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Chapter 511.1: Alternative Attack Methods

“What are you talking about? Investigate?” After hearing Yang Chen’s words, Li Tianxue was taken aback for a moment, and then he laughed again as if he had heard some big joke.

This time, when Li Tianxue laughed, Li Tianxue didn’t have the kind of joy, anger and ignorance that a master of the dacheng stage should have.

After a frantic laugh, it took a long time to stop, and then Li Tianxue stopped the laughter and looked at Yang Chen with a cat-and-mouse look. He smiled and asked seriously, “If this old man is unwilling, how are you going to handle it, grandmaster Yang?”

“I’m afraid it will be very hurtful.” Yang Chen shook his head in disappointment. He glanced around inadvertently, and replied faintly.

“I’m very curious.” Li Tianxue stared at Yang Chen’s face, confirming that what he saw and heard was correct. Yang Chen did say so, and then asked somewhat puzzledly “how would you do this?”

“Only by this.” Yang Chen smiled and raised his hand. A black mist suddenly exploded, covering the space where the two of them were. After a while, the surrounding area was dark and there was nothing to see.

Li Tianxue knew that Yang Chen was holding a black gourd in his hand, but he didn’t expect that when the black gourd was opened, a black mist would burst out. Although it obscures the line of sight, does it make sense for a dacheng stage master?

With his spiritual awareness opened, Li Tianxue was about to probe the surrounding movement, but suddenly discovered that his spiritual awareness could only penetrate less than ten feet away. And the surrounding space was empty, as if suddenly, he had come from a dense forest full of trees to an unknown space with nothing.

This sudden change surprised Li Tianxue. What kind of magic weapon this black mist was, so that even a dacheng stage master can’t penetrate it.

The most terrifying thing that people face was not something that could be named, but the unknown. Because of the unknown, they don’t know what will happen, that’s why they were afraid.

Li Tianxue was like that now. Suddenly he didn’t know where he was, and he started to feel a trace of horror. But after all, he was a master of the dacheng stage, and after hundreds of years of experience in the land of demonic fiends, what kind of distress situation has not been encountered, this fear was just a feeling, and it does not make him shrink in any way.

As soon as there was an accident, a light wheel flashed around Li Tianxue, it was a flying shield he carefully refined. Flying around the body at high speed, possible attacks would be blocked at all times.

Immediately afterwards, two flying swords flew out from two directions, slashing towards the void. This was the life source flying swords carefully refined by Li Tianxue, and it was a double swords. Even if he can’t see or detect any enemy with his spiritual awareness, he must take the initiative to attack first.

The flying swords cut out of the void, as if it was cut on something. The softness was not affected at all. The feeling that the flying swords gave to Li Tianxue surprised him again, and he didn’t know what was going on.

Because he still didn’t know where he was, Li Tianxue didn’t even dare to move one step easily. Sudden changes in space, this situation was most likely to be trapped in a certain formation. Nothing has happened now, but once he moves randomly, it was likely to trigger an attack of the formation.

Li Tianxue, who was experienced in combat, didn’t know that he had entered a misunderstanding of thinking. He always thought that Yang Chen would be counted on, but he did not expect that he would always stand in place, and Yang Chen did not use any formation.

The black mist was Liu Ming’s reward to Yang Chen, the nine quite flying dust, and what prevented him from investigating with his spiritual awareness was the vines left after Yang Chen burned the demonized demon vine. He originally planned to refine a few pieces of protective clothing for the four women, but it has not been completed, it has been used here.

Li Tianxue’s flying sword cut on these vines. Even the Yin-Yang heaven burning fire at that time couldn’t destroy the vines, so the mere flying sword was not a problem. The flying swords were slashing straight, but it just made the vines slack and had no effect at all.

In the nine quite flying dust, there was a high concentration of demonic qi, and so Li Tianxue didn’t dare to act rashly, he was greatly surprised at this. It took him almost a hundred years to find a formation that could condense the demonic qi, and it could only condense to a certain level. Yang Chen was so young, he didn’t know what technique he used and he could condense the demonic qi so easily.

In the darkness, Li Tianxue suddenly felt something waving, but he found nothing after careful investigation. In the midst of doubts, a question about the use of demonic qi that had troubled him for many years suddenly popped up in his mind, and his eyes lit up for a while.

Suddenly, a golden path appeared, sweeping away the confusion in the past. If this method works, the endless demonic qi on this demon continent would be controlled and utilized by Li Tianxue.

What was the dacheng stage, after absorbing enough demonic qi, even a master who was about to ascend would not be Li Tianxue’s opponent. No matter what, this demonic qi could induce a heart demon, which in itself was a sharp weapon, and no one could escape it.

This discovery made Li Tianxue feel that this little trouble of Yang Chen was a blessing in disguise to him, and now it makes no difference whether Yang Chen was present or not, Yang Chen has no meaning to him.

No matter how powerful Yang Chen was, he was only able to purify the demon orbs, but now he was able to use the demonic qi and there was no need to purify the demon orb’s demonic qi.

The confidence in Li Tianxue’s heart was swelling here, and this action had been put into action there, the spirit power of his whole body was running, and he was starting to absorb the demonic qi crazily. What’s more, there was even a slightly smaller demon orb in his hand, which looked like a sixth grade and he swallowed it without hesitation.

The scenery in front of him was bright, but it was back to the original place. Li Tianxue was even more confident, regardless of whether Yang Chen was by his side, he started to cultivate on his own.

However, this kind of certainty only lasted for less than half of the time. The confident Li Tianxue let out a fierce scream, his whole person jumped up like crazy and the light shield went crazy around his body. Flying, the two life source flying swords also slashed in all directions, as if facing some powerful enemy.

Yang Chen had just retreated a bit, leaning on a place less than ten feet away from Li Tianxue. Seeing this situation, he stepped back a few steps and moved further back.

Li Tianxue’s madness continued for almost half an hour, and for half an hour, he was completely attacking and defending. Even dacheng stage masters could not withstand such exhaustion, finally he softened and sat down.

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