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Chapter 510.2: I Won’t Pursue It Anymore

Such days did not last too long. When Yang Chen remained in this state for eight months, someone finally couldn’t help but prepare to act.

There was no other way, in eight months, although Yang Chen has gone deeper, the demonic fiends he encountered have become more powerful. The lowest level was in the middle Yuanying stage, and the average level was even close to the Yuanying stage. In the later stage of consummation, Yang Chen never collapsed, nor did he enter a life-and-death situation.

On the contrary, Yang Chen has become more and more adept. Facing more and more demonic fiends, Yang Chen has honed in this tide of monster siege. He was fierce and unforgiving and his tricks were almost as concise.

A few months ago, although Yang Chen was also very sharp in his hands, there were still a few small flaws that caused the efficiency to be not high, and just a few months later, the hordes of mid-to-late Yuanying stage demonic fiends were actually unable to stop Yang Chen.

At first, Yang Chen suffered a lot of injuries, but in recent months, Yang Chen has rarely been injured. Even if he was injured, he would take the initiative to send some parts that are not very fatal or even cause serious damage to the attack of the demonic fiends, and the counterattack was even sharper. Generally, the price of Yang Chen’s injury were at least five or six heads of demonic fiends attacking Yang Chen.

If this continues, Yang Chen would get better and better, and their plan would become increasingly impossible to implement. Everyone knows the existence of opposition, just with the same mind and tacit cooperation. Now someone finally couldn’t help it and jumped out.

A wave of hundreds of demonic fiends of the late Yuanying stage directly surrounded Yang Chen. In the frenzied attack, Yang Chen’s body protruded from left to right, and the blood demon vine sword in his hand was pulled out of a fiend again and again. Only one demonic fiend corpse whose blood had not been sucked up was left at the scene.

However, after all, it was a demonic fiend in the late Yuanying stage, even if Yang Chen looks relaxed, it would consume a lot of qi. When Yang Chen finally killed the last monster. He couldn’t help being exhausted, and sat down on the ground, gasping for breath and adjusting his breath quickly.

It’s just that when Yang Chen just sat down, before he could breathe for two or three breaths, he heard a familiar voice ringing in his ear “Grandmaster Yang, what skill!”

“Senior Li is very patient!” Yang Chen sat on the ground without any intention to stand up, still panting.

“Did you already know it’s this old man?” The Senior Li that Yang Chen mentioned was the dacheng stage master Li Tianxue who handed Yang Chen two third grade demon otbs. At this moment, he was slightly surprised, as if he could not believe Yang Chen had guessed it from the beginning.

“It’s not hard to guess.” Yang Chen still sat on the ground, supported himself with his hands, leaned his body against a big tree next to him, tilted his head to look at Li Tianxue standing there and smiled forcefully “In fact, except for you, senior, there are several others, but senior always feels that he is lucky. That’s why you came out first.”

Hearing this, Li Tianxue took a moment to look at Yang Chen with admiration. Just as Yang Chen said, they were all experienced in the demon continent, and they were all hundreds of years old. From the Yuanying stage to the current dacheng stage, only he had the luck to get two third grade demon orbs, one was under the third grade, one was in the third rank. He also always felt that his luck was good.

To cultivators, this kind of illusory blessing was very important. People who have no blessing or shallow blessings, even if they have good aptitudes, won’t have high grades. Just like Li Tianxue thought, why could he find two such high-grade ones under the same conditions and at the same time, while others only have one?

This fully shows that Li Tianxue has better luck than others, and his fortune was deeper than others. Therefore, in the face of such a situation, he decided to do it himself first, maybe with good luck, he could directly take Yang Chen down and let him succumb.

“Grandmaster, you still don’t have to think about it being a fluke.” Li Tianxue looked at Yang Chen who was sitting there panting, shook his head slightly and said, “Are you tired from the battle just now? I accidentally arranged here a small formation method to disperse spirit power, so the grandmaster still doesn’t have to think about absorbing spirit power from the surroundings. Of course, before the goal is achieved, the grandmaster will not be given a chance to absorb spirit stones to recover.”

The distance was so close, so it was easy for a dacheng stage master to trap a junior of the Yuanying stage.

“I don’t need a fluke.” Yang Chen leaned against the big tree and smiled at Li Tianxue and said: “Anyway, you won’t kill me anyway, and this kind of intimidation of me is for Senior Liu and the others. It’s also an opportunity, isn’t it?”

Yang Chen’s current situation was too close to the edge of a life and death crisis. At this moment, as long as someone jumps out to rescue Yang Chen, he was afraid that Yang Chen would be grateful, and immediately confess his grace and bow to the ground?

Li Tianxue’s face changed slightly, and he seemed to have thought of this possibility. However, he did not panic, but laughed haha “Grandmaster Yang is really clever, but unfortunately, you still missed a bit. Do you think I will allow them to approach so easily?”

Before Yang Chen could say anything, Li Tianxue pointed to the surroundings and said with a big smile “Around ten miles, beyond the edge, there are all demonic qi gathering formations arranged below. The demonic qi is stronger than any place they have experienced. All three are demon cultivators, so they don’t dare to get infected at will.”

“Senior indeed has a complete plan!” Yang Chen couldn’t help but look at Li Tianxue differently when he heard the words. Others here were usually killing to gain experience, and they rarely study demonic qi. However, the senior in front of him was able to study the formations, set up the demonic qi gathering formation and gather the demonic qi after his experience, he was indeed clever.

“But junior still doesn’t understand. Since the senior has done such a deep research on the demonic qi, why should this junior help in refining the demonic qi?” Yang Chen really didn’t understand this, so he immediately asked it face to face.

“This old man has only studied how to condense the demonic qi, but he cannot get rid of the demonic qi.” Li Tianxue did not hide it, and directly stated the reason “Moreover, i can only condense the demonic qi that escapes from the demon continent, but cannot condense it from the demon orb, so, do you understand?”

“Junior understands.” Yang Chen smiled and nodded, watching Li Tianxue speak, “Senior, how about we have a discussion?”

“What are we discussing?” Li Tianxue was taken aback, then asked.

“Senior, teach me the formation of your demonic qi gathering formation to this younger generation junior. Then this younger generation junior will not hold you accountable for plotting against me, what do you think ?”

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