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Volume III Chapter 89

Accompany You Part 2

"Let’s go. " Mo Yuan arrived beside

Su Su. She felt that her wrist was being

held by a big ice-cold hand. She

gawked at him… he wanted to

accompany her? The gloomy voice that

a person can barely hear was very

disturbing. Her heart felt a tug after

hearing that ugly voice and it made her


Before Li Yang left for 

very closely side by side, supporting

each other, evidently desperately

making a special effort.

"......" Su Su stared into the eyes of

Mo Yuan, it had a burning look. After

walking a few steps out of the

courtyard, the person put the ling cao

into her hands, what was he

thinking? Mo Yu, that rascal was not

deceiving me, right? He said this grass

was a treasure to all Mohist.

"......" Mo Yuan completely

disregarded Su Su’s permeating stare

and stubbornly put the ling cao back

into her hand.

The two people were tugging each

other’s hand without making any


The weather was cold but Su Su’s

forehead was sweating. Mu Xue was

walking in front. Su Su doesn’t want

people from Mo territory to know that

Mo Yuan gave her his ling cao, it will

surely produce some

controversy. Considering the

importance of ling cao, Su Su finally

compromised, she stopped competing

with Mo Yuan and put the yellow

envelope of ling cao into her own waist

pocket. After glaring at Mo Yuan,

ahem, she clears her throat and

whispered, ” When we return, we have

to talk.”

Mo Yuan was very satisfied with such a

result, as long as she received it, he will

not give her a chance to return it.

The mood of the couple walking was

very different, one depressed and the

other one was happy, nevertheless, they

walk very slow. After walking full

fragrant time (probably around 15

minutes), the two was led by Mu Xue in

a study.

The study “room” was not actually a

room but more of a library, it’s a two

story building with two doors that were

both open, full of books that were 

visible to the eyes only after walking


Mu Xue did not knock at the door, but

brought the two directly inside the

room and respectfully said, “

Patriarch, the lady you invited is here.”

The gentle and chilly male

voice sounded behind

a bookshelf, "You may rest .”

"Yes." Mu Xue gave a ceremonial

salute then went out. She did not even

cast a glance at Mo Yuan or Su Su all

those times.

Su Su was looking at the building and

she could only sigh with

regrets. Everyone in the Mohist

territory will call it a study, it was

worthy to be called a library. All four

walls were full of rows of books. It was

a very spacious room and was

separated into sections by towering

bookshelves. The collection of books

was not only made of paper but also of

bamboo sticks, satin, scrolls everything

that can be used for writing can be

found here. Su Su was curious about

the library and it had a very g

favorable impression. The air

permeates the scent of books

interlocking with ink smell giving a

person a good mood.

“Ah Yuan, you also came, sit." Again,

the low and deep smooth male

voice was very pleasant to hear

resonated along with the black color

form coming out behind a bookshelf.

He was holding a scroll and the black

robe looked like it was hanging in a

long body of white jade that looked

handsome and elegant. Although this

was the second time Su Su was meeting

the patriarch of Mohist clan, she still

couldn’t accept that he was not an old

grandfather? She was not familiar with

seeing such a young patriarch.

Mo Yuan walked in the middle of the

building and sat on the wooden chair.

Su Su, cough softly, and she followed 

after him. She smiled guiltily, “Thank

you, Patriarch Mo.”

Mo Zhe put the scroll in his hands on

top of the long narrow table and

replied with a smile, "Lady Su..."

Su Su also replied back with a faint

smile, “ Patriarch Mo, please, simply

call me Su Su.”

The eyes of Mo Zhe showed a touch of

smile and nodded, “Good, calling you

Su Su, is also very refreshing. I will not

beat around the bush for the reason I

called you, it is about the Lingshi.”

Su Su had guessed correctly. The

patriarch summoned her because of the

bagua disk. When Mo Zhe went

straight to the point, she felt better that

way because she didn’t like those

lengthy polite pleasantries.

Mo Zhe fished out the gorgeous

purple disk plate from his sleeves and

rubbed it gently with his hand, asked,

"Last night Ah Yuan told me how you

found the Lingshi but there is one thing

that I could not grasp, why did the

Lingshi become a bagua disk?

Su Su did not notice that her wrinkled

brows turned into a deep frown. Since

Mo Yuan already reported that he

found the Lingshi, why did he not say

that the bagua disk was hidden inside

the Lingshi? Or did the Patriarch

asked for her alone to come to confirm

his own son’s report coming from her

own mouth? She did not know what

Mo Yuan said to him on their way

back, but she did try to evade the

question and answered back, “I and

Mo Yuan found the Lingshi inside the

cave in Huan Lang Island. Originally it

looked like a piece of black stone, then

the stone broke and inside it is this

beautiful purple disk.” As for the other

things that they found in Mo Sang's

tomb, she decided to leave it out for it

seemed that Mo Yuan had other plans.

