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Chapter 53 – Request To Leave For The Immortal Falling Well

Being affected by the five phases of Yin and Yang secrets, the spirit power leaving Yang Chen’s body, almost immediately began to rise dramatically under the effect of the five phases rousing each other. Although his cultivation was merely at the third qi layer, because of his vigorous and extremely pure spirit power, he was not that much weaker than peak qi layer cultivators.

The five phases also contained the Ten Heavenly Stars spell, this resulted in even more formidable power. Although Sun Hai Jing already had the strength of a foundation stage cultivator, under the continuous and unceasing attacks, because he had not yet proficiently practiced his body protecting spell formation, it had been scattered with just a few attacks. Soon after that, one strike thoroughly took care of him.

His badly beaten and utterly mutilated head, as well as his corpse, which had already lost its vitality, had illustrated a fact to all of the people present, the fact that Yang Chen had gotten rid of Sun Hai Jin.

Sun Hai Jing had unexpectedly been killed by Yang Chen!

That Sun Hai Jing who possessed the strength of an initial foundation stage cultivator and in addition to that had a flying sword, had surprisingly been killed by an outer disciple at the third qi layer, Yang Chen!

The number one outer disciple expert, Zhou Zihe, had already admitted defeat, adding on to that Sun Hai Jing’s savageness, everyone had already acknowledged that he possessed the strength of the initial foundation stage. Just by using his flying sword, he had forced the peak qi layer disciple Zhou Zihe to admit defeat, so his strength could be judged from that. But Sun Hai Jing’s life and duel against Yang Chen was even more surprising.

That was the most surprising thing. Who could even imagine that the third qi layer disciple Yang Chen, had unexpectedly killed Sun Hai Jing with just his fists on the stage?

Although Sun Hai Jing had already been killed, within this short amount of time, these thousand outer disciples were not able to accept this great of a discrepancy. Could it be that the number one expert among the outer disciples was not a peak qi layer disciple, but rather a third qi layer disciple?


Pure Yang Palace’s Palace Master, who had closed his eyes to regain his composure said this and soon after that, he raised his finger in the direction of Yang Chen, who was on the stage and lightly shot forth a fragment of spirit power.

No one in the training grounds sensed anything, but Yang Chen on the stage suddenly became alert, his body moved at lightening speed, and both of his arms came forward to defend and directly adjusted to a guarding position. At the same time, ten earth wall talismans flew out of his qiankun pouch and in a flash, ten thick and deep earth walls rose in front of Yang Chen.

This method of using the talismans without any movements, stunned everyone even more. But everyone in the surroundings was absolutely baffled, Yang Chen had already won, why was he suddenly doing this kind of thing?

Yang Chen already didn’t have any more time to explain, just after he had stopped moving, an extremely strong force struck at the recently raised earth walls.


These ten deep earth walls were blown away like paper before this powerful force. With incredible ease the spirit power turned the earth walls into dust to fly off, as soon as it came in contact with an earth wall.

But this was still not over, after damaging all of the earth walls, the remainder of the spirit power knocked against Yang Chen’s crossed arms. Yang Chen’s whole body was pushed back by the enormous spirit power, but his legs didn’t leave the ground, so his whole person was pushed away by at least a few meters, which left two foot marks in a perfectly straight line.

This tyrannical strength, not only had it struck Yang Chen, but a very small portion of spirit power had also entered Yang Chen’s body through his arms and had firmly clashed against Yang Chen’s own spirit power. It had an imposing attitude, as if wanting to overcome all obstacles, and trying to thoroughly crush Yang Chen.


Once this portion of spirit power had entered Yang Chen’s body, his own spirit power had already transformed into reverse five phases of yin and yang qi, and without sparing any efforts it began to resist this portion of invading spirit power.

With his arms, one as yin and one as yang, the reverse five phases of yin and yang were like two huge millstones, frantically beginning to consume this invading spirit power. The five phases spirit power circulated within Yang Chen’s body and started to resist.

To the surrounding people, the only thing that was visible, was after Yang Chen had recoiled from being hit, a sparkling and translucent blue color had appeared on Yang Chen’s arms. It was as if this blue color had turned alive and started spreading from his arms to his shoulders at lightening speed, as if it would immediately reach it. Suddenly, at that time, a red colored light appeared from Yang Chen’s body and started moving towards his arms, starting to resist the blue color which was spreading through his arms.

“You really overestimate yourself!”

Chu Heng, standing near Pure Yang Palace’s Palace Master, had seen the movements of the Palace Master. Seeing that Yang Chen had used his own spirit power to resist against the Palace Master, Chu Heng could not help but coldly snort and pass an assessment like this. The Palace Master had clearly used this to test Yang Chen’s strength, but even with Chu Heng’s current realm he would not dare to say that he could continue to resist the Palace Master’s strike. But a trifling third qi layer disciple unexpectedly kept on resisting, like he did not know the height of the heavens and the depth of the earth. He really was impossibly stupid.

