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The Profound Spirit Furnace was a magic tool which Yang Chen cared about, after all this was an excellent furnace, ranked within the top ten even, in the world of immortals, if Yang Chen meticulously upgraded it.

The Heavenly Stars Treasure Refining Secrets were naturally not bad, to be able to increase the Profound Spirit Furnace by a grade. There was no way, that Yang Chen would not use this kind of good thing on Profound Spirit Furnace. The boundless spirit power under Yang Chen’s control began to refine the Profound Spirit Furnace from the inside out.

Yang Chen was very cautious regarding this refining, he was even clear about all of the defects inside of the Profound Spirit Furnace, using his spiritual awareness. There was a relationship between refining and the master, Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness which was already comparable to a middle JieDan expert directly penetrated through the inside of the Profound Spirit Furnace, making the structure and defects of the Profound Spirit Furnace clear to him.

Although the Heavenly Stars Treasure Refining Secrets was a very accomplished technique, Yang Chen still felt somewhat dissatisfied. The layer of fire attributed spirit power was very low, moreover he didn’t have a suitable fire source and other materials, so these flaws could be clearly seen but still they couldn’t be fixed, this made Yang Chen very regretful. Apparently, it had become necessary for him to put an emphasis on increasing his fire attributed spirit power.

Initially Yang Chen had a fire attributed spirit root, but his realm had been very low then, in addition to that, he had already declared that in order to understand the other attributes, he had to have contact with all of the other phases. But now that his cultivation had become higher, Yang Chen had no other option than to think it over, he had to give prominence to his fire attributed cultivation, otherwise it would surely raise the eyebrows of many people.

Currently, he had a very good opportunity. Yang Chen knew that, within the Immortal Falling Well, there was a location which had an underground fire vein. Together with the geocentric fire, which was a high quality yin fire(fourth fire) that could be used for pill concoction, not only would the Profound Spirit Furnace be upgraded one more level, but Yang Chen’s fire attributed cultivation could also become even more outstanding.

After the Heavenly Stars Treasure Refining Secrets, he used the Earth Fiend Sacrificial Formation Secret, and then were the Universal Treasure Raising Secrets. With these luxurious refining methods, adding on to them this luxurious maintenance skill, they could be considered equal to possessing a magic weapon. Even if a magic weapon of a higher grade than the Profound Spirit Furnace was put before him and the magic weapon was extremely powerful, it would still be overshadowed by them.

After refining the sword box, Yang Chen fished out the bottle of the Yang Mountain Medicine Garden from his qiankun pouch, so that it could absorb more spirit power. The geocentric fire was in another direction from the Li Lou Village so he needed to leave. When Yang Chen was going to going to put down the bottle to absorb more spirit power, something startled him.

The Medicine Garden’s clean bottle and bottle lid, were originally very high grade magic weapons and because of Yang Chen’s present level, at least before reaching the foundation stage, Yang Chen would not even think of refining them, even if he had the Heavenly Stars Treasure Raising Secrets or the Earth Fiend Sacrificial Formation Secrets, they would still be useless. At the moment, the medicine garden had been forcely branded by Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness, so at least it wouldn’t harm Yang Chen.

Originally at the Yang Mountain, the Medicine Garden’s bottle was only left with a thin trace of spirit power, at the time when he was receiving the elder’s Sword Box, the bottle had completely absorbed that tiny spirit vein, but that also only added a finger thick layer, and nothing more. But currently, the bottle was completely filled with spirit power, the entire bottle let out a blue light which could shake people’s soul. Holding it in his hand, it was like a chunk of a sparkling and translucent ice cube.

Not only the bottle, even the lid of the blue colored bottle had absorbed spirit power until it was full, and emitted a golden, bright and dazzling light. This kind of change was something that even Yang Chen had not expected. Initially he believed that the lid was just a part of the bottle itself, but right then he had discovered that surprisingly it could function by itself, moreover, looking at the color, it was very evident that the clean bottle’s sword spell was metal attributed.

This was actually quite a nice surprise, at the very least, Yang Chen did not need to worry about the medicine garden’s spirit power requirement for at least several tens of years to hundreds of years. Afterwards, as long as he was able to refine it by using any sort of method, maybe he could make medicine garden absorb all kinds of spirit power of the five phases and form a five phases world within the medicine garden. At that time, he could certainly grow more than the drug ingredients that were currently breeding inside of the medicine garden. Cultivation was a very long road, by the time when he would ascend, having a few thousand year matured herbs would definitely be a big advantage to him.

That underground spirit vein which had plentiful spirit power had already weakened by much due to Yang Chen’s frantic absorption of spirit power within these two years, adding on to the absorption by the clean bottle. Only, the Immortal Falling Well was located below the ground, so it would naturally recover, but Yang Chen still unconsciously did not find it convenient if another fellow daoist found this location in the future.

So with the help of the pearl in his hand, he took a last look at this unfair region, which he was reluctant to part with, and finally departed.