"How did the stone relic suddenly

broke apart?" 

Su Su gently cleared her throat in

embarrassment, sighed before replying,

“Yes ... it was me who broke it…”.

Mo Zhu stopped rubbing the bagua

plate in his hand, but his face still

remained well collected and calm, full

of composure, he asked, “ What did

you use to break it?”

"......” Su Su now felt very awkward

inside... ...

” with my hand,” Su Su confessed

frankly and now more embarrassed

than before. “I did not hold it tightly, it

fell and broke. I am really sorry,

Patriarch Mo, it is all my fault.” It was

not good if Mo Yuan was to be blamed

for not protecting the Lingshi and he

did not do a good job protecting it.

Su Su quietly glanced at Mo Yuan on

her side but she saw only that look of

indifference like when she first saw

him, like stagnant water with no waves

or billows, not even surprised one

bit. After he felt the eyes on him, then

Mo Yuan also turned to look at her,

those black eyes now finally have waves

and those thin lips moved lightly to say

four words, “It’s alright, fear not ”.

He talked without making a sound. Su

Su was still stunned and blushed so

much that her face was very red, she

quickly sat straight, and she really does

not want to him to be implicated,

fearing that she was misunderstood,

that would be a disgrace!

Those two people’s petty gestures were

not seen by Mo Zhe because at the

moment his heart was still pondering,

pleasantly surprised and shocked. This

Lingshi was worshipped and has gone

around the world for thousands of

years without damaged or a

scratch. Maternal aunt even tried to

break it into fragments, but it did not

break. The stone was broken at this

time, in the hands of a little girl, this

was not by mere chance, and surely this

was a destiny. This also what he

focused on searching this year from the 

divine prophecy, that this year, the

mysteries of Lingshi will be revealed.

Mo Zhe looked up without a trace of

blame to Su Su, he was actually happy

and smiling gently, “Since the stone

was broken in your hands, everything

has cause and effects, its own purpose,

heaven has set the destiny, you don’t

have to blame yourself.”

Causes and effects? Heaven's destiny?

Su Su doesn’t understand these most

profound things.

She only thought that the smile of the

patriarch gave her goosebumps for no

reason. She swallowed her saliva and

she can only smile, then laughed.

Mo Zhe put the purple bagua disk on

the long narrow table, just about the

time when a bunch of sunlight was

shining on the disk giving it a dizzying

purple glow. Mo Zhe was now sitting

on the chair, with a smile, “If I

remember correctly, Su race emblem is

a golden bagua disk. It was quite like

this purple disk. Does Su Su know what

the function of the bagua disk in Su

clan? "

Su Su swept a look at the bagua disk on

the table, the color appeared to be more

dazzling than the first time she saw it at

Huan Lang Island. She previously saw

it at night time, was it because it was

daytime right now? Su Su took back

her sight from the disk and looked at

Mo Zhe’s eye with a smile, “This

purple bagua disk is very similar to the

golden bagua disk in my

family. Besides the color, the size and

design are similar. I am also curious

about it, that is why I followed Mo

Yuan to Mo territory. As for my

family’s golden bagua, it functions

more like a totem in the eyes of the

clan. In Su clan, this gave them courage

and faith, and how it becomes

specifically significant, I am afraid only

Su Family Patriarch will know.”

Mo Zhe’s eyes slightly flashed with

delight, the bright eye of this small 

girl was very thorough, the demeanor

was frank and generous, honest and

naturally imposing, making human to

trust her words. He would like to

believe that what this little girl said was

the truth. How could a secret of bagua

be known by a little girl, he just did not

expect that this little girl of Su clan was

associated with lingshi.

The purple golden bagua disk dazzled

under the sunlight, Mo Zhe did not

dare look directly to it, but just now she

saw the girl stated at the disk for a

good while, with no slightest feeling of

discomfort. He picked up a scroll on the

table and covered the disk lightly and

with a sigh.” Inside the black lingshi

was a hidden bagua disk, it is

incredible. This matter, I truly did not

expect that after a hundred years the

lingshi will finally come back to the

Mohist clan. We have to return this

lingshi to the forbidden area

immediately and I wonder if Su Su will

be willing to accompany me. “

Accompany him? It was the socalled

restricted area and not anyone

could go? Su Su has a strange feeling

that there was a big trap ahead that

waiting for her jump in.

