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Volume III Chapter 91 Part2

Who's Fond of Who?

The next day.

“Open the door! Open the door!”

Su Su was tossing and turning over the

whole night, she couldn’t sleep.

She was awakened this morning by this

noise and she was not quite happy.

However, after she became sober and saw

Sang Nuan beside her and recognizing that

it was Dr. Pu Shan’s voice who was

shouting outside, she immediately went to

open the door.

She barely opened the door and Feng Yi

Qing like a gust rushed in, went to Sang

Nuan’s bedside and took her pulse. Feng Yi

Qing appearance did not look good.

Around the eyes were black circles, it

looked like he didn’t get to sleep the night


When he first entered the door, he was still

excited and happy, but after taking Sang

Nuan ’s pulse, he gradually turned gloomy

and muttered, “ Something is not right, she

should have only weak pulse at this time.

How can it be so calm? Am I mistaken …?

Yes, the appearance of Sang Nuan was very

strange. She was not only calm but also she

looked very unusual. Her face was like

peach blossom and the complexion was

ruddy. Looking at her complexion alone,

this will show that the person body

condition was good, but not eating for a

day and night and still showing such

appearance, it seemed very strange indeed.

"In the end, there is no cure?!" " A low

suppressed voice suddenly sounded. Su Su 

gains back her senses only to find that Ao

San was also in the house. He was standing

next to the screen watching Feng Yi Qing.

Feng Yi Qing’s hand was still resting on

Sang Nuan’s wrist, his narrowed eyes

narrowed even more and then looked to Ao

San’s eyes with meaningful severity, "I will

not let you see her! Get out! ”

Ao San’s pupil sparked with chill. Su Su

always felt that the atmosphere between

Feng Yi Qing and Ao San was not right. Su

Su put her hand on the shoulder of Ao San,

whispered, “ Ao San don’t worry, Ah Nuan

will definitely wake up.”

Su Su hands increased in strength on Ao

San’s shoulder, she glanced at Sang

Nuan’s bed, gather the chill look from his

eyes, turned and walked out the door.

Su Su followed the figure with her vision

thoughtfully, and then returned her gaze at

the things before her. Feng Yi Qing already

took back his hand from Sang Nuan ‘s

wrist and took a bottle of medicine from

the wooden box. He lifted her head and

tried to feed her the medicine. Since she

remained unconscious, the medicine juice

just spilled along her lip, dripping.

Su Su went up to help Sang Nuan, wipe out

the medicine juice from one side and softly

said, "Mr. Pu Shan, I believe, given you a

little more time, any difficult and incurable

diseases can be conquered, but Ah Nuan if

she doesn’t eat or to drink, I'm afraid, she

can’t hang on for very long. Yesterday, I

spoke to Patriarch Mo and mentioned to

him the situation of Sang Nuan, he said

that Mohists will not ignore the Sang

Nuan, you may wish to consult with

Patriarch Mo. Now is the most critical

time, if we still want to help wake up Ah

Nuan. ”

Feng Yi Qing was staring at Sang Nuan’s

face for a while and she saw his hand

slowly clenched into a fist, the next 

moment, he had gone out of the room as

fast as he came.

Su Su help clean Sang Nuan’s face, put her

hand back inside the quilt cover before

hearing several knocks on the door.

Su Su went around the screen and saw Tan

Tai Ye Lie leaning on the half-opened door.

He wave at her and smiled, “ Good

morning , Xiao Shu.”

“Good morning..””

Tan Tai Ye Lie looked sideways towards

the screen and asked, “ How is Sang Nuan?

‘She’s okay" She looked at Tan Tai Ye Lie,

he seemed sluggish but high spirited," You

look good today. ”

"I also feel that my health is much better,

the appetite is good, but ..." then

deliberately put his tone lower, Tan Tai Ye

Lie shrugged and complained, "Mohist

food is too light."

Although she also agrees with his

statement, he had just turned from a

deathly state and still have the mood to

complain about food? This person was

really too much. Su Su said with a smile,

"Your poison is not yet completely treated,

incredibly you dare to complain that

people's food is light, you still want to eat

fatty meat and fish.”

Tan Tai Ye Lie was smiling happily and

replied, “ I don’t want meat, I just miss the

fish grilled by Xiao Shu. I wonder if

there's any chance of tasting such delicious

taste this time. ”

He came up with the idea of a grilled fish,

and Su Su gave him glaring look, "In this is

a snowy-cold place, where to find fish ..."

Tan Tai Ye Lie immediately stood up

straight, laughed, "This you don’t need to

worry. I will let people immediately 

prepare the fish; soon I will trouble Xioa

Shu. ”

This man can genuinely fight a snake with

sticks, Su Su find him ridiculous, "I didn't

say ..."

She suddenly saw Mo Yuan’s figure behind

Tan Tai Ye Lie, and she just thought of

someone with a gloomy face slamming the

door. Su Su’s smile froze that she was not

even able to finish her sentence.

Seeing that Su Su had a changed of

expression, Tan Tai Ye Lie felt that

someone must be behind him. He turned

and on the cold and indifferent face of Mo

Yuan, he asked with enthusiasm. “Young

Master Mo, good morning. Xiao Shu will

grill a fish later. Do want to eat some?”

" Won't eat." Mo Yuan coldly spit out two

words and his eye kept on staring at Su Su

and said, " You come over. ”

Su Su doesn’t feel like it and ignored him.

She got ready to walk back to the inner

room when the man incredibly openly came

in, a grab her wrist and pulled her.

Su Su wanted to shake off his hands but she

saw the gaze of Tan Tai Ye Lie, looking

back and forth between the two of them.

