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The peaches in the hands of the Old Man of the South Pole were comparable to the best peaches of immortality that the Queen Mother of the West had! Yang Chen almost drooled while listening to the White Spirit Deer.

“You actually hated to part with those peaches so much that you even left them in the spiritual world! Really miserly!” A disdainful voice came from the side, it was the Immortal Crane that was almost as inseparable from the White Spirit Deer as its shadow, and was also a companion of the old Man of the South Pole. It taunted: “I ate that peach long ago and left the pit in the mortal world, I don’t know if it’s borne fruit yet.”

Yang Chan stood to the side, listening to the two arguing, without speaking up, letting these two butt heads before facing death.

“That peach tree should have grown in the mortal world’s……” The Immortal Crane shouted at Yang Chen, then added a request: “Go take a look if you have the chance. Now, behead the two of us!”


“Woof!” The Howling Celestial Dog spit out human words: “I still have a drop of blood essence in the lower world, if some animal can fuse with it, it might stir the blood of ancient beasts, its location is……”

“I have a «Beast Governing Art» ability, it’s the cultivation method of my beast race, a hundred times more brilliant than those beast controlling sects, it’s just that the requirements are a bit high, see if you have the luck!” Blue Ox also spit out human words.


These monster deities were different from those twenty eight constellations, they were all the mounts or pets of upper level immortals in the heavenly court, and always maintained their true bodies without transforming into humans. Only, these demon deities were abnormally powerful, not lacking in any respect compared to those who became straight deities.

Yang Chen was too busy to mind it will cutting heads off, but after a few he carelessly glanced at his achievement score, and immediately jumped from fright. More than ten demon deities had actually given Yang Chen several dozen trillion points. In this great heavenly court rebellion, a lot of people felt lucky, and captured and arrested as many major and minor deities as they could, all to the benefit of Yang Chen.

Yang Chen’s body was now shrouded in a dense bloody light that looked like a cloud of blood surrounding him when viewed from afar. This casually gave any cultivator that saw it the impression of an old monster of a killing calamity, and not a mortal who still hadn’t cultivated any arts or had any magical power.

Even if Yang Chen didn’t speak throughout the entire process of beheading demon gods, killing intent still flowed from his body, and one Heavenly Monarch who had just been delivered to the Immortal Executioner Stage was immediately so terrified by Yang Chen’s killing intent that he drew his last breath on the spot.

“You’re lucky to have lasted until now with such heavy injuries!” Looking at the Heavenly Monarch who had died without him doing anything, Yang Chen couldn’t help shaking his head and sighing.

The ones now entering the Immortal Executioner Stage were higher level. Heavenly monarchs, heavenly generals, eight cave immortals, seven stars of the Big Dipper, the six Ding and the six Jia, the Five Lords of the Elements, the Four Guardians of Time, the Three Stars of Luck, Longevity, and Prosperity, the Marshal of the Heavenly Canopy, Chang’e, Juling Shen, and numerous others. However, different from the previous minor deities, these high level immortals were practically all seriously injured, and their faces expressed unreconciliation and having no way out.

The Fire Lord, chop! A rich extremely fiery essence rushed into the bottom of Yang Chen’s lungs.

The Water Lord, chop! Water property essence.

The Wood Lord, chop! Wood property essence.

The Earth Lord, chop! Earth property essence.

The Metal Lord, chop! Metal property essence.

Just by beheading the five virtue star monarchs, Yang Chen felt the five phases attributes within him rise sharply. Let alone the overflowing feeling from the twenty eight constellations, when he killed now, Yang Chen couldn’t help feeling a bit exhausted even when he always tried to balance his feelings.

The Immortal Executioner Stage within him still constantly wanted to vent its killing intent, but couldn’t cause any great waves under Yang Chen’s control, and was forced to listen and obey his arrangements.

Resting in the little room, Yang Chen didn’t care about sleeping, but spent great effort on calming his qi, then let that rich current of killing intent blunt. Even though the red cloud still roiled, he was no longer like a man of blood. After resting a bit, Yang Chen returned to the Immortal Executioner Stage.

There was practically no complaints to be heard among the great lords. Victory was victory, defeat was defeat. They had spent all their strength, but still ended up on the stage like this. They didn’t have so much unwillingness and disappointment, but were rather unusually cheerful.

“I have a medicine raising bottle gourd, it’s in the lower world at……”

“In all my life I’ve compacted a pure yang sword qi, never being distracted, its power isn’t unruly, try practicing it if you’re interested!”

“To meet you before death is good karma, I have a set of banner formations, I’ll give them to you!”