Su Su smiled. It was her habit to smile

brightly when faced with a problem

and temporarily couldn’t think of a

solution. Instead of panicking in her

heart, she would laugh, and this

confused many, but in this way, she was

able to take some time to think and

clear her head. Su Su sighed; “Of

course, I am willing to accompany you

but just before that, I have some

concern to take care of first.”

Mo Zhe smiled at her and said. “What

Su Su wants? Just say it comfortably?”

“Sang Nuan and I are sworn sisters,

she is in my heart and my elder sister.

This morning for an unknown reason,

Ah Nuan was found unconscious in

‘Keju’, so far until now, she remains

unconscious. I knew that the Mohist 

from generations has inherited

countless remedies, I want to request

the Patriarch to help Ah Nuan and I

surely will cherish and be very grateful

for it…”

Mo Zhe was surprised, ”Sang Nuan is


Su Su was secretly observing each and

tiny expression, at the same time

replied, “Yes, and Dr. Pu Shan is also

at his wit's end.”

Mo Zhe brows pressed lightly and in a

soft whisper, Su Su doesn’t need to be

worried. Feng Yi Qing ‘s skill is

outstanding, and he can surely find a

way to treat Sang Nuan. Moreover,

Sang Nuan has Mohist blood and I

naturally can’t ignore her. “

She achieved her purpose, Su Su

doesn’t want to stay longer so she asked

first to be excused. “If there is nothing

more, I will retire first.”

As soon as she got up, Mo Yuan also

stood up. Mo Zhe this time just

remembered that Mo Yuan was also in

the room. He smiled and said, “Ah

Yuan, send Su Su back.”

Mo Yuan nodded and the two went out

together shoulder to shoulder. The two

walked very slow as they walk together.

On the snow, there were deep and

shallow footprints left behind. Su Su

suddenly paused and said, “Mo Yuan."

Mo Yuan also stopped and looked

down at her.

This time when she turned to Mo Yuan,

she did not have that easy smile as she

was with Mo Zhe. Her face was very

serious, “Do you have any plans? How

can I help you? Are you going to tell me

what they are going to do? You, what

do you want to do? “Mo’s, as their

name signified were like the black

color, everything was hidden and

mysterious. While pondering at the

study room, she also finds it suspicious

when that Lingshi stone broke in her

hands after putting her blood to it. She 

just flung it and it broke. She and this

Lingshi had some form of connection.

She now felt very dangerous. Among

the Mohist, Mo Yuan was the only one

person left that she could trust now.

She does not know why she believes in

him, she trusted him.

"I ......"

The grim voice that was very faint, one

can barely hear him gave Su Su the

feeling of a needle being thrust in her

ear. Su Su's heart suddenly felt

slammed by something and said

hurriedly, “Stop! That’s enough don’t

talk more. Listening to your voice

made me very uncomfortable. Let us

wait for your health to be better, and

then let us talk again!”

What she just did? Only because of Mo

Zhe’s few words, her heart panicked

like this? How can she forget that Feng

Yi Qing said that if Mo Yuan does not

detoxify well in these three days, he will

end up with disaster? They are not

going to the restricted area right away,

she had to calm down. Su Su

remembered the ling cao on her

waist. She was trying to reach out her

waist when her hand was caught by Mo

Yuan. She felt numbed. In the matter

of ling cao, Mo Yuan was tenacious. It

was very odd.

However, this time Mo Yuan did not

put out his hand to prevent her from

getting the ling cao but instead grab

her hand to open in front of him and

spread out her palm…

The fair finger pointer fell to her palm

and slowly wrote. Su Su did not

withdraw her hand but she shivered a

little. Growing up, she always played

this game with her cousins. During that

time, she did not feel these tingling

numbing sensations, what was wrong?!

Su Su forced herself to ignore the tingling

sensation and focused on what Mo Yuan was

writing on her palm.


Fond ......

Happy ......

You ......

Su Su looked at her palm and for a

moment she seemed to not understand

the four simple words. Su Su looked up

and Mo Yuan who was watching her.

His eyes were still like deep pool but

this time there it looked like there was a

turbulent undercurrent inside, a

whirlpool drawing her inside.

Su Su’s face turned red, even her ears

and neck and the tingling feeling in her

palm was gone but it was now

burning. She suddenly withdrew back

her palm and shouted, “This, this one

also. Put it to discussion until later

when you become well!”

The end word of her sentence was

drifting in the air, the wisps of the

cloud of the quick-witted figure had

already run away a dozen yards, giving

a sense that she was fleeing from the

people that were watching.

Her qing gong was too

good, this......this was also not good. Mo

Yuan’s lips had a wide smile as he was

watching her, and this he does


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