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Not just the scholar on the stage, even the other convicted prisoners below it shivered when they heard Yang Chen. Destroying Immortal Absolute Devil Hand could even be called the most malicious punishment in the immortal world, even great primary golden immortals would itch all over, experiencing unendurable suffering. When the itch was at its peak, it could make people scratch their whole bodies and faces until they were drenched with blood.

Especially the viciousness. This Ruining Immortal Absolute Devil Hand, not only could the user control it freely, but also had the extremely important effect of being able to block the cultivation of the person who was trapped in it. Once hit by it, it required a cultivation far higher than the implementer in order to find a way to remove the target’s pain, or it would follow him through his life like bone maggots.

When Yang Chen had offended the Greatest Heaven Sect’s people in the mundane world through Yang Xi’s false accusations, he hadn’t expected that the Greatest Heaven Sect was only a branch of the Profound Heaven Sect in the immortal world, and the Profound Heaven Sect was a part of the main force in this rebellion against the heavenly court. After ascending, Yang Chen had been carefully watched, and the Profound Heaven Sect master had used this Ruining Immortal Absolute Devil Hand on Yang Chen to make an example.

Intending to make Yang Chen the model of disobedience, each month the restriction on Yang Chen would flare up, and each time Yang Chen would be in unbearable pain, losing all prestige in the immortal world. In order to make his impression on people even more profound, Yang Chen hadn’t even had his cultivation blocked, to the extent that he eventually cultivated to the level of great primary golden immortal.

The Ruining Immortal Absolute Devil Hand belonged to a plundered series of devil arts, and was vicious to the extent that only the masters of a few great sects were qualified to cultivate it, passed down orally so that no others could learn it. It was just that this technique was used to much that Yang Chen had still caught parts of it.

“Who are you? How can you know the Ruining Immortal Absolute Devil Hand?” The scholar was alarmed, practically in despair. Yang Chen clearly didn’t have any need to intimidate someone on death’s door like him.

“Myself said, an ordinary mortal, just happen to control the Immortal Executioner Stage.” As he spoke, the vicious blade in his hand turned into a slender needle.

“Senior, you and I have no past grudges, nor recent hatred, but senior was first to hold malicious intent, and myself taking revenge with the Ruining Immortal Absolute Devil Hand is karma, which myself will continue!” Since he didn’t kill him, Yang Chen didn’t say his customary phrase. When he finished, Yang Chen was already moving. The slender needle repeatedly flickered across the scholar’s body, and the middle aged scholar couldn’t help starting to groan.

The itch was difficult to settle. If it was normally, perhaps the scholar could have used his hands to scratch, but right now he was in the Immortal Executioner Stage, his cultivation was crippled, his body bound, with no chance to scratch. The pitiful scholar could only constantly squirm, with no way to halt the pain. At this moment, even if he lost all his face, he still wished someone would help him scratch. But unfortunately, Yang Chen wasn’t that kind.

The Immortal Executioner Stage flashed with golden light, and the middle aged man was transported outside the platform. Yang Chen’s voice spread from the stage: “Senior will be left for last, as for the time it takes to behead these thousands of people, senior can only endure.”

The immortals entering the Immortal Executioner Stage hadn’t foreseen that Yang Chen would have a move like that. They all also knew the danger danger in the scholar’s words, and had just wanted to see Yang Chen suffer a prank, but they hadn’t expected him to immediately see through it. Associating it with what Yang Chen previously also knew about the medicine garden, these immortals discovered that it might be rather difficult to conceal things from the executioner on the Immortal Executioner Stage.

Even immortals didn’t want to have to suffer disgrace just before their death, but Yang Chen’s way of doing things made them take up an attitude without hatred. Yang Chen was just a mortal, it was impossible for him to change the heavenly court. Their tragedy, just as Yang Chen said, every debt has a debtor, but that wasn’t Yang Chen.

As for that middle aged scholar, Yang Chen said it clearly, he was first to plot to kill Yang Chen, and Yang Chen also didn’t mind continuing this piece of karma. Everyone didn’t know how many people they had killed on the road of cultivation, and nobody felt anything improper about this way of handling things, perhaps with the exception of that scholar.

Let alone when Yang Chen didn’t force them. If they wanted they could leave behind their aspirations, if they didn’t then Yang Chen would happily send them on their way, not making things difficult for anyone, leaving nobody with more to say about that.

