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Chapter 80 - Strange Things Appear With The Pill

It had to be said that the pill concocting of Deng Yi, Zhu Peng and He LianYun was not bad, at least in their control of heat, they had already achieved the peak, evidenced by them refining these several tens of thousands of catties of ingredients into a lump the size of a human head, without even a trace of burning. The reason why only this black colored lump was left, was because they had never been able to condense the pill from the start.

Currently the black lump was still sweltering before everyone’s eyes, but apart from Yang Chen, nobody gave it even a single glance. Everyone was immersed in their dejection, because their meticulous efforts had gone in vain and for some time nobody opened their mouth, the whole place was filled with a lifeless atmosphere.

Yang Chen walked a few steps to the pill concocting furnace, lowered his head and started examining the black colored dregs delicately. This action immediately attracted everyone’s attention and their gazes concentrated on him in a flash.

“What? Do you want to say the reason for why the refining has failed?”

He LianYun could not deal with Yang Chen as he had planned, so because his mood was pretty bad, he started mocking him.

“Does Great Master Yang have any advice?”

The other people were also in a bad mood, what He LianYun’s said resonated with everybody. Although nobody said anything, the gazes of four YuanYing experts and a Da Cheng stage cultivator, who was on the verge of ascending, all concentrating on someone, could make any cultivator in the mortal world tremble.

But as if Yang Chen hadn’t sensed this pressure, he unexpectedly extended his finger and stuck it into the black colored dregs under everyone’s eyes. Releasing his Spiritual Awareness, he began to sense the circumstances inside of it at close range.

This action of Yang Chen made everyone look at each other in dismay, nobody knew what he wanted to do, but everyone had the same thought: they did not believe that Yang Chen would be able to do anything to these dregs. He was a foundation stage youngster, not worthy of just talking about the Heaven Seizing Pill, not even if it was just the dregs of the Heaven Seizing Pill.

“It can still be saved!”

After sensing for a good moment, Yang Chen suddenly said this sentence, which endlessly stunned everyone. It could still be saved? What does this mean?

Everyone’s gazes converged on Yang Chen again, but this time they did not contain the same resentfulness as before, instead they were filled with astonishment.

“Shameless boasting!”

He LianYun immediately berated him in a loud voice.

“Who do you think you are? As soon as you got your chance, you immediately started talking big, do you really believe you are Great Master Yang?”

Not only He LianYun, but even Deng Yi and Zhu Peng’s faces turned gloomy after hearing Yang Chen’s words. These three YuanYing stage experts couldn’t find a method, but this foundation stage youngster, what did he think he could possibly do?

Yang Chen didn’t pay any attention to He LianYun and fished out a jade bottle without saying anything. Opening the mouth of the bottle, he was about to dump the contents of the bottle onto the black colored waste.

“What are you doing?”

He LianYun became even angrier and once again angrily shouted:

“Will you take the responsibility after destroying this?”


Yang Chen stopped his hand and turned towards He LianYun, asking him with a queer expression:

“Senior He, could it be that you haven’t used all of the methods you have? I invite you first, then!”

While speaking, he made an inviting gesture with his hand.

What method could He LianYun have? If he had any, he would have already used it. He had already done all he could do, but he still wasn’t able to congeal the pill. Now Yang Chen was asking him to do anything, why would he humiliate himself again?

“If you all don’t have any good method, then I will test my method!”

This time Yang Chen turned towards Elder Wu and very earnestly stated:

“Elder Wu, just now this junior was impulsive, would it be possible to allow this junior to give it a try?”

What kind of objection would Elder Wu still have? At this moment, he refused to abandon hope, if luck was good, then maybe Yang Chen would be able to incite some result. Nodding his head, Elder Wu recalled that during the refining process, Yang Chen had already raised several objections, at that time nobody had paid any attention to him. Could it be that these problems were related to those objections?

Elder Wu could not help but feel hopeful again, did Yang Chen really find a method? He had already seen how Yang Chen had previously displayed almost perfect control over fire, which even Deng Yi, the highest level cultivator among the three pill concocting masters, would be unable to accomplish. Since Yang Chen had produced that kind of extraordinary result during the wager, perhaps he may be able to produce a similar miracle even in pill concoction.

Yang Chen slightly shook his hand and scattered the fine powder in the jade bottle, directly letting it fall onto the black dregs. Oddly enough, once these dregs came in contact with the powder, they began to change color and the black color slowly faded away, restoring the original blue-green color of the blue-green zoysia.

This miraculous act made everyone, including He LianYun forget about the dispute, everyone couldn’t take their eyes off Yang Chen’s actions, hope and expectations began to rise within their hearts again.

In a moment, the Profound Spirit Furnace appeared within one of Yang Chen’s hands. Using the other hand as a ladle, he scooped up the blue-green dregs and put them into the Profound Spirit Furnace.