Only, just as this cold snort came out of Chu Heng’s throat, the situation of Yang Chen on the training grounds stage felt like one slap after another on his face.

The red colored light had unexpectedly stopped at the region below Yang Chen’s shoulder. Although in the beginning it had begun to retreat, but after retreating to the region below the shoulder it did not withdraw anymore and was in a deadlock with the blue color.

“What happened?”

Chu Heng almost suspected that he had seen wrongly with his spiritual awareness, but with the Palace Master at his side, he did not dare to leave and check personally and could only keep these kind of thoughts in his mind, but he began to increasingly concentrate on the training grounds stage to observe everything that was happening there.

The deadlock between the red light and the blue color lasted only for a short moment and then it began to strike back. Slowly the blue color began to be pressed down, little by little, it even rapidly increased in speed, starting with a speed of one hair by one hair, then very quickly turning into one centimeter by one centimeter and then quickly turning into one inch by one inch. Under the numerous stares, the region the blue color had spread to was pushed down to the region where it had first occurred, changing into one small region. After a moment, the blue color began to faint slowly and at last disappeared entirely, while the faint red light on Yang Chen’s body also began to slowly wane.


At the same time, sweat was pouring down from Yang Chen’s whole body like rivers, his clothes were entirely drenched and his ragged breath betrayed the hardships he had faced a moment ago. Nobody knew just how immense the pressure was that he had faced just a moment ago and how difficult it was to take.

The tightly closed eyes of Pure Yang Palace’s Palace Master finally opened. A mysterious smile could be seen on his face. The movements of his mouth seemed as if he was talking to himself, but the few disciples serving him heard what he was saying:

“Third qi layer, but unexpectedly he can block my sharp spirit pressure even without using a magic weapon, interesting!”

After he said this, he suddenly raised his voice and the sound penetrated the area and was heard by everyone present in the Nine Earth Manor:

“Yang Chen, you have cleaned house in my Pure Yang Palace, which is indeed a great service, I allow you to put forth any request that is not too excessive, to reward you for your great achievement!”

All of the thousand people present were startled about where the attack had come from, but the sudden voice of Pure Yang Palace’s Palace Master caused a sensation in the Nine Earth Manor.

As the Palace Master of the Pure Yang Palace and a YuanYing expert, just in regards of seniority, even compared to the Hall Masters of the Pure Yang Palace, he was higher by one level. Foundation stage inner disciples like Chu Heng and Du Qian also had to address him as elder. Even if they were already formal inner disciples, usually wanting to see the Palace Master’s face was just an extravagant hope for them, apart from some important events or some other major affair, these disciples basically didn’t have any opportunity to get in contact with the palace master.

Just by his identity as the Pure Yang Palace’s Palace Master, even showing concern for an outer disciple was already huge, this was already an unimaginable affair, let alone showing himself personally, the Nine Earth Manor’s situation could be perfectly described by the words: ‘Your presence brings light to my humble dwelling’. But right now, the Palace Master had surprisingly promised to fulfill any request, how could this not stun people?

This Yang Chen, what a lucky bastard he was! Everyone thought the same thing in their hearts. The Palace Master had agreed to fulfil a request, even though he had said that the request could not be too excessive, it still made all of the people there extremely frantic.

Even if his status as the Palace Master was not taken into account, just speaking of his cultivation, he was still a YuanYing stage expert. Regardless of whether it was a cultivation method, an elixir, a magic weapon or even asking to become his own direct disciple, none of these were truly excessive requests. It could easily be said that Yang Chen had leaped to the heavens in a single bound.

There were some who were jealous, some who had mixed emotions and still more with many other kinds of emotions, but after seeing Yang Chen’s performance, the inner disciples Chu Heng and Du Qian, clearly belonged to the latter. The Palace Master’s one finger consonance was his method to send and receive messages from the mind. Even though he only attacked with his finger, Du Qian, Chu Heng and the other foundation disciples like them recognized that, if they were in Yang Chen’s place, they would have never gotten off that lightly.

But Yang Chen was only at the third qi layer, he was one whole realm lower, yet he managed it ‘easily’, just like that. As long as one thought of what this implied, that the Palace Master had personally forced Yang Chen’s movement, this was not too shocking.

Everyone was looking at Yang Chen with an envious expressions, as long as Yang Chen opened his mouth to ask for anything, be it a cultivation method, elixirs, a magic weapon, heavenly materials and treasures, spell formations, or even asked to increase his cultivation, he just needed to say one word. Everyone was secretly pondering within their hearts, what they would ask for, if they were in his position. So naturally, they were even more curious about Yang Chen’s choice.