People who wanted to die, let alone when they had lived longer than they could remember, immortals who had experienced life and death, saw everything clearly. If they wanted to live, then they could have bowed their heads and surrendered before entering the Immortal Executioner Stage. Since they had already entered, then they had already made their choice, long ago rejected life and death. Who would still put Yang Chen’s little tricks in their eyes?

Yang Chen had also guessed this bit correctly, and that’s why he would be so unrestrained. No matter how open-minded about life and death, in the end there would still be some tiny regrets, and this was the power of Yang Chen’s words —— “If there are still some unfinished desires, perhaps myself can help complete them.”

The direct result of these words was that at least half the convicted prisoners pronounced their desires to Yang Chen, and also mentioned the rewards.

“My sect has declined, if there’s the chance, look after them! Here I have a lost «J Water Secret», it suits J water innate qi, very powerful, help me pass it on!”


“I know of a spiritual rock vein in a deserted valley, men’s footprints are rare, monsters are numerous, I expect it still hasn’t been found, I’ll give it to you!”


“Before ascending, I forged several dozen flying swords for my juniors, but after I ascended they never discovered them, you take them! Those flying swords are the results of all my efforts before ascending, don’t let them gather dust.”


Yang Chen’s mind churned like boiling water, constantly engraving the final wishes and rewards of those immortals. Some matters, like agreeing to look after descendants, Yang Chen agreed to directly. Those who wanted Yang Chen to kill people, he would first consider, and if they intersected with his enemies, Yang Chen would agree, and if they didn’t, he wouldn’t easily nod.

The more it was like this, the more it seemed like yang Chen would agree to do, those who originally wanted people killed saw him shake his head in refusal, and they were about to die, those things they left behind would also be wasted, so they might as well clear their hearts and directly hand over those things that were supposed to be rewards, without any conditions, sighing meeting death.

Before each time he killed, Yang Chen would always read out his “every debt has a debtor” phrase, and after beheading them, silently use the devil method to inhale the final gift those immortals unknowingly left behind into his body.

This went on at a very high speed, and Yang Chen didn’t have time to think about it, continuing without a rest until he had killed all of them, including the scholar he had used the Ruining Immortal Absolute Devil Hand on, and half the Immortal Executioner Stage had turned a bright scarlet red.

Even though his body still didn’t have a trace of magic power, Yang Chen still felt a revolutionary change taking place within his body. As if something was germinating within him, sprouting to grow strong and healthy.

Glancing at his achievement score, Yang Chen discovered that he had already passed one billion. To Yang Chen, this was an extra benefit. Even though these achievement points were useless in the mundane world, once he ascended to the spiritual world, they could be used for a lot of good things.

“Yi?” Somewhere in the immortal world, the official who had brought Yang Chen into the Immortal Executioner Stage seemed to sense something, giving a surprised expression. “So soon?” After speaking he seemed to recall his manners, and waved his hand behind him: “Send another batch inside!”

Yang Chen was just drinking water and resting when he suddenly discovered that the just emptied Immortal Executioner Stage had again become packed to the brim, with even more immortals being delivered inside.

Having already absorbed the best features of the vitality of the immortals from before, Yang Cheng basically didn’t feel tired. Only, he still slowly followed his own rhythm, slowly draining the cup of water in his hand, then again climbing onto the Immortal Executioner Stage with a steady pace.

Land gods, chop!

Mountain gods, chop!

Celestial soldiers, chop!

Strong men, chop!

Palace beauties, chop!

Children, chop!


“Before dying, does senior have any unfulfilled aspirations, perhaps myself can help you complete one or two.” Yang Chen spoke the same words, but with a flavor of death.

“Every debt has a debtor, you and I have no past grudges, nor recent hatred, this is my place of duty, executing orders, please pardon me!” Yang Chen didn’t know how many time he had spoken his executioner’s work phrase, neatly killing all the convicted prisoners in one go.

“Hiss”, outside the Immortal Executioner Stage, after the supervising official had discovered that the Immortal Executioner Stage had been cleared once again, almost drew in a cold breath. More than two thousand immortals had all been killed by Yang Chen in such a short time. Even he himself, if faced with so many immortals, might not be able to continue so fiercely.

In fact, one immortal facing so many immortals, even if mountain gods, land gods, and celestial soldiers were all small change, they were still immortals, even more venerable than emperors. Being able to actually kill them without the slightest hesitation, this person was simply naturally predisposed to being an executioner.

