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Chapter 81 - Pill Tribulation

For a pill to face tribulation was already a rare and unprecedented event, but that the pill was still capable of fleeing, this had overturned all knowledge these pill concocting masters had gained in their lives. It did not mean that all of what they had learnt was wrong, but this Heaven Seizing Pill was indeed opposing the heavens, something which really should not be in the hands of mortals.

The person who refined the Heaven Seizing Pill last time had not recorded the events after refining for some unknown reason, let alone these shapes in the air as well as passing through the tribulation, or about the pill escaping and so on. If Yang Chen had not heard about these things in the spiritual world, his knowledge would be similar to them and he would have believed that the refining had ended in failure.

But he had to admit, these three high grade pill concocting masters still had quite some achievements, most of all in their grasp over controlling the heat, but unfortunately, refining of the Heaven Seizing Pill did not only depend on success in controlling the temperature.

In the mortal world, there had been only one account of successfully refining the Heaven Seizing Pill, this time was merely the second time in all of history, but one account was still not enough to make the pill well known enough.

Elder Wu was both alarmed and excited, but he didn’t dare to lower his guard in the slightest. Yang Chen had clearly said, that this Heaven Refining Pill could flee, if this situation actually came true, then it would be simply ridiculous to slip up.

The thunder was getting closer and along with the sound of rumbling and rolling, the Profound Spirit Furnace was also shaking more and more. Anyone could see that Yang Chen was currently unable to suppress it. But nobody dared to replace Yang Chen, for Deng Yi, Zhu Peng and He LianYun, it was already enough for to be able to see this, they were afraid that, because of their carelessness, it would lead to a last minute failure.

“Be careful, the pill is ready!”

Everyone’s attention was totally fixed on the tribulation cloud that had converged just a moment ago, the extreme shock had even made these people neglect Yang Chen’s congealing and pill collecting techniques. Only after hearing Yang Chen’s words, did they realize what they had missed, which left them with a feeling of regret. Everyone’s techniques were secretly transmitted by their sects, since they had missed it this time, they did not know if they would ever get another chance to see it.

Only this was not the the time for regret, everyone opened their eyes widely because nobody wanted to miss seeing what the pill tribulation looked like.

The lid of the Profound Spirit Furnace suddenly rose up and from within the furnace a greenish light soared up, immediately following which, a green colored image also rushed out from the furnace, rising towards the sky.

Elder Wu had been ready for a long time, in an instant his figure immediately flew out, directly following after the greenish image. Merely, this time he did not try ti do anything too clever, Elder Wu was very clear, at the time of tribulation, even if the restrictions for controlling the pill he set up were powerful, it would still not be enough to contend against several tribulations from the heavens.

When everyone looked clearly, they found that the green image was actually a jade colored dragon. When it entered the Profound Spirit Furnace, it was black colored dregs, but what was coming out was actually a jade dragon shape, what kind of accomplishment was this? Looking at this jade dragon shape, Deng Yi, Zhu Peng and He Lianyun wanted to slap themselves, they had missed the chance to see this kind of important pill congealing and pill concocting technique!

Only, now it was too late for any kind of regret, moreover, they indeed could not have managed to pay attention, a pill going through tribulation was an unprecedented event happening in front of them, so who could put down all thoughts to engage solely in regret and not pay attention to this?


Together with the sound, the lightning struck at the jade dragon in the air. Within the glaring thunder, it seemed as if the jade dragon had already been baptized by the lightning and was not affected in the slightest.

This violent lightning flashed nine times, each time was clearer than the last time, each time was thicker than the last time. The thickest one was comparable to the waist of a human, all of them combined were similar to river. But even under this frantic wash of lightning, the Heaven Seizing Pill didn’t have the slightest change; on the contrary, it liberated more and more medicinal qi, as if it had received huge benefits after being baptized within the lightning.

After the bolt of lightning had struck nine times, the tribulation of lightning was over, causing the tribulation clouds in the sky to disappear completely and the color of the sky to turn clear again. The servants within Elder Wu’s villa had their horizons broadened considerably this time, being spectator to an affair like this tribulation could simply be considered as a major profit for all they had done in their lives.

When everyone was going mad with joy, they suddenly discovered that they had become happy prematurely. After surviving the lightning tribulations, the dragon appeared even more nimble, its shape had slightly shrunken when compared to before, but the medicinal qi appeared to be even more rich and powerful. After hovering in the air just for a little while, Elder Wu immediately discovered that a portion of yin fire had appeared underneath the Heaven Seizing Pill and started burning it.