“Use my pill concocting furnace, the results will be even better!”

Deng Yi immediately said this, upon seeing Yang Chen’s actions. Her purple colored pill concocting furnace was several grades higher than Yang Chen’s furnace. After looking at the aura of Yang Chen’s pill concocting furnace, she could not stop herself from saying this.

“Unfortunately Junior is unable to use Senior’s pill concocting furnace.”

Yang Chen would definitely not allow the refining of the Heaven Seizing Pill to be done in the furnace of someone else, the Profound Spirit Furnace needed to slowly accumulate medicinal qi, and refining the Heaven Seizing Pill, the highest grade pill in the mortal world, in this furnace would allow it to accumulate a large amount of medicinal qi. Moreover, with Yang Chen’s current cultivation, he was indeed not able to control a YuanYing expert’s magic tool.

The powder that Yang Chen had added was refined from the inner dan of the poisonous Flood Dragon, it was especially for nourishing the constituent spirit of the poisonous Flood Dragon and to remove any side effects of its toxicity. After receiving this nourishment, the utterly weak pill spirit began to slowly recover within the Profound Spirit Furnace.

Sensing this change, Yang Chen took a deep breath. A weak pill spirit was the main cause for the failure last time, but if the pill spirit could be recovered, there was still a chance.

Another factor in congealing the pill was the difficulty of combining the basic elixirs, which contained all of the five phases and their yin and yang in an equilibrium. The three pill concocting masters were all fire attributed, and although they were extremely familiar with all of the five phases, in that aspect they were inferior to Yang Chen, who cultivated the five phases together with their yin and yang and moreover had a full spirit root for all attributes. The mixture would contain some slight deviations from an equilibrium of the five phases.

What Yang Chen needed to do at the moment, was precisely to correct these slight deviations and nourish the pill spirit to the Heaven Seizing Realm afterwards, after that, congealing and collecting the pill would not have the current problem anymore.

Only with the strength of the pill spirit at its peak, and properly refined medicinal elixirs, would it be suitable for the name of Heaven Seizing Pill.

For balancing the yin and yang of the five phases, Yang Chen just needed to input his own spirit power into the furnace. The Profound Spirit Furnace had been refined by Yang Chen from the beginning by using the Five Phases of Yin and Yang secrets, so it possessed all of the five phases all along. Just balancing the slight deviations did not take too long, the only problem now was the nourishing of the pill spirit.

The entire jade bottle was filled with medicinal powder to nourish the pill spirit, Yang Chen divided it into five portions and added all of them into the furnace, one by one. All of the other people watching were curious about this medicinal powder, but nobody dared to ask anything: Yang Chen was someone who had barely reached the foundation stage, if asking him about the powder agitated him and caused a distraction, it would be disastrous. As for this question about the medicinal powder, it could be asked after this was over.

After five portions, the pill spirit was not as weak as before, like it was at its dying breath, and began to show a trace of liveliness. This medicinal powder was refined from powder shaved from the inner dan of the poisonous Flood Dragon, so it had the same origin as the pill spirit, naturally it was an excellent medicine for nourishing it. Finally, in this situation, the pill spirit could start absorbing Yang Chen’s Spirit Power to recover.

But this pill spirit still required a large amount of Spirit Power for strengthening, to achieve this, Yang Chen directly called out to Fan Shan, who was waiting for the results:

“Senior Fan, enter your Spirit Power within the furnace!”

Fan Shan immediately agreed and rushed over there, pressing both of his hands onto the wine jar sized Profound Spirit Furnace in front of Yang Chen and began to enter his Spirit Power carefully.

Just after starting he was still very careful for the fear that, if he entered too much Spirit Power, it would ruin the pill concocting furnace, but he discovered very quickly that the Profound Spirit Furnace was similar to a bottomless pit, regardless of how much Spirit Power he put in, it would disappear without a trace. When he looked at Yang Chen with an inquiring gaze, Yang Chen only nodded, indicating him to be relieved. Only then did Fan Shan begin to enter his Spirit Power frantically into the furnace.

“Seniors, the Spirit Power requirement is very large, so I would ask the Seniors to take turns to enter Spirit Power.”

Fan Shan was already entering his Spirit Power, but Yang Chen also invited the other YuanYing stage pill concocting masters. They had completed the refining only a few moments ago and although it had failed, they were extremely exhausted. But Yang Chen’s words reminded them to recover as soon as they could, so that they could also be used as labourers.

“If you require to enter Spirit Power, let this old man here assume the responsibility!”

Upon seeing this, Elder Wu also hastily replied. In terms of Spirit Power, the strongest person there was of course this Da Cheng stage cultivator. Yang Chen had not asked this great expert for anything, but he had frantically pressed the other people, which made even Elder Wu unable to sit by idly.

