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Currently Yang Chen didn’t have the ability to control the flying sword to kill people from a distance, but he could do nothing about this, as his cultivation was quite lacking, even though he had already entered the fourth qi layer, his skill to control the flying sword could only persist for a few strikes before his spirit power was depleted.

The skill to use a flying sword to kill underground spirit beast required an enormous amount of spirit power, but while its speed was quite rapid, it only managed killing three beasts before he had to sit down to recover his spirit power. Currently Yang Chen was not making a breakthrough in spirit power, rather he was trying to fuse the will of the XianTai Stage as soon as possible, therefore he had no need to continuously use such a method.

Everything was remarkably similar to the time when Yang Chen was at the execution grounds, the sword box resembling the immortal beheading blade within his hand, the underground spirit beasts who were trying to break in, stuck at the entrance appearing as if bound convicts. Yang Chen used the posture he was most familiar with and then started chopping down, one slash followed by another, three slashes were required to kill one beast. As soon as one spirit beast was killed, another would immediately follow up, hardly giving him any time to rest.

The Five Phases of Yin and Yang secrets entered the bodies of the the underground spirit beasts under the influence of the Immortal Executing Blade, regardless of their attributes, while chopping. The spirit power within their bodies was then completely used up, leaving none behind, so that Yang Chen could chop off the heads of spirit beasts without much difficulty.

Even if the spirit beasts were not very intelligent organisms, they still had been birthed from spirit wisdom. Beheading every one of them gave Yang Chen the sensation of killing a living organism, this caused the killing intent within his body to slightly increase, but it also caused the killing intent outside of his body to increase at the same rate.

The will of the XianTai Stage was most directly roused by massacre. What Yang Chen sensed at that moment was completely aligned with what happened when he was on the XianTai Stage. That portion of violent will rushed out from within Yang Chen’s body and began to fuse with Yang Chen’s killing intent.

For every spirit beast killed, Yang Chen was able to sense his temperament become more like an executioner, paying no attention to reason, paying no attention to the consequences, merely the firm resolution chopping down continuously. He also felt, that he himself had also become somewhat more aggressive.

The violent killing intent even made the spirit beasts on the outside begin to sense dread, making them not dare to enter. So after some time, Yang Chen had no other option than to stop his hand, on one side to recover his spirit power and on the other side to put the Three Purities Secret to use, so that the killing intent on his body could be completely absorbed.

Every day had turned into a loop again. Cultivating by slaughtering was very tedious and dull, without even a little bit of thrill or excitement. Every day, just like a machine, slashing his blade to kill. He had even started killing more than ten thousand spirit beasts per day. Sometimes, Yang Chen wanted to just rush out to the pile of spirit beasts and face fatal dangers and fight wantonly, to vent out his feelings, but the many years of cultivation experience in his previous life allowed him to restrain himself.

Currently he did not require that sort of reckless fighting, instead he needed to steadily increase his strength and conceal it from other people, who could cause trouble to him, and then be able to pay his respects to his master again. Other things were not even worth a glance when compared to this goal. Thinking about the expression in his master’s eyes when they were parting, without any hope, while she was bidding him farewell, forced Yang Chen to inspire himself.

After the endless slaughter, Yang Chen did not know how much time had passed, but, he could now sense that the will of the XianTai Stage had finally been fully roused and appeared after experiencing the massacre of several million spirit beasts.


Just like the time after he had killed a senior god in this life, suddenly an endless killing intent flashed within the Immortal Falling Well and all the people in the Immortal Falling Well were able to feel this terrible will. That will, which could even make the Jade Emperor shiver with fear, made every organism in the Immortal Falling Well faint due to the intimidation, even YuanYing and Da Cheng experts were no exceptions. The only one who could remain sober was Yang Chen.

In the region near Yang Chen, these underground spiritual beasts were only formed out of spiritual influence with a little spiritual wisdom to act based on their instincts, but all of them were killed by this invading killing intent. Within a radius of a hundred meters, which was originally filled with spirit beasts, only a wide expanse, filled with a large number of spirit essences and nothing else remained.

As a matter of fact, it was not only the killing intent which he had brought back from the XianTai Stage, but also all of the killing intent the XianTai Stage accumulated from the countless beings which had been executed in it. This fearful beast which had been imprisoned within Yang Chen’s body could finally release its pressure as much as it liked, without any restrictions and began to fuse with Yang Chen.

The spirit power within Yang Chen’s body began to circulate, as if his body had turned into one huge black hole, frantically sucking in the spirit power of the underground spirit beasts. The speed of the spirit power rushing forth to enter his body made even Yang Chen fearful.

Fortunately the Reverse Five Phases of Yin and Yang secrets were able to effectively purify this spirit power. By no means did Yang Chen want to make his body explode because of spirit power surging in too fast. The mixture of the spirit power of the Heavenly Stars Treasure Refining Secrets and the Earth Fiend Sacrificial Formation secrets, began to crazily expand under the propulsion of the killing intent.