There were three tribulations, lightning, yin fire and wind, which cultivators could not escape, a JieDan expert turning into a YuanYing expert had to pass the lightning tribulation, from the YuanYing stage to the Da Cheng stage one had to pass through the yin fire tribulation and when ascending from the Da Cheng stage to the spiritual world, one had to pass through the tribulation of wind. But nobody could have ever thought that even the Heaven Seizing Pill would also be like that.

Deng Yi, Zhu Peng, He Lianyun and Fan Shan had their eyes opened widely, closely following the Heaven Seizing Pill. The burning by the yin fire happening before their eyes was simply a gift bestowed by the heavens to them. Even if they hadn’t reached this level of cultivation, since they were able to see this, then when they would face this tribulation at a later time, they would be somewhat prepared.

As for Elder Wu, to him the Yin fire was nothing, he had already survived this tribulation long ago and became a Da Cheng stage expert, but seeing the Heaven Seizing Pill also going through this tribulation, he became somewhat expectant.

The Yin Fire tribulation also had nine incarnations, the formless and noiseless yin fire, everyone could only detect it by look at the changes in the Heaven Seizing Pill. Every time it ignited, the Heaven Seizing Pill became slightly smaller, after the ninth time, only a plum sized Heaven Seizing Pill was left.

“Elder Wu, the pill has an inherent deficiency, perhaps the pill will require the help of Elder Wu to get rid of it at the time of the wind tribulation!”

Suddenly, Yang Chen yelled towards Elder Wu from beneath.

Hearing this line, made all of them, including Elder Wu, realize how baffling the Heaven Seizing Pill was. Ah, the wind tribulation, after surviving it, one could immediately ascend, which cultivator there had ever witnessed an ascension before? This was a kind of chance that could only be found and not sought! Hah… Everyone who had heard this sentence was so excited, that they started to tremble, hating that they could not immediately fly up and observe it at close range.

When they heard Yang Chen speaking about an inherent weakness, the three pill concocting masters were so ashamed of themselves, that they wanted to bury their heads in the ground. This inherent weakness was naturally a problem that had appeared because of their refining style, but it was ultimately remedied by Yang Chen. Thinking about the beginning, when they had disdained Yang Chen, these three people weren’t able to look up due to shame.

When Elder Wu heard this, while in the sky, he was also unable to stop himself. The final calamity of the three calamities, the wind calamity, he was soon going to confront it, but he hadn’t anticipated, that he would surprisingly be able to experience this kind of heavenly tribulation on a pill in advance, this had an extraordinary importance for his ascension.

To be unable to take his eyes off it was already insufficient to describe Elder Wu’s level of concentration. His eyes, together with all his other senses, were entirely concentrated on that small dragon in the space above and between both of his palms. All of his Spiritual Awareness was shrouding the entire area and any matter happening inside. Nothing could escape Elder Wu’s senses.

His whole body could not help but start shuddering due to the excitement, waiting for the tribulation of wind to arrive. Other people’s Spiritual Awareness, bold enough to examine this area were all bounced back by Elder Wu without any restraint. This time, he would not allow anyone to interfere with his opportunity to sense the tribulation of wind.

The four people underneath also knew that this opportunity was hard to come by and were also aware of Elder Wu’s mood, so they only tried out using their Spiritual Awareness once and then immediately stopped, gazing at the Heaven Seizing Pill with their naked eyes, but no longer using Spiritual Awareness to probe.

The wind also appeared without any sign, nobody was able to sense it clearly except for Elder Wu. The wind without any origin appeared inside of the Heaven Seizing Pill, if it were not for Elder Wu enveloping the entire space with his Spiritual Awareness, he would basically be incapable of sensing it.

The plum sized form of a Heaven Seizing Pill suddenly reduced in size once again under everyone’s concentrated gazes, but Elder Wu wrinkled his brows.

The wind of the tribulation from the records would blow through the six internal organs of his body, pass over his dantian, penetrate his nine orifices, clear away the meat and blood from his body and dissolve his body itself. Currently the size of the Heaven Seizing Pill was becoming even smaller. Wouldn’t that mean that it reflected the description removing the blood and flesh and then dissolving the body itself? Yang Chen had said that this Heaven Seizing Pill seemed to have an inherent weakness, looking at the current situation this seemed to make perfect sense.

But for the time being, the Heaven Seizing Pill would have no problems, Elder Wu had already sensed this. He still didn’t dare to lower his guard though, because the second wind was already approaching.

Second wind, third wind… with each wind, the Heaven Seizing Pill became even smaller. Under Elder Wu’s careful support, after surviving through the sixth tribulation wind, the Heaven Seizing Pill had reached its limit at last.