He could find the direction of Li Lou Village by the reaction of the pearl within his hand. This pearl, apart from illuminating the region, could also guide the cultivators who had come here to train, back to the Li Lou Village. As long as one followed the direction on the pearl, one would certainly arrive at the region.

While walking, Yang Chen checked the spirit essences he had received this time. These days, apart from cultivating through massacre all the time, he didn’t have the opportunity to count his spoils of war.

After killing several million spirit beasts, Yang Chen possessed more than ten million spirit essences. More than ten million, what did that mean? Fifty thousand spirit essences of the five phases could promote the ejection rate of spirit power bubbling forth by one unit, this unit of spirit power rushing forth was equivalent to one percent of the ejection rate of spirit power in the whole Pure Yang Palace at the Meiqing Mountain spirit vein.

Even if it were only ten million spirit essences, they were still capable of expanding more than two hundred spirit veins completely, this meant, that this much amount was able to allow the current Pure Yang Palace’s spirit vein exit to expand by twice as much, it also meant that in the future, the concentration of spirit power at the Meiqing mountain would be an extra two times stronger when compared to before, for a total of three times as strong as before.

This time, if Yang Chen took out all of the spirit essences he had obtained, then the Pure Yang Palace would have an enormous change. For a sect to be strong, it needed to have disciples, cultivation methods and money. At the moment, Yang Chen, just by his own strength, could increase the Pure Yang Palace’s strength. A sect which had the resources to obtain three times more spirit power, who didn’t know what kind of effect that had on its future?

Even if it was a foundation stage disciple, he could also not obtain these many spirit essences within ten years. That meant, for Yang Chen to obtain these many could be considered as a cheat.

His killing intent had slightly changed due to a small transformation of the blood color within his awareness sea. It covered the whole area in his surroundings, those underground beasts did not even dare to come near him. After slaughtering several millions of spirit beasts, Yang Chen emitted the pressure of a predator at these spirit beasts, so naturally they did not dare to approach him of their own initiative.

Originally he had taken fifteen days time when coming here due to the continuous attacks by spirit beasts, but now, after only seven days, he could already see that the Li Lou Village was not more than a day’s journey from here.

Suddenly, in front of him, a pearl colored light appeared, this was the pearl light of a pearl, similar to Yang Chen’s, which could help people in reaching the Li Lou village. Within a moment, a voice echoed in Yang Chen’s ears:

“Hahahaha, waiting for one and half a years for you was not in vain, finally you have come! Yang Chen, accept your death!”

This voice seemed somewhat familiar to him, but Yang Chen was still startled for a few moments. Only then did he remember. Surprisingly, this was the voice of Jin Tao. Jin Tao should have been under the effect of his Heart’s Devil and the soul stunning technique used by him, so strictly speaking, if he did not a find a high level expert within the Immortal Falling Well, it should have been impossible for him to recover by himself, so how could he wait for Yang Chen for one and half years?

“Trying to kill me within the Immortal Falling Well, Jin Tao, aren’t you worried about being discovered by the council of the five elders?”

Since the other party had shouted to Yang Chen to die, but still hadn’t attacked, it could be assumed that he still had some worries. He had heard some hesitation within that voice, so Yang Chen didn’t take it seriously but instead shouted this question.

“If it was before, certainly people could not kill anyone within the Immortal Falling Well, but now, hmph!”

Jin Tao snorted

“Some kind of unknown demon has appeared and so the elders had already gone to the depths of the Immortal Falling Well to investigate it. Therefore, if some kind of accident happens with training disciples, it would be a perfectly normal event, isn’t that so?”

“That is to say, killing people here would not cause any kind of trouble?”

Yang Chen was not worried about causing trouble, but if he was able to avoid trouble, he would naturally take that opportunity.

“Therefore, you should extend your neck so I can easily execute you, apart from me, nobody will even discover how you died!”

On Jin Tao’s face an evil grin and some anger could be seen.

“To think that I, the great Jin Tao, a peak foundation stage expert was surprisingly made fun of by a trifling qi stage youngster like you, if it were not for the elder of the council who found the abnormality, I still would have been muddleheaded!”

But Jin Tao’s furious remark told Yang Chen the reason for why the Jin Tao, who had been under the effect of the soul stunning technique and his Heart’s Devil could have sobered up and was waiting for him for one and a half years. So it turned it was due to an elder. But for an elder, who was the overseer of the Immortal Falling Well, to find that something was abnormal with a disciple who had come to train and correct it, was also quite normal, nothing out of the usual.

“I have been a joke among the people at the Immortal Falling Well for a year because of you, I must turn all of your bones to ashes to remove this hatred from my heart!”

Jin Tao firmly said, he was an arrogant and haughty person, this kind of affair had brought him utter shame and humiliation. Most of all the fact that he clearly knew that it was done by Yang Chen, but he still could not disclose this fact to others. If anyone knew that he had been played by a qi stage youngster, he would never be able to raise his head ever again.