But that killing intent also began to once again shout with frenzy inside of Yang Chen’s mind:

“Obey me! Obey me!”

But after having experienced it at the XianTai Stage already, Yang Chen could easily deal with it now. Within his mind, the image of his master’s eyes while she was bidding him farewell began to flash continuously, the happy scene where his master was giving him a bright, light flying sword, and soon a smile appeared on Yang Chen’s face once again.

“I have already said it many times, I am the executioner!”

Facing the will of the XianTai Stage, Yang Chen only smiled and did not waver, despite the will of the XianTai Stage exciting the killing intent on his body and making it go mad.

Very quickly, the will of the XianTai Stage, which was unable to suppress Yang Chen, could only be restrained by him and began to merge with his mind, trace by trace, and turn into a part of Yang Chen.

The familiar, obscure, red aura appeared in Yang Chen’s surroundings again, that sinister red, blood mist looked striking under the illumination of the night pearls. When the killing intent had completely merged with Yang Chen’s mind, the spirit power within Yang Chen’s body once again changed dramatically with a rumbling sound.

Originally he had already entered the fourth qi layer, enjoying that exceptional cultivation environment and adding onto these few days of incessant cultivation, Yang Chen had already accumulated enough spirit power, so when the spirit power was stimulated by the killing intent, he immediately broke through again and entered the fifth qi layer. During the process of fusing with the killing intent, he once again broke through the bottleneck of the fifth qi layer and under the crazy propulsion of the killing intent, his spirit power rose once again frantically and within a flash, it crossed the hurdle, reaching the sixth qi layer and started rushing towards seventh qi layer.

Only after reaching the barrier of the seventh qi layer did the spirit power start to calm down slowly, and did not remain as berserk as before. This rapid breaking through the barriers of three layers left Yang Chen’s meridians in severe anguish. At the moment Yang Chen was unable to deal with it, so he immediately sat down on the obsidian jade mat and began to restore his meridians and stabilize his cultivation.

Elder Wu, overseeing the Immortal Falling Well, was the first person to wake up, but he only woke up after one day and one night’s time. But after waking up he found that a cold killing intent was present everywhere, the concentration and fierceness of which made him feel fear throughout his entire body. He wanted to probe around, but found that under the suppression of the killing intent, he could not even move.

What kind of catastrophe had descended onto the Immortal Falling Well? Elder Wu didn’t dare to come to a conclusion and could only helplessly experience the killing intent that had spread everywhere, trying to forcibly withstand it, but what else could he do.

According to Yang Chen’s plan, he would cultivate to the foundation stage within ten years, that would be upgrading one realm per year, this was so that he did not seem abnormal to other people and at the same time could be considered as a rarely seen talent, able to gain the sect’s attention. But, after the Heavenly Stairs he had already gained the sect’s attention, so naturally, there was not much sense in concealing anything.

Thus Yang Chen had thought to let his cultivation take its natural course, but he hadn’t anticipated that, at the Immortal Falling Well, the fusion with the killing intent would surprisingly happen in an instant, and that, stimulated by the killing intent, his cultivation would increase by three layers, from the qi layer middle stage, fourth layer, to the seventh layer. Calculating the time taken, it had taken him just one year of time to ascend three layers, this kind of speed could be considered most monstrous among talents.

Consolidating his cultivation and restoring the damage to his meridians took Yang Chen ten days time, during this time, a dense killing intent flooded the surroundings. Among the people in the Immortal Falling Cave, only Yang Chen and the recently woken Elder Wu were clear headed.

Yang Chen was aware of the damage caused by the killing intent to the surroundings, so after consolidating his realm, he hurriedly began to cultivate the Three Purities Secrets. The second layer of the three purities secrets had unmatched speed while absorbing the killing intent. Within the brief period of six hours, the dense blood colored fog in his surroundings was completely absorbed.

This was the killing intent he accumulated by killing the countless immortals at the XianTai Stage, which had been completely transformed into spiritual awareness by Yang Chen. Even during the transformation, Yang Chen had a feeling that his spiritual awareness was like a hurricane which even he did not dare to accept.

Originally, Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness was already at the peak of the foundation stage, but currently, after it rose without stopping, accumulating more and more, it began to attack the JieDan stage bottleneck. Even if it was a very experienced and knowledgeable person, he would still not dare to believe this. Yang Chen was a qi stage disciple at the moment, but surprisingly his spiritual awareness was already comparable to that of a JieDan stage expert.


Under the incessant attack by the spiritual awareness, suddenly the sound of an explosion echoed within Yang Chen’s mind. Soon after that, Yang Chen sensed his whole body shaking, as if his entire self had appeared in a blood colored world.