“Disciple Yang Chen pays his respect to the Palace Master for permitting disciple to go to the Immortal Falling Well!” Yang Chen had naturally heard the Palace Master’s voice, so in accordance with the Palace Master’s words, Yang Chen freely spoke out his request.

Once Yang Chen’s words came out, it immediately gave rise to huge clamor. He had not asked for a magic weapon or a cultivation method, not even any other kind of treasures, only to visit the Immortal Falling Well? The majority of people in the Nine Earth Manor hadn’t even heard this name before. The first thing that flashed through everyone’s mind was just that the Immortal Falling Well was some kind of treasure house which held something which Yang Chen cared about, that’s why he did not even hesitate when asking the Palace Master.

But those who knew about the Immortal Falling Well, sucked in a breath of cold air. The Immortal Falling Well, hearing the name immediately anyone would see that it was not a very safe area, Yang Chen unexpectedly wanted to go there, this was really out of people’s expectations.

Even the Palace Master, when hearing Yang Chen’s request, could not help but wrinkle his brows. The few foundation disciples had an even more disbelieving look, but with the Palace Master at the side, they didn’t dare to say anything.


But the Palace Master was still the Palace Master, he quickly overcame his astonishment and faintly laughed, then he opened his mouth to respond:

“Since you could resist an attack from my finger, you also have the qualifications to enter the Immortal Falling Well. This time, I will make an exception for you.”

He flipped his hand and a small white jade tile appeared within his hand, he lightly threw the tile and as if it was being carried by some invisible force, the tile flew away from the room towards Yang Chen on the training grounds.

“Go and prepare properly!”

Just as Yang Chen reached out to catch that white jade tile, he heard the Palace Master’s voice and hastily replied in loud voice:


The following martial competition did not hold anymore great surprises, with the sole exception of Gongsun Ling, who was at the seventh qi layer but challenged three eighth-, and two ninth qi layer senior disciples, and had obtained victory in all of those challenges, making people gasp in admiration towards her skill.

After giving the tile to Yang Chen, the Palace Master did not say anything else until the martial arts competition ended, afterwards he praised Gongsun Ling with a few words and departed. The Palace Master’s departure also allowed the Nine Earth Manor, which had been tense for two days, to relax. Nobody could do anything about it, in the presence of the Palace Master, even the Merit Transferring Disciple Chu Heng did not dare to breathe heavily, let alone other people. Other than Yang Chen, the performance was very ordinary.

After getting loosened up, people began to make discreet inquiries about what kind of place the Immortal Falling Well was and why Yang Chen would ask for a visit to the Immortal Falling Well. But after receiving the information about it, everyone was gobsmacked.

The Immortal Falling Well was the region which provided the disciples of every sect with a strength of the foundation stage or higher, an opportunity to temper themselves and at the same time it was also the sole exit for underground spirit beasts to come above the ground. It was both a place for cultivation and a hub to subdue underground spirit beasts, while at the same time it was a good location to acquire spirit essence. Underground spirit beasts concerned the safety of the whole world, whereas the spirit essence was relevant to any sect’s spirit vein, therefore Immortal Falling Well was an extremely important region, so much so, that every sect would send at least one YuanYing expert to keep watch.

The population of underground spirit beasts was enormous, furthermore they were born from the universe and had absolutely no wisdom and acted only on instinct. Regardless of what kind of things were used to obstruct them, huge flocks of underground spirit beasts would always find a way to swarm around and annihilate everything. ‘Immortal Falling’ these two words were actually a warning. The Immortal Falling Well was a very well known deadly region within the cultivation world.

Everyone was shocked at this, if someone wanted to go to the Immortal Falling Well, they had to have a strength of at least the foundation stage, otherwise their sect would not issue the jade tile. If someone didn’t have the command tile, they would not even be able to come in contact with the Immortal Falling Well’s door, let alone going in. Although Yang Chen was at the third qi layer, he had asked the Palace Master to agree to let him enter the Immortal Falling Well. Though he had defeated Sun Hai Jing, but when all was said and done, Sun Hai Jing was still only a peak qi layer cultivator, even if he was infinitely close to the foundation stage’s true strength, he had nevertheless not achieved it. Did Yang Chen intend to throw away his life?

The only outer disciple who was not surprised by Yang Chen’s decision was precisely Gongsun Ling. After the sect’s martial arts competition, Gongsun Ling had immediately looked for Yang Chen to warn him to be careful, but she also did not forget to issue a challenge to Yang Chen:

“Younger Disciple Yang, you are going to the Immortal Falling Well ahead of me, but just watch me, I will soon overtake you!”

Yang Chen was extremely happy by Gongsun Ling’s challenge. This implied that Gongsun Ling was not going to immerse herself in painful cultivation and would not become a cultivation lunatic who did not know what was happening in the world, at that time she had instead become even more active.


“Very well!”

Yang Chen responded to Gongsun Ling’s challenge.

“I will be waiting for you at the Immortal Falling Well!”

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