there were actually two beds in the room. Sang Nuan was lying on one bed and Ao San was leaning against one corner of the wall, staring at Sang Nuan without blinking, like he was in a trance-like state with completely blank expression     “Ao San?” When did Ao San's vigilance become so bad? It was not until she called him that he looked back and recovered that fierce look on his eyes. She saw that he turned sinister, and his eyes had a touched of chagrin, without saying anything, he turned and walked outside the cabin.  
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