The appearance of the small dragon had thoroughly transformed by this point, the very small dragon was wiggling like a living animal after the sixth wind tribulation and very quickly curled up into a ball, turning into a real, plump pill. On the outer surface of the pill, a flying jade dragon was engraved on it, drawn with its head facing upwards. But Elder Wu knew this was the pill mark of the Heaven Seizing Pill. The reason why it could form this kind of shape was because of using the constituent spirit of poisonous flood dragon as pill spirit.

The consciousness of the pill spirit had already been thoroughly erased, only leaving behind the will that had resisted the heavenly calamities and ascended. The unfortunate thing was, that it could only support itself up to the sixth layer, but it couldn’t support itself in the last three.

But the heavenly calamity would not just stop because the pill had reached its limit, the seventh tribulation wind immediately appeared. Elder Wu finally used the preparations he had made long ago and a formidable Spirit Power immediately entered the Heaven Seizing Pill and began to resist that wind.

This was an experience which everyone would yearn for, if this was any other pill in place of the Heaven Seizing Pill, then maybe he would not make such an all out effort like this, but this would have great benefits for his upcoming tribulation. Just this experience was completely acceptable for Elder Wu, even if the refining failed.

Once the tribulation wind came in contact with the resisting Spirit Power, the tribulation wind immediately attacked the master of this Spirit Power. It followed along that Spirit Power and directly made its way into Elder Wu’s body. Elder Wu began to resist this tribulation wind and at the same time he also started doing everything he could, in order to experience the sensation of this tribulation wind wreaking havoc in his body.

The tribulation wind was directed against the Heaven Seizing Pill, but it absolutely wasn’t more powerful than the Heavenly Tribulation of Elder Wu himself, this was a very small tribulation wind, when it passed from Elder Wu’s five viscera and six bowels, apart from some resistance, the only other distinct thing that Elder Wu sensed, was a feeling as if it was purifying his soul and body after the tribulation wind had passed.

Perhaps, this was one of the benefits after ascending to heavens, but the tribulation wind, which was originally meant for the Heaven Seizing Pill, had conveniently been received by Elder Wu. After resisting that kind of tribulation wind, Elder Wu almost started laughing.

This was the seventh tribulation wind, following which were the even more formidable eighth and then ninth layers. The final three tribulation winds of the heavenly calamity made Elder Wu increase his guard to experience the last three tribulations. The tribulation winds entering would also strengthen his body to some extent.

After Elder Wu resisted the ninth tribulation wind, the pill hanging in the sky suddenly trembled because of the power which passed it, and like an arrow loosened from its bow, it disappeared within a flash from everyone’s eyes. This drew a cry of surprise from everyone standing underneath, but at the same time it gave everyone even more of a shock, such a heaven defying elixir! It could actually escape after being taken out of the furnace?

Elder Wu’s silhouette also disappeared suddenly. Elder Wu had been guarding against it, how could he allow the Heaven Seizing Pill to escape? In just the time it takes to blink, Elder Wu’s silhouette appeared in another direction, in his hand was a pea sized, trembling, jade colored pill.

In front of everyone’s eyes, Elder Wu completely wrapped it inside of several talismans and even after that, Elder Wu brought out a small jade box, on top of which several sealing spell formations were engraved. He carefully put the pill that was already wrapped in binding talismans into the box and closed it afterwards.

When everyone had thought that Elder Wu was going to come down, in the sky, Elder Wu seemingly thought of something, slightly shook his head and once again fished out a slightly larger jade box, also filled with spell formations, and placed the slightly smaller box into it.

Even after this he was not satisfied and instead of coming down, he simply took out a lump of jade stones and manufactured many jade boxes of different sizes on the spot. He engraved sealing formations into all of them and started putting them inside one another, one by one, according to their size.

Looking at this, apart from Yang Chen, everyone was flabbergasted. The more serious Elder Wu was about this matter, the more it implied how heaven defying the pill really was. They had already endured the constant urge to take a look at how this Heaven Seizing Pill was until now.

After elder Wu descended from the sky in front of everyone, all they could see was, that he had already placed the big jade box, which contained the Heaven Seizing Pill, into his qiankun pouch, making all of them anxious.

“This is a pill which none of you would be able to control!”

Elder Wu smiled and shook his head while explaining, but these words of his only made everyone even more envious.

“Perhaps, you should ask young friend Yang about the problem with the pil earlier, isn’t that so?”

Elder Wu reminded everyone, allowing the pill concocting masters to react.

Only, not waiting for them to speak, Elder Wu once again opened his mouth, and said to He LianYun:

“He, if you agree to a bet, you must accept the loss. Hand over your Real Sun Fire. Before I ascend, I will go and find another flame for you!”

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