Another batch was sent inside, and Yang Chen also knew the pattern. Each time one thousand two hundred would be sent in, when they were done another batch would follow. They were just the lowest level small change, but Yang Chen had killed more than ten batches, close to twenty thousand of them.

The rebellion against the heavenly court was no small matter, even though those rebels had grudges, they still didn’t dare massacre indiscriminately in the rebellion, in order to avoid being unable to regret it. A lot of people treated these people of the old heavenly court carefully, arresting those that could be arrested, thereby leaving an especially large amount for Yang Chen to execute.

There was already a faint red color around Yang Chen, that was the display of dense blood qi after killing too many people. Even though Yang Chen had already absorbed their life essence, he still had no way to quickly dissolve the hurricane of killing intent brought about by killing so many immortals.

When killing afterwards, having already lost all their magical power, even those immortals couldn’t help trembling before him. Basically nobody dared look Yang Chen in the eyes, as if they had a feeling of heartfelt fear towards him.

After killing this batch and resting a while, Yang Chen finally saw a different kind of prisoners. From how they were treated, he could see that the grade of these immortals had risen substantially.

“The Thirty Six Heavenly Spirits, Seventy Two Earthly Fiends, Twenty Eight Mansions, Twelve Earthly Branches!” Yang Chen could only sigh, these originally remote divinities had now become convicted prisoners under his feet.

“Before dying, does senior have any unfulfilled aspirations, perhaps myself can help you complete one or two.” Red light lingering around him, Yang Chen speaking these words indeed alarmed these immortals. How many immortals did he have to kill to create a killing intent that even immortals of this level would fear?

Surprisingly, the higher the level of the immortal, the more they seemed to care about their path. Yang Chen’s words seemed like a last chance for them.

“I have a trump card «Great Sun True Understanding», help me find a suitable successor to pass it on!”

“I have a secret abode in the mortal world, at Blue Vault Mountain, the controlling method is like this……”

“Before ascending, I had a vein of B Wood True Essence in my abode, go get it if you have time, together «B Wood True Secret» it will have unimaginable effect. Only, you have to help me find my disciple from back then in the spiritual world, and pass on this Universe Unbounded Sword Art. If you can’t find him, it goes to you! Ai!”

“Here I have a «Pill Accumulating Scripture», you find a fated person to pass it on to!”

“We have a «Twelve Zodiac Crowd Guarding Great Formation» for twelve people to use together, we’ll leave it for you, to guard your abode!”

“«Heavenly Cycle Constellation Great Formation» diagram, no need to ask how powerful, it’s considerable. For you!”

“«Heavenly Spirit Treasure Refining Secret», it can freely refine your treasures, for you, it’s fine if you don’t pass it on.”

“«Earth Fiend Sacrificial Formation Secret», if your luck is good, it can refine your magic tools with seventy two layers of formations, pass it on!”


In succession, practically all were secret methods, formation methods, pill arts, tool refining techniques, and even lost abodes, so much that Yang Chen didn’t even dare believe that these people actually had so many good things. He could also find some proof in his memories that these things were actually all real. Especially the Twelve Zodiacs’ Crowd Guarding Great Formation, it was simply a revolutionary formation that could promote even paradise by a level.

Again successively beheading several dozen immortals, executing heavenly generals was nothing, when executing the twelve zodiacs, Yang Chen randomly discovered that his achievement score had begun to climb by units of a hundred million. Once he was done with the twenty eight constellations, he had already surpassed one trillion.

Shocking Yang Chen even more was the life essence of the twenty eight constellations, they seemed to each have different five phases and yin yang properties, when inhaling them he seemed to be able to feel something sprouting and growing into a great tree within him, exceptionally wonderful.

“Phew”, after a long time, Yang Chen finished absorbing and opened his eyes. Entering his field of view were a variety of monsters, spanning practically every kind of category.

Erlang Shen’s Howling Celestial Dog, Old Man of the South Pole’s White Spirit Deer, the Immortal Crane, Chang’e’s Jade Rabbit, elk, flying tigers, tortoise serpents, even a few flood dragons, practically everything Yang Chen could remember was here. These were the pets and mounts of those immortals.

“My master has peaches of immortality, and I have one too!” The Old Man of the South Pole’s White Spirit Deer suddenly spoke up, startling Yang Chen to jump: “Very long ago I raised that peach in an abode in the spiritual world, go taste it if you have time, it’s tasty.”

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