Jin Tao was extremely sure that Yang Chen had plotted against him, otherwise he could in no way have made Jin Tao so depressed. Though he was not clear how Yang Chen had plotted against him, but he knew that this qi stage youngster was a second grade pill concocting master, maybe he had used some kind of vicious poison to deal with him. If confronted head on, Jin Tao was convinced that even ten Yang Chens would be unable to do anything to him.

Naturally, Yang Chen was not easily convinced by Jin Tao’s words and released his spiritual awareness to the limit and began to check for signs of activity in the surroundings. Yang Chen only wanted to check for signs of other people and was not looking for any details, his spiritual awareness covered a radius of several hundred meters. The result of this investigation made Yang Chen very pleased, there were no people in the surroundings, only spirit beasts.

Withdrawing that trace of killing intent which pressured the underground spirit beasts, Yang Chen smiled at Jin Tao in front of him and said:

“Jin Tao, for every debt there is a debtor…”

Not waiting for Yang Chen to finish speaking, Jin Tao intercepted him and evilly grinned:

“That’s right, injustice has a head and debt has a debtor, speaking of this, yes, my TianQuan sect’s junior disciple Han Jiande had taken the initiative to provoke and moreover had issued that life or death challenge, dying served him right!

Indeed, we are cultivators, if we aren’t meticulous about it then what is the point. To help one’s own people is often not right, according to logic, but for this reason you must also not harbor any grudges, this is the way of the world, really unjust!”

“Many thanks, Senior Disciple Jin to give me a pointer!”

Because Jin Tao’s words had allowed Yang Chen to gain some sudden insight, he said these kinds of words to an enemy for the first time.

“What pointers?”

Jin Tao on the contrary stayed at his original position, he had no idea what kind of guidance his words regarding injustice having a head was to Yang Chen.

“Firstly these words of Senior Disciple, that to help the people close one’s self was not always supported by logic!”

Yang Chen enthusiastically cupped his hands to express his thanks to Jin Tao, this made Jin Tao’s complexion even more unsightly.

“To have a first implies there is also a second, what is the second reason?”

At this moment, Jin Tao had surprisingly taken interest in Yang Chen’s words, so he couldn’t help but ask inquisitively.

“Second is precisely to thank Senior Disciple for tell me that killing him here will not cause any kind of trouble.”

Yang Chen replied earnestly as before.

Hearing Yang Chen’s reply, Jin Tao was stunned for a moment and then suddenly started to laugh wildly, pointing a finger towards Yang Chen and clutching his abdomen with the other hand, he kept on laughing for a long time, as if he had heard some kind of great joke.


Only after laughing loudly for a long time, did he return to normal and said with a blank expression:

“This is the best joke that I have heard in my life, also, I will teach you the difference between the foundation stage and the qi stage!”

Speaking this, a sword ray suddenly flew high into the air from his back. It quickly transformed into a flying sword, bright as snow, and slowly started hovering horizontally in front of Jin Tao.

“Even if you have killed several qi stage disciples, to believe that I am the same as them!”

Jin Tao sneered and extended his hand to point his finger at Yang Chen and immediately the flying sword turned into a sword ray and rushed swiftly towards Yang Chen.

Yang Chen, who had been sitting in front of him, however began to sway weirdly and lost his presence. Against this, Jin Tao was seemingly not even startled a little bit, the sword ray flashed once and began to flutter in the surroundings.

“An escaping technique? So you were at the eighth qi layer, no wonder you talk so big!”

Jin Tao sneered and, reaching his hand to touch the ground with one finger, he loudly shouted:

“Break for me!”

The region on the ground where the finger had touched, suddenly a exploded and soon afterwards the sword ray flashed again and faded away within the breach in the ground.

Ting ting ting ting!

Continuous sounds of collision could be heard from underground. Jin Tao did not dare to believe what he was hearing.

“What kind of object is this? It can obstruct my flying sword?”

Jin Tao was really astonished, unexpectedly the flying sword which he had refined very meticulously was being stopped again and again by Yang Chen, using some kind of weapon. This was certainly not an object which could normally be taken out by a qi stage disciple. After his astonishment, Jin Tao’s face revealed a happy expression.

“After killing him, this good weapon will belong to me!”

“I think you must be wondering now, why, even after such a long time, no spirit beast has appeared from the surroundings!”

Yang Chen didn’t appear himself, but his voice echoed in all directions.

Hearing Yang Chen’s words, Jin Tao was suddenly startled and discovered the abnormality in the surroundings, because he was so pleased to get a chance to kill Yang Chen he didn’t notice this obvious circumstance, which clearly did not conform to common sense.

“What’s the matter?”

He had already discovered that ten underground spirit beasts had began to surround him, if he did not recall his flying sword, apparently he would be turned to pulp by these spirit beasts.

When he was hesitating about it, suddenly he heard Yang Chen’s voice again:

“You want to kill me with this level of ability! Dream on!”

Dream on! These words, once they entered Jin Tao’s mind, as if they had set off a deep seated fear, buried at the bottom of his mind, his whole self immediately became hysterical.

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