Yang Chen was aware that this was his awareness sea being established after his spiritual awareness had entered the JieDan stage. Usually, one could only hope to establish their awareness sea after condensing their dan. As for Yang Chen, after absorbing the will of the XianTai Stage, he had directly stepped across this step.

Originally, the Three Purities Secrets had the effect of using the condensed spiritual awareness to expand the awareness sea, and currently they had opened the awareness sea, but the killing intent still hadn’t been absorbed completely, it was still continuously absorbing and refining. And so within Yang Chen’s awareness sea, variations began to slowly appear.

A blood colored smoke was present everywhere, as if all of the killing intent from outside of the body was collecting here. But very rapidly, this blood colored smoke began to concentrate and soon afterwards converged to form a blood colored river and began to flow over the blood colored ground. And so the awareness sea began to slowly fade away, as if all of the blood color began to converge within that river.

The absolutely empty awareness sea created only this blood colored river and no other scenery. But Yang Chen had become wild with joy. In his previous life, when he had just opened his awareness sea, the smoke was of the form of a drizzle, very small, as if it was a little point. How could it be compared to this long, blood colored awareness sea?

The Three Purities Secrets were precisely Three Purities Secrets, Yang Chen couldn’t help but sigh regretfully at the strength of the cultivation methods used by the Greatest Supreme Elder. However, one thing was still very strange, this kind of strong elder, how could the people of the Profound Heaven Sect have captured and delivered him to the XianTai Stage?

This kind of fantastic awareness sea, Yang Chen knew that this was only the lowest layer among the three layers of the awareness sea formed by the three purities secrets. This was just a newly established spiritual sea, the difference from the most pure layer was one hundred and eight thousand miles. But having this kind of great beginning, would Yang Chen still be anxious about his future cultivation?

Taking a satisfied breath, he withdrew his spiritual awareness from his awareness sea and became totally clear headed. This time, the fusion with the will of the XianTai Stage was an extremely pleasant surprise.

The killing intent that had been filling the air in the Immortal Falling Well was cleared out. Without that violent killing intent, the people within the Immortal Falling Well began to slowly wake up. For the ones with a stronger cultivation, when they woke up, they were ecstatic, seeing these several hundred unconscious spirit beasts in their surroundings. Regardless of anything, they first began to kill these spirit beasts, delivered to them as a present and collected their spirit essences.

Fortunately, all cultivators who were able to enter into the Immortal Falling Well were the ones who had been permitted by their sect leaders and had also researched the places they shouldn’t go. Although some were quick to wake up, while some were slow, in the end, compared to underground spirit beasts, their recovery was rapid. Otherwise, the Immortal Falling Well would have lost the majority of the disciples on that day. In this case, everybody was unclear about the reason they had lost consciousness, even the council of the five elders overseeing the Immortal Falling did not know about the reason. All the disciples who had woken up, were only concerned with collecting the spirit essences.

Yang Chen also didn’t do anything uncommon, when he completely released his spiritual awareness, he became aware of everything in a perimeter of several hundred meters. Spirit essences and unconscious spirit beasts were strewn around all over, naturally Yang Chen did not let this chance escape and directly rushed out of the cave and cleared up the surroundings, raking in thousands upon thousands of spirit essences without any restraint. Only then did he return to the cave jubilantly. After coming in, he squeezed the head of the spirit beast at the entrance and began to inspect the changes within his body.

Yang Chen could easily determine that he was at the seventh qi layer, but the seventh qi layer right now was completely different from the seventh qi layer in his previous life. With the powerful Five Phases of Yin and Yang secrets, the Heavenly Stars Treasure Refining Secrets and the Earth Fiend Sacrificial Formation Secrets, the current Yang Chen could deal with tens of Yang Chens from his previous life if they were at the same realm.

As a habit, Yang Chen took out a flying sword from the sword box and began to refine it. The second layer of refining of the Heavenly Stars Treasure Raising Secrets was not obstructed in the least and within the short period of two hours, the flying sword quickly rose up by one grade. The light of the sword became even brighter, making Yang Chen feel really gratified. Similar to that, the second layer of refining of the Earth Fiend Sacrificial Formation Secrets was also not obstructed, it even directly rushed to the third layer of refining.

As for the spirit power threads within his body, all threads of the Heavenly Stars Treasure Refining Secrets as well as the threads of the Earth Fiend Sacrificial Formation Secrets began to shine and started splitting into more than two threads, what made Yang Chen even more delighted was, that the threads which were initially the size of silk, had at this moment surprisingly become thicker and more compact.

In Yang Chen’s mind the image of the pain filled eyes of his master, bidding him farewell flashed again and in the blink of an eye, it turned into his master’s face, saying to him:

“Yang Chen, this is a bright light sword which I have specifically refined for you, you should properly take care of it and cultivate more diligently!”

Gradually, all of these memories flashed through Yang Chen’s mind.

Master, very soon I will reach the foundation stage, very soon, I will be able to return to your side and become your disciple again!

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