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I Don't Need A Magic Weapon To Beat You To Death

16 Apr 2016

Yang Chen had looked at the jade slips in the Hidden Pavilion for more than half a year, this was not a secret at Nine Earth Manor. Sun Hai Jing did not find it strange at all, that Yang Chen knew the cultivation method in which he trained, but he had said something about an explanatory jade slip on the side, but Sun Hai Jing had never seen it, he basically wasn’t even aware of any explanatory jade slip.

This was precisely the cause for the huge changes in his complexion, this moment he suddenly sensed a dread evolve from his heart. The Uncle Master who had always unconditionally supported him, had at this moment become the source of his dread.

This cultivation method of the sect had such great backlash, then why didn’t Chu Heng tell him about this earlier? At this point, Sun Hai Jing could only imagine one reason, but he absolutely did not want to believe that reason. With no way out of this dilemma, Sun Hai Jing stood there stunned, rooted to the ground.

Although the words of these two people were very low and concealed from the ears of the spectators, hearing Yang Chen just use a few words to make Sun Hai Jing lose his self control in this way, apparently everyone realized some parts of the truth.

Sun Hai Jing had for some reason surprisingly cultivated an evil cultivation method, although it would quickly increase his strength, the cost he had to pay was using up his life force. Only due to this forceful increase in his strength could he defeat Zhou Zihe. But, he was not aware that this cultivation method had this kind of fatal flaw, thus he was in the current situation.

There was no one who was not aware that Yang Chen and Sun Hai Jing were on bad terms. Since the time when Yang Chen had wanted to join the Pure Yang Palace, both of them had some conflicts. At that time, Sun Hai Jing was beaten so badly by Yang Chen, that he had to spend a long time in bed, recuperating. So now, Sun Hai Jing initiating a life and death duel towards Yang Chen was quite normal.

However, even after watching Sun Hai Jing easily defeat Zhou Zihe, who was at the peak of the qi layer, Yang Chen unexpectedly still agreed to the life and death challenge. This made everyone very confused. Could it be that Yang Chen already had the strength of a peak qi layer cultivator or even an initial foundation stage expert?

The shocked Sun Hai Jing finally sobered up from his dazed state. Facing Yang Chen, with a sinister expression he shouted:

“If you think that you can make me lose the will to fight with a single lie, then you are mistaken!”

Shouting these words, he immediately restored his raging will to fight and with blood filling his eyes, his eyes had turned so red that they could make anyone shudder. Those two eyes were like a hunter choosing prey to devour.

“Even if it was false, for you it already has no more meaning!”

Yang Chen faintly shook his head, with regret spreading across his face. For a dead man like Sun Hai Jing, whether Yang Chen’s words were true or not, they would not have any meaning.

“Humph, trying to deliberately mislead me!”

However, Sun Hai Jing did not think this way, just a moment ago when he had heard Yang Chen’s speech, he had certainly become low spirited, however very quickly he realized, that this was perhaps some sort of mental attack by Yang Chen, so as to make him lose the will to fight. After realizing this point, Sun Hai Jing became very angry and at the same time he relaxed in his heart.

Regardless of whether Yang Chen’s words were true or false, for Sun Hai Jing the timber had already been turned into a boat, wanting to convert it back was impossible. To determine whether it was true or not, after he killed Yang Chen in this life and death battle, he could only go back to the Hidden Pavilion and look for the explanatory jade slip and check on the jade slip whether there really was such a description or not.

But if he wanted to check whether or not it was true, Sun Hai Jing first had to survive. The more important thing right now was the fight in front of him.

“Younger Disciple Yang, did you not say that you would use a countless number of talisman gems to crush me to death?”

On one side of Sun Hai Jing’s body, the flying sword light began to rise again and started rotating around Sun Hai Jing’s body. This further increased the radiance of Sun Hai Jing’s body and at the same time also gave him an unlimited confidence. With grand theatrics he looked at Yang Chen and asked:

“Actually I wanted to test, Younger Disciple Yang what sort of talisman gems you would wish to use against my flying sword.”

“About those talisman gems which can deal with your flying sword, I don’t really have that many.”

Hearing Sun Hai Jing’s question, Yang Chen smilingly said:

“On the journey I haven’t bought many talisman gems, I will have to disappoint Senior Disciple Sun!”

“Since Younger Disciple Yang has promised for a life and death duel, then you must not blame this senior disciple for being heartless!”

A malicious laugh found its way onto Sun Hai Jing’s face again, most of all hearing that Yang Chen had no talisman gems, it got even more mixed up and turned into an evil smile.

“To die under this magic flying sword is Younger Disciple Yang’s good fortune!”

Yang Chen once again smiled and said:

“This kind of honorable act, Senior Disciple, set it aside for yourself!”

Following Yang Chen’s words, a sheath was raised in air and started hovering in front of Yang Chen, it was simple and unadorned without any sort of awe inspiring radiance.

“Senior disciple has his own flying sword and by some lucky coincidence, Younger Disciple has obtained a sheath, though I do not know whether it can encompass Senior Disciple’s flying sword.”