She doesn’t want to lalacheche* in front of

others, so, Su Su just followed Mo Yuan

silently to his temporary cabin.

*make a scene

Once inside the cabin, she immediately

took back her hand, and calmly said, "

Why did you pull me over?" ”

Su Su just finished her sentence when Mo

Yuan pick up the bowl on the tea table,

then stuffed the bowl into her hands. Su Su

stared at the cold medicine bowl in her

hands, stunned for a moment and then

stared at Mo Yuan. She can’t believe that

Mo Yuan pulled her over to feed him the

medicine? Outrageous, she was not the 

families’ servant girl. Su Su was gnashing

her teeth, "You can move now, why did

you not drink it? Your hand is not a

broken either, why you still ask people to

feed you. ”

Su Su was burning with anger while Mo

Yuan sat on the chair, just lightly said,

"Feng Yi Qing said, this bowl of medicine

is to drink hot, if it cold, it will not be as

efficient. ”

His voice was restored to the usual cold and

deep tone. But as he said those words, Su

Su put her hand with the medicine bowl to

him and said between her teeth, “ You

know that and still won’t drink it! “

Mo Yuan just sat very still without moving

and he did not intend to pick up the

medicine. The temperature of the medicine

bowl was not hot. In this very cold weather,

and if it drags on, it was going to be really

cold. But Mo Yuan was like a mountain

just sitting there, having this “if you do not

feed me, I won’t drink” posture. Su Su

would like to take the bowl of medicine and

splash it on his face, but finally, she only

heard her said two words, "Mouth, open!"

Mo Yuan’s eyes crossed a very sly smile

and he obediently opened his mouth. Su Su

walked up to him, directly put the medicine

bowl to his lips. Right, this time there was

no spoon to feed him. As Mo Yuan opened

his mouth, Su Su poured the contents of the

bowl directly into his mouth.

Mo Yuan, as always, cooperated although

the rough action leads to a lot of medicine

juice being spilled out, Mo Yuan finished

the medicine. His fair fingers wipe across

his lips, gently wiping the medicine juice on

his mouth and his eyebrows faintly

revealed pleasure.

Seeing his satisfied appearance, she became

more annoyed. Yesterday, he said he liked

her and then snubbed her to her face last

night, and now he dragged her there to give 

him medicine, how was it that it seems like

she was the one fawning for his attention?!

At the end, who liked who, ah!

Su Su placed back the medicine bowl

heavily on the table, staring at Mo Yuan,

she asked: "Mo Yuan, the meaning of your

words, better talk very clearly." She hates

ambiguous talks, explains it clearly as

possible. So, there will not be imagining

about one’s affection in the hope that it

would be reciprocated.

The appearance of Su Su was threatening

and eyes of Mo Yuan had the trace of

doubt,” What I said yesterday is not clear

enough? ”

He also had the nerve to mention about

yesterday. Su Su glared at him, angrily,

"Not clear! You say fond of you, which

kind of fondness? Fondness as a friend or

fondness as ... " Su Su's face now was hot

and she paused for a long time because she

cannot continue the words."

Looking at her ears beginning to slowly

turn pink, Mo Yuan finally spoke, "I do

not have friends, and I will not say fond of

you to my friends." ”

Hearing Mo Yuan said that he had no

friends, she felt a little sad for him. But

when she thought of his attitude towards

her last night, the fire from her belly came

out again, yelling, "Then what did you

mean last night?" Now hot, then cold ...

"I ..." he said softly, "I am not feeling well

last night." ”

Not feeling well? A person who always said

that he was alright all the time, now to

admit that he was not feeling well, that

must be serious! No wonder yesterday his

face gloomy like that. Su Su bent down and

trying to see his face, quickly said, "Last

night, was the poison played havoc? What

about now? Where do you feel ill? ”

Su Su’s eyes were full of worry and

anxiousness seeing Mo Yuan’s chest a bit

stuffy. What she doesn’t know was that he

was actually angry the night before and she

doesn’t know what he was mad about. But

now that he said he was not feeling well, it

immediately extinguished her anger.

"Su Su." ”

He grabbed her hand. Su Su was stiff, this

time. He just grabbed her hand and did not

write in her palm, but her palm has always

that feeling of numbness. When she looked

up to see him, he looked serious and in his

eyes were profound deepness. The moment

their eyes met, her heart was panicking.

She felt that whatever he want to say next

was very important. She felt both

expectation and anxiety.

"Ling cao is my life, and it can only be

given to people who would accompany me

for a lifetime. Is that clear enough?" ”

Ling cao was his life, only given to people

who would accompany him for a lifetime.

His hands were cold but he was holding her

tightly. She thought he would say again he

was fond of her and would explain to her

what kind of fondness it was. She did not

prepare to hear these words.

So, ling cao was his life? However, that ling

cao was already in her hand, ah, and this

person gave it to her more than once, he

insistently stuffed it into her hand, no

matter how many times she tried to escape,

again and again, it was back into her


For a lifetime? This time she not only felt

her cheeks burned up but her chest also

was burning and panicking. Her heartbeats

so loud that she couldn’t simply dare to

look at Mo Yuan and she looked down and

muttered, “You are really overbearing.

You don’t let others think first if they want

it or not.”

"Don’t you want it?" ”

Since the time the two people entered the

cabin, Li Yang came near the door to close

it for them when he heard this sentence. He

almost tripped. Master, you asked the girl

this way, how a girl would answer… but he

wanted also to know how Su Su would

answer the question. Li Yang was very

close to the door for the very first time,

with erected ears, listening to every

movement inside.

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