Yang Chen calmly accepted this information, and calmly spoke his “every debt has a debtor line”, beheading these previously famous immortals one by one.

If the deities before could be called small change, Yang Chen certainly didn’t have any waves in his heart about dealing with them, but these higher immortals were another matter entirely. In fact, Yang Chen condensed all the killing intent in his heart to be able to achieve this calm.

Yang Chen could almost feel the immense changes taking place within him with each mortal he executed, it was practically even more terrifying than killing tens or hundreds of thousands of people. But he no longer paid attention to the achievement score, he had long ago surpassed one quadrillion, even to the extent that he was attacking the order of tens of quadrillions. With just a few more, he would probably break through that magnitude.

Outside the Immortal Executioner Stage, the dew immortal soldiers who were originally guarding the stage were now constantly feeling wave after wave of violent killing intent from inside, and couldn’t help but shudder. They were just common celestial soldiers, they had no way to resist such terrifying killing intent. If not for their orders, they didn’t know how far they would have run already.

Even the execution supervisor could only tremble. Looking at an immortal soldier shivering, he couldn’t help saying: “This Immortal Executioner Stage is an immortal tool that can only connect the mundane world with the heavenly court, from the Heavenly Court one can only enter, and it’s not certain one can leave through the mundane world either. We were appointed to select an executioner from the Great Dream Play Formation, we can already be considered having fulfilled the new emperor’s orders. The Immortal Executioner Stage is showing its power, it’d be better if we kept some distance.”

Finished speaking, he took the initiative to retreat. The soldiers saw him and immediately looked at each other, then stumbled over themselves to be first to get away from the vicinity of the Immortal Executioner Stage, running until they couldn’t feel the killing intent from the Immortal Executioner Stage, then stopped. One soldier quickly asked: “What’s with the Immortal Executioner Stage? It’s never been like this before!”

“How many immortals have been beheaded on the Immortal Executioner Stage in the past? In the immortal world there hasn’t been more than several dozens over these years. This time there are tens of thousands, and that much immortal flesh and blood. Let alone the Immortal Executioner Stage, what would happen to a mundane executioner tool when bathed in so much immortal blood?” The supervising official was the first to retreat, and he explained with lingering fear as he looked towards the Immortal Executioner Stage.

“There’s still one treasury of my dragon palace in the mortal world, I don’t want these things to end up in the hands of traitor dragon kings, to your benefit, the treasury is at……” Before the East Sea Dragon King was beheaded, he had a kind of attitude to not let those traitors have an easy time, to Yang Chen’s advantage.

Thousand Li Eye, Wind Following Ear, Duke of Thunder, Mother of Lightning, Marquis of Wind, Master of Rain, the Four Heavenly Kings, the Pagoda Bearing Heavenly King, the Five Gate Revealers, Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird, Black Tortoise, the Deity of the Moon, the Deity of the Sun, the Deity of War, Chang’e, Xuan Nü, were beheaded one by one.

When facing Chang’e and Xuan Nü, Yang Chen basically didn’t see enchanting women, only two prisoners waiting for the execution of their sentence, and ended them in one chop.

Before her death, Chang’e still left behind a «Countenance Halting Heart Sutra» which, besides the Countenance Halting Cultivation Technique, it also had a lot of prescriptions for age halting pills, from the mortal world to the spiritual world to the immortal world. Most frightening was that the Countenance Halting Heart Method could not only halt aging, but could also be used by the cultivator to freely adjust her appearance, simply an ultimate treasure female cultivators yearned for even in their sleep.

“Golden Star of the Sun, if senior has any unfinished desires, perhaps myself can help senior accomplish one or two!” Yang Chen had by now killed so many batches of immortals that he was once again seeing one golden immortal after another. In front of him now was the Golden Star of the Sun, Li Chang’geng.

“My way will disappear with my death, there are still some things I’m reluctant to leave. Unfortunately, His Majesty is unable to reverse the turning of the sky. This old man has here a «G Metal True Art», in the lower world there is a G Metal Innate Qi, you take advantage of it!”

When the Golden Star of the Sun had also fallen under Yang Chen’s blade, Yang Chen discovered one thing. That was that when these tremendously powerful ones who could truly fight, like Nezha, Erlang Shen, Lü Dongbin and others, they were basically impossible to capture alive, and these who were captured were basically less than half. Of course, the proportion was even higher for high positions.

That’s why Yang Chen wasn’t surprised when he saw the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord. Having killed a lot of these main deities of the heavenly court, Yang Chen no longer had any fear, he expected there was nothing that could shock him even if he confronted the Jade Emperor.