“Elder Wu should not be impatient, you must preserve your strength for a time of need. In the last stage we cannot do without you at your full strength.”

Yang Chen had already planned for this long ago and immediately asked Elder Wu to not speak anymore.

The three pill concocting masters, including He LianYun, had put down their objections at this moment, all of them anxiously wanted to know what Yang Chen was doing. Did the Heaven Seizing Pill really still have a chance? But at this moment nobody raised any objections and immediately swallowed pills to recover and started waiting for Yang Chen’s instructions.

The four YuanYing stage experts were taking turns to enter their Spirit Power into the Profound Spirit Furnace. By this time, everyone had already sensed the strong pressure emitted from inside of the Profound Spirit Furnace. It was unexpectedly as if the constituent spirit of the poisonous Flood Dragon had completely recovered and was raging and rolling around within the Profound Spirit Furnace.

In reality, it was indeed like this, the almost recovered constituent spirit was madly struggling within the furnace. But it was only a constituent spirit without a body, and it was also bound by the medicinal liquid of the Haven Seizing Pill. Under Yang Chen’s careful control, borrowing the unending stream of spirit power coming into the furnace, he began to fuse it with the medicinal liquid, little by little.

The Profound Spirit Furnace started shaking fiercely, making these people worried about whether or not this extremely low levelled pill furnace would be able to endure the fierce shaking and not break. Fortunately, this kind of thing didn’t happen, the shaking just became more and more intense, while violent roars began to echo in everyone’s ears.

The sound that was echoing through their ears stunned everyone. This roaring sound became louder and louder, until finally, it appeared to come out of everyone’s hearts, forcing them to tremble incessantly. Everyone who came in contact with the pill furnace, felt that this was a legendary dragon’s roar without the slightest doubt.

Refining a pill could unexpectedly give rise to dragon’s roar! Even the YuanYing stage pill concocting masters could not help but be overawed. Looking at Yang Chen, that youngster who had barely reached the foundation stage, controlling the pill concocting furnace without being affected by the roar in the least, the YuanYing experts felt inferior.

The roar was becoming more and more powerful, and unexpectedly the outline of a shape began to appear in the sky. Lumps of black clouds began to converge over everyone’s heads; the whole sky had turned black within a moment. Thunder and lightning began to crackle above everyone’s heads; the rumbling sound gave these people a sense of déjà vu.

“This is? A tribulation cloud?”

Everyone there, apart from Yang Chen, was at least at the YuanYing stage, when breaking through from the JieDan stage to the YuanYing stage, they had survived the first tribulation, also known as lightning tribulation. This event unfolding before their eyes, how could it resemble the lightning tribulation which they had survived?

What had called for the tribulation? The YuanYing experts did not need to pass the calamity, let alone Elder Wu. Could it be that someone within this villa had broken through the bottleneck of the JieDan stage and was entering the YuanYing stage? But Elder Wu hadn’t shown the slightest indications of something like this, could it be Yang Chen? Impossible, Yang Chen had just reached the foundation stage, how could he call for the lightning calamity so quickly? But if it wasn’t people, then could it be… Everyone’s eyes snapped around and began to stare at the Profound Spirit Furnace within Yang Chen’s hand. The roar of the dragon was getting louder and louder. Could it be that the tribulation was for the pill inside? Pills also have to go through tribulations?

Thinking about this, everyone was astonished. But together with their astonishment, they also had hopeful expressions. Yes, only this could claim to have the name of Seizing Heaven, at the time of refining successfully, even the heavens would drop tribulations. Only this kind of pill could be known as Heaven Seizing Pill. Those pills they had refined for half of their lifetimes were simply trash!

Elder Wu was both alarmed and delighted when looking at all of this, he was overwhelmed by emotions, the process of refining the Heaven Seizing Pill was simply like crossing a turbulent sea. Initially he was full of confidence, but then all of his hopes were shattered; he hadn’t anticipated so much twisting and turning, but finally it had become so much more powerful. Elder Wu didn’t even know how he could express his emotions.

All of this, everything, was done for him by Yang Chen. Currently Elder Wu was admiring his own decision of bringing Yang Chen with him at that time. He had such good foresight, suddenly thinking about inviting a person like Yang Chen, who was still at the qi layer at that time, but he ended up only providing him with nice surprises.

“Be careful, Elder Wu!”

Yang Chen suddenly shouted to get his attention:

“It’s time. Elder Wu, you must hold on to the Heaven Seizing Pill with all of your strength. After passing the tribulation, if you are not careful, this Heaven Seizing Pill will immediately escape, so you have to trap it properly! Success or failure, all depends on this one move!”

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