Yang Chen calmly said, facing the endlessly stunned Sun Hai Jing.

Once the sword sheath appeared, everyone present in the surroundings sensed a different sort of pressure, naturally Sun Hai Jing who was standing on the stage also sensed the silent pressure caused by the sheath and his face thickened.

The Pure Yang Palace’s Palace Master who was observing from behind with his spiritual awareness had his expression turn pleasant, opening his eyes, he said:

“What a good item!”

These words, made a silent flame burn in the eyes of Chu Heng, who was serving on the side.

“Humph, what a coincidence, as soon as I obtained a flying sword, you also obtained a sword sheath? Thinking to put my flying sword into it? Dream on!”

Sun Hai Jing had also sensed that Yang Chen’s sword sheath was a very good item, but even if it was better, in the end it was still a sword sheath and nothing more, he had never before heard of any expert who had used the sheath of a sword as a weapon, or even further, refined a sword sheath into a magic weapon. Nowadays there were flying swords, which were stored in one’s body below the navel, where the qi resided, and did not require incessant refining, so where was the need for a sword sheath?

“Whether I am dreaming or not, Senior Disciple will realize after trying!”

But Yang Chen only said this, rather than talking a lot.

“You are courting death!”

Sun Hai Jing was furious, both new and old hatred all rushed forth in his heart, as the flying sword rotating around his body suddenly turned into a ray and swiftly flew towards Yang Chen. It moved noiselessly, only leaving behind a rainbow shaped image, its speed was really beyond compare.

However, what left everyone who was watching flabbergasted, was that, when the afterimage left by the flying sword was flying close to Yang Chen, that sword sheath which had been hanging in the air in front of Yang Chen, suddenly became exceptionally huge and opened up an enormous hole, resembling a hungry dragon in the sky.


At once the flying sword was swallowed.

No matter how much Sun Hai Jing tried to get control over the flying sword, the flying sword which had been swallowed by the sheath did not show any response. It seemed that the connection of spiritual awareness between Sun Hai Jing and his flying sword had been cut off, which raised a thought of despair in Sun Hai Jing’s mind.

“Impossible! Impossible!”

It seemed that Sun Hai Jing had gone mad after losing his flying sword, he started shouting and screaming:

“You are a trifling third qi layer disciple, how can you control a magic weapon? How can you wrest away the control over my flying sword?!”

The other people had only seen Yang Chen’s sword sheath for a single moment, but Sun Hai Jing’s flying sword had lost all of its presence, they hadn’t anticipated that the flying sword would have been seized by Yang Chen. Hearing Sun Hai Jing shouting in a loud voice, everyone was overwhelmed with shock.

Taking control over the flying sword just before it could be used, what level of skill was this? Although the majority of qi layer disciples hadn’t had the opportunity to come in contact with a magic weapon, this didn’t mean that none of the qi layer disciples had a magic weapon. Not to mention Yang Chen, even inside the Nine Earth Manor, there were a few peak qi layer disciples who owned their own magic weapons. Yang Chen was not the only genius.

These people had similarly refined their own magic weapons, refined their own flying swords and even had similar control over their swords, so they naturally knew, how much of a frightening ability it was to seize control of a flying sword which was being used by someone else.

“Senior Brother Sun, your luck isn’t very good, this sheath of mine, as it turns can easily collect your flying sword, which hasn’t been refined.”

On Yang Chen’s face was a dishonest smile, as if he had received a great deal, but still wanted more, so he giddily said:

“Many thanks, Senior Disciple, now I don’t have to look for a flying sword to be stored inside of the sheath!”

Sun Hai Jing almost spat out blood listening to Yang Chen’s ridicule. Seizing someone’s magic weapon and then going as far as to ridicule him in such a way, no one would be able to stand this kind of mockery.

However Yang Chen’s words were a relief to a lot of people. That the sword sheath could only collect unrefined flying swords would also imply that afterwards, Yang Chen could not just go and capture anyone’s magic weapons. Sometimes, just having the ability to cause fear in other people could be the cause of misfortune. Since Yang Chen had used this method only to deal with Sun Hai Jing, others did not need to be very anxious.

This recent act had even shocked the Palace Master of the Pure Yang Palace so much, that he had opened both his eyes. Only after hearing Yang Chen’s words did he nod slightly and close his eyes again. Yang Chen’s words were quite reasonable though, if it was not properly refined and was just marked with a sign of Spiritual Awareness on it, then anyone with a higher cultivation could easily take control of it. Although Yang Chen’s cultivation was lacking, with the help of the sword sheath it was all very normal.

Sun Hai Jing presently did not have that any of his previous arrogance, shock was written all over his face as he had been spooked out of his mind, even his tone began to soften:

“Younger Disciple Yang, you and I don’t have a hatred which cannot be resolved, Younger Disciple must not ruthlessly eliminate me like this, OK?”

Hearing his voice, both of them had stopped their actions, each stationed at the side of the stage. There was already a hint of desperation in Sun Hai Jing’s voice.