It seemed the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord hadn’t been questioned too harshly, and his expression was extremely relaxed. But when seeing Yang Chen he first felt a burst of subconscious fear. Having killed too many deities, that cloud of blood around him was already so thick it couldn’t spread out, involuntarily spreading an aura that made people’s’ hearts leap with fear, and even main divinities on the level of the Grand Supreme Elderly lord couldn’t resist it.

However, in the end the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord was the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord, and recovered to normal after just an instant of fear. Eyes opening wide, he seemed able to directly pierce that blood cloud to see Yang Chen himself. After looking steadily at Yang Chen for a while, his eyes suddenly shone, and he eagerly asked: “Five element spiritual roots, complete Yin and Yang, rare to see in ten thousand years, you are the best cultivator child I have seen. To have such a destiny before my death, are you interested in being my last disciple?”

Becoming the disciple of the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord? Even if it was just before his death, who could imagine the great opportunity that involved? However, the desperately beautiful eyes of Yang Chen’s master in his last life flashed through his mind, as well as the instant of happiness when she reached out and handed over the Bright Light Sword. Just these two scenes quickly made Yang Chen’s heart stop swaying, and he made a decision.

“Many thanks for Elderly Lord’s gracious intentions, but I already have my master in this life, I’ll have no other!” When Yang Chen calmly said this, it seemed as if his heart broke free of some restraint, free and easy, wide open sea and sky. Yang Chen knew that, in the future, no lure less than becoming the last disciple of the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord would ever disturb him. Unconsciously, Yang Chen received a cleansing of his soul. Even before he had started cultivating, his chances of success were already one chip higher.

“Ai, no chance even at the end!” The Grand Supreme Elderly Lord sighed slightly, apparently also seeing Yang Chen’s aloofness. With just a sigh, his tone returned to normal: “Nevermind, meeting before death is destiny. Even if I can’t take you as disciple, by your appearance, you will also cultivate in the future. I’ll dig up two things to give you, you pick them on your own!” The Elderly Lord had already heard what Yang Chen said before, and naturally knew what he would do, speaking very optimistically.

Yang Chen hadn’t anticipated to actually be able to receive the favor of the Elderly Lord. Stumped for a moment, he immediately exulted, standing in his place thinking deeply before speaking up: “Myself accepts Elderly Lord’s gracious intentions. Right now, myself would like Elderly Lord’s ‘One Chi Becomes Three Purities’ and tool and pill refining secrets, Elderly Lord please bestow them.”

No need to mention One Chi Becomes Three Purities, the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord’s skill in refining tools was absolutely first class among first class. Each item the Elderly Lord produced, whether cut diamonds or palm leaf fans, yin yang bottle gourds, or clean jade bottles, they were all top grade immortal goods. As for refining pills, there was even less need to mention that, a number of extremely unique medicines that made people drool, all came from the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord’s hands. Since Yang Chen could choose, he’d naturally choose the best. However, it seemed as if there was still a cheap trick involved in his choice. The Elderly Lord had let him pick two, but Yang Chen’s choice included three.

“One Chi Becomes Three Purities, haha, just a divinity separating secret art, it’s called «Three Purities Secrets», remember it well. Your killing intent overflows, the Three Purities Secrets can refine killing intent into divine consciousness, you might be able to use it very soon.”

“There’s nothing special about an old man’s tool refining, just the Universe Eight Trigrams Stove and some tricks. However, if you wish, great yin yang five phases double cultivation without an eight trigrams stove can be even more tremendous than my old man. Fine, «Universe Treasure Raising Secrets», use these secrets once after each time you’ve finished refining, ordinarily use this for conservation and the effect will be even better, remember it for now!”

“Coming noisily and leaving noisily, in the end it’s still a matter of my Dao. Fine, consider the pill refining techniques a parting gift, and use a bit sharper skill when seeing me on my way. There’s no name, you name it, this is just a technique, and no secret prescription, gather those on your own!”

Personally seeing the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord on his way, couldn’t describe the feeling in his heart. The «Three Purities Secret», «Universe Raising Treasure Secret», and what Yang Chen named «Elderly Gentleman Pill Arts» that the Elderly Gentleman gave him were recorded in his heart. Yang Chen just wanted to rest a bit, but it didn’t seem the new Heavenly Court would give him the time. In the originally completely empty Immortal Executioner Stage, appeared another two convicted prisoners.

This time there were only two, but they were the most venerable two. When Yang Chen looked at them, the married couple had no restraints and just stood there with straight backs, looking at Yang Chen with dignity.

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