“This life and death challenge, wasn’t it initiated by you, Senior Disciple Sun?”

Although Yang Chen hadn’t attacked him, within his tone there was not even a hint of letting off Sun Hai Jing.

“I remember, when I was leaving the Nine Earth Manor, Senior Disciple Sun had said that unfortunately I would not get the opportunity to challenge you, I would never dare to forget!”

Once these words came out of his mouth, everyone looked at Sun Hai Jing, but not with the same look anymore. Who did not know that when Yang Chen had left the Nine Earth Manor, he was immediately attacked by a few assassins? Although he had killed them instead, using some unknown method, everyone clearly realized that this was a premeditated attack with the collaboration of someone from the inside to kill a disciple of the same sect.

After Yang Chen had said these words, the greatest suspicion had naturally fallen on Sun Hai Jing. Killing disciples of the same sect, this was an offence second only to betraying the sect, apart from some sect which cultivated evil cultivation methods, no matter which sect it was, even the great major sects which cultivated evil cultivation methods, all would not tolerate this kind of matter happening.

Suddenly, Sun Hai Jing had successfully become the target of all the attention. At that moment he was not only on the fighting stage, but also in front of the Pure Yang Palace’s Palace Master, who was watching the fight, even some people from the crowd had jumped up to punish him. Even more, a countless number of people were still reprimanding him. This time he had already left a deep impression of being evil and filled with hatred on the Palace Master, what more was required to deal with him?

Chu Heng’s heart was jumping even more inside of his chest, if, under this kind of pressure, Sun Hai Jing said something carelessly which could implicate him, then, with the Palace Master present, he would not even have the chance to escape. Presently he had an infinite number of regrets within his heart, if he had known earlier about what would happen today, then he would have already taken care of Sun Hai Jing earlier, but instead he had racked his brains to search for a flying sword to make him stronger.

Sun Hai Jing also seemed to realize the anger that a lot of people were pointing towards him, within his heart he was sure that he would die, so he immediately stopped worrying about anything else and started laughing in loud voice:

“HaHaHaHa! Yes I did, so what? You are an executioner who kills without any regards, but you still want to stand by the side of us hard working cultivators? I want to kill you! My only regret is that those people were not good enough, otherwise you would already be on your way to the netherworld!”

After he had taken all of the responsibility for the matter, Chu Heng’s jumping heart finally calmed down. With the Palace Master of the Pure Yang Palace on his side, he did not dare to release a sigh of relief, but he still felt a sort of comfort. However, he hadn’t looked towards the of the Palace Master, whose eyes, which Chu Heng thought to be closed, slanted towards his direction and then quickly returned to normal.

“You admit it, good!”

Yang Chen coldly humphed.

“Since you have already accepted, then receive your punishment!”

The sword sheath in the air disappeared and Yang Chen quickly moved towards Sun Hai Jing.

Since even the Palace Master hadn’t said anything, the other people also did not dare to interfere lightly. Right away, Yang Chen surprisingly threw away the magic weapon and started fighting with his bare hands, which made everyone present on the scene crease their brows, but at the same time feel anxious for him. The other party had the strength of the initial foundation stage, going against him like this, does he just want to throw his life away?

“You are courting death, let me help you!”

Sun Hai Jing was even more exalted, Yang Chen, this thorn on his flesh, had unexpectedly decided to let go of his magic weapon and fight directly with his cultivation. Wasn’t this just delivering the prey to his door? In this moment, he had already given up any hopes of finding an opportunity of trying to escape, his last wish was to kill Yang Chen before he died. Thinking this, he directly flew towards Yang Chen to attack him.

Within an instant, the bodies of those two people came close to each other, everyone opened their eyes widely, afraid to miss a moment. Only, the thing that they found most unbelievable was that, even with Sun Hai Jing’s current speed, his attacking fist, like before was still not able to hit Yang Chen. Yang Chen had instead stopped Sun Hai Jing’s fist and had easily swung him, by using it as a handle.

A few great circles were formed in the sky.

Bang! Bang!

Sun Hai Jing was flung onto the ground by Yang Chen again and again. With a sound from Yang Chen’s wrist, his bones were broken. Together with the pain of broken bones, the dizziness made him lose all ability to resist. At that moment he was only seeing the ground coming closer and closer to him, and afterwards he was thrown, again and again. He resolutely lifted his head, only to find a huge clenched fist appearing in front of him.

Slam! Slam!

Continuous banging, accompanied with the occasional breaking sound, echoed in everyone’s ears. Yang Chen’s clenched fist was continuously smashing on Sun Hai Jing’s head, soon Sun Hai Jing’s head was smashed into a bloody gourd.

“Do you really think that without a magic weapon, I would be unable to defeat you?”

Yang Chen stopped his ferocious smashing and pulled Sun Hai Jing’s mutilated head and twisted it.


Sun Hai Jing’s head turned in a complete circle, he was still facing in the original direction, but his vitality